Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Incest, Mother, Son, BDSM, Spanking, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Danny's mother's friend, Melanie, has a plan to help him lose his virginity. It is not what Dan expected and things soon get complicated.

I struggled against the straps and wondered, once again, how I'd gotten into this.

It was Melanie's idea. Melanie was an old friend of Mom's from college. She and Mom had reconnected through Facebook and, when they realized they lived in the same city, started meeting for lunch. Eventually, Melanie started becoming a regular sight, around our house.

"Are you saving yourself for marriage?"

Melanie had spent the night in our guest room, because she and Mom had drunk a little too much wine with dinner for her to drive home. I was up, eating breakfast, before starting my usual Saturday morning rounds, mowing lawns around the neighborhood, when she appeared, dressed in one of Mom's heavy bath robes, and asked the question, out of the blue.

"Um, I don't know."

"Don't worry, I won't tell your mom. I was just curious if you're a virgin because you want to be or just because the opportunity hasn't presented itself."

"More of the second, actually," I admitted, while my head swirled and my cock swelled.

I thought she was going to suggest that my first time be with her and, even though her personality was a little grating, she looked pretty nice. She was taller than Mom, and thinner, with blond hair, blue eyes and medium sized breasts. I certainly wouldn't have turned her down.

"You're almost seventeen, right?"

"Yeah," I nodded, with my heart pounding.

"It seems to me that most kids your age lose their virginity in pretty boring ways. In the back seat of a car or sneaking into somebody's room to fumble over each other's clothes and bodies. How would you like your first time to be truly memorable?"

"OK," I croaked, letting my eyes wander down her body which was, unfortunately, pretty thoroughly covered.

Melanie laughed. "Not with me," she said. "But, you see, I have this friend. It's been a long time since she got laid and she's pretty ... horny."

"How..." I swallowed and tried again. "How old is she?"

"Oh, she's my age, more or less. She hasn't had sex in years and she's just about ready to explode. If I could arrange for the two of you to get together, would you be interested?"

I had to swallow again, before I could say, "Yeah."

"I should warn you, she's pretty kinky. There might be some bondage involved."

My head whirled at the thought of having my first sex with some hot, tied-up MILF.

It didn't quite work out the way I expected. About a month later, just a week before my seventeenth birthday, Melanie called my cell phone, just as school was getting out.

"Today's the day you get laid, Danny," Melanie said, as soon as I answered the phone. "Where are you?"

"I'm at school, just about to get on the bus," I said.

"Don't. I'll pick you up in fifteen minutes."

"OK," I said.

I sat in front of the school, nervously fidgeting. Forty-five minutes later, I was laying down on a strange bench in Melanie's basement. The bench was y-shaped; with a long, straight piece wide enough to support my upper body and two much shorter, narrow branches angling off, under my thighs. The bench ended at my knees, so my lower legs hung down toward the floor.

I was wearing a tight, latex mask. It covered all of my head except for a hold that exposed my mouth, two eye holes and a couple of small breathing holes, near my nose. A zipper up the back kept it uncomfortably tight and, with it on, everything sounded muffled.

"How did I let her talk my into this?" I thought, as Melanie strapped me to the bench with wide, nylon straps like seat belts. She put one around my chest and two around each thigh, pulling them all tight enough to hold me almost completely immobile. She pulled my arms above my head and bent them down, past the top of my head, and strapping them there. Then she bent my knees a bit more so that, instead of having my feet on the floor, they were pulled up, leaving me feeling completely helpless.

"How are you doing?" Melanie asked, as she looked me over.

"OK, I guess."

"You guess?"

"I'm a little cold."

Somehow, she'd talked me into stripping to my underwear, before tying me onto the bench, and I could feel good bumps rising in the chill air of her basement.

Melanie chuckled. She went to a cabinet, on the other side of her basement, near her washer and dryer, and pulled out a thin blanket, which she spread over me.

"I'm going to get my friend, now," she said. "You wait here, OK?"

"OK," I said, as if I had a choice.

After a while, I started to have visions of being some sort of murder victim, or something. So, when I heard the door open, upstairs, I felt more relief than arousal. Still, my dick did start to thicken as I heard two pairs of shoes walking across the kitchen floor, overhead.

"He's all yours," I heard Melanie say, from the top of the stairs.

"I'm not sure about this, Mel..." another voice replied.

"Suzi, Suzi, Suzi. You know you want this. He's down there, willing and eager. He's all trussed up, and ready for you. Go get him."

I thought I recognized the other voice and I was pretty sure that I was the victim of a practical joke, when Melanie called her friend Suzi. So I was pretty nervous as a single set of steps recrossed the kitchen and the back door slammed.

Melanie's friend, Suzi, waited so long before coming downstairs that I started to think she'd left without me hearing her. But, after several very long minutes, her shoes came clacking down the wooden basement steps and, when she turned the corner and came into view, my suspicions were confirmed.

Standing about twenty feet away, looking at my laying strapped to a bench, covered with a blanket, was Susan Cooper, my own mother.

She gave me a nervous look, for a few seconds, then walked tentatively across the basement.

"What have we here?" she asked, bending to pull the blanket off of me. "Oh, my!"

She started taking deeper breaths, as her eyes ran up and down my body.

"Oh, my," she repeated, as she bent to stroke her fingers across my belly and up over my chest. She brushed my lips with her fingertips.

"Fuck it. I need this," she said.

She was dressed in a grey, women's suit. It consisted of a jacket, over a beige silk blouse, and a skirt that came down to just below her knees. The whole thing was finished off by a pair of black, two-inch heels. It was the standard office uniform for my mother, the corporate lawyer.

Except that, now, she pulled her skirt up to her waist and quickly pulled off her panties.

"Mel says you're a virgin," Mom said, standing by my head and looking down at me. "Have you ever tasted a pussy before?"

Stunned into silence, I shook my head.

"I think it's time, don't you?"

Mom didn't wait for an answer. The bench was just low enough so that, when she straddled my head, facing toward the wall, past the top of the bench, her crotch was about an inch above my mouth. If I wanted to, I could have touched it, with my tongue, without even raising my head.

But, did I want to? It was my own mother. She wasn't even really a woman, in my mind, just a parent. But her pussy was definitely real, covered in thick, wiry curls. I had just enough time to glimpse her labia, nestled in the middle of all that hair, before Mom dropped her skirt, enclosing me in musky darkness.

My chance to put an end to what was happening was gone. Mom bent her knees just enough to silence any protests I might have with her pussy and, partly on instinct and partly acting out some of the many fantasies I'd had, I swiped my tongue between her lips.

Mom said something but, between her thighs and the latex covering my ears, I couldn't make out the words. But I was pretty sure she liked what I was doing. She started slowly rocking her hips, so that my tongue went the entire length of her sex, with every stroke. As she did, she started to get really wet, and slick; and the wetter she got the faster she moved until, before long, she was more or less fucking my face, sliding her wet pussy from the tip of my chin all the was across my nose. I used my tongue as much as I could but I was really just along for the ride, until she froze, with her pussy pressed against my open mouth and nose and soaked my face as her body quivered.

My face was drenched when she stepped off of me. But that didn't seem to bother her, in the least. In fact, she immediately dropped to her knees and kissed me. It was a forceful, open-mouthed kiss, with her tongue deep in my mouth, seeking mine, and her head twisting to grind our lips together. After she kissed my, she licked her juices off of my mouth and face and, when I was cleaned up to her satisfaction, gave me another, gentler kiss and stood up.

Wordlessly looking down at me, my mother, who'd just come on my face, unbuttoned her jacket. After tossing it on the floor behind her, Mom removed her silk blouse and the lacy camisole she wore under it. I stared, rapt, as she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. I'd always thought of my mother as sort of chunky, but when I saw her topless, I realized that she was a pretty skinny woman with really big tits.

They were creamy white, with a faint tracery of veins showing through her pale skin. Her areolae were brownish-pink and large, about two inches in diameter. Like everything else about her breasts, Mom's nipples were larger than expected, fully half an inch thick and three quarters of an inch long.

"You like my tits?"

I snapped my eyes guiltily up from Mom's breasts to her face, but she was far from angry. She had a hungry look in her eyes that I'd never seen before.

"Well, do you?"

I nodded and Mom smiled. "Do you want to suck them?"

I nodded, again, and Mom grinned. She lifted one leg over my torso and straddled my belly. At some point, when I'd been staring at her tits, she'd dropped her skirt and was now naked, except for her shoes. Her wet pussy rubbed against my belly as she bent forward, letting her tits hang down above my face.

Mom grabbed the end of the bench, just past my head, to support her weight and slowly leaned down until one nipple brushed against my lips. She teased me, for a minute or two, rocking from side to side so that the tips of her nipples barley touched my mouth. But my head wasn't restrained and, after a while, without really deciding to, I lifted my head and sucked one of her thick nubs completely into my mouth.

"Oh fuck, yeah," Mom groaned. "Oh, yeah, baby. Suck it, baby. Oh fuck. It's been so long. Bit me. That's right. Yeah. Harder. Oh, yeah. Now the other one. Oh, yes. Good boy. Fuck yeah. Oh, yeah."

Mom kept up a constant monologue, encouraging me, as I sucked, bit and chewed on her nipples until, suddenly, she stood up, pulling a nipple out of my mouth. She stood, straddling my body, staring down at me for a few seconds, then looked frantically around the room. She seemed to see something she wanted and, seemingly putting me out of her mind, she stepped off of me and walked over to the laundry area.

She came back holding a pair of scissors and wasted no time cutting my underwear off.

Mom gave me a nasty look as she squeezed my cock, which was so hard it ached, in one fist and then, being a woman of action, she released me and moved back into position straddling my immobile body. This time, her pussy was directly above my dick and, looking me in the eye, she reached between her legs, lifted my cock up and guided it into her wet opening.

She slid about halfway down my shaft then paused to raise up, just a bit, smearing some of her plentiful lubrication around, before sinking the rest of the way onto me.

Mom's eyes rolled back into her head, when she bottomed out on my cock, and she rocked forward to put her hands on my chest and support her upper body. It took a while for her eyes to come back into focus but, when they did, she locked them on mine as she started to fuck me. She started slowly, which was a good thing, but soon started to speed up, which wasn't.

The whole thing was more than I could take and, not long after Mom really started fucking me, I lost control. It was the most intense orgasm of my life; in fact, nothing else that had ever happened to me was even in the same league as that gut wrenching come. But Mom was clearly not pleased. She scowled at me, even as he pussy was milking the last of the come from my cock, then stood up, letting it pop out of her.

I followed Mom's eyes down, between her legs, and watched as globs of semen leaked out of her pussy onto my wilting cock. When I looked back up at her, she was glaring at me.

"I am to be satisfied. Do you understand?" She used the same tone of voice as she would have, at home, if I'd forgotten to take out the trash or hadn't cleaned my room, after being told for the millionth time. It was not a tone of voice to inspire me to bigger and better things. In fact, if anything, it made my dick shrink even faster.

"Unacceptable," Mom sighed, rolling her eyes. Then she walked her way up my body and, before I could even thing about saying anything to stop her, fucked my face, again.

I kept my mouth closed, being thoroughly turned off by the thought of my own semen, which Mom was spreading all over my face and mask. But there's something about a female orgasm. When Mom started obviously coming on my face, I felt my prick start to stiffen, in spite of everything.

"Good boy," Mom said, twisting as she sat on my face, to grab my thickening cock. "But what a mess."

My relief, when Mom walked off of my face, was short-lived. After stepping clear of me, she simply turned around and put her come-drenched pussy back into place on my mouth. But, the thing is, when she leaned down and started to lick my come and her juices off of my cock, I pretty much forgot my semen revulsion and, before long, I was sucking happily at her clit as she worked me over with her tongue.

And, when she sucked my cock into her mouth, I lapped at her soggy cunt with abandon.

After a while, Mom let my cock pop out of her mouth. She stood up, pulling her pussy away from my face, and twisted around to look down, past her butt, at me.

"Do you want me to fuck you, again?"

I nodded, panting.

"Did you like sucking your come out of my cunt?"

I shook my head.

"But you did it any way."

I nodded.

"Good boy. Now here's the deal. I will fuck you, nice and hard and, hopefully, for a little longer than last time. But first, I want you to lick my ass."

My eyes went wide and Mom laughed.

"Will you do that for me, little boy? Will you lick Suzi's nasty ass-hole, like you sucked your come out of her cunt?"

I didn't find the idea of her ass nearly as repulsive as my semen had been. In fact, having been exposed to some pretty nasty Internet porn, I was already developing an anal fixation, of sorts. But, having detected my hesitation, earlier, Mom seemed to like the idea of coercing me into doing something I didn't want to do. So, I nodded slowly, as if I wasn't sure.

"Such a good boy." Keeping her upper body straight, Mom slowly lowered herself until her asshole was in reach.

I tried to start slowly, but I couldn't really help myself. Before I knew it, I was practically attacking her rosebud with my tongue. Mom didn't seem to mind, though. After a minute or so, she put a hand between her legs and starting rubbing her pussy as I continued to lick her ass and, when she came, she was sitting on my mouth with my tongue stuck as far into her as possible.

"Such a good, nasty boy," Mom said, after stepping off of me. She kissed me on the mouth, again, and licked some of the semen off of my face, before straddling me and sliding my cock back into her pussy.

This time, there was no hesitation. She was so wet and I was so hard that she slid easily down my cock, bottoming out at the end of one fairly quick stroke.

Mom leaned forward, grabbing the edges of the bench, near my head, and, looking down past her massive, swaying tits, asked, "Are you ready?"

I nodded and she fucked me.

She fucked me. Three little words that simply don't do justice. Mom pounded her cunt on my cock for ten or fifteen minutes that seemed like hours. Her tits bounced and jerked around, while a sheen of sweat covered her body. She stopped only twice, to ride out her orgasms. Each time, she started back in slowly but didn't take long to get back up to speed.

When Mom came for the third time, I joined her. My orgasm took me by surprise, actually. I was starting to get really uncomfortable, between having my legs bent under me and my arms stretched over my head. And I'd already come once. So I didn't feel like I was even close, until Mom's pussy clamped down on my cock. The combination of that sensation and the sight of her eyes rolling back into her head and her mouth open in a wordless scream while sweat dripped from her nose and hair was plastered to her cheeks and forehead, tore an orgasm out of me.

"Fuck!" I screamed the only word I'd said, since Melanie left me alone in her basement. I bucked my hips as well as I could and filled Mom's pussy for the second time, that afternoon, while she shuddered through the end of her orgasm before smiling down at me, weakly, while I finished mine.

"I should make you clean me, again," Mom said. "But I think I want to take some of you home with me."

She popped off of my dick and, clutching at her pussy, looked around until she found her panties. After pulling them on, Mom patted her pussy, though the gusset, and grinned at me.

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