Shilo and Ben
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, sci-fi adult story,sci-fi sex story

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Beautiful professor didn't believe in aliens, but she was wrong.

"Look! It's her!" exclaimed the pretty undergrad as she and her boyfriend huddled in a distant corner of the university physics lab and watched a very attractive brunette enter and begin adjusting one of the big machines.

"Shilo the Great," grinned her boyfriend.

"She is great," countered the girl, "Youngest Ph. D. ever, full professor at 20, Theoretical Physics Dept. Chair at 23, Maxwell science award winner, countless papers published, she's going to win a Nobel prize one day, you'll see, she's going to do something big."

"She' not going to win any prizes for her boobs," grinned the boyfriend.

"Like you would know, ass hole," scolded the girl.

"Professor Ferguson dated her for a while," countered the boyfriend, "He sneaked a picture of her when she wasn't looking and showed it to everybody when she dumped him. She's got these funny little cone shaped titties with a puffy areola and an enormous nipple on the end, but he said she loves to fuck more than God loves the angels, and she cusses like a sailor too. I guess I can't blame him for being broken hearted, come to think of it."

"I wonder what she's doing here, last day before Christmas vacation," pondered the girl.

"Oh, yeah, she's a workaholic too," answered the boyfriend.

"Well, I'm going to go talk to her," declared the girl.

"Not a good idea!" counseled the boyfriend, now serious, and putting a hand on her wrist, "Undergrads don't do that. She'll either think you're trying to suck up or you'll just bother her, or both. Either way it's a lose lose."

"Or maybe she's a nice person, and would appreciate a little Christmas cheer," countered the girl, now purposely striding off toward the woman, "Maybe it'll be a win win."

"Professor Reed?" The girl tentatively managed as she approached the most renowned and powerful professor in the history of her school, "My name is Jenny Baker, I'm sorry to interrupt, I just wanted to tell you how much I admire you."

"Oh, well, thank you very much," she was offered in return, along with a genuinely friendly smile, greatly assuaging the young girl's trepidation, "It's a pleasure to meet you. You haven't left yet for Christmas?"

"No, Mam, I have to stay," informed the girl, now thrilled that the most powerful woman in her field hadn't been offended at her brazenness, "I took a job monitoring the lab equipment over the holidays."

"Working your way through then?" asked the professor.

"Yes Mam," concurred the girl.

"Well, good for you," declared the professor, "It'll pay off in the long run. I've seen your papers. You'll make it."

"Oh, my, thank you, professor," gushed the girl, as the conversation continued for some minutes in a most friendly tone until the girl felt the moment was right to turn toward the personal.

"And what about you? Aren't you going home?" asked the girl.

"I am," replied the professor, "I'm leaving tonight. I'm afraid that'll put me on the road in the early morning hours, but that's the way it goes."

"And where's home?" pressed the girl.

"Roswell, Roswell, New Mexico," answered the professor.

"Wuuuuu Uuuuuu!! " responded the girl, making the obvious connection, as both of them laughed, "You ever see any little green men?"

"I'm afraid not," laughed the professor, "I would like to, but I'm afraid that's just for the tourists and the nut jobs. It's good for the local economy though."

"Yeah," concurred the girl, "I've always wondered if there's anyone else out there though, you know?"

"Sure, me too," agreed the professor, but if there are, they're certainly being quiet about it."

"Yeah," agreed the girl, as their conversation continued for almost the next hour, finally leaving the elated undergrad almost giddy with delight by the time she had returned to her boyfriend and the lab had been closed up for the night.

"Only twenty miles to go," Shilo thought to herself as she approached the outskirts of Roswell, "I wonder how my little niece is doing, she's just the cutest thing," but her happy thoughts were rudely interrupted as her car suddenly ceased all function and slowly coasted to a stop.

"Goddamn it to all fucking hell," she voiced out loud, as she pushed the gearshift to park, pounded on the steering wheel and reached for her cell phone, but she was even more put out as she discovered it too was dysfunctional, "HORSE SHIT!!"

Reasoning that it would be more prudent to wait for help to come along, she consoled herself with more cussing and pounding until suddenly her car was enveloped by an almost blinding light and then, just as suddenly as everything had turned white, everything went black.

"Shit," groaned Shilo, as she slowly awakened and sat up with the dual realization that she had a raging headache and that she was also stark naked, "What the fuck."

Looking around to find herself in what seemed like a whole forest of unbelievably giant trees, she quickly deduced that there was nothing else to do but explore her surroundings and judging it to be late afternoon, she began to walk in as straight a line as possible, but at the same time, she also reflected on what had happened to her. She remembered everything and was somewhat shaken by the eerie resemblance to the stereotypical alien abduction stories, but she wasn't buying into that, no way.

"If this is somebody's idea of a joke it isn't funny," she thought, as her mind began to race, "I don't do military research, so it can't be some foreign power ... These trees, no trees can grow this big ... this must be a movie set, but there's nothing like that anywhere near Roswell ... I wonder how long I've been out ... I must have been drugged ... somebody's going to get their ass kicked."

Her thoughts continuing to bombard her at light speed, it was only a few minutes before she came to what she realized was a chain-link fence, but also an extraordinarily high one, with two big rows of razor wire on top.

"This is one serious fence," she thought to herself before turning left, and within only another five minutes she suddenly came to a simple opening.

Crouching down to conceal herself, she peered out and across what was an exceptionally broad avenue lined with typical residential houses on the opposite side, except for one thing; they were all at least three times as large as they should have been.

"Has to be a movie set or amusement park," she thought, before making her first fateful decision, "Well, I might as well see what the hell this is all about."

Standing up and boldly walking through the opening, however, she had no time to realize it was the wrong decision and her world once again went black.

"Are you alright, honey?" Shilo heard a voice asking her just before she opened her eyes to look into face of a woman with curly red hair.

"Yeah, where am I" she asked, but before she could receive her answer, some of the awful truth was evident as she looked around and realized she was in some kind of jail or prison and that her four female cellmates were also naked.

"We don't know," answered the woman, "We woke up just before you. I guess we must be in jail."

Once again forced to assess a new situation, Shilo first noticed her companions were all women of approximately her own age, but strangely, all of them had unusually curly hair, one being a blond, two being redheads and one a brunette. Reaching for her own hair she got a sinking feeling as she realized it had been transformed from straight to curly, the same as all the other women.

It was also obvious that the woman was right about it being some sort of jail or prison, with their particular cell sporting an open toilet at one end and some sort of padded platforms which seemed to serve both as benches and beds along each side.

Thinking to begin her interrogation of all of them, her intentions were suddenly interrupted by a loud clanging and a huge booming voice.

"One male for lockup," came the voice from down the hall, followed by another, "Pen number two."

Having to wait only a moment, all of the women were then shocked as a giant figure appeared wearing some type of military uniform, but that was only the beginning of what quickly became the most shocking and fearful moments of all their lives.

Perceiving the giant figure to be female due to it's long shoulder-length hair, one thing was clear, however, it clearly wasn't human, just almost human, mostly human maybe, but also definitely not human.

Except for it's size, it's overall form of two legs and arms and one head were exactly human and could have passed for human, but not the face, definitely not the face, not in a thousand years. Most closely resembling a bulldog in earthly terms, but without the fangs, it was almost frightful in it's ugliness, not in spite of, but because of, perhaps, the fact that it was speaking English.

There was something else, however, that was even more frightful than even the sight and sounds of the giant human non-human. Attached to the giant's hand was a thin metal chain, the other end of which was attached to the neck collar of what was clearly a naked human man of their own size with very curly hair, and, most disconcertingly, a raging erection.

Watching silently as the giant woman opened the door to the cell next to them, unhooked the chain from the man's collar, locked him up and departed, none spoke as the little man calmly sat on one of the beds facing away from them.

All of them taking a moment, each alone with the worst of their thoughts, some time passed before one of them voiced hers.

"Holy Mother of God," exclaimed the blond, despondently, "This is some kind of hell. This is hell. I wish I were dead."

"Maybe they're going to eat us," speculated the brunette, in near panic, "alive."

"They're not going to eat you," the man suddenly assured her quietly, without turning around.

"What would you know about it, pervert!" retorted the brunet, venting her desperation and anxiety as she remembered his erection.

With the contagious despondency overtaking all of them, several minutes of silence ensued before the man in the next cell slowly and softly began to speak, although continuing to keep his back to them.

"You were alone, maybe camping, maybe alone in your bedroom, maybe driving your car, whatever, but you were alone," began their male counterpart, compelling the women to turn their attention to him, "There was a bright light and the next thing you knew you were in a forest of giant trees. You followed a fence until you came to an opening with huge houses across a big wide street. You probably hid for a while before walking through the opening, but you never made it. The next thing you knew you were here."

Suddenly released from both her fear and anxiety, Shilo slowly walked across the cell to sit next to the bars separating her from the man and the other women soon followed.

"What's your name?" asked Shilo.

"Jack," answered the man.

"Jack, tell us what you know ... please," beseeched Shilo.

"Well, first of all, they're not giants, we're just little," he informed them.

"He's right," Shilo assured the other women, "Judging the relative heights, no biped could be that tall and that heavy and still stand up, and no tree could carry water up that far from the ground."

"Keep going," encouraged another of the women, "where are we, what's going on?"

"Those two things I don't know," replied the man, "I wish to hell I did, although I don't know what difference it would make. Maybe some kind of parallel universe, shit, I don't know. At to who brought us here and why, I don't have a clue."

"You've been in this jail for five years?" asked one of the women.

"No, I've been out there, with them," he answered, "My big died so I'm back here until I get adopted again."

"Your big?" asked the blond.

"My owner. The people of this planet. We call them bigs," Jack explained.

"Your owner? adopted?" continued the blond, incredulously, "You mean this place is like some sort of dog pound?"

"That's more accurate than you can imagine," he affirmed.

"Jack, maybe you could start at the beginning," ventured Shilo, now aware that he was dealing with his own emotional issues, "We would appreciate it very much."

"Well, in a nutshell, they think they're humans and that we're poodles," he began, "We're on a planet with two suns and three moons...

"Bullshit," interrupted the blond, "You lying fucker."

"Believe me or not, I could care less," countered Jack, "but look at your hair, how curly it is. There are blonds, reds and chocolates. We're all white Americans, no Africans, Chinese, Indians, whatever, just tiny little white people with curly hair.

Also, whoever took us and brought us here must have imprinted our brains because they seem to be speaking English, but it's not really English, because when you see their writing you can't read it and you can't read their lips. I've heard there are some us who can, but I can't and no one I know can. Some of the words are messed up too, dogs are frogs, bats are rats, that kind of thing.

The best I've been able to find out, it all started about a hundred years ago. In that place where you woke up, with the big trees, about a hundred of us, humans that is, were simply dropped off from outer space or some other dimension or whatever, along with a book explaining that we were a gift from an extraterrestrial neighbor and that we were called poodles. It contained all kinds of information about us, anatomy and so forth. It even contained a list of suggested names. Ever since then, a few of us at a time are left at the same place at various times throughout the year. Exactly one hundred a year.

"So they built a fence and here we are," concluded Shilo, "pets, waiting to be adopted."

"Exactly," affirmed Jack.

"What's it like out there, Jack?" asked Shilo.

"It's the damnedest thing, "declared Jack, "Like I said, maybe some kind of parallel universe or something. They call the planet Bartok and it's about ninety-five percent the same as earth with oceans and mountains, except there are only three continents and only one race of people. They have cars and trains and airplanes and tractors and microwaves and such, just like earth, even television, movies and the internet.

Two things are different though, two really big things. They have no religion of any kind. They don't seem to grasp the concept of God, and they don't have sex like we do. I mean, they have the same equipment and they do it the same, but it's not recreational for them. About every five years some of them feel the need and the one's that do get together and they mate and the women have kids and that's it."

"They don't have families?" asked the blond.

"No," Jack answered, "Most of the time the children know who their fathers are, but it's not a big deal to them. Raising children seems to be a collective effort.

"They don't fall in love?" the blond asked again.

"Not romantic love like we do," answered Jack, "They all just seem to love each other and they make even closer friends whom they love dearly. They actually have a very nice society and there are no wars. They still have good guys and bad guys, cops and robbers, and not very many of either. Everything else is pretty much the same, except, of course, as you have seen, they're not going to win any beauty contests from our point of view, and they don't make any romance movies."

"Are you telling us the truth, Jack?" asked Shilo.

"I swear," he answered.

"There's one thing you've left out," declared Shilo.

"What's that?" asked Jack.

"Why do you have a hard-on, Jack?" demanded Shilo.

"I was afraid you'd ask about that," groaned Jack, still having never faced them, "I was thinking you'd had enough stress for one night, but the truth of it is I can't help it. I don't know what happened, maybe something in the transition, maybe on purpose, or maybe by accident, but for whatever reason we're oversexed, we males that is. After I have sex I'm fine for about four days. After that, If I don't have sex, I have a constant erection. After about a week I get really grumpy, after two weeks, I start tearing things up, after three weeks I'm uncontrollable and have to be restrained. We're all like that. We don't like it, but we can't help it."

"Why don't you just take care of it yourself?" asked the brunette.

"It doesn't work," answered Jack, "I wish to hell it did. I could wank on it all day long and I still wouldn't get off. It takes sex, real sex with a human woman. If this were a week from now and I could get my hands on you ... I wouldn't be able to help myself."

"So how does that work ... out there, I mean?" asked Shilo, knowing she wasn't going to like the answer, but asking anyway.

"Well, as I said," answered Jack, "there are only a hundred of us a year so poodle owners are a select lot and they are very ... cooperative with each other."

"I'll be goddamned," exclaimed one of the redheads.

"So it's an arranged marriage kind of thing?" asked the other redhead.

"No, no one can own more than one of us," informed Jack, "I'm sorry, but I think you get the picture. So much of it depends on your owner, but as I say, they are very cooperative. There's not much romance to be had here for us. They have a different mindset than humans."

"What do they call themselves?" asked the blond.

"They call themselves humans or people and they call us poodles," answered Jack, "but I should also tell you not to despair. There is also happiness out there. I was happy once, maybe I will be again. Maybe my new owner will live close to where I used to live. Maybe I'll even get to see my girl again."

"You had a girl, Jack?" asked Shilo.

"More than that," answered Jack, "We love each other very much. Her name is Kate. It wasn't exclusive, of course, owing to the nature of life here, but we got to be together a lot. It was the best after sex. They would leave us alone and we could just be together. Sometimes, after her big trusted me, they even let us have sex alone. They would also let us stay over when one of the other of them was out of town. It was great."

"Did you have any children?" asked Shilo.

"No, no one ever does. I don't know if it's the men or the women, but we're all sterile," answered Jack.

"What do you mean they let you have sex alone?" asked one of the redheads.

"Well, actually, we're very expensive and highly treasured from their point of view," answered Jack, "and as I said, we men are very randy. Anyone who owns a female isn't going to just turn her over to some over-enthusiastic male. Except for very rare exceptions, all sex is carefully supervised."

"This is really fucked up," declared the blond.

"How much do we cost?" asked one of the redheads.

"A full years salary for a well to do person," answered Jack, and they get carefully vetted and they have to take a psychological exam and a training course. There are also the equivalent of "cruelty to animals" laws, which they are very strict about."

"How big is your dick, Jack?" asked Shilo, to the surprise of all.

"What!" exclaimed Jack, "Hell, I don't know."

"Yes, you do," countered Shilo, "all men know how big their dick is."

"Four inches," Jack admitted.

"It's out of proportion," declared Shilo.

"What do you mean?" asked the blond.

"How tall were you, Jack, back on earth I mean?" asked Shilo, "and how tall are you now?"

"Six feet two," answered Jack, "and thirty inches now. Everyone is exactly thirty inches tall now."

"Back on earth the average human penis is six inches long," Shilo declared, "and I don't know how much you had back then, Jack, but you've still got four inches when you should have slightly over two. That means you have the equivalent of slightly more than a nine inch dick. Are all the other men like you, Jack?"

"Yeah, exactly," replied Jack.

"My god, this really is going to be hell," declared the blond.

"Oh, I don't know," declared one of the redheads, "It might not be so bad."

Having waited mostly in silence for over two hours, each of the women again alone with their thoughts, their anxiety was once again brought to a fever pitch as they heard the big clang again and this time a male giant appeared in front of their cell holding something in his hand.

"Is anybody hungry?" he asked, in a genuinely friendly way, causing each of them to realize that they really were very hungry, but because of their fear none of them answered as they all quickly scurried to gather around Shilo on one of the beds and drew their knees up to their chests to cover themselves.

"Go fuck yourself," growled Shilo.

"I'll tell you what," continued the giant unfazed, "My name is Ben and the first one of you who can tell me what 237 times two plus six is, I will give you this piece of chocolate."

"Four hundred and eighty," ventured the blond, after a moment, now slightly more hungry than she was afraid.

"Very good," declared the giant alien, as he tossed the chocolate and watched her eagerly shove it into her mouth.

"Now, how about 163 times four," the next offer was proposed.

"652," ventured one of the redheads, after a few moments.

"Right you are," congratulated the alien, tossing her the chocolate, "Now, what if I gave you the numbers 4, 16, 64, 256, and 1024, what would be the next number?"

"No one," queried the giant, after several long moments in which Shilo simply began examining her fingernails, openly displaying her disinterest.

"What about you," persisted the giant, seeing her action and so directing his comment to her, "Maybe an easier one especially for you."

"4,096," declared Shilo, "and the square root is 64, and the square root of that is 8 and the square root of that is 4 ... you fucking moron."

"Well, look at you," offered the giant, impervious to her insults and tossing her the chocolate, "aren't you the smart one."

"Stick it up your ass," retorted Shilo, as she threw the chocolate back at him, having already determined that she was in no way going to cooperate with any of them, ever.

Thinking she had won at least a moral victory as he departed without saying anything further, Shilo couldn't help but also feel depressed with what she felt was the overwhelming bleakness of her situation. Even in her wildest imagination she couldn't have imagined a worse fate, but things quickly got even worse as the same giant alien soon returned with the female guard.

"That one," declared the giant, pointing at Shilo, "I want that one."

Her interest suddenly becoming intense, Shilo listened as the female guard slowly leaned closer to the giant alien and began counseling him in semi-hushed tones, "Look, Mr. White, I'm not supposed so say anything, but you seem to be a nice guy so I have to tell you you're making a big mistake. You got first choice and you've chosen the worst one. She's a bad one, that one. She's the worst I've ever seen and I've been here twenty years. Something's wrong with her. You'll just end up having to bring her back and lose your money.

"Thanks, but she's the one I want," declared the big alien.

"Alright, have it your way, but don't say I didn't warn you," conceded the female, as she brought her clipboard up to her chest and began her official procedure by making checks on a sheet of paper, "Show me your paperwork."

"Paid in full, check," the big alien woman began to drone on, "Psych. exam, check, training course, check, new owners kit, check, poodle toilet and shower, check, panic button, check, poodle door, front and back, check, okay, name."

"What?" asked Shilo's new owner.

"What are you going to call her? I have to put it on the sheet."

"My name is Shilo and you both can go fuck yourselves!!" declared Shilo, now running up to the bars and screaming at them defiantly.

"Shilo it is," he declared.

"Not a good idea," counseled the female again, "psychologically speaking, you'll need to establish your authority, especially with that one. She's got a shocker in her collar, I suggest you get an extra case of batteries."

"It won't be a problem," he declared.

"Okay, fine," grumbled the female, "You can wait out in the lobby and someone will bring her out in a few minutes and you can sign for official custody."

"Sorry it took so long, Sir," apologized the young attendant with a bandage on his hand, as he lay Shilo at the feet of her new owner, bound hand and foot by a harness with a handle at the back so she could be carried and a big gag in her mouth, "This one's a runner and a fighter, I though we were never get her out from under those beds, she even bit me on the hand."

"Well, it's her first day," laughed Ben, "She'll figure it all out eventually."

"Are you sure, Sir?" the young attendant added his counsel to that of the seasoned veteran, "It's not too late, you could pick another one."

"No, this one will be fine," the young attendant was assured, "Thank you."

After being picked up like a suitcase and thrown onto the seat of an earth type pick-up like a big bag of beans, Shilo was presented with the first words of her new owner, which turned out to be a humiliating tease, "Well, I guess you showed those guys a thing or two."

Having to suffer the further indignity of simply being carried into the house like a suitcase and deposited on the floor in front of a massive couch until her new owner returned with his "Your new poodle owners kit," Shilo had to wait as he took his time going through the various items one by one before finally turning his attention to her and began to free her from the harness and remove her gag.

"Alright, pay attention now," he instructed her, "We have a lot of stuff to go over."

"FUCK YOU!" Shilo screamed, as she quickly scurried behind a big chair on the other side of the room and continued screaming at him, "You don't own me! Nobody owns me! I am a human being and you can go to hell!!!"

"I'm warning you," declared Ben, "If I have to come get you, you're going to be sorry."

"You touch me and I'll slit your throat when you sleep!" Shilo retorted, issuing her own warning."

"No, you won't," declared Ben, as unflappable as before, "Now, I'm not going to tell you again."

"I'm not going to do anything you say, EVER, you ugly motherfucker!" screamed Shilo.

"Okay, but you really are kind of slow for such a smart one," declared Ben as he rose from the couch and took command of the situation.

Moving much faster that Shilo anticipated he ever could, it was only a couple of moments until she found herself high in the air and dangling upside down by her ankles as the big giant easily held them in one hand.

"Well, I think a time out is called for here," he declared, as he quickly bound her with some ankle cuffs which had thoughtfully been included in his kit and then simply deposited her on one of the hooks of a nearby coat-rack.

Hanging upside down by her ankles, Shilo proceeded to pound the wall with her fists, but to no effect, as she rained every curse and curse word she knew down upon her giant tormentor.

"I'll kill you for this! I swear I will. I'll kill you. You hear me, I'm going to kill you," she screamed as she pounded and cursed, "You goddamned dirty nasty-assed PIG FUCKER!!! PIG FUCKER!!!"

"Well, there are some things I have to go check up on at work," he informed her, casually, "and one of my buddies has a telescope and all three moons are out tonight so I'm going to sleep over. I'll see you tomorrow assuming the house doesn't burn down."

Using the next hour to try every trick she could thing of to get off the coat rack, but to no avail, Shilo was finally presented with no alternative but to hang upside down through the long afternoon and even longer night until she finally heard Ben open the front door the next morning and then calmly go to the kitchen and prepare himself some sort of beverage before once again taking a seat on the big couch without speaking or even so much as even acknowledging her presence.

Exhausted and desperate, she finally offered her partial surrender, "Let me down ... Please."

"Do you promise to behave yourself?" asked Ben.

"Yeah, okay," agreed Shilo.

"Give me your word," demanded Ben.

"Okay, okay, I promise," surrendered Shilo.

"Good," declared Ben, as he retrieved and released her, standing her up in front of him, "Now, from now on, when I call you, you come. Do you understand?"

"Fucker," retorted Shilo, as she crossed her arms in front of her chest, both to show her defiance and to cover her breasts, but she couldn't bring herself to cover her crotch, lest it be perceived as a weakness, even though there was nothing in the world she wanted to do more as her pubic hair thinned out by the time it reached her pussy and she knew her decidedly robust clit hood and labia minora protruded well out for everyone to see.

"Nevertheless," responded Ben, "as I said before, listen up."

"You really are ugly, you know," declared Shilo, huffing as she swelled her chest.

"First of all," this neighborhood is called Edgewood," he began, ignoring yet another insult, "That's because we're on the edge of a forest. That means there are wild creatures about, and to you, they are potentially dangerous. Also, even a small frog could seriously injure you and a large one could kill you with no problem.

"Now, when I'm not here you will have the run of the place," he continued, "and while the back yard is pretty safe, when you go out, especially out front to check the mail or whatever, you'll need this."

Reaching into the kit box and producing a tiny belt with what looked like a holster and a small spray can, he instructed her as to it's purpose.

"This is a can of animal mace," he informed her, "it will stop any animal in it's tracks. Don't go outside without wearing your belt, unless you're with me. There are leash laws, but out here in Edgewood, people don't always follow the law and some of them let their frogs run free. I haven't seen any mean ones, and you can probably make friends with most of them, but it's better to be safe than dead. Also, if you leave the property, you run the risk of getting picked up and taken back to the shelter."

"Frogs, you mean those furry animals with big teeth?" asked Shilo.

"That's right," he confirmed, "Cats are also potentially dangerous. Some of those big Ronnie Cats are mean and there are also short-tailed cats. I believe poodles call them bobcats. They will flat out kill you, no kidding."

"Lovely," retorted Shilo.

"Now, there are poodle doors front and back. You can only go out and in once before you have to reset the code. The code is 4321," he continued, "and over there is the panic button. If anything happens when I'm not here, us it and help will come. Your bathroom is next to mine in the master bedroom as well as a little bed for you and a little closet for your things.

Do you have any questions so far?"

"I want some goddamn clothes!" demanded Shilo.

"What?" asked Ben.

"You heard me," demanded Shilo, adamantly, "I want some clothes. I don't like being naked!"

"That's ridiculous," declared Ben, "Poodles don't wear clothes."

"I don't know why not!" argued Shilo, "Unless you're some kind of pervert or something. Why do I have to go naked?"

"Did I already use the word ridiculous?" asked Ben, rhetorically.

"Did I already use the words pig fucker," retorted Shilo, "And I want you to take this collar off me!"

"You have to wear the collar, it's the law," responded Ben, "It's got your chip in it. It's what the poodle door reads and its what your leash fastens to."

"I hate this and I hate you," exclaimed Shilo.

"Well, you can run off when I'm gone," he advised her, much to her surprise, "of course, they'll just catch you, and give you to someone else. It's your call. Now, I'm sure you must be tired and hungry, so I put some stuff out in the kitchen for you to eat and then you can go back and get some sleep. I'm going to the computer room to do some work if you need me."

"YOU CAN'T LET ANYONE FUCK ME!" Shilo couldn't help but scream at him, on a sudden impulse.

"What?" responded Ben, surprised and somewhat perplexed at the nature of her sudden outburst.

"You heard me!" exclaimed Shilo, "You can't let anyone fuck me!"

"Is this a trick to see how many times you can make me say ridiculous?" asked Ben.

"It would be rape!" implored Shilo, in desperation, "PLEASE!!"

"There's no such thing as poodle rape," declared Ben, in a matter of fact tone, "poodles just copulate."

"Not if I don't want to," insisted Shilo, "Then it would be rape."

"That's the craziest thing I ever heard," decided Ben, after thinking about it a moment, "I never saw a poodle that didn't enjoy fucking. Just wait, you'll see, you'll like it. Now, go on, go get your food and take a nap. You'll feel better. Oh, and one more thing. Don't ever eat any human food, you'll get very sick if you do."

Angrily stomping off to the kitchen, Shilo found a tiny glass of some kind of liquid and a small tin can conveniently placed on one of the chairs. Examining the can, she saw a picture of a poodle, but just as Jack had said, the writing was unintelligible.

"Oh, great, probably some synthetic horse shit," she thought to herself, but upon her first taste was pleasantly surprised to find it tasted absolutely delicious, "Thank God for small miracles."

Finishing her meal, she found her way to the tiny little bed next to the big one and although she wanted to use the time to plot some kind of escape, she quickly fell into a much-needed deep sleep.

Finally awakening, Shilo realized she had slept through both the day and the night, and after hearing Ben in the shower, she made her way to her own little shower next to his. Happily, she found there was both hot and cold water, but was disappointed to find no bathing supplies except for a small towel. After spending a long time under the hot shower she toweled off, made her way to the living room and was presented with her next big adventure.

"Well, you look mighty chipper," declared Ben, "come on, let's go."

"Go where?" asked Shilo.

"To the pet store, of course," answered Ben.

"I'm not your goddamned pet," declared Shilo.

"So I guess you don't want any soap or shampoo, that kind of thing. Fine with me," he declared.

"Okay, fine," declared Shilo, really dreading going out in public naked, but resigning herself to the fact that it was always going to be that way and very much wanting to explore her new world.

"This is just like an American pick-up" Shilo thought to herself, as they drove from the residential to the business part of the city, but finally arriving at a store with a picture of a big red-headed poodle over the entrance, she and Ben had another crisis as he attempted to attach the leash to her collar.

"NO! Goddamnit," exclaimed Shilo, as she grabbed the leash with both hands in an effort to keep Ben from attaching it. I won't cause any trouble, I swear ... PLEASE!!"

"I know, but its the law," declared Ben, "come on now."

Having to endure the most humiliating experience of her life as she had to follow alongside the big alien, buck naked and on a leash, Shilo's insides churned with rage and frustration, which wasn't made much better after they entered the store and she found herself in the company of many of her own kind, all females, and all naked, just as she was.

Leading her to a bench along one wall, Ben pointed to a large table as he sat on the bench and released her from the leash.

"There are sample treats over there on that table," he informed her, with a point of his finger, "You can fill up a bag and try them out later to find the one's you like."

With nothing else to do, she did as Ben suggested, but before she had gotten very far she was distracted as an alien woman leading a blond female came up and greeted Ben with a hug before sitting next to him followed by the female poodle as she happily climbed up on Ben's lap and began mussing up his hair before he put his big hands around her tiny waist and began tossing her into the air and catching her as she squealed and giggled.

Suddenly feeling a tinge of jealousy, for what reason she couldn't imagine, she chastised herself for the feeling and was back to herself as the game was quickly over and the woman released the female from her leash, spoke to her for a moment and then pointed at Shilo.

Somewhat aghast as the female rushed over and gave her a big hug, she suppressed her first inclination, which was to slug her counterpart for the unsolicited hug, and resigned herself to play along with whatever had obviously been planned by the two big aliens.

"Hi, my name is Kizzy," the blond female introduced herself happily before she began helping Shilo fill her bag, "Ben said you can have anything and everything you want. First lets load up on these treats and then we'll get a cart. You'll need a high chair and some portable steps with locking wheels. They're really handy and the shampoo with the stars is the best. There's some cool stuff in the back and you'll need tanning lotion ... Oh, and accessories, lots of accessories!"

Not really having had any time to adjust to her new situation, Shilo wasn't able to muster much enthusiasm for the little shopping expedition, but nevertheless forced herself to take advantage of both the opportunity and the advice as the two of them filled the cart to overflowing and she and Kizzy had exchanged phone numbers along with the usual promises to keep in touch.

"Where are we going now?" asked Shilo, in a somewhat better mood after Ben had let her buy everything she wanted and they were on the road again, she standing up in the passenger seat and holding onto the hand grip over the door.

"Poodle park," declared Ben, "I'm thinking you probably need to show off your sunglasses and visor. Nice look by the way."

Once again having to endure the humiliation of the leash as they walked from the parking lot to the park, it was worse this time as there was a stream of bigs and poodles walking both to and from the park, each one of them sizing her up, and she had to bear the almost unbearable as one of the passers-by commented to each other about her, "Wow, that chocolate had the biggest teats I've ever seen."

Finally released from the leash again once they had entered the park, she followed Ben to a bench in the shade and climbed up on it to stand beside him.

Spending some time just observing the other poodles, she couldn't help but notice all manner of hat's seemed to be in fashion, especially fedora's and derby's.

"At least nobody's playing fetch with a fucking tennis ball," thought Shilo to herself, as she hung out on the bench until a party of five other poodles all turned and began walking to the bench.

"Oh! It's Ben!" exclaimed one of them, addressing Ben and exchanging a greeting with him, "I see your number finally came up. Glad you got a girl. Mind if we take her with us for a while?"

Following the other women to the base of a big tree, they all exchanged introductions before getting down to business.

"I'm, Shadow," began the red who had greeted Ben, "I live in Edgewood too. That's how I know Ben. I've stayed over with him when my big was out of town. What's your name?"

"Shilo," Shilo answered warily.

"Is that your Earth name, or your Bartok name?" asked another.

"Both," answered Shilo.

"Oh, he let you keep your real name," remarked another, "That's what I call a good owner."

"Nobody owns me," countered Shilo, defensively.

"Of course not, honey," one of the two blonds spoke up, "We all feel the same way. We just don't hassle the terms. We call ourselves poodles and we call them bigs and we use the names they've given us. It just makes things easier. Besides, we've got bigger fish to fry just watching out for each other."

"Well, I can understand that," agreed Shilo.

"You've got to watch out in Edgewood," offered Shadow, "There's wild animals out there that sometimes come around."

"Yeah, Ben told me," responded Shilo, before asking about an item of attire they all seemed to be wearing, "What are those badges you're all wearing?

"Oh, we're all volunteers," the other blond named Mandy informed her, pointing to her three badges in turn, "This one's Fire and Rescue, this one's Poodle Rescue, and this one's Search."

"You work at the fire dept.?" asked Shilo.

"Oh my no," responded Mandy, "The guys do. Poodles can get into a lot of places the bigs can't so each dept. has a unit of poodle volunteers. They're a great bunch of guys and they save a lot of lives, both poodles and bigs."

"So what do you do?" asked Shilo.

"Well, Shilo, honey," Shadow jumped in with a grin, "We have sex with them. It takes the edge off, you know, improves their focus. I'm Monday at fire, Wednesday at Rescue and Friday at search, every other week. The police also have poodle units, but none of us happen to work for them."

"Volunteering also gives us a chance to find a boyfriend," added Shadow, "There's a list with everyone's turn, but the bigs that run the units let us fudge and trade a bit if there's a couple who like each other, just as long as all they guys get taken care of."

"I see," responded Shilo.

"I know," broke in another chocolate named Summer, sensing Shilo's despair, "We all wish it was like it is on Earth, but there are some things the bigs just don't get, so we just have to deal with it. You have to remember, they didn't ask for us and they treat us extremely well. On the whole, they're really a great deal nicer than humans and Bartok is a lot better in most ways than Earth. There are a few criminals, but not very many, and poodles are way under their radar, so things could be a lot worse."

"And the sex is real good!" laughed the red, as one of the other girls chastised her with a poke to the ribs, "There's definitely no ED on Bartok, that's for sure."

"Thanks, Ben," offered Shilo, as she again stood up in the pick-up seat next to him on their way home.

"You're welcome," he assured her, before offering a more personal conversation, "You're a fighter. I like that."

"I guess," answered Shilo, again warily.

"I know it must be hard," continued Ben, "and you didn't ask for any of this, but I'm going to take care of you the best I can."

"You can start by not making me fuck anyone I don't care to," ventured Shilo.

"You're so funny," responded Ben.

"Pig fucker," responded Shilo.

"You know, maybe I should have named you teats," grinned Ben, "Seeing as how, you know, you've got the biggest teats in the history of Bartok. I'll have to think about that."

"Maybe I'll slit your throat when you sleep," responded Shilo, "Maybe you should think about that."

After spending the after-supper evening trying out her treats and watching a mystery movie on TV with Ben, they both turned in, but after a while, although not knowing exactly why, Shilo left her little bed and worked her way under the covers of the big bed to snuggle next to Ben, and then softly cried herself to sleep as he gently curled one of his big arms around her.

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