F451-69 Study Group
Chapter 1 - Invitation

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, Petting, Teacher/Student, School,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Invitation - Sara's a sophomore girl in high school and she is asked to join secret society of students that study together but also explore their sexuality with great abandon. A couple of faculty get involved too.

Sara wondered why Tiffany wanted to talk with her. She was stunned when Tiffany said "I'm part of the Study Group. Do you know anything about us?"

"Just rumors. " she stammered. The rumors were pretty wild. Everyone knew that the members were the most popular and interesting kids at the school, but no one would admit to being a member. It was like a secret society. The members didn't talk about it and no one outside the group really knew what went on. Most people thought it was just a clique of kids who both partied and studied together. A few darker rumors were also out there that they had orgies, were actually witches and warlocks, or that they all had secret tattoos.

"The Study Group does not talk about what it does, ever. That's the first rule of Study Group. So anybody spreading them doesn't know what they're talking about. Anyway, we think you might like to become a member." Tiffany was a senior and a cheerleader. Normally she had the sort of false vivaciousness that went with cheerleading. She was being very sober right now and was completely different that Sara had ever seen her before.

"Oh my god, that sounds great. Thank you." Sara was elated. She was a sophomore and had been trying to find her place in the school. The kids she liked and wanted to get to know all seemed pretty tight and it was hard to become a part of that group. She had heard about the Study Group and thought that if she was invited to join that would be her ticket in. She didn't really know, but it was clear that everyone wanted to be in the Study Group.

"Don't thank me yet. I'll be your peer counselor. Meet me after school and I'll tell you about it. There are as many obligations as privileges and you may not be interested after you know more. OK? I'll find you at your locker."

"OK, see you then." Sara was on cloud nine. She thought she was fairly pretty and she knew for sure that she was smart. She wanted desperately to be in that smart-popular social circle that everyone thought was the Study Group.

"Follow me" Tiffany said and led to an empty room where they could talk. When they were alone and sitting, she leaned toward Sara and began.

"Let me be straight with you. We do some serious things like helping each other through school and studying. But we also have a lot of fun. That fun sometimes involves things that we are not supposed to be doing. Illegal even. There's a little drugs, but not that much. However, there's a lot of sex. We all like and respect each other and we enjoy having sex together. Does that bother you?"

"Well, it doesn't bother me, no. But I've never had sex. I'm just a sophomore." She blushed bright red. Sara was pale with a dusting of freckles and very long red hair. When she blushed it was really noticeable.

"Don't be embarrassed. We all started that way. No one's ever forced to do anything, at least with one exception. You'll just have lots of opportunity if you want it. You are a beautiful girl though, I suspect you'll enjoy sex as much as I do. You'll pretty much have your pick of guys."

Sara loved hearing the compliments. "You're just being nice. I don't think I'm that pretty."

"You won't convince the guys of that! I have to be serious now. Are you willing to swear an oath of secrecy, that you will never reveal anything about Study Group?"

This scared Sara a little, but she had wanted to be part of Study Group ever since she had started hearing about it. Maybe it was shallow social climbing, but she really wanted to be in the middle of things. She was tired of being an outsider. "Yes, I could do that."

"Good. But we ask even more than that. People are sometimes weak and we need insurance. We need to know you are completely with us. We need to know that you have something to lose too. Remember I said that there was one exception? One thing we force you to do?"

"Yes" Sara said faintly. She was a little worried about this.

"We get pictures of anyone joining the group. These pictures are compromising and they are ones you would not want people to see. Are you OK with that?"

"Just pictures? Naked or something?" Sara's stomach was fluttering at the idea.

"Yes, you would be naked and with a guy. You wouldn't actually have to have sex with him, just pose for pictures. Would you do that?"

"Oh my god! I don't know. -- I guess so."

"You guess or you will do it? Study Group requires commitment. If you can't take a chance on us, we can't risk it with you either. You need to trust us or go your own way. No one will hold it against you if you say no."

"Well, OK, but who would the guy be?"

Tiffany took out her phone and showed her three pictures of senior boys. The first was a football player, a tall wide receiver that everyone knew. The second was a guy she had seen but didn't know his name. He was really cute. She thought he might be part of the theater crowd. The last guy shocked her at first because he was black. It had never occurred to her to have sex with a black guy. His was another football player, a 6-6 lineman who weighs about 275. She shivered at the thoughts that gave her. "Which of these guys do you like? There's Jack, Jordan, and Darius. They are all available. I love Darius, he is just adorable, a big teddy bear."

"Gee I don't know." Sara was surprised Tiffany was encouraging her to chose the black guy.

"As soon as you pick I'll give the lucky guy a call and we'll head over to my house to take the pictures." Tiffany beamed at her.

"Oh my god, right now?" Sara was stunned that this was happening so fast. She might be naked with a boy in less than an hour?

"Yes, you need to get to over with. It will be painless, you'll see. Now which one?"

"I have to pick now?"


"I guess Jordan then." She knew a little about him and he seemed nice enough. He was certainly hot.

Tiffany was very business like at her house. She introduced Jordan and Sara. Sara was shy and could hardly look up at Jordan. He sure was cute though. She led them right up to her bedroom. "Sara, you get undressed. We'll do the pictures with Jordan partly clothed." Sara stared for a second then started undressing. "These too?" Sara said when she was down to panties and bra. "Yup, off with them! Jordan, unzip and get your dick out."

Sara watched as Jordan's dick emerged from his jeans. It was partly erect, but seemed pretty long. "Sara, take his dick on your hand and help him get hard. Jordan, kiss her. That'll make a nice first picture, kissing while you stroke him." Sara hesitated, but then stepped forward an took it in her hand. It was rubbery at this point and very soft. The skin on it felt thin, even fragile. Jordan tipped her head up and kissed her lips softly. He whispered to her, "That feels really nice Sara, just like that."

She relaxed a little at that and paid attention to the feel of the penis in her hand. It was strange the way she could feel it getting stiffer. She head the sound of picture snaps. "OK, Sara, now on your knees. Stroke the cock and look at it lovingly. Can you do that?"

It was so weird for her, kneeling in front of a boy. Kinky. "Use your hand to point it straight at your mouth as you stroke it." Snap, snap. Tiffany was snapping and directing. "Open your mouth a little. Oh yes, so sexy."

Sara watched fascinated as it got stiffer and longer. It was more than she could hold in two hands now and seemed very hard. The shaft was pale with some blue veins, but the little helmet on top was a pinkish purple. The little slit stared at her ominously. She wondered what it looked like when a boy ejaculated.

"He's hard now, good. Skootch forward now, Sara and suck him."

"You said no sex today! I didn't realize I'd have to do that." She looked at Tiffany pleading for a reprieve.

"Just stick it in your mouth and get it over with. It's just for a minute or two while we take pictures. Go on."

Sara realized there was no way out here and slipped the cock between her lips and waited for the snaps, but they didn't come. "Sara, you look like a manikin. You have to suck it. Come on girl, make him like it." WIth resignation, she clamped her lips down and began to try and pleasure him. She slid her tongue around the head and slid him in and out of her lips. When Jordan moaned softly and said "Sara that feels wonderful" she began to feel sexy and warm all over. Maybe this was nice after all.

"Poke the cock our into your cheek. That's it. I love that shot. It looks so hot." Snap, snap. "OK, I've got enough. You can get up now Sara." She stood up and smiled a little at Jordan, but then looked away shyly.

"Sara, if you want I'll leave you two alone up here. Otherwise we're done." Sara was unable to speak for moment. She really wanted to stay with Jordan and do more of this, do it for real, but she was terrified. Would he want to fuck her? Would he expect a blow job? She just wasn't ready to say yes to that yet.

She mumbled, "No, I think I have to get home. Jordan, it's not you, I really enjoyed it." The words rung in her ears. She knew they all heard her say 'Jordan, I really enjoyed sucking your cock.' It was so embarrassing. She knew something new about herself, though, she HAD enjoyed sucking his cock.

Tiffany stopped her at the door. "There are two more things you need to do. First, here's the name of a doctor that will insert an IUD for you with no paperwork. You do NOT want to get pregnant. Got it?"

"What does it cost? I don't have any money."

"Don't worry, it's old Doctor Norquist. He does it for free, you just have to let him see you naked. He's harmless though, so don't worry about it. He just likes to see young women naked."

She was becoming less able to be shocked. "And the other thing?"

"Start shaving down there. Nobody likes pubic hair in their teeth and it'll make you feel very sexy. Just tell your Mom that everyone does it if she notices."

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