The Naked Club
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Group Sex, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It started as just four of us boys but then the ranks grew until there were four girls as well. Oh, did we have fun.

I kind of hung around a couple of other guys growing up, Justin and Roy; we played around lot together and, as we began to near the end of our first decade, we, like many boys, began discussing sex amongst ourselves.

There was the usual misinformation dissolved right in with the facts of life, things we talked about and wondered about.

Justin had an older sister, Dawn, two years our senior, who he'd spied on and had seen her budding little breasts a number of times and each time would tell us in great detail of her appearance. He even saw her pussy a few times and he held court for hours on that.

We also talked about everything we learned or heard about. I still remember the day that Roy breathlessly told Justin and me about jacking-off. How he used soap in the shower, turning the water off, rubbing his dick until it just made him almost dizzy at the end. How it felt so, so good.

For me and Justin, we knew that rubbing our dicks felt good but it just seemed that what Roy was telling us was even better, even more intense.

"Yeah, I did it in bed last night and when the feelings really got good, it was like I peed a little but it wasn't pee."

"That was cum, Roy. Was it thick and slippery?" I asked him. My parents had been one of the more forthcoming about sex and I knew some of the basics.

"Yeah, not watery like piss. More like, um, well, not as thick as honey, but some. And cloudy."

So a few days went by and, of course, Justin and I were trying the same thing at home and yet weren't getting the wonderful results Roy was getting.

But, being boys, we kept trying and finally, each of us, about a month apart, reported that, at last, the desired result had taken place and, yes, the feelings were awesome and now we were doing it all the time, every chance we got.

We had just entered high school now, each skilled in producing the desired results, when one afternoon, up in Justin's room, he asked Roy and me if we'd ever measured our dicks to see how big they got.

We both told him we hadn't and he said, "Well, I did and mine is five and a half inches."

We sat there not quite knowing what to think when he slid a ruler across the floor toward us.

"There's a ruler if you want to do it."

Justin and I looked at each other and he said, "Um, I don't want to haul it out unless we're all going to do it."

"Yeah, that makes sense," I added and Roy agreed that if one pulled it out, we should all do it so we looked at each other a few seconds and Roy said, "Hell, let's just get naked," and we all began taking our clothes off.

I never had any kind of sexual feelings, at least that I knew of or recognized, for other males but one thing that was common among the three of us up in Justin's room that afternoon was that we all three had hard-ons.

We sat in a circle, cross-legged, our dicks on high, kind of waiting for the next step.

"I got mine as hard as I could before I measured it. Here's some lotion, it's what I use," he said as he reached behind him and brought a bottle out of the bedside table and slid it across the floor. Then he stood up and started jacking off.

So, like most boys do, we went along and stood up and we, all three, were soon standing there in front of one another, for the first time, stark naked, with our boners on display.

"Geez, I hope that all these hard-ons doesn't mean we're gay," I said and the other two just laughed.

"Well, now you need to get as hard as you can," Justin said as Roy and I put some lotion on our hands and started stroking ourselves. I tossed the bottle to Justin, telling him that he might as well have a little fun, too, so he started, too.

I got to where I thought it was as hard as I could get it and picked up the ruler.

"Hold it at the base, Simon," Justin said and I read off, "Five, um, five inches and, um, five, no, yeah, five-eighths inches."

"You beat me by just a tad, let me measure mine again," Justin said and I gave the ruler back.

"Ten and a half," he said laughing as hard as he could. "No, no, just kidding, I wish. Um, five, um, no, it's right at five and a half. I cannot tell a lie."

Roy, who was quietly stroking away, picked up the ruler, held it along his dick and said, "Okay, five, one, two, three, four, five, six little marks, that's five and three quarters inches. Shit, I've got the biggest," he crowed.

"By an eighth of an inch, hardly bragging rights, Roy," I told him as he began rubbing again.

"You trying to make it even bigger?" Justin asked him.

"Nah, figured I'd finish."

So Justin and I went back to our masturbating and we all three got off.

"Geez, that was fun, guys, we should do that again sometime," Roy said and we agreed that, once we had taken the first step to get naked, the rest was fun.

"What we need to do is form a 'Naked Club' and make up games and stuff and get ourselves off," Roy suggested and we all agreed that it would be a good idea.

"How about we ask Steve Molloy to join us. He seems okay and it might have fun to have another guy. Maybe his is smaller than ours, huh?" Justin suggested as we all laughed.

So, we decided to have Justin see if Steve also wanted to join, that would make four of us: me, Justin, Roy and Steve.

Two days later we had the first full meeting of The Naked Club and met at Roy's house.

"I explained to Steve how this all came about and here he is," Justin told us, "He wants to try our club out and see."

"Great," Roy said, " so why don't we get naked one at a time, I'll start," and he pulled off his teeshirt and pulled down his shorts to stand there in his navy-blue briefs, already rather poked-out.

"Ready?" he asked and we all nodded and he bent down pulling them to the floor and then rose back up straight. His light pink dick was standing straight out as we all watched him.

"I'll take requests ... anybody want me to do anything with it?"

"Take a few strokes, Roy, make sure you've got that baby excited," Justin urged. There was a large bottle of hand lotion there on his bedside table and he took a squirt and began sliding his hand back and forth.

Once he got it good and hard, it was time for the next guy, me.

I stood up took off my shirt and shorts, then pulled my briefs down and stood there with my hand under my dick holding it from the bottom. I squirted some lotion on and started stroking, getting it good and hard, then Justin got naked next and stroked for a minute or two.

"Guess it's me next, huh?" Steve said and began getting naked. He stood there with his cock pointing up to the ceiling, the rest of us had dicks that mostly stuck straight out.

He lubed his hand up and began stroking as we watched though we were also slowly moving our hands back and forth as well.

Roy handed him a ruler and told him we'd all measured ours and it was time for him to be officially entered in our club's record book. So he put the ruler to himself and called off the length, "Five and seven-eighths, right on the button," he claimed. "Is that good or bad?"

"You've got the biggest but we're really all pretty close, here, see," Roy told him as he showed him his entry.

"Now, here's what I've come up with for us to do," Roy said and he held up an empty bottle and a can of shaving cream.

He sprayed some foam into the bottle then held it out on front of him with the open top facing away and asked, "Who wants to fuck it first?"

Justin moved forward and Roy held it at the right height as Justin pushed his dick into the jar and began fucking it back and forth.

"Oh, geez, that's good," he moaned.

"Yeah I've been trying it out all week, it fits pretty good, huh?"

His hips were thrusting back and forth in and out of the jar as lather ran down the front of his thighs and soon he was panting and looking like he was going to cum as Roy held the jar steady.

"Oh, man, yeah, YEAH," he shouted as he thrust hard almost pushing Roy over as he threw his head back cumming into the jar.

"Who's next?" Roy asked, spraying a little more foam inside.

I got up and slid my dick in which squeezed a lot of the lather out. Then I started moving in and out of it, it was just the right size to fit me leaving just enough of the suds inside to really feel creamy and smooth.

Oh, it felt really good. I had to ask Roy, "How many bottles have you tried to get this one?" and he laughed telling me that it was a few.

So, we each took a turn fucking the bottle then had a jack-off contest to see who could cum first. I won it and my name was entered in the book.

We all got together once or twice every week or two and after about a month, we were at Steve's house and when we got into his room and were taking our clothes off, Steve wanted to make an announcement.

"Um, I've got something to ask you guys that, well, it's kind of unexpected."

We all agreed for him to go ahead and he told us, "Well, my sister, Judy, when we were all over here a few weeks ago, she asked me what we were doing."

That certainly got our attention, as he went on, "She kind of figured out we were doing something like what we were doing and so I told her."

"Shit, you're kidding. Now we'll all be in trouble," Justin barked at him.

"No, no, wait. You're not going to believe this. She wants to know, well, here's what she wanted me to see ... um, if she could come in and serve us all lunch so she could see us. She said she'd wear her new bikini."

We all sat there dumbfounded. Lunch? Serve us lunch? With us all naked?

I had to ask to make sure, "Does she know we're all naked, that our dicks are out?"

"She knows. She want to see us that way. She's all excited about it and wants to like be part of it."

"Can you trust her to be quiet about this?" I asked, dreading the possibility that something like this might get out.

"I trust my sister one hundred percent. And, after all, she's willingly going to be part of our club. She thinks this whole thing is cool and she wants to be part of it. Just tell me and I'll slip a note out under the door telling her to bring lunch and she said she'd do it."

I can't say for any of the other guys but, for me, the idea of having Steve's cute sister in the room with me, naked, seeing my dick, well, that was turning me on big time. It was all I could think about.

"I think we should have a jack-off contest for your sister, Steve, whadda you think?" Roy asked.

"I know she wants to be part of it, wants to see us all naked, see our dicks, she told me that much. So, sure, we could each perform for her, show her what it's like for a guy to cum. I know she's never seen it. I don't think she's done much of anything," Steve said.

"We could see if she'd want us all to jack-off on her. I saw a Japanese video of a bunch of guys doing that and they all had a great time covering the girl with their jizz," Steve asked.

So Steve wrote the word, LUNCH, on a sheet of paper and slid it under his door out into the hallway and a bit later I saw that it was gone.

We were all fooling around, sitting on his bed or a couple of chairs, our knees spread, each of us trying to move our dicks with no hands, just our pubic muscles to see who had the best range and control. Remember, we're teen boys. We were mostly wiling away the time until noon when we all knew things were going to change, even if we had no clue how much.

Then, there was a knock on the door and the words, "Time for lunch, open up."

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