Kalinda Gets Rescued
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Coercion, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Gang Bang, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Violent,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kalina and her twin sister Emily are stranded on a deserted Isle with the only other survivor of a shipwreck. Mr. Donovan teaches them both the ways of the world without any fancy talk. Soon, fate has her stranded alone and she is suddenly confronted by a shipload of Pirates looking for booty. She witnesses their rough treatment of two female prisoners, mother and daughter, and sees them all depart leaving only the young daughter crying on the beach. Now she must comfort the young girl.

The young girl, several years out of puberty, stretched out naked on the sandy beach oblivious to the fact she was most assuredly naked and that her uncovered female parts were being ogled by the wheeling birds circling high above her head. There was very little chance her "goodies" were being viewed by any human eye on this tiny atoll in the Indian Ocean far from human form of any kind other than her own long lean perfectly tanned figure.

She had washed up on this barren Isle shortly after her 16th birthday. Both she and her sister Emily were on their way to the mainland for schooling in the French school for girls. Kalinda was not overly enthusiastic about the proposed training but her sister was filled with anticipation right up to her pretty little curls.

The only other survivor was the purser, Mr. Donovan and he was laid up with a broken bone in his left leg. They were able to salvage a goodly amount of provisions from the wrecked ship resting on the bottom of the clear deep bay. Mr. Donovan was very generous in parceling out orders for both she and Emily issuing them pompously with his Irish accent liberally laced with raw seafarer's vocabulary. Before the two twin sisters celebrated their 17th birthday they were swearing like common sailors with little knowledge of the depraved meanings of their words.

Kalinda remembered the morning she had come upon the purser hopping up and down on her naked sister's back shouting the most distressing insults to her womanhood. She was ready to intervene when she heard her sister urging the silly fellow for more of the same treatment. For a short, fat middle-aged man, the purser was sporting a rather impressive cock stand which kept disappearing inside her sister's reddened flanks. She watched silently because she was certain this was the "fucking thing" that Mr. Donovan kept suggesting they perform with him in the privacy of his lean-to. It certainly didn't look that inspiring to her and she decided she would let her sister and Mr. Donovan have it all to themselves.

Sometimes she would watch them doing it when they thought she was asleep and it was all she could do to keep from laughing out loud at how Mr. Donovan struggled to keep the young girl's flanks steady for his mount. Kalinda had to admit that once the determined purser had fully seated his cock inside her sister's cunt, he rode her to a sweaty whimpering surrender. She had no reason to doubt that he would do the same to her with the same result if he so desired. Fortunately, he was well satisfied with her sister's pretty pussy and when he wanted variety, he stretched her tight little pucker hole as well.

With the bad luck of a strong storm only two months ago, her sister contracted a fever of the most insidious nature and passed over without pain in the middle of the night.

Ever since that night, the horny Mr. Donovan had pestered her unceasingly to "spread her legs" for him and take his stiff cock in her pussy. She was amused at first, but after a while she began to see the benefit of copulating with the distasteful male because he might bring her the same comfort her pretty sister seemed to enjoy.

The first time she "did it" with Mr. Donovan, he was very angry at her because she kept giggling at the way his cock refused to stay up nice and stiff for effective insertion in her waiting pussy. He told her it was because she was not acting like a "proper female" like being reluctant and begging him for mercy with tears in her eyes. Apparently, the poor fellow needed his partner to be both humble and submissive and Kalinda was sorely lacking in both areas.

After a bit of fumbling around, it was decided she would pretend to be taken forcibly and he would use her brown eye because it made him "hard as a rock" to take her in that manner. In fact, after a few sessions, Kalinda realized she rather liked the feeling of protesting and then submitting to the horny man's desires. The more she begged him to release her from his grasp, the harder the resolute sailor pounded her tender ass. It was a strange relationship, but both seemed to derive a high degree of pleasure from the unusual co-joining. Sometimes, Mr. Donovan would pretend she was his daughter and put her over his knee for a harsh spanking. Kalinda found it was these kinky sessions that usually resulted in satisfactory orgasms that made both her pussy and her sphincter contract in convulsive waves of pleasure.

She noticed one night that he was holding his arm in a funny way and when she inquired, he told her,

"Just a bit of gas, I will be all right in the morning."

But the next morning, she was unable to rouse him and he was quite cold to the touch. Now, she was all alone on the tiny scrap of land in the middle of the ocean. Since she missed the sessions with Mr. Donovan, she had devised a "sitting table" that consisted of a curved surface for her to wrap her legs around and fitted it with a long hard carved piece of wood right in the middle. She had made certain it was in the same dimensions of Mr. Donovan's cock. Then, when she rode her sitting table, she closed her eyes and pretended it was Mr. Donovan under her. At those times, she cursed him and insulted him for not making her go faster and for not giving it to her harder, the way she liked it. Generally, she rode the fake Mr. Donovan to her total and exhausting orgasm.

It was such a bore that when she finally decided she really like the insertion of cocks into her shapely feminine body, there were absolutely no cocks available for her use.

She looked at the circling birds and was surprised to see them peel off and head in a Northerly direction in almost perfect formation. Kalinda stood up and peered out into the bay. Her motionless naked body blended into the scenery and she saw a medium sized ship standing at anchor beyond the reefs safe from the knifelike slivers.

Two longboats were fast approaching the beach.

She retreated into the brush lining the exposed beach area and donned her grassy skirt and breast halter that protected her nipples from the thorns.

The sounds of the male voices excited her but she was very cautious and somewhat fearful of their intentions.

When they got closer to the beach, she could see there were 8 sailors on the oars in each boat and a boatswain at the rudder. There appeared to be a female in each boat trussed up with blindfolds on their eyes. It was difficult to guess their ages or features because their heads were lowered most likely in a submissive reaction to the overwhelming odds against them.

The shouting and laughing men beached the boats and prodded the two females up to the shaded tree line not far from where Kalinda was hiding.

"We will be sure to give you a little going away present, missy, something to remember us by."

The rough sailors laughed and the two women cringed on their haunches at their feet. The boatswain of the second boat who was obviously in charge of the party said,

"Time enough for that, boys, first I want you to find the booty the Captain gave us the map to find. If it is there, we can let these two ladies go to fulfill the Captain's promise. If it is not there, we will have loads of fun playing "walk the plank" with his entire family. Let us hope he is a truthful man."

About half the men started to head down the beach with shovels and a sled on rope to bring back the hoped for treasure and the man in charge allowed some of the sailors to taunt the two females with their rough banter.

Kalinda could see now that one of the females was an attractive well-dressed woman noticeably on the stoutish side and appeared to be in her mid-forties. The other was just a young girl probably no more than 19 or 20 with a slender well-rounded body and a face that would turn men's heads no matter where she walked.

The castaway girl knew she could do nothing to help them without betraying her own vulnerable presence.

Two of the rough sailors were pushing the young girl's head up next to their groins and promising her a "tasty treat" before they returned. The older woman who Kalinda surmised was the mother begged the boatswain to restrain his men and she would attend to their needs while the others were searching for the booty.

The boatswain nodded his head and the remaining 8 males lined up behind the bent-over middle-aged woman to present their male parts into the huge white mounds of slightly drooping female flesh.

Kalinda saw the tearful daughter squatting on the other side of the long downed tree that the sailors had stretched the willing mother over with much laughter and deplorable insults. She could see that the older woman did not seem in the least bit fearful and put it down to her familiarity with the ways of men and her willing sacrifice to protect her daughter's honor.

The sight of the middle-aged woman's hindquarters bouncing and jiggling about with the spirited thrusts of the randy seamen made Kalinda want to giggle because she was reminded of Mr. Donovan and his energetic use of her own posterior. It did seem, however, that these men were using the female's vaginal slit for their sport. In fact, it was the sheltered daughter that seemed most distressed at the situation and the mother was obviously enjoying the wet deposits filling her cavernous pussy.

After the line was attended to in short order, the woman looked over her shoulder and opportuned the boatswain to "take your turn, love!"

By this time, Kalinda's pussy was leaking profusely with the assistance of her insistent fingers working knowledgably on her sensitive clitoris.

She wanted badly to expose her position and be afforded the opportunity to sample the various sized cocks displayed in front of her greedy eyes. Her caution and sense of survival ruled supreme and she remained resolutely hidden in the tall grass.

One of the sailors came back for seconds, but before shoving his long dripping cock inside the expectant female with widely spread legs, he commenced to worry her flanks with his rough working hands making her white cheeks noticeably red and agitated. The mother shouted nasty crude words with each blow and the daughter winced as if she was receiving the spanking on her own posterior. Kalinda had a sense of envy that she was not involved in the exciting ass play and she even pinched her own ass cheeks to make her pussy be more attentive.

The other rough men returned and they all seemed to be overjoyed with the two chests on the sled.

The newly arrived men did not hesitate to line up behind the panting mother to deposit their creamy cum inside her quivering pussy. She had stopped counting now and just reacted when the slimy gifts shot deep inside her reddened slit. The daughter looked up into her mother's smiling face in disbelief at her wanton enjoyment of the treatment.

When the two long boats departed, they took the sailors, the two treasure chests and the very submissive mother to continue her pleasuring pursuits. The tearful daughter was left behind with the promise she would be rescued providing the mother made the rest of their long voyage memorable with her willing pussy.

Kalinda watched the boats disappear into the rolling waves and prepared to join the forlorn figure of the slender well-shaped young girl still standing on the beach in tears. She could not help but notice how nicely her heart-shaped bottom revealed its outline in the evening breeze that plastered the long dress tightly against her skin.

For some yet unknown reason, she felt her own pussy quiver unaccountably in the absence of a long, hard cock.

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