White 15 yr. old tutor blacked by an African basketball player
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Reluctant, Interracial,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - In Nigeria, a young 15 yr. white English girl is fucked by a 6'-9" black African basketball player. She was working part time as a tutor while she attended the university. Being a young virgin, little did she know that she would be subject to black African lust. Her small body would be impaled on a large African cock.

During my tenure of working in the oil/ gas exploration in Africa, I came to know many families that became absorbed in African culture ... for better or for worse. During the 1970's and 80's many African countries began to find fortunes under their ground and my company, British Petroleum, led the way in explorations.

I've written a number of times about Black African lust on white families. Many wives, daughters and even young sons were seduced by blacks. Some willingly, some reluctantly and of course there was those who were forced ... raped.

It's a sad commentary on mankind but it is universal ... not just on the continent of Africa. But, since I had first hand information on these human invasions in several African countries ... I found myself intrigued by a number of events that I became aware of.

One event that happened in the early 80's was with a fellow engineer that worked with me in Lagos, Nigeria. Paul L. had been in country for around four months. His wife had divorced him about two years prior and he had custody of the two oldest children. The youngest was his son of 12 and his daughter 15 years old. His wife had the other two children and Paul had to pay at least half of his income in child support/ alimony. Money was tight for Paul.

His daughter, Jane, who had just turned 15 was extremely bright and way ahead in her studies. She was admitted to the University of Lagos at that young age. There were only a handful of white students at the university. She could have gone to college in the England but wanted to be with her father.

The following events were later told to me by his ex-wife and his daughter.

After a month attending the university, Jane wanted a part time job in order to help the family. She approached the student union and faculty to see if there were any jobs available at the university. After climbing the ladder, she met with the head administrator for an interview.

He was a black African from Kenya and was wooed by the intelligence that young Jane displayed. Not to mention her physical beauty. Blonde hair, green eyes and a shapely body in her 105 pound/ 5-'2" frame.

"Miss Jane, he inquired, would you perhaps be interested in tutoring some of our athletes here at the university? We have several on the basketball team that are having difficulty making their grades in order to continue playing for out team."

"Yes sir, she replied. I could devote at least 15 to 18 hours a week if the pay is sufficient." I sincerely need the money to help out with my college costs.

Unknown to Jane, the administrator was very eager to hire her and had the funds to lure her into taking the job. He saw this as an enticement for keeping several players from leaving the university and perhaps for attracting new players.

When he informed Jane of the hourly pay her jaw dropped. It was very generous and definitely pleased her. Unknown to her at the time, she would definitely earn it.

That evening she told her father about the new job. Paul was not all that easy with her being with older black athletes but Jane assured him that she would be safe and that the athletes would be under a strict code of conduct.

A week later, Jane met with her first student at the library. He was on the soccer team. She worked with him in math and English for about three hours. She found him to be polite but constantly looking at her body which she shunned off. She met with another player the next morning at the student union and tutored him for about two hours. Again, sensing his attraction to her but also polite.

She worked with these two athletes for a couple of weeks and it appeared to have helped them with their studies.

The third week she was introduced to the member of the basketball team. A 6'-9" blue black African that would be intimidating to just about anyone. His name was Marshall. He was from Zambia and was a college junior at 25 years old.

They first met at the library, then the student union. The next week the administrator called Jane and asked if she could possibly tutor him at his dormitory in the evening. She wasn't that comfortable with it but she did not want to lose her job.

Jane's father was out of town on business and her younger brother was staying with friends of her father. The college had arranged for a taxi to pick her up.

That evening she rang the doorbell and was admitted to the hallway. She went to the apartment that Marshall lived at and knocked on the door. Marshall opened up the door and Jane almost gasped ... he had only shorts on with the rest of his very black body exposed.

"Sir, maybe I should come back when you are properly dressed," Jane said.

"Miss Jane, I apologize but I just returned from practice and wanted to cool off. Please come in. I'm anxious to begin studies."

Jane could not help notice the lean muscular frame of this big man. He was so black and his head was shaved bald. She had never been close up to a black man, especially with so few clothes on. It was intimidating for a young girl of 15 to be alone with a giant black man but Jane proceeded with the lesson. Her father would have been outraged but she felt that things would be okay.

Marshall tried to study the lesson but he was overwhelmed with the beauty of this 15 year old white princess. His cock was stiffening and he tried to conceal it but the big black snake was about to burst out the top of his shorts. He got up several times and went for a drink of water while slapping his cock to get down. He certainly did not want to embarrass this young girl.

Meanwhile, Jane kept on course with showing Marshall the math studies but could not help notice his demeanor and the large bulge in his shorts. Also, she was enamored with the shinny gold watch he had on his wrist.

"Is that a Rolex?" Jane inquired. "How can you afford that?"

"The university awarded it to me in order to play ball for them. This watch is a status symbol in my country. I hope that you like it." Marshall responded.

"It's a sexy watch for sure. I certainly could not afford one. Do you mind if I touch it? Jane replied.

"No, not at all, Miss Jane," Marshall replied back.

"It feels so smooth and cool. The crystal is so reflective. It stands out on your black wrist ... oops, I'm sorry, that was not meant to be an insult ... please forgive me," Jane apologized.

"I did not take offense Miss Jane, may I touch the silver bracelet you have on your arm. You have one on each wrist and it makes you look like "Wonder Woman," Marshall chuckled.

"Of course, no problem," Jane watched his large black hand softly touching her wrist. A strange feeling of emotion crept into her. It was the first time that she had an adult man holding her hand and wrist. His black hand was such a contrast to her lily white hand. She was enjoying the touch but she did not know why. It bothered her.

As they began to look over the math book, Marshall quietly placed his left arm around Jane's shoulder as he leaned over to look at the book.

Jane felt something she had dare not dream of, her having an attraction to being alone with a grown man and his closeness to her. She tried to diminish the thoughts and began having trouble concentrating on the lesson. Certain feelings in her loins were disturbing to her. She could not believe the sexual attraction that she was feeling. No way, she thought to herself. "I'm not attracted to black Africans. I consider them dirty and rude."

And yet, she began to shed those thoughts as she felt the warm air of his breathing as it swirled around her neck. She was trying to explain basic math as she kept glancing up at his dark eyes and rigid cheek bones. He was so tall ... even sitting there on the couch.

The touch of his arm over her shoulder was a little disturbing as she felt his hand slide down and lightly embrace her arm. A slight chill rushed through her body as she looked at his black hand holding her arm. Jane could not understand why she was enjoying his touch and being alone with a black man. Her mind was trying to sort it out and her emotions were disturbing to her.

"Can we take a break, I need to go outside and get some air," Jane inserted.

"Sure, Jane, take a walk and when you come back ... I will be ready for the next lesson."

Marshall was trying hard to study but being alone with such a beautiful white girl was intimidating to him. He had never been this close to a white girl before, let alone with one that looked like her. In many African countries very young girls are sought after. Black men are attracted to young black girls and think nothing of taking them as preteens or early teens. But, this is a beautiful blonde white girl that looks younger than 15 with a curvy body and smells so sweet. Certainly taboo for a black man.

He knew that he was in dangerous territory. He had to control his lust and not let himself do something he would regret.

Marshal had a black snake in his pants that was getting harder. He walked around trying to get it soft because he didn't want it to be so obvious. He worried that he may not be able to control his emotions or desires. "Lord, please do not allow me to harm this lovely creature ... please," Marshal spoke to himself.

Jane went out on the patio of the dormitory. She was almost ready to leave thinking this big African was not really serious about studying. He seemed more like wanting affection. Perhaps it is a culture problem and he may not like whites she thought. Jane was smart but she was also naive. "Damn, I'm getting paid to tutor and that is what I need to do", she said to herself.

Jane returned and after entering the apartment she smelled a strange odor. "What is that smell," she questioned. "It is Jambi, a smoke that we Africans love. Why don't you try it? It really clears the mind," Marshall replied.

"I don't smoke," replied Jane as she sat down on the couch.

Marshall handed Jane the reefer and she gazed at it ... not knowing what to do. "Just inhale it and blow it out after several seconds, you will like it" Marshall insisted.

Jane wanted not to seem like a young teenage girl. She took the reefer and smoked it. Coughing ... she asked for some water. Marshall poured a glass of wine. Jane drank it and again dragged the smoke. It was pleasant and she began to feel rather good. After several minutes her body relaxed and a sense of high crept into her mind.

Jane had never been on any drugs so this was a new experience, a pleasant one at that.

"Marshall, we cannot go on with this lesson now. I feel rather strange. I should not have smoked that. It feels good but perhaps it is better that I leave for no,"Jane insisted.

As she began to stand up, her legs were a bit wobbly and as she turned she fell onto Marshal's lap.

Her bottom landed squarely on his crotch. Her cheeks felt something hard between them.

"Oh my gosh ... I'm sorry Marshal. I lost my balance. Please forgive me."

As she struggled to get up, Marshall placed his left arm over her left shoulder and over to her right shoulder ... holding her on his lap. His right arm went around her tiny waist and his hand crept to her thigh.

Jane had never been in a position like this. It was scarey and yet strangely exciting. Here she was with man's arms pressing her to his body and holding her captive. A strange feeling invaded her loins.

Her father would almost die if he saw his young princess being held this way by a large black African man. A 6'-9" nearly naked black man at that with nothing on but shorts and her legs straddling his lap.

Jane literally froze not knowing what to do. Her body was acting strangely to this captive position. As she began to wiggle in his arms she noticed more hardness under her cheeks.

"Marshall, please. This has gone too far. I need to leave. Release me ... now, Jane insisted."

"Miss Jane, don't be afraid. I mean no harm. It's just that I have never been with a beautiful white girl so close to me. You are almost a child and I feel guilty about my feelings for one so young and opposite of my race. When you fell onto my lap and all of a sudden I felt you against me ... it was mind blowing. I've never met anyone like you and I cannot help my attraction to you. I only wish you could feel the same way," Marshall softly stated.

As a women, not a little girl, Jane began to feel that Marshall was sincere. Perhaps she was still naïve but his soft manner and smooth voice made her less afraid of being with a black African man. Her body became less intense and she moved her hand over to hold his left arm.

Marshall enjoyed her touch and boldly squeezed her right shoulder against him. Jane offered no resistance as she seemed to lose her fear of being with such a large black man. The reefer smoke had done it's job.

Jane was on a high and no longer felt intimidated being with an adult black male.

A sense of sexual eagerness flowed into Jane's young body. She began to see where this was going but was surrendering to the feelings in her loins. Never did she think that she would let a man, a very black man, ten years older than her ... hold her body in this way.

The black African pulled her close to him and his left hand slid into her blouse and began to feel her breast.

It was unsettling to Jane but the drink and smoke begin to fog her control. She knew that she was in dangerous territory but the feeling of a man touching her breast was overwhelming. She began to gaze at the reflections of his watch as his large black hand massaged her breast. Marshall leaned down and kissed her neck. Chills ran through her body.

"Please don't. My father would kill me if he knew I had a black man touching me. Please don't. I'm a good girl and only 15," Jane pleaded.

"Miss Jane, although very young, you are a budding young women and I know that you are curious about being next to a black man, I feel that you enjoy my touching you. Please just relax and enjoy being close to me," Marshall explained.

"Marshall, I have never had a man touch me in that way, especially a black African. My father would be infuriated,"Jane replied.

"Your father is not here and I sense that you like the touch of a man holding you. You are so beautiful and I not only want to touch you but be your friend also," Marshall responded.

"Marshall, I'm only a fifteen year old girl who is here to help you with your studies. I did not expect to be touched in this way. I don't have anything against black people but I do feel a bit intimidated by black hands on my body ... you understand?" Jane insisted.

As Marshall continued to massage her breast, Jane wiggled in his grasp. She was enjoying the attention but hesitated in letting Marshall know how she enjoyed it.

She continued to let him rub her breast although she told him not to. Her mind told her not to but her body welcomed it. Watching a black hand on her breast was titillating along with his other hand on her leg with fingers close to her vagina. His long black arms held her small body tightly.

Jane was feeling engulfed by his blackness. She was becoming higher from the reefer and and her sexual feelings were now racing through her body.

Jane looked up at Marshall. For some unknowingly reason she looked up as her lips parted. Marshall lowered his head and found her lips. Jane pressed her lips to his. She passionately began to kiss him. Never in her lifetime did she expect to kiss a black African.

Marshall did not expect it but he returned the kiss and pulled her tightly against his bare chest. His tongue danced in her mouth as his hand drifted down to her bottom and caressed it.

Jane squirmed in his grasp. She felt captive but was enjoying his arms around her.

Marshall now had a big hard on. He unbuttoned his shorts while holding Jane and kissing her. His 10" black cock popped out and stood rigid. Jane was rubbing his stomach when her hand accidently touched his cock. Her eyes glanced down at it. Marshall then held Jan's hand and placed it on his throbbing black cock.

Jane had never touched a man's penis before ... let alone one that was so big and black. Her small hand could barely grip it. She could feel the veins surrounding his cock and began to move her hand over it. It mesmerized her while knowing she was in dangerous territory. She felt captured by this large black man and was unsure how to cope with it.

Her panties became soaked with fluids she did not expect. As she turned and looked into Marshall's dark eyes, he pulled her short skirt and panties down. His black fingers crept into her vagina and violated her innocence.

"Noooo, please take your hand from me. I did not come here for a man feeling me up. Stop it now. Please, this can't go any further," she pleaded.

Jane was breathing hard and her heart was pounding. She knew that perhaps she was on the verge of being taken by this big black man. She recoiled. Again she told him to Stop. "Don't do this ... please ... I'm a virgin and do not want this unless I am a married woman. My father would kill me if he knew I had a black nigger dick in me."

That infuriated Marshall but he remained cool knowing that he was about to bed this innocent teen white girl. He kept his fingers in her vagina and forced kisses on her pink lips.

Jane pulled away from his black lips but then Marshall began to lower his head to her vagina as her panties were dangling from her leg. He parted her legs and introduced his tongue to her loins. He invaded her vagina and lapped her repeatedly.

Jane cringed as she felt his tongue inside her. She had never witnessed that feeling of a man's tongue inside her. All of a sudden, an orgasm shot through her. Her body stiffened but then became limp. Marshall had captured her.

He then placed his two fingers back in her and reached over to the night table. Quietly, he pulled a tube of K-Y jelly off the top as Jane was squirming on the couch. She was now aware that her body was going to be prepared for a long and thick Black African cock.

Marshall then placed her body on her back with one of her legs over the top of the couch. After inserting the jelly, he moved his rigid black cock to her entrance. Jane was scared but offered little resistance. Marshall slowly slid his black cock head into her lubricated vagina.

Jane yelped. There was pain and yet there was pleasure. His cock became even harder with the excitement of invading her loins. Jane could only look at the large black body over her and penetrating her vagina.

He bean pushing his black meat into her. She yelped again as his large black cock broke her hymen. Marshall did not want to hurt her and slowly pushed his manhood into her. Inch after inch penetrated her. She became alarmed that he had no protection on.

"Marshall, please put a rubber on. I am not on the pill ... I was a virgin. Pleaseeee, I don't want to become pregnant. Please, please ... respect me," Jane begged.

Marshall was enjoying the overwhelming feeling of his black cock in her vagina and did not want to put on a condom ... he did not have one anyway.

Jane realized that this large black man was not going to hear her plea. She could only watch as he invaded her vagina and now had half of his black cock inside of her. Another orgasm shot through her. She had surrendered to his unprotected black cock. It had captured her and there was no going back.

Sweat broke out on her forehead and sweat adorned Marshall's muscular body. He kept pushing his manhood into her virgin pussy. Each thrust made her moan as her head bobbled up and down.

After a few minutes of rhythmically stroking her, Marshall was in black lust joy. He looked down at this captured young teen maiden as her mouth was wide open and her eyes full with a glaze. His towering black frame was all over her. He wanted more.

Marshall pulled her up from the couch and spread her small white legs around his waist. His black cock was over half inside of her but was penetrating more inch by inch.

Jane was groaning from the pain yet a couple of orgasms had shot through her young body. Her legs dangled around the thighs of this black invader. Her tiny white arms grabbed around his neck for support.

She was impaled on a big rigid black cock and could not escape.

Jane could only think why let herself in the predicament in the first place. She only wanted to earn money for college and here she was being fucked by one of the biggest black men at this university.

Her father would kill her if he knew this was happening.

Marshall kept his black cock penetrating her. Tears swelled from her eyes. She felt being torn apart by his massive manhood. She was a white slave as another orgasm shook her small body.

A site to behold as a skinny blonde teenager was being vigorously fucked by a large black African. His charcoal cock was now almost completely inside her vagina.

Jane pleaded..."Marshall ... please do not cum in me ... please. I told you that I am not on the pill. I don't want a black baby ... please."

The black giant was about ready to explode. His black dick had her impaled even more. As he pressed the last couple of inches into her, he shook as his cock pulsated. The veins stiffened and his jism load exploded into her vagina.

Jane's small legs released from his waist and spread out with her toes curled. She felt the thrust of his cock as his bodily fluids filled her belly. She looked up at him as he drew his head back and let out a tribal moan. Her body was being filled with African seed. She was feeling the sudden thrust of black cum invading her body. She shook from an orgasm at the same time. Her body became limp and her arms dropped to her waist. She had surrendered to black lust. His black cock was still spewing into her young belly.

Jane was limp as her virginity had been taken away. Never had she seen this happening. Here she was with her young white body being straddled on a big black African with his black cock inside her. Her limp legs barely holding onto his waist as his cum dribbled from her vagina.

Marshall asked her to spend the night since her father was out of town. Jane accepted. She was now a woman in every way. She wanted more of this so called "black African sex." The feeling of having a large black cock in her was mind blowing. Never before did she think she would lose her virginity to a black man.

Later that night after several hours rest, Marshall introduced her mouth to his throbbing black cock. Jane was apprehensive at first but once she held his black meat, she began to place her lips over it. It was erotic watching his face as she massaged his black cock with her mouth.

She had become a slave to to this big black man and enjoyed watching the facial pleasures of his face as she engulfed the head of his black cock in her virgin mouth. She never imagined enjoying something that was so crude to her before. As he rubbed her vagina she sucked him to another jism load. She tasted African cum for the first time as it dribbled out of her mouth and down her neck.

She knew now that she must get birth control pills hoping that it was not too late. She wanted more of this big black African and his rigid black cock.

Marshall fucked her again in the morning. Her vagina was full of African spunk. He then drove her to her home. Her father was out of town on business and her younger brother was staying with friends.

Jane's life had changed dramatically. She never had expected to be bedded by a black African. She hoped that she could keep her father from knowing about it. She would have to be careful but her thoughts were looking forward to being with Marshall again.

Jane was a young white woman in a black man's world. Her young virgin body had been taken by black cock and she was now addicted to it. She didn't know why but accepted it.

Unknowing to her, there would be more "part time jobs for Jane at the university." The word on her would spread and other black athletics would request her services.

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