Nurse Lucy Loves the Night Shift
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Cream Pie, Doctor/Nurse, Workplace,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Lucy is excited to start her new job even if it is on the Night Shift. She knows she still has a lot to learn and is willing to bend over backwards to get the job done. Her rapport with the male patients is above and beyond the call of duty.

Lucy Proudbum was excited about her certification as a full-fledged certified nurse. She had made it through the bedpans and the sarcastic pool of physicians doing their best to try her patience. She told her mum that her first assignment would be to the night shift at Regency General located in an older declining neighborhood in an area where her parents had grown up. Her mother remembered the old neighborhood with much nostalgia but cautioned her,

"I fear it is not the same any longer, love, all those new chappies have moved in and they just don't see things the same way."

Lucy was not dissuaded from celebrating her new posting and looked forward to her new position. She just hoped she would be able to adjust to the new hours in the middle of the night. She was admittedly not a "night person" and seemed to do much better in daylight hours.

The only thing that had bothered her was the disastrous interview with the psychologist screener from the central nursing office. His pointed questions about her sexual preferences and the level of her coital experience were quite disconcerting. Some of the things he had asked her opinion on were quite a blank to her so she wound up just nodding her head in agreement with all of his questions. He had seemed most surprised that a girl so young at only 18 would be so experienced in the deviant behavior of modern society. She was most secretive about the fact that she was still a virgin and intended to remain that way until she was married to a "suitable" spouse.

She had intended to look up all of the unknown words he had thrown at her but her studies precluded her from full investigation. The concept of "rimming" and "doggy" and "reverse cowboy" made absolutely no sense to her virgin sensitivities but she figured they all must serve a good purpose so she admitted to frequent use of all of the mysterious sounding activities. She did know what spanking was but the "spreader bars" and "butt plugs" escaped her as to intent or purpose. Nonetheless, she told the interviewer that she had extensive experience in their employment and found that they boosted her enjoyment of physical copulation.

Lucy was not exactly certain, but is seemed to her that the middle-aged interviewer was stroking his member under the table well before the end of the interview. She was well-acquainted with the size and shape of male cocks because of her washing studies and she really did like to get a firm hold on the male equipment in order to deliver a grade "A" cleansing.

She was also quite adept at clearing blockages in the anal track and enjoyed getting right into the thick of things with her male patients. Some of her patients requested repeat performances but she informed them after quick inspection that they were in full open mode and that "all systems were go".

The very first night at work, she met her supervisor, Head Nurse Blitchy. She was a still attractive middle-aged woman of about 40 years with long slender legs and a posterior of some impressiveness.

Apparently, Nurse Blitchy had read her interview reports and was most inquisitive of her level of expertise in things sexual. She reassured the Head Nurse that all of her answers were truthful and complete. Lucy was astonished when her supervisor locked her office door and told her,

"Bend over my desk, I want to see if you really enjoy a nice wet "rimming" as much as you describe in the report!"

Lucy obeyed the instructions and waited for her "rimming" in complete ignorance since the first time she had ever heard of it was in the interview room.

"Are you trying to tease me, Nurse? Get those knickers down right now!"

Lucy lowered her bloomers with some degree of trepidation because she had no idea what was going to happen. The touch of the attractive woman's tongue on the edges of her private brown eye caused her some consternation but she did not find it in the least bit objectionable. As the older woman's tongue pushed ever deeper into her tight little sphincter, Lucy howled with undisguised pleasure. Soon the Head Nurse was fucking little Lucy with her tongue buried deep inside her tight brown eye. The supervisor paused to catch her breath and took the opportunity to spank Lucy's tender bottom with a well-practiced ease. The young girl was mortified but let her quaking legs spread wider for more access to her heated slit.

The Head Nurse pushed her shoulders down lower and began to lick her pussy slit with frenzied abandon. Lucy had never experienced anything like that before and she whimpered her appreciation for the pleasurable treat.

"Get your pants back up, Nurse!"

The supervisor told her that she had passed the initial orientation and that she must obey the doctors on her floor without question. Lucy just nodded her head and tried to quiet her pounding heart and tingling pussy.

Her assignment was in the rear annex and the nurse at the desk told her,

"There will be 6 of us on the night shift and we will have a primary physician in residence and a back-up for emergencies. My name is Doris and I have been on this shift almost a year now, so if you have any questions just ask me and do not, I repeat, do not listen to the other nurses because if you make a mistake they will not back you up. Are we clear?"

Lucy was a little worried now because she did not want to make a mistake her first night on the job.

Her very first patient was a big black footballer with a damaged ankle and a need for sympathy far beyond the extent of his injury. She rearranged his sheets and gave him the pan to relieve his need to make his water. He was loath to walk the short distance to the bathroom and she knew she was far too tiny to support his great weight even that short straight line to the bathroom door.

Her familiarity with cleansing cocks came in handy when she pulled out his monster cock to hold steady in the middle of the pan opening. She handled it expertly and helped him drain his thick member into the handy bedpan. Before she could put the huge thing back into its resting place inside the young man's gown, it had grown as if by magic to an impressive size holding her attention longer than appropriate for a novice nurse on her first job.

The footballer chuckled and she looked over her shoulder to make certain they were alone.

Lucy wrapped her fingers firmly around the thick shaft and started to exercise it with slow deliberate strokes. The groaning from the injured male patient was suitably subdued to keep the other sleeping patients unaware of her naughty activities.

When she surmised they were getting close to "blast off", she took her hanky from her wide pocket and positioned it right over the tiny slit at the end of the huge erection. The groaning black man watched her with amusement and reached out to hold her arm very gently as she stroked him to full completion. Lucy's hanky filled with the copious load and she folded it over to keep the fluid inside when she replaced it in her uniform pocket. She had not thought to discard the hanky since it was a gift from her mother and it had her full initials in the corner. "L.I.P."

The satisfied patient patted her shoulder in gratitude and turned sideways to fall into a deep slumber.

Her next two patients were elderly females, both in for hip operations and well out of it with the soothing pain relievers to ease their discomfort. Her last patient in that ward was a male in his early 50s who had suffered some sort of vertigo like affliction that made him hesitant to even open his eyes or try to focus on any focal point. He confided, "This is the first time anything like this has ever happened to me" and she tried to assuage his fears about the "wait and see" treatment. Lucy's mother suffered from the same problem over the years and her method of treatment was to just stay horizontal until it went away.

With his eyes closed, the man reached out to Lucy and his hands came to rest accidently right on her breasts. When he realized where he was touching, the man made no attempt to remove them. Lucy wanted to remove them, but she was hesitant for fear of instilling a sense of rejection in the ailing man. She stood at the side of the bed with her boobs in his grasp and suffered his explorations in muted silence. The emergence of her sensitive nipples prompted Lucy to open a couple of her buttons so the gentleman could play with her twin rosettes. It was so nice that she reached under her uniform and rubbed her clitoris with some degree of authority.

The sounds of Lucy's pleasure so tempted the man that he opened his eyes and feasted on Lucy's prominent nipples rolled tightly between his fingers and saw her hand buried between her own legs in spirited response. He was able to focus without any side effects and took the opportunity to grasp her free hand and move to the vicinity of his aroused cock for immediate relief. Lucy got the message quickly and without missing a beat on her own pussy, she began to stroke the inflamed penis with a determined energy. Soon the man was grunting and she lowered her head to cover his tip with her mouth as she had no additional hanky to spare. The full load shot into her wet mouth and she swallowed bravely with practiced ease gained by two years of experience with her randy boyfriend Ronald who never hesitated to push her head into his lap whenever they rode in his car or attended a darkened movie theater.

She wiped her wet and sticky fingers removed from her pussy and licked the corners of her mouth with her long dexterous tongue. The patient watched all this with great interest and not the least bit of vertigo to blur his enjoyment. When she put his cock away and buttoned up her uniform and turned to exit the room, he cupped her rounded ass cheeks and promised her,

"I will be checking out this bit tomorrow night, Nurse Lucy!"

Nurse Lucy finished her first night shift and received a glowing report from the head nurse. The attractive middle-aged woman assured Lucy that both doctors on their shift would be availing themselves of her nocturnal pleasures in an effort to broaden her night shift experience.

"Don't you worry, Lucy, a few months on this night shift and you will be able to tend to duties in any location, on any shift, and meet a number of visiting doctors who will test your ability to meet new challenges."

When Lucy excitedly told her mother about the interesting shift, she omitted the "special" training and made certain her hanky was placed inside the washing machine unseen with its sticky residue of creamy male cum. Next time, she would bring at least two hankies to handle unforeseen opportunities.

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