Educating the Twins
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Swinging, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Lia and Liz are twin girls growing through their teenage years. They discove their parents are swingers. Intrigued, they find a way to join in. Life goes on as they choose different paths in life, all the while learning about life, sex, and the world.

My sister Liz and I aren't identical twins. Sure, we look alike, dress alike, and all of those other things Idents do, but we aren't quite identical. She moans constantly when she has sex, rising in pitch the closer she gets to her climax. The latter is always accompanied by her face and neck getting red, and sort of a gargled noise when the climax hits her. My face doesn't get red, but my boobs and upper chest do. And the noises I make? I'm more of a screamer, except I stop breathing when the contractions hit.

We were allowed to date when we were 13. Our parents figured we'd sort of keep each other in check. They most definitely were not right. We dated for a bit, and then did that thing that always spells doom to a girl's virginity. We got to talking.

Guys don't realize how frank a conversation between two girls can get. We discuss everything, including some of the most intimate details possible. More so in our case. There are no secrets between twins.

A little past our 14th birthday we decided to take the next step, which is kissing and oral sex. See, they're practically the same thing, the only difference being where you kiss the boy, and where you let him kiss you. We had to learn what every teenage girl has to, what to do with all of the come you're going to get. Guys like to come on your boobs, sure, but they really like to come on your face. Some girls say it's a power thing, and other girls (Liz and me) disagree. We weren't letting them between our legs, so they had to come somewhere. And if you're sucking him, it's only natural that you get it on your face, in your hair, and in your mouth.

A teenage girl has to decide if she wants to swallow.

The first few times it was kind of iffy. This is what guys pee with, and deep in every girl's mind is the worry that he'll accidentally pee in your mouth. Yuck, gross. But the boys we did it with were considerate that way. Oh, they incidentally let us watch them pee afterward, which was kind of interesting. A girl actually needs to know that because sooner or later she's going to get into the whole baby thing, and boy babies (so we learned) can spray their pee all over the place. It's nice to know they learn some control when they're older.

After a few (dozen) creamy mouthfuls, we had another of those long, heart-to-heart talks. When two girls go off by themselves and walk slowly, they're not expressing undying love to each other (as some boys think), but talking about something intimate and very personal. In our case it was how we each felt about doing it. I wasn't going to until Liz felt ready, and she wasn't going to until I was ready.

We compromised by inserting things into ourselves and getting used to the feeling. It was strange, but it didn't take long before we were both enjoying it. I think a girl has to learn many things about her body, and one of them is coming. Now most girls learn to do this with a pillow, a hairbrush, their fingers, or anything else. That's straightforward and relatively siple. You soon figure out what feels good, and what you have to do to make it feel even better. And pretty soon you either have a climax, or the next best thing. The only girls who don't are those who've been brow-beaten into not coming. Sad, but true. There are girls in school who never have come, and I suspect never will. They're missing out on one of the biggest things in life.

When you do yourself you can control the pace, the depth, how much side-to-side action you get, and so on. That's out of your hands when a guy is involved. Guys are also prone to coming (and quitting) way sooner than a girl wants. This is one of the reasons only about two girls in five come from doing it.

This, however, is a learnable skill, at least according to Mom. A girl needs to learn how to have an orgasm, and then she needs to teach her partner how he can help. Physiology is physiology, but if the guy can be taught not to be so damned fast, then a girl has a chance. Of course it's most likely that she'll still need some extra stimulation to get off. Rubbing her clit is good, especially beforehand. Getting her off before the guy puts it in is even better. Nothing helps you get there more than having aready done it.

Liz and I were meeting with Mom to talk "girl stuff", and that came up. Mom thought it might be the questions any mother of 14-year-olds gets, a girl (two in our case) unsure of what's going on, and only restraining herself from doing what her hormones are telling her because of the unknowns. A lot of mothers like this situation because it holds the girl off until she's 16. That means the chance of becoming a grandmother is also put off. Mothers want to remain being mothers; becoming a grandmother makes them feel old(er).

"We had some questions," Liz said when we sat down with her. We were on the back deck of the house, safely away from any prying male ears (Dad). We had iced tea and pralines, even a dish of sliced peaches. It looked like a mother and her daughters talking about whatever.

"Lots of them," I added.

"Such as?"

"Is it normal for a guy to come on your boobs and face?" Liz asked.

"Yeah," I chipped in. "I thought he was supposed to come down there."

Mom got that stunned bunny look.

"I mean, sure, you're going to get it on your hand when you give him a handjob, and if you suck him off you're going to get it all over your face. But when a couple are doing it, is it normal for the guy to whip it out at the last second and spray it up your body, or aim at your boobs and face?"

"Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose?"

Mom looked at me in surprise. "Two sentences out of you? This has to be a first."

"We really want to know," I said.

"Have you two, er, been doing those things?"

We both nodded. "We're not on birth control, as if you could get a guy to worry about that unless you make baby noises," Liz said, "So we have a rule: only one pair of pants off at a time."

"We know how that works," I said. "There's been only one example of virgin birth, so so we're willing to risk it this far."

"We think we should be on birth control."

"I think you should keep your pants on for at least a little while longer," Mom said.

We looked at each other. "We've already decided that," Liz said, and I nodded.

"Good. I'm not ready to be a grandmother, at least not yet."

"But we want to be ready when the time comes," Liz said.

"You know, have all of the facts."

Mom looked at me. "Boy, you two really are serious about this. You're turning into a regular chatterbox, Lia. When's the lucky day, and who are the lucky bos because I know you're not going to do this one at a time."

"We haven't decided." Liz looked at me. "And as for the guys, none of the boys we've seen do much for either one of us."

"We know you don't have to be in love to have sex," I added. "You and Dad do ti all of the time at those parties, and we know you aren't in love with the guys you do it with."

"Or the women,." It was Liz's turn to chip in.

Mom had gotten red in the face at what we'd so casually dropped. "How long have you known?"

We both shrugged. "At least since we were 10 or so." Liz looked at me for confirmation. "Definitely before our eleventh birthday."

"And you never..."

"You looked like you were having fun," I said. "We watched once. That was downstairs in the Rec Room. The place smelled like come and girls for several days."

Mom got red all over again. After several breaths she calmed down. "Well, this is not the conversation I expected to have with you."

"We know the mechanics," Liz said. "Not only did we see it one time, but we've seen it on the web. Frankly neither one of us knows how a girl can take some of those things guys have. It's so small down there, how can she get it in?"

"Your insides stretch," Mom said. "Yours not so much at the moment as you're still growing. Plus a girl eitehr gets real wet down there, or you use a gel of some kind." Still, at first it takes a while to get it in, and the first couple of times is uncomfortable, if it doesn't hurt. There are muscles down there that you haven't used, and they've got to get accustomed to what's going on."

"We sort of had some of that figured out," I said. "Do you come from doing it? That's one of the things we wanted to know."

That was a very personal question, and we both crossed our fingers that Mom would actually answer. If she said she did, would that be encouraging us to do it? And if she said she didn't, and she didn't know how much we had seen or overheard, then we'd probably ask "why not?"

"From time to time," Mom said. "It isn't a guarantee. Guys almost always come. Girls don't always."

The rest of the conversation went more or less like that. We'd ask general questions, and then hit her with a very specific and detailed one. As I'd said before, this was not what a mother feels comfortable talking about.

Two days later, though, we were hit with a surprise. "You know your friend Jodie?" We both nodded. "Her parents party with us. Saturday night we're having a party at their place. If you're quiet and stay hidden, you can watch."

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