New Secrets

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, School,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Prologue - This is the nine chapter book that shows Andy’s relationship with Sarah blossoming while Rhea still has problems with Nathan. Andy gets closer to Scarlet, Grace has a date or two and Abi has a revelation that changes everything. It is the sequel to New Pleasures

"Sit over a bit," I told my "date" as she squirmed in the restaurant; we had just finished dessert and had been chatting as if the previous few years – and our previous tribulations – had not existed.

"The sun's in my eyes," she moaned and returned to being off-centre on the two-person table that was well away from the rest of the group, celebrating my niece's birthday. Rhea came to alleviate me of my credit card, and I smiled at the youthful look of my ex-partner who averted her eyes.

"It's just in Iceland, if an unmarried girl sits on the corner of a table it's said she will be single for seven years!" She laughed – more of courtesy than amusement - and licked her lips. I guessed her failures in her love life were a bit of a sore point, but it was a subject I had intentionally avoided until a few moments previous.

"And I probably will be single for another seven years," she said after a moment. "I am not lucky in that department."

"No ... me neither," I confessed and her characteristic smile returned. "I mean I did have someone. Someone who I loved a lot and had to be patient with, but we sort of messed it up."

She laughed and rubbed her hands together. "That could be any of your exes, right?" She rubbed her top lip and ran her hands through her hair, shaking it back behind her shoulder.

"And I know what happened with some of yours," I teased, and she poked her tongue out at me.

"So we both have trust or commitment issues," she remarked as she laid back on the chair. I took a gulp of my wine as Rhea reappeared with a credit card machine, and I punched in my four digit code; I had promised I would pay for her daughter's birthday party but wasn't sure how a meal for twenty-odd adults and a birthday party meal in the suite next door for around thirty children had come to over £2,500. My dining partner looked away as I passed the machine back and she stared at her plate.

"You've done well," she told me, moving the subject on and shrugged. "I mean, I always knew you'd do well in life, you have that ability but I didn't see you being an entrepreneur."

"Ahh yeah ... well that was Fiona. My ummm ... well the girl from Uni. Always a friend but not all that much of a girlfriend, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah I remember her," she said stoically. Her face didn't brighten up as I told her about the recent sale of the company and she just took a deep breath. "My place in Cheshire is closing ... well down-sizing or economising. I don't know the difference so I will be going back home which is not where I want to be." I went to open my mouth, and she just slowly shook her head; if I was going to offer financial help it would not be wanted.

It was the first part of the afternoon where our conversation had petered out, and I just hummed. She put her hands on top of mine on the table and squeezed them. "I mean ... if it's money," I started, unable to resist, and she shushed me.

"It would be wrong to accept any more of your hospitality," she told me with a firmness to her voice. "I..." She hesitated and wiped her eyes. "Sorry," she muttered. "You meant a lot to me, and I just wish things could have been different. But they weren't and ... I need to know what you are thinking."


"About me."

I spluttered and hummed. "Well ... I'm glad to see you. I know Rhea got you down with the best of intentions..."

" ... But you wish I hadn't come?" My ex-lover finished for me, and I shook my head with a scowl.

"Not at all." I retrieved her hands that she had removed from my grasp a few seconds previous and looked into her eyes. "It was unexpected. You've had hours, days, weeks, I don't know, to prepare for today. To work out what you think. I 'aven't. All I have is lots of raw emotions, and I loved you to bits. Really adored you and was heartbroken when it ended. So when I saw you, I felt butterflies and just..." I trailed off, and she averted her eyes.

"I'm sorry for how it ended," she told me. "But you were a bastard too especially at..."

"Yeah, I know," I admitted and tapped the table. "You hurt those who you love the easiest as you know them better," I told her philosophically and then smiled. "We both fucked up at different times. And it wasn't just with you. I messed up relationships with everyone."

She squeezed my hand again and giggled. "Then it's something we have in common," she told me as a waiter arrived at our table. Rhea appeared as our plates got cleared away and crouched down alongside our table with her familiar mischievous look in her eye.

"You seem to be getting on well again. Just one question, when you two get married..."


"Well, to be honest you two are getting on a bit and it's about time you both found someone and got married. The ole biological clock and all that. And I'm closer to being married than either of you have ever been and that's not on. Si and Mum were dropping hints up until a few months ago and I'm buggered if the little sister should marry before the big brother, Andy. So when you do I wanna be a bridesmaid. And Izzy, not to mention little Emma."

"Emma?" I asked, and she rubbed her belly. "How do you know it's a girl?" I enquired, and she shrugged.

"Of course it's a girl and I presume from the way you are holding hands and you've had that silly bovine look in your eyes all feckin' meal you will not be needing the spare room?"

I looked at my companion who giggled unexpectedly as she answered. "Oh come on Rhea, you know what we are like." I shrugged, and Rhea sighed.

"Good. Because it's t'other the end of the house and I want to sleep there if you two are going to be sleeping together. You've never had quiet sex with her; it was disgusting whenever I heard you."

We both laughed and looked at Rhea. "Haven't you let that one drop yet?"

"Have I bollocks! And I don't want Izzy hearing your filthy sex," she warned. "She will only ask questions, and it's me that has to answer them." I gulped and waited for Rhea to walk away and looked back at my companion.

"So ... was that just for Rhea/?"

She shrugged. "Don't you want to see if the magic is still there?" She asked with a smile. "Oh come on, you know what I am like. I need cuddles."

"Yeah," I said, returning her beaming smile. "I know all about you. And that's why I loved you." I waited for the pause, and she looked down at her wineglass. "And always have done."

"You took your time," Rhea moaned as I walked in with a bag of shopping. "You only had eight items on the list. What happened?"

"Well, I, er, I met Sophia."

Rhea, who had made a beeline for the bags stopped. "The really timid one," she asked, and I nodded. "The churchy one, the one who I really hated. The one who you tormented for ages. The one who..."

"Yes!" I snapped. "You know which ex I am talking about." I sighed and groaned. "She's a nice girl, but I've not seen her for ages, so I took her to the café opposite the Supermarket. She didn't want to go at first, but I pleaded and she came."

Rhea sniffed. "I thought you were giving it another go with..."

"Oh I am," I told her quickly and shut the kitchen door. "I wanted to apologise over what happened at the wedding reception when I, um, when I..."

"When you fucked Sarah." Rhea interrupted, and I squirmed. "I understand, she looked so wonderful in her dress. Proper caused a scene."

"Well I haven't seen her since and I did a nasty thing that day."

Rhea grinned and put her hand on my arm. "What did she say?"

"She wasn't convinced I meant it, but I explained what had happened with my life, and she is getting married herself, but I doubt I'll get an invite."

Rhea smiled. "No, maybe not."

"But I am glad I spoke to her. I should never have dated her and really wished I hadn't. I destroyed her at the time, but she says she has forgiven me."

"Yeah, I wouldn't have."

"I know. But you forgave Simon." She gulped and licked her lips. "I do have one question though."

"Why her?" Rhea asked, and she rubbed her nose as I nodded. She studied my face and sighed. "'Cause she made you happy. She always made you happy. There was something in your eyes when you were with her." She paused and put her arm around me. "OK, so I have this reputation of being a nasty bitch and that I don't see other people's feeling and emotions, but I do. And I saw how much she meant to you and I've always known that she was the one for you."

I nodded. "I'm impressed," I told her. "Really impressed."

"Yeah," she muttered and then smiled. "And you set her name as your password on your computer."

"You've been on my computer?" I asked incredulously, and she sniffed.

"Of course I've been on your computer," she snapped. "Oh don't look so surprised, picking the name of an ex-girlfriend as your password made it so easy. And those bookmarks, bro ... we need to have words!"

"Do you mind?" I asked as I blushed and Rhea just cackled. "Private."

"Do you really want to meet a girl that does ... that?" Rhea asked, but I had no idea what she was on about. "Fuck; that's proper depraved. We really need to have words."

"Andyyyyyy," cried an excited voice and Izzy left her mothers hand and came running over to see me. They were sat on a bench in Regents Park, and fresh from a little reunion with an old College friend, who was doing very well as an erotic photographer, I promised I would take my sister and niece to London Zoo.

"Hiya," I muffled as my bottom half was attacked by an overly enthusiastic five-year-old. Rhea looked at me disapprovingly.

"You are 25 minutes late," she grumbled, and I blamed Boris which she didn't believe. "You alone?"

"She is doing some retail therapy in Oxford Street," I said, referring to my new (and old) girlfriend and Rhea snorted. Her financial situation was far from healthy, and she had made it clear that she was uncomfortable with lavish spending sprees being conducted in her presence. "Shall we go in?"

Rhea fumbled about her purse for the entrance money, but I put two crisp notes in the hatch and Rhea scowled at me. "I can afford to take my daughter out," she wailed as we entered.

Izzy looked up at me and shook her head. "You're making Mummy cross."

"Yeah, sorry."

"Well don't do it again," the little girl warned, and Rhea raised her eyebrows at me.

"It's so hard. Your mummy gets cross at everything," I replied and Izzy scowled.

"She does not! Mummy gets cross when you're naughty."

I snorted, and we passed the ice cream stall by the entrance. "Hey, do you want an ice cream?" I asked Izzy, and she nodded and then looked up at Rhea.

I fished in my pockets for a couple of coins and watched her queue up. She knew how to buy ice creams on her own; I had made her do it many times before.

"I heard that our house will be getting a new occupant," Rhea said as Izzy reached the top of the queue.

"Yeah, well it's only for a few months, maybe. Just see how things pan out, y'know."

"When were going to tell me?"

"Well, it's just that..." I squirmed.

"I don't like her."

"Yeah, something like that."

"I just don't know what you see in her. Never have done."

"Then why did you set us back up together?"

Rhea sighed. "Because you loved her. And I love you"

"And you like to complicate my life."

"Well that goes without saying," my sister teased and smirked at me. "But you can do that yourself."

"True," I agreed. Of course, things only really got complicated for me when I got a girlfriend...

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