Shadow Step

Just a bit further." she whispered to the bundle she carried clutched tightly in her arms, swaddling wrapped tightly around the newborn child only days old. "Just a bit further and you will be safe my son".

Mounted on the back of what appeared to be an oversized Panther, the woman moved swiftly through the forest in the dead of night, almost gliding from shadow to shadow; barely visible for moments before becoming concealed by the next. Shadows clinging to and swirling around the animal as it swiftly carried its human cargo.

The night was cold, dark and wet high up in the mountains as they made their way, a storm blowing in off the frozen sea breaking on the fangs of the dragons teeth, the near impassable mountain range which they were currently in the foothills of. A faint shriek coming from the distance was the only sign that her pursuers were still following, tracking her directions magically if somewhat inaccurately.

Finally cresting one of the foothills, her destination came into sight. Set high in the hills several hours from the closest settlement was a large two story cabin surrounded by several outbuildings. The only evidence it was occupied was some light leaking through the closed shutters of the building. Swiftly and stealthily she rode to within 30 yards of the home.

Dismounting she crept the last remaining distance to the front porch. Pulling her cloak tightly around herself and the child she reached deep into the darkest depths of the cloak and started to remove a much too large trunk from its shadowy recess. If anyone had seen this they would not have been able to explain where the six foot by four foot tall trunk had been stored only moments before. Gently she removed the chain and pendant from around her neck. The pendant hanging from it looked to be made of the darkest gemstone ever created. Placing it along with a scroll inside the babies swaddling and placing the baby upon the top of the trunk, she quickly stood and retreated back to her waiting mount. Climbing on it, it reared up and roared as lighting flickered across the sky, mere moments before a peal of thunder rolled across the night sky.

Chapter 1 ยป

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