F451-01 Real Estate
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Cheating, Wife Watching, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male, White Female, Voyeurism, Workplace,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kelly is a young agent trying to make her living the real estate business. She encounters a black customer who changes her life. This is an IR story that involves cuckolding, but that is not the focus. The main focus is on Kelly and her feelings and actions.

Kelly Williams loved the fresh air of the fall and the breeze from the gulf. Shaking her long blonde hair about, she looked at her sparkling diamond ring, for she was soon to be wed to her fiancé Andrew Lewis. She then checked her folder on the property fact sheet again, wanting to be knowledgeable on all aspects of the property. She had shown the property once before to this potential client, who had shown some interest but then had to go out of town for a week. She had met this client merely from receiving a call from him, in response to an ad she had placed in the colorful real estate magazine, covering the entire city of New Orleans. Kelly however felt a little uncomfortable with this potential client, perhaps because he was black and she had not had much contact with blacks. She was not prejudiced against blacks, had made friends with some blacks in school but this was her first business dealings with a black man. He was 6'7" and very athletic. Though Kelly was tall for a woman, he made her feel small and vulnerable.

Kelly was hopeful that she could make this sale. She could use the commission, as she had spent most of her savings on the upcoming wedding. As commissions fluctuated a lot each month, Kelly earned extra money as a professional model at her uncle's studio. Her fiancé had also expended most of his savings for the wedding and honeymoon trip. She thanked the stars for spending the extra money on advertising in this particular magazine, with top quality color pictures of the properties and also a color picture of her at the top of her page. Both she and her fiancé were a bit worried after seeing how fast the savings went for the wedding. A sale now would assure a large commission upon her return, allowing her and her husband to totally enjoy the honeymoon.

The magazine ad had really been the key for Kareem's initial call to see the place. Little did Kelly know that it was not the picture of the property that prompted the call but the picture of herself in the magazine. When Kareem first saw her picture, his cock stirred in his tight fitting pants. "Man, I'd sure like to have her squirming on my ole black snake! Wonder if she had anything like this before, knowing full well she had not from her naïve looks. Man, she looks like an angel and so innocent looking! I swear, this girl looks like a teenage beauty queen! She looks like she's sweet sixteen!" he thought aloud. And with that, he had placed the call.

On the first meeting, Kareem brought a hooker he knew with him, posing as his sweetheart. Kareem had instructed her to wander about the house while he spent time with the white beauty. This scheme had worked, as Kelly's apprehension could be seen when Kareem's muscular black body got out of the car. Kelly felt relieved to have another female there, not mattering if that female was black or white. Kelly just felt more comfortable, having another female there, instead of her being alone with this huge black man. She wondered idly whether it as true what they said of black men.

The property was a high end home in an exclusive suburb. It was on a large lot with a long driveway which meant that no one on the street could see the house. The owner had been offered a new job in Texas as a CEO. His wife wanted to buy all new furniture in the mansion she was promised in Texas, so the home was being offered fully furnished.

Kelly was excited that the prospective client expressed his interest. The price of $550,000 did seem to faze him at all and he indicated that he would pay cash if he decided upon it. Seeing how well he was dressed and the fancy sports car he drove, Kelly did not question his ability to pay. Looking at his business card, it indicated he was the owner of a trucking firm located on the north side of town. Little did she know that there was no such trucking firm, just the impression the expensive business card eluded to. The fancy sports car was loaned to him by his buddy, while he was out of town for the month. The fancy suit served him well for his job, that of pimping on the north side of town each evening. Kareem would be lucky if he could qualify for a loan to buy the living room furniture on display, much less the entire house, as he only dealt in cash and very little showed on his income taxes.

The house showing revealed more than Kelly would have wanted any stranger knowing, especially to a lusting black male. When Kareem commented on the beautiful picture of her in the magazine, Kelly blushed and revealed that it was a photo taken for her sideline job as a professional model. And that she was trying to earn as much now to cover the cost of the upcoming wedding. As Kelly had led the way upstairs, she was unaware of the reaction behind her. Kareem stared at her long slender ivory legs, encased in her slim white heels.

Kareem had sized up the lovely blonde to be about 5'9", but she sure looked young. In chatting with her, Kareem learned the beauty was 23 years old. What a young beauty, just what he lusted for. A young blonde to have squirming on his long black snake of a cock. With her desperate to earn money for her wedding expenses, as a young real estate agent and part-time professional model, Kareem knew she would go out on the limb to close a deal like this. "God, this gorgeous girl is going to scream soon! And she's soon to be a white boy's wife! Think I'll borrow the white boy's prize and give him something in return - something like a pregnant wife!" he mused.

Kareem had quickly noticed the sparkling new diamond ring on Kelly's finger when he met her. But no wedding band as yet. Inquiring, Kareem's cock twitched in learning this young beauty was to be married a week from Saturday. "God, it'd be nice to get into this bitch's tight little panties before the big day! If I get in there, she won't even feel her hubby's little pecker the entire honeymoon. But how do I go about this? Man, what I'd give to have those long white legs wrapped around me! Man, this sweet little thing's going to scream when she gets a feel of my black meat!" he thought to himself.

This sweet young thing was getting his dick rock hard. She looked like a teenage beauty queen. He just couldn't believe she was even over 20 years of age in looking at her beautiful face. The bed upstairs looked so inviting, but Kareem held himself in check rather than throwing the young beauty down on it and doing her right there. A thought had gone through his mind of yelling down to that bimbo to lock the front door, while he raped this sweet thing on the master bed. No, he wanted to deceive her rather than raping her. Deceive her to the utmost.

At the end of the initial house showing, Kareem acted the part of a perfect gentleman and carried out his role as a man of wealth. He told Kelly that he had to go out of town for a week and would be thinking the property over in the meanwhile. Said he would call her upon his return on Thursday and maybe look at he property a final time late that day, if she could pull herself away from her last minute wedding plans.

Kelly thought quickly, certain that Tina Fleming, her matron of honor and best friend, would see to any last minute details regarding the wedding. She reassured her client that it would be no problem and she was sure she could accommodate his request. The wedding rehearsal was set for Saturday, the wedding was schduled for Sunday.

Thursday afternoon, the expected call came. Kelly was excited that Mr. Thomas was still interested in the property. He wanted to see the property again and agreed to meet with him at 6 at the home. She tried not to think about the commission but the sales price in the $500,000+ range would be her biggest sale yet.

Kelly reviewed the property sheet again. She was a good at her job and knowing the property was in this busiess. Being well dressed also played an important part. Though naïve, Kelly knew well enough that a male client was always easier to deal with, especially if she was dressed in a sexy but yet businesslike manner. Thus, she dressed carefully, selecting a pleated blue skirt, pale blue silk blouse, blue blazer, and low but elegant heels to accent her long legs. No nylons, they were uncomfortable and she knew her legs were beautiful without them. Kelly looked into the mirror. Elegant and subtly sexy. Any man would rather look at her than a piece of real estate. But Kelly wondered if she should dress in this alluring way, especially with her client being a black man, a huge muscular black man at that. But she dismissed the thought in that she was being prejudiced and that was the way she would dress for any male client.

At 5:30 p.m., Kelly drove out to the home, wanting to get there before Mr. Thomas. She went to the lock box on the door. Using the combination, she got the master key from the box and opened the home. Before going in, she realized it was darker than she anticipated with the fall season. She did a quick tour of the home to be certain all was in order before taking her client through it.

At 6 p.m., Kelly looked out the window to see Mr. Thomas pull up in his sports car. She greeted him at the door, shaking his hand in greeting. Kareem Thomas greeted Kelly, holding her slender hand a moment longer than necessary. He could see the beautiful bride-to-be shiver a bit from his touch. But Kareem's cock began throbbing at the thought of that dainty white hand trying to encircle it.

For half an hour, Kelly showed her prospective client throughout the house. She felt most uncomfortable being alone with this black muscular man. She felt as if his lusting eyes had stripped her of all her clothing and shivered at the thought. She quickly tried to end the tour of the master bedroom. Being alone in the bedroom, with Mr. Thomas, and the large king-sized bed only brought crazy thoughts to her mind. She was totally in love with Andrew but being so close to a black man, she couldn't suppress the thought of what it would be like to have a muscular black man make love to her. Make love to her on the bed a few feet from where they stood. "Oh, God, what if he tries to rape me!" came the horrified thought. Quickly, Kelly led the way to another part of the house.

Back downstairs, Kelly tried her best to sell Mr. Thomas on the house. But she met with some resistance as Mr. Thomas indicated he wanted to think more on it, probably needing another day or so before making a final decision. Kelly was getting nervous, now it was not with being alone with this man, but at the thought of losing the big sale. She knew the longer a person put things off on a property, the probability rose that he would pass on it. Besides, she was getting married tomorrow and off on a two week honeymoon. In that time, this client would probably end up buying another property from a different sales agent. It was now or never with Mr. Thomas. She was determined to somehow finalize the sale tonight.

Kelly didn't want to put pressure on her potential client but time was of the essence. She was glad when he suggested they go the restaurant nearby and have a quick dinner and drinks, allowing her to go over the property's high points again. Mr. Thomas suggested they take one car as he probably would want one final look after dinner, should he decide to go with the purchase. Kelly was hesitant in getting into his car and suggested they take her car, allowing her to feel safer and more in control of the situation.

For sales dinners, Kelly would normally pick up the tab as an expense. But Mr. Thomas told her from the start it was on him, whether he decided upon the purchase or 'not'. Thus, Kelly did not want to offend him. But with Mr. Thomas picking up the tab, she couldn't say much when he ordered a bottle of champagne. Dinner plus a continuous pouring of the champagne and Kelly was undoubtedly feeling it. She had drank alcoholic beverages before but only in moderation. Now she was way over her limit with a black man that she barely knew.

But Kelly was happy now. Mr. Thomas had agreed to purchase the home. The only change was that he wanted to finance it rather than paying it in cash as indicated earlier. This due to the write-offs he would get from the interest payments on the home. This was a true fact on home ownership and thus Kelly thought nothing of it. Over dinner, she got Mr. Thomas to fill out the loan application with the mortgage firm she normally dealt with. As to the deposit, Mr. Thomas would give her the customary $1,000 check as downpayment and to reserve the model home. But Mr. Thomas wanted that one last look at the home and would write the check there.

Exiting the restaurant, Kelly could feel the alcohol and thought that she shouldn't drive for while. Thus, she gave the keys to Mr. Thomas for the short ride back to the home. Kareem helped the petite beauty into the passenger seat. Getting into the driver's seat, he carefully placed the extra bottle of champagne he had purchased at he conclusion of dinner. A bottle to toast the new home. Kareem glanced over at the lovely bride-to-be, licking his lips at the lucious young beauty. Kareem couldn't keep his cock down, anxious to get into the tight panties of this naive white girl. He'd give her a wedding present she wouldn't forget. A present she wouldn't forget for the rest of her life.

Kelly opened the door again to the model home, carrying her briefcase with her, allowing Mr. Thomas to enter behind her. Going to the kitchen, Mr. Thomas got down two glasses and popped open the new bottle of champagne. They toasted one another on the purchase. A toast to the purchase of the property and to each other, real estate agent and client clinked glasses and downed the drinks.

Mr. Thomas took a step closer to her, just slightly closer than she was comfortable with. "This sale will mean a nice commission for you won't it?" It sure will, Kelly thought. "I'm just happy you found the home you want." His closeness accentuated his size. "I think we should celebrate both our good fortune, don't you think?" said Kareem. As he spoke, he reached out and touched her lightly on the arm. Her mind began to race. Even though a little woozie from all the champagne, she knew right away what he was suggesting and he wasn't talking about the champagne.

Female real estate agents all have it happen to them at one time or another, a client hits on them. Among themselves, they discuss it privately, what do you do if it makes or breaks a sale? No one admits it, but some agents will make sure they get the sale. Kelly had assumed that she would never do such a thing, but this was her first opportunity to make a choice.

The affect of his touch and his words was immediate. A shiver went though her as she realized he was suggesting they have sex. She couldn't possibly, she was getting married, for God's sake. But she might lose the commission, bigger by far than any she had yet earned. That thought opened a tiny wedge in her determination.

"Mr. Thomas, we just celebrated with dinner and it was wonderful. I thank you again. We should probably be going, I've got wedding preparations and things to work on." Kareem could tell she was flustered. The flush on her cheeks could be embarassement, but he thought it was the first sign that the thought of sex was arousing her. Kelly wouldn't admit it to herself, but she was aroused. She had steadfastly ignored his maleness during the sales process. She had been determined to be purely professional. But in the back of her mind, she had been constantly aware of his dominating male presence. He was very tall and no doubt had a well muscled frame under that suit. His voice was deep and resonant and added to his maleness. He was also black, of course. Something else she didn't admit to herself is that the danger of sex with a black man also aroused her. She had never even been on a date with a black man, but had often been amazed by the wiry muscles athletic black men have. The idea that black men always have huge penises was also lodged deep in her mind, but never acknowledged.

He set down his champagne and placed his hands lightly on Kelly's arms just below the shoulder. "Kelly, you don't mind if I call you by your first name, do you? I had a wonderful time at dinner and I enjoyed your company. I just want to get to know you better. Besides, you're going to be making a huge commission off of me. I would think you would be quite grateful for that. If it wasn't for me your commission would go poof, right?"

As he spoke she could smell the champagne on his breath. She just couldn't give in to him, she couldn't. The thought of losing the commission, though, made her think the unthinkable. For the first time, she let her mind think about what sex with this black man would be like. She had pale, absolutely clear skin. She was slim and blonde with delicate features. He was big and black and very male. The thought of surrendering herself to him sent another shiver through her body. She pictured herself lying on her back in the king size bed just upstairs, her legs splayed out and Mr. Thomas covering her with his well muscled body, flattening her breasts against her chest and driving his black cock into her. She blushed when this picture entered her head. She KNEW she couldn't do that, it would be wrong, she was getting married and she loved her fiance.

"Of course I owe you a debt of gratitude, Mr. Thomas, but this isn't right. I owe it to my fiance not to get involved with other men." As Kelly said this she was thinking about his hands on her shoulders, about how she was really already in his control if he wanted to exercise it.

He surprised her by walking away into the living room and sipping his champagne. "I don't want to force you to do anything you don't want. I just want to celebrate our mutual good fortune." Kelly followed him into the living room. She was afraid her commission was slipping away.

"Tell you what" he said. "Just let me kiss you."

She allowed herself to picture this more benign act. The picture in her head of herself kissing the huge black man was still scary but not so bad as imagining sex. Maybe he would be satisfied with this. Again, she wouldn't admit it, but the idea of kissing a black man gave her a thrill that warmed her center. She argued with herself that this little surrender to him would be all. Then she could leave.

She walked over to him and simply stood before him. She was submitting to him, he knew it and she knew it. She thought it was just for a kiss, but the warming in her loins betrayed her. Once she had submitted, it would be impossible to reclaim her body from him.

Kareem took a short step to her and closed the remaining distance. She was his now, he knew. In a little while she would be slipping her mouth over his cock, her blonde hair framing her pale beautiful face, contrasting with his black cock. Then later she would be looking over her white shoulder and biting her lower lip while he pushed his cock into her from behind. He took her lightly by the arms and pulled her to him and lowered his face to hers.

Kelly raised her face to him, no longer physically resisting. He was so much taller than she. To her surprise, he kissed her very softly at first on the lips. Then he kissed her cheek, her nose, her lips again. He brushed over her face with his large dark lips. Then he returned to her lips, kissing a little harder now, prying open her lips, but still softly. She was still resisting in her head, but not in her actions. His unexpectedly gentle approach had made her respond in kind. Her body was also betraying her. Her center was beginning to moisten. Mr. Thomas' tongue slipped lightly into her mouth and touched hers. She had agreed to kiss him, so she began to play with her tongue as well. As they kissed she grew steadily hotter. This small surrender to Mr.Thomas was having an incredible effect on her, the heat was spreading out from her center and from her mouth where she had allowed Mr. Thomas his first entry into her body.

Kelly felt his hand slide up from her shoulder to rest on her cheek as they kissed. After a moment it slid down and caressed her neck. Kelly knew it would be at her breast soon, but she suppressed the knowledge, because she wanted it, but she couldn't allow it. As the hand slid down into the hollow at the base of her neck, his touch was electric. She couldn't do this but she wanted so badly to feel that huge hand on her breast. His finger traced her collar bone first and then his hand flattened on her chest just below her neck.

"I want to touch your breasts, may I?" he whispered. Oh God, he was making her admit that she wanted it. "Okay", she choked a little as whispered it. She couldn't bring herself to say "Yes, I want it", either to herself or to him.

Mr. Thomas slid his hand down inside her jacket and over her left breast. She had a royal blue silk blouse on and a smooth stretchy bra which made her Breasts appear soft and round. He found the nipple and massaged it through her clothes. Kelly was intoxicated by the feelings that went through her. She was letting a black man fondle her breast. It was wicked and she had to stop. She didn't though and his hand slid across her other breast, teasing the nipple through the material.

Kareem explored the shape of her breasts carefully. They were big enough to have a beautiful shape, but they weren't the pendulous things that plastic surgeons paste onto women's chests. The nipples each stiffened quickly when he massaged them. When his hand slipped inside her blouse a little moan escaped her hips. "No, please, I can't do this", but she didn't pull away. He slipped her jacket off her shoulders and let it fall. "Unbutton your blouse for me." She hesitated. "Kelly, unbutton your blouse" in the same even tone of voice. Kelly felt trapped. Repelled and drawn to him at the same time. She had agreed to start this though. She felt like she had surrendered to him and he was in control.

Her hand trembled as she unbuttoned her blouse. She was scared. What would he do with her? When she finished the last button, she betrayed her desire with a subtle action, spreading her blouse slightly with her hands and exposing her cleavage to him.

Kareem sat on the couch with her standing directly in front of him. He was so tall that this face directly in front of her chest. He undid the clasp between the cups of her bra and freed her breasts, which were the most beautiful he had ever seen in person. Her skin was pale and flawless, with pale pink nipples. He began kissing at the base of her neck and continued to the tops of her breasts and between them. All the time, murmurs of reluctant pleasure were coming from Kelly's mouth. When he finally took a nipple in his mouth, she stifled a moan.

Kelly's breasts were very sensitive and she loved it when Andrew spent a lot of time kissing them during foreplay. The forbidden pleasure of this huge strong black man sucking at her breast was incredible. She was getting very wet "down there" and waves of warmth were coursing through her body. She wanted him to go on forever, but she fervently hoped this was as far as he would go. She kept picturing herself on the bed, wicked and depraved, her legs wrapped around the black man driving his cock into her. It was unthinkable that she would actually let him violate her that way.

Kareem loved getting her aroused like this and worshipped her breasts for many minutes until her moans made it clear that she was now ready for most anything. He knew without checking that her pussy would be dripping wet with desire. He stood up and kissed her on the mouth and she kissed back, tongues fighting for space in each others mouth.

Kelly couldn't believe she was kissing Mr. Thomas this way. She had to get out of here. But she continued anyway. Her desire had taken over. Mr. Thomas broke the kiss and said very softly to her "Kelly, kneel down please." She was stunned. She hadn't thought of this. He wanted her to suck his cock. The phrase embarrassed her. She would normally talk of "kissing IT" or "kissing his penis". Only when in the grip of sexual desire did words like suck and cock and pussy come into her mind. She thought that she was more aroused than she had ever been before. "Suck his cock" she thought again. The thought sent a shiver of fear through her body. She had experimented this way with Andrew a few times, but only in passing. She found herself sinking to her knees despite her fear. She knew what was expected of her, but she didn't move for a moment, she just looked at the large bulge in Mr. Thomas' pants.

Kareem marvelled at how beautiful Kelly looked on her knees, Her expensive skirt hanging just short of the floor, her silk blouse hanging open and her breasts just visible inside. When she looked up at him with her light blue eyes, seemingly scared to take the next step, he took it for her. Kareem unzipped his pants and reached in and pulled out his huge cock. It was already fully erect.

Kelly looked at his cock and trembled. It was long and thick and hard. She knew it could hurt her. It was so big, it would surely hurt like hell if they had intercourse. She wasn't sure she could even suck on it. Worst of all, it's one purpose in life was to penetrate women and make them pregnant. Kelly was unprotected because of her upcoming wedding and the thought of this cock planting its sperm in her belly was frightening to her core. Kelly wanted to run but she couldn't. She had started on this path when she submitted to his kiss and now she couldn't seem to get off of it.

Kelly's hand trembled as she touched the cock and wrapped her hand around it. She couldn't quite encompass it's girth with her hand, it was so big. She put her other hand on it too, holding it lightly as it twitched, alive and eager in her hands. She stared at the part of the cock that still protruded from her hands, enough to her fill her mouth, she thought. As she began her her first tentative stroking of the black cock with her hands, she stared at the round black helmet pointing at her face and the big slit in the middle pointing at her. This was where the sperm would shoot out, searching for her womb to make her pregnant. She shivered again. She was scared, but she couldn't resist. He had brought her to such a fever pitch of desire that she would do what he asked. She leaned forward and touched her cheek to his cock, then brushed it across her lips, leaving a sheen of pre-cum. She couldn't help it, her tongue flicked out to taste the pre-cum. She felt perverted and aroused at the same time. It didn't have much taste.

Kareem watched the heavenly white girl study his cock. This was even better than he had imagined. While she was mesmerized by his cock, he carefully undid his belt and let his pants fall about his ankles, revealing no underware beneath.

Kelly tentatively kissed the head and then very slowly slid her lips over it so that the head of his cock was now in her mouth. She slid her tongue over the head of the cock and felt its smoothness. She slid her lips around the head and could feel the ridge that defined its edge. The tip of her tongue found the slit from where the cum would pour forth soon. She explored just the head of his cock with her lips and tongue for several minutes until she grew accustomed to its size in her mouth. She continued to slide her lips farther down his huge cock until the head reached the back of her mouth. Any more and she would gag. She hadn't taken even half of it in yet. Feeling her mouth filled with a fat cock was turning her on even more than she had been. This was so wicked, having a black man's cock in her mouth that she moaned again with desire. She had done it, she was sucking cock, she thought and it felt wonderful. She was still scared, he might come, but she wanted to worship this black cock with her mouth. She began moving back and forth on his shaft, feeling the head reach a little deeper in her throat each time. Meanwhile, her hands explored. She stroked the length of his member but spent more time feeling his large black balls, flat stomach and hard muscled ass. Mr. Thomas made noises when she massaged his scrotum and balls. It excited Kelly to hear this. It meant he liked it. His balls were large and heavy in her hand. She thought about the cum they produced and stored. She realized he intended to empty these balls into her body. These balls were the source of the real danger to her.

Because he responded when she fondled his balls, it gave her an opening. This was something she could control. She could add to his pleasure with her hands. She explored the back of his scrotum with her fingers and then she found the flat spot behind it. This was his perineum and she knew that nearby was his asshole. She rubbed and the perineum and he moaned more. She was curious and began to brush her fingers lightly back toward his ass. She found his puckering anus between his muscular ass cheeks. She stroked it softly, not wanting to really touch it. Mr. Thomas clutched at her head and held her still. "Touch that again and I'll fill your mouth with cum, Kelly. I'm not ready to cum just yet." How depraved she was. She was grossed out by the idea of his cum in her mouth, but she had the power with just a touch to force him to shoot in her mouth.

Kelly did not know if men expected to cum in the woman's mouth when they got a blowjob. She did not talk about sex with other women, she talked about relationships, so she hadn't learned that way. She was scared he would cum in her mouth and it would taste disgusting. He might even expect her to swallow it. Please, God, she thought, don't let him do that. Perversely, the fear excited her. The idea of cum in her mouth sent more wetness and heat to her pussy.

Kareem was watching her worship of his cock with delight. This angel loved his cock and was giving him a blowjob he would remember forever. Her long slender hands caressing his balls and his ass were heavenly. She was in for another surprise. He had been planning this for a while and had purposely not cum in the last few days so he could flood her with this orgasm. He could feel his cock swell up in her mouth. It couldn't be long now.

Kelly heard his moaning and felt the swelling of his cock and it worried her. She leaned back from his cock and looked up into his dark eyes. "Mr. Thomas, are you going to cum in my mouth?" her voice quavered. "Yes, and you want me to, don't you?". "Yes." Her voice broke as she answered, her desire overcoming her fear. "Am I supposed to swallow it?" "If you can. It's almost as good if it shoots all over your face and breasts, though."

She was now trembling all over as she realized she was going to eat his cum. Her desire had put her in his power. She resumed her steady sucking and this time didn't stop when he seemed to be nearing release. The black angry cock swelled up even larger in her mouth and then Mr. Thomas let out a shout. She could feel cum flood into her mouth and seemingly fill it. She couldn't swallow with her mouth stretched so obscenely so she just held the cum in her mouth and continued to suck on the black cock. It swelled and a second huge wad of cum flooded into her mouth. Now she had to take her mouth off of his cock to keep from choking. It seemed slimey and repulsive, but she wanted to swallow it for him. She opened her mouth quicky to show him the huge pool of cum and then she tried to swallow his sperm. She gagged the first time, but then swallowed again and forced it all down.

While this was happening, her hand was still stroking the cock and it pulsed and shot several more streams of cum onto her face and neck. Kelly could feel cum dripping off her chin and onto her breasts and blue silk blouse. She was drenched in this black man's sperm. All of it looking for a way into her to make her pregnant.

Kareem looked down at her still the final throws of the strongest orgasm he had ever had in his life. This blonde young woman was covered with his "nigger cum". It was pearly white just like white guys, but this cum makes black babies. That's why it turns on white women so much, he thought, because it's so dangerous. Her beautiful face was covered in cum, her lips glistening with semen. Big globs of cum were also on her throat and her breasts. Several globs of white cum stood out on the royal blue silk of her blouse.

Kareem picked helped her up and sat her on the edge of the couch and then pushed her back so she was almost prone. He then pulled her skirt up to her waist and removed her panties. Her pussy was as beautiful as the rest of her. He wasted no time, spreading her legs and kissing her thighs once each before diving into her pussy. His tongue located her clit immediately and began massaging it. He tried to take her near the brink and then keep her there, but she was so turned on, her couldn't keep her on the edge for long. When it was clear she could hang on no longer, he stopped teasing and drove her to her a shattering orgasm. Her moans were so loud, he was scared someone outside might have heard.

Kelly was so grateful when his tongue began to pleasure her. She needed release desperately. The orgasm was so strong she almost passed out. When she regained her senses, Mr. Thomas asked "Are you all right?" Now that her orgasm was past, some of her inhibitions had returned. Here she was lying on a couch with her skirt hiked up and her pussy exposed, her blouse open and she was covered with this man's cum. Her fear and embarrassment returned. She ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. She was covered in sperm. She looked at her face. Kelly, how could you? You sucked the cum from a near stranger and swallowed it. Thinking about the act she had just finished began to bring back the sexual thrill as well. The forbidden pleasure of sucking a huge black cock. She took a wash rag and began to wipe the cum from her face and breasts. She was afraid the blouse was ruined. Can you imagine going into a dry cleaners and saying "Do you have anything that will get these cum stains out of this blouse?" No way.

When she had finished, Mr. Thomas called to her. She walked back out to him without buttoning her blouse or clasping her bra. She stood before him. "Your breath smells like cum, Kelly." "Yes, I guess it does", she said. He bent down to kiss her and she kissed back with abandon, their tongues wrestling amid the shared taste of cum. The picture returned to her mind again. She was on the bed, pale legs wrapped around his athletic hips and his huge cock disappearing up into her belly and then reappearing with each thrust. It still scared her. This act made you pregnant and gave you black children. It was no longer unthinkable though.

Kareem led the girl up to the bedroom. The sight of the king size bed shocked Kelly back to her senses. What was she doing? She was getting married and she had to stop this. "Please, Mr. Thomas, I can't do any more. I love my fiance'. I can't do this to him!"

Kareem just ignored this speech and began undressing her, first slipping the blouse off of her shoulders and then the bra. Finally he slipped her skirt down her legs. He then quickly took off what remainded of his clothes.

Kelly was awed by his fully revealed body, broad shoulders, slim hips, and smooth muscles everywhere. And he was very black. She knew physical resistance was useless. He took her in his arms and she felt engulfed by him, protected even, though that was obviously not his intention. She could feel his cock against her stomach. It was still very long, but no longer fully erect. "Please Mr. Thomas, don't do this to me. I'm not on the pill. I'm unprotected. If you are going to do this to me, please use a condom. I can't get pregnant, please!"

Kareem loved it. She had surrendered her will to him. She was just waiting for him to decide what he was going to do to her. "Rubbers spoil all the fun. That's what the morning after pill was invented for. If you don't want to get pregnant, go to the drugstore."

That's it, Kelly thought, he's going to do it to me. Mr. Thomas leaned down and began to kiss her again. She couldn't help responding. His hands caressed her breasts and then he reached behind her held the globes of her ass for the first time. Like all women, Kelly thought her ass was too big, but in truth it was gorgeous. It was round and tight and all muscle. Her hips were slender but flaired out from her even more slender waist. One of his huge hands engulfed each globe of her ass. It made her feel small and completely at his mercy.

Kareem broke the kiss and went to the bed. "Come on, help me" he said and she went to the other side. They pulled down the covers and exposed the pillows and wide expanse of white sheet. "Get in" and Karrem crawled onto the bed. Kelly hesitated and then did the same. "Put your head on the pillow and relax. I am going to warm you up first."

Kelly looked stunningly sweet and sexy with hair spread across the pillow, her body slightly on its side because she was too embarrassed to lay flat on her back with her breasts and vagina fully exposed. Mr. Thomas leaned over her face and kissed her while caressing her breasts and neck and belly. She responded with her tongue and even placed her white hand gently on the back of this head. She shouldn't be doing this but she didn't have a choice, she told herself. The heat at her center was soft now, but when Mr. Thomas began kissing her breasts, waves of desire broke over her. Her nipples were so sensitive and he knew just how to suck them. While he sucked, his hand stroked her inner thighs and then found her pussy. Gently massaging her clit and sucking her nipple at he same time was making very wet and hot.

Now Kareem slid down to her pussy and found her clit with his tongue. He gently massaged it and teased her, enjoying the moans coming from her now. He wasn't going to make her cum, though. This was just preparation. Dipping his tongue into her pussy, he found she was wet enough for the next step, but he wanted he even hotter. He walked on his knees up to head and knelt by her pillow. His cock, now rock hard again hung near her face.

Kelly was awash in desire. His tongue on her clit had made her crazy. It seemed so natural to take the offered cock in her hand and guide it to her mouth. She had sucked his cock before and it had led to so much pleasure. The feel of it filling her mouth made her mad with desire for it and she fed it as far into her throat as she could. When she gagged, even that turned her on. My God, she thought, I'm crazy to be doing this.

Kareem watched the girl and she worshipped his cock. Her blonde hair spread across the pillow, her pale beautiful face taking his cock into her mouth. She would withdraw him so that the head was right at her closed lips and then draw him forward forcing her lips apart and her jaw to stretch. Then the shaft would slowly slide past her lips into her warm wet mouth until he could feel the back of her throat with his cock head. The she would gag a little and withdraw and start again. This was heaven. He stroked her clit a little more and this caused her to moan loudly around his cock. Any more and she would cum. Now she was ready.

Kelly was disappointed when he pulled out of her mouth just as she was about to cum. She spread her knees apart thinking that the time had come. She was going to be fucked by the black cock she had been sucking. "Please, could you use a condom, Mr. Thomas?" she tried once more. "No." "Then would you promise not to cum inside me? You can cum in my mouth again if you want." Anything to avoid the possibility of pregnancy. She would eat cum gladly if that were the alternative.

Kareem thought for second that she was so desperate that if he asked, she would let him fuck her in the ass to avoid getting pregnant. He was sure her ass was unviolated and he was right. He dismissed it though. Shooting a load of cum into an unprotected white girl was about the best orgasm there was.

"No, Kelly, I'm going to fuck you and if you don't go home with my sperm inside of you, you ain't been fucked. Now, get up on your hands and knees."

Kelly was shocked again. She would be risking pregnancy and she hadn't even thought of getting fucked doggy style. When she did that with Andrew, she felt incredibly naughty. Doing it doggy style with a big black man was an obscene thought, but it secretly thrilled her.

Kelly got in position and looked back over her shoulder at him. Her desire was overwhelming, but she was still telling herself that she should get up and run out here. His hands took her by the waist and held her still. She felt the tip of his cock at her pussy. She was so wet that there was no friction resistance at all, just the resistance offered by the tightness of her hole. At 23, and slender, she was very tight. As Mr. Thomas pushed his cock steadily into her waves of pleasure shot from her pussy. It was so full.

Doggy style is so obscene, Kelly thought. It's pure sex. All I feel is a huge cock spearing up into my belly, shoving the other organs aside. Mr. Thomas slid all way into her in one long very slow push. She had never been this wet before in her life. Andrew always took several minutes to fully penetrate her and she got really wet only after he began stroking. Of course, that could be the condoms fault. Since one stupid episode in high school, this was the first time she had had a naked cock inside her. It feels wonderful, she thought, I had no idea.

Kareem began a long slow fuck. He hated frantic thrusting, everthing would be over too soon. He also liked his women to enjoy sex. If the woman doesn't enjoy it, why not use your hand? He pulled back until the head was just nestled in her pussy and then thrust slowly back in, all the way to the hilt. He repeated this at the same slow pace, just fast enought for tension to build and build.

Kelly loved the feel of the big cock. Each time it entered her and slid all the way in she relived the thrill of it flling her for the first time. It was so much bigger than anything she had experienced before. The only other sensations were her breasts swaying beneath her and Mr. Thomas' hands on her hips pulling her back and forth as he fucked her. That phrase caught her. He's fucking me, she thought. I'm being fucked by a black man. I'm being fucked by a nigger. Violated and raped by a nigger. She used the forbidden word because she was doing the forbidden and it hightened her excitement to dwell on it. She just concentrated on the feeling of the cock thrusting in her body and her orgasm began to build.

She was almost there when he pulled out and turned her over. Kelly spread her legs and welcomed him into her body again. She had forgotten her reasons for resisting. It just felt so good, getting fucked by this dominating male with his big cock. She just wanted to fuck. She had known that when she got married she would be able to fuck her husband without protection, trying to get pregnant. She knew that unprotected sex would add a special thrill to fucking. She felt that thrill now, multiplied. This wasn't her husband's cock inside her trying to make her pregnant. It was a black cock that would make black babies. That thought was so wicked. She was fucking a black stranger and trying to make a baby.

Kareem looked down at Kelly as he fucked into her. She was flush with sexual excitement, meeting his thrusts and burying his cock deep into her belly. He was glad she had admitted to being unprotected. Sunday at her wedding she would still have his cum in her pussy and by that time, she might be pregnant already. He had little doubt she would get rid of the pregnancy with a morning after pill, but that didn't remove any of the thrill of making this beautiful white girl pregnant.

Mr. Thomas' huge body pressed down upon her and reminded her of her feminine weakness. His big cock rubbed her clit in this position every time he thrust into her and her orgasm built steadily. Mr. Thomas was spearing into her slowly and steadily just like he started. It made the build up to orgasm seem inexorable and as she neared the end the tension was excruciating. Each penetration pushed her a little farther into sexual delirium. She wanted him to furiously fuck her until she came, but this slow torture meant that she would be brought to a much higher peak before she exploded with an orgasm she would never forget.

Kareem looked down at her and knew she was delirious with desire. "I wanted to fuck you missionary style, just like your husband will in a few days, but I got there first. You're enjoying this aren't you?"

"Yes, yes, please fuck me, please make me cum."

"I'm going to cum in your pussy. It will make you pregnant. Aren't you worried?" He kept steadily thrusting as he teased her.

"Yes, I know. Please."

"Ask me."

She surrendered one last time. "Please fuck me. I want you to cum inside me. Whatever happens, I need you to fuck me. Please."

The obscenity of what she said pushed her over the edge into a shattering orgasm. She moaned and quivered for minutes afterward. As soon as Kelly began coming, Kareem came with equal force, his whole body constricting with the effort to get his cock as far into her as possible so that his thick streams of sperm would be close to the goal. He shot three, four, five squirts of cum deep inside the beautiful girl.

Kareem collapsed and lay on the girl for several minutes before he stirred. Kelly lay under him only slowly recovering from an orgasm that scattered her mind like a seizure. Her arms were wrapped around him, pressing his ass into her to keep his cock embedded as far as possible. She didn't want to lose the feeling of the cock filling her belly and emitting waves of pleasure.

"My God, what have I done?", Kelly thought as she came out of her desire induced haze. She felt so empty as Mr. Thomas slid his cock slowly back out of her. A little moan of sadness escaped her lips as the head popped out. She could feel the cum dripping out of her pussy.

"You better get dressed and clean up, honey. You can't leave looking like this, can you?". He gathered up his clothes and began to leave, then he turned. "See this? It's a voice recorder. It was in my pocket all the time, recording. I've got you on tape begging me to fuck you. So, be sure and return my phone calls, you hear? Bye darlin'." And he left.

Kareem was sky high. Never had he had the pleasure of fucking such a beautiful angel. He laughed, the beautiful bride-to-be continued to call him 'Mr.' even as he had his cock deep in her womb. The thought of her upcoming marriage and the possibility of knocking up this pretty angel caused his cock to twitch back to life. As he drove away he thought about listening to the tape at home and smiled to himself.

Fortunately, the home had running water and towels. Kelly knew her mother and Tina would be at her home early to help her for the wedding. She couldn't let them see her in such a state, especially her mother. A quick shower would have to do. Once that was accomplished, Kelly put on her stained blouse and covered it by buttoning her blazer. Getting her briefcase, she saw the purchase and financing paperwork, along with the down payment check. 'Thank goodness, I have something to show for this shameful act', she thought with a sigh of some relief.


Sunday afternoon was a beautiful fall afternoon in New Orleans. Perfect setting, on the edge of the gulf, for the wedding of the new Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Lewis. As the wedding march began, Andrew Lewis looked to the front of the church. There appeared his little angel, the beautiful Kelly Williams, and soon to be Mrs. Andrew Lewis. As Andrew kissed his beautiful bride's soft pink lips, little did he know that those soft lips were earlier coated with the gloss of a black man's cum. Little did he know that his beautiful bride now carried the potent cum of a black deep in her womb. And that potent sperm was fertilizing her egg at that very moment. The anticipated treasure that was to be his from this day on was instead 'soiled goods'.

Kelly had taken the morning after pill, but she knew Mr. Thomas' cum was still inside her. She tried to put it out of her mind and told herself that she was forced to do all those things and she hadn't really cheated on Andrew. She managed to enjoy the wedding but she couldn't escape the occasional flashbacks. When people would make smiling veiled references to sex during the reception, like "Andrew is going to be a happy man tonight!", the image Kelly would get would be of Mr. Thomas driving his cock into pussy or she would remember the feeling of the huge pool of cum in her mouth when she sucked him. She would shake these thoughts off and try to think of Andrew instead.


It felt good to go back to work. Once in the office she greeted all her co-workers and had coffee with them. An hour later, her boss got in and immediately called her into his office. The way he was shaking his head, Kelly knew it was a problem he wanted to discuss. As she sat down across the desk, her boss handed her a stack of papers. Kelly gasped and her heart pounded as she gazed upon the documents, documents she had submitted for the purchase of the model home. Holes were punched in the down payment check with a stamp on it, indicating no such account existed ... The mortgage application was stamped in red 'REJECTED'. A credit check on Mr. Thomas showed no such person lived at the address on the application and the business address turned out to be a massage parlor rather than the stated trucking firm. Everything on the mortgage application had been falsified. The phone number for Mr. Thomas was an inactive number. Needless to say, the commission would never be seen.

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