The Love Toy's Reprieve
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Romantic, Mind Control, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, TransGender, Science Fiction, Robot, Harem, Body Modification, Big Breasts, sci-fi adult story,sci-fi sex story,mc story,mc sex story,adult science fiction story

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sam accidentally rescues Jen from a lifetime of sexual servitude, but also saves something else without realizing it.

A Life Changing Survey

"Excuse me. Do you have a moment to take a quick survey? You may be eligible for a prize based upon your answers," said a voice from above.

"Great!" I muttered under my breath as I looked up from the drug store shelf as I had been looking for a bottle of pain reliever. I cursed the fact that I had run out of aspirin in the middle of the night and could not sleep. Above me stood an impossibly beautiful blond woman who appeared to be in her mid twenties. At first glance she appeared to be a model, but looking more closely at her proportions I amended my opinion to "porn star".

"I suppose."

"Wonderful. It could be well worth your while. You seem like a man of high integrity. I need you to be completely honest in how you answer your questions. Can I count on that?" she asked.

"Certainly, Ms..." I began.

You can call me Jezebel. What's your name?" asked the blonde.

"Sam. Well Jezebel, do you always conduct your surveys in pharmacy aisles at two in the morning?"

"I pick my places and times at random to get a wide range of answers and experiences."

"OK, let's begin" I said, originally wanting this to end, but grudgingly admitted my growing attraction to this gorgeous woman to myself.

"The first four questions will determine if you qualify for the prize. First of all, are you free for the next two hours?" she asked.

"Yes, at least I don't have any plans." I replied, being polite.

"Good," she smiled and I began to forget I had a headache. "Could you please provide me with your sexual preference?" she asked.

"I'm heterosexual."

"OK, what's your marital status and could you please describe the state of your marriage or any romantic relationship you may be in," asked Jezebel.

"Your questions seem quite personal," I observed.

"I'm sorry for the nature of the questions, but it is vital to get your frank answers to verify if you qualify for the prize and to continue the survey."

"Very well, I'm divorced and am not currently seeing anyone," I responded.

"The last question of the grouping is do you find me attractive?"

"Very," I answered truthfully.

At that moment Jezebel smiled. She put her hand near her crotch area and then I heard a beep from somewhere nearby. Then she audibly groaned. I noticed her eyes close tightly for a moment and then I heard what sounded like another beep. I now was able to determine that it came from the next aisle over to the left. Her eyes them opened and she smiled at me. As a forty-one year old male who hadn't had sex in more than a year, her moan and smile certainly made my heart skip a beat; not to mention it stopped me from thinking about my headache.

"I'm glad to say that you qualify for the prize" she stated happily.

"What did I win?" I asked, as I honestly had no idea what the prize could be.

"We will discuss that after the survey is finished."

Jezebel then began to ask me a series of questions. Some of them were quite personal, but as I did not have anything to hide or better to do, I answered them.

"Many people say that money makes the world go round. I believe that sex makes the world go around. What do you think?" she asked.

"I think that love makes the world go round," I responded.

"Interesting. You were divorced. I would figure you to be more cynical."

"I thought that I had found the right person, but I was wrong. I still believe that she exists, but I haven't found her yet."

"Finally, if I told you that I found you attractive, would you be surprised?" she asked.

"To be honest, I would I have to say 'yes'. I must be almost twenty years older than you and I'm certainly no specimen of masculine beauty," I smiled, looking down at my feet and being able to see most of them over my small, but growing belly.

"You are not without your charms," smiled Jezebel.

"Thank you," I blushed.

"Well I would like to thank you for your time and for completing this survey. Your prize has been awarded to you."

"What's my prize?"

"An hour of sex with me. You must agree to redeem this prize within the next ten minutes and then redeem it within the hour," she smiled.

"I don't think so."

"What?!" exclaimed Jezebel.

"You heard me."

"But why? You said you were attracted to me. I can tell you are too!" Her voice seemed to take on a shrill, panicked quality.

"I am."

"Then why won't you accept your prize?"

"I don't even know you."

"What does that matter? I'm beautiful. I'm available. I want you. I believe you want me too. What's the problem?" she asked.

"Women like you don't come up and proposition guys like me very often ... in fact I would say never. There's a catch here."

"No catch. I just really want to have sex with you."

"For all I know you want me to take you back to my home so you can rob me."

"We don't have to go to your home. We can go anywhere. A hotel?" suggested Jezebel.

"And I would have to pay for it," I said, trying to see how far she would go with her apparent scam.

"I'll pay. You can follow me in your car. Whatever you want, but we must go now!" she started to sound scared.

"Why the rush?"

"I don't have time to explain."

"Then you will just need to find someone else to have sex with," I stated.

"I can't. It has to be you!"

"Why me?"

For the next several minutes, Jezebel did everything except answer my question. She wheedled, coaxed and even put my hands to her crotch to show how aroused she was for me. That was the last straw. This woman while incredibly hot was a psycho. While it was hard both figuratively and literally to resist her charms, I somehow managed to keep to my convictions. Finally tears began to run down her cheeks. "Please, we only have a few minutes for you to agree. I need you. I must have you!" she paused before a look of perceived horror crossed her face. "Oh no! I can feel it happening ... I didn't know that it would be like this ... Now I know ... Oh ... I don't want to go back to being her! She has no future! Please!" cried Jezebel.

"How is that I always seem to get stuck with lunatics," I thought to myself. "I must be a magnet for them," as I weighed why I wasn't involved with anyone right now in my head. Still I knew I had to get this poor woman some help. So I proceeded to walk down the aisle toward the checkout counter. Quickly I found I was having problem walking as Jezebel had grabbed my feet trying to stop me from moving. She was ridiculously strong and I found I could not move. Then all of a sudden she broke her grip.

"Please ... Oh my God it is happening!" she cried as she appeared to be in pain. When I looked down at Jezebel, I became amazed at what I saw.

Jezebel was transforming before my eyes. Her hair which was a long light blonde was becoming shorter and was darkening. It seemed to stop changing when it became a slightly lighter than a honey blonde shade and about shoulder length. Her impossibly large breast seemed to shrink from about an oversized "E cup" or perhaps bigger to about a "C cup". Her frame seemed to shorten as well as she writhed on the ground. Her features that were contorted in agony seemed to be changing too.

Finally when she stopped moving and I noticed her eyes had opened. They had changed in color from a perfect baby blue, to a darker blue. The final result of the change was incredible as I helped the woman to her feet. Jezebel had stood at about five foot, eleven inches. This new woman in her place was about five-six. She appeared to be in her early mid thirties, though it was hard to tell as her face was contorted into a mask of sorrow and anxiety.

She buried her face in my shoulder and cried. "Thank you!" she seemed to say over and over again.

Though I was in shock from what I just had witnessed, somehow my sharp wits allowed me to hear a voice in the next aisle where I heard the beep come from earlier. It sounded like a male voice who might be engaged in a phone conversation. " ... you knew of that possibility when you agreed to the procedure ... I'll help you clean up the mess, but it will cost you more ... very well."

Aside from the obvious, something strange was going on. The store was virtually empty, so from the apparent phone conversation and what I had just seen, my instincts told me that the girl and I might be in some danger. "Look, Jezebel..." I started.

"My name's Jennifer," she sobbed into my shoulder.

"Jennifer, I know you don't know me, but we have to get out of here and get you somewhere safe. Do you trust me?"

"Of course! You freed me!"

"I'm going to take you to my house and then we can talk about what you want to do."

"Can't I go home? I have a family," said Jennifer.

"It's past 2AM. Something has clearly happened to you. We need to get to the bottom of it to see if you can get some help." I replied. While I had originally wanted to get the girl some psychological help, I had no idea what to do next. Whatever happened to her defied all logical explanation, so it would all be too farfetched for anyone including the authorities to believe. I needed go somewhere to think and keep her safe.

"OK," replied Jennifer and we proceeded to move to the front of the store. We then heard a man's voice.

"Jennifer! Where have you been? Everybody's been looking for you!" said a tall man wearing a baseball cap backwards, wearing sunglasses and a Bluetooth headset.

"Do you know this man?" I whispered to her.

"I don't think so, but he seems familiar," she said, as her body seemed to recoil by instinct at the sight of him.

"Thanks for the concern, but the lady is OK," I lied.

"I need to take her back to her family," said the man.

Jenifer turned to me and whispered. "Sam, maybe I should go with him."

I quickly whispered back to her. "If you don't know him, you can't trust him. I'll take you back to your family in the morning."

She nodded. "Thanks, I'm OK," said Jennifer to the stranger.

The man smiled at her. "C'mon Jen. Your husband and your daughter have been worried about you. Let me take you back home."

"She's not going anywhere with someone she doesn't know," I stated.

"Who are you?" asked the man.

"I'm someone that she trusts. I could ask you the same question," I stated tersely.

"I'm an old friend, Joe Mitchell. Jen's clearly suffering from some trauma."

"You wouldn't happen to have some ID with you, would you?" I asked.

"Must have left my wallet at home," he smiled.

"And we all go to the drug store in the middle of the night because they hand out free medication, right?" I grinned.

The stranger looked like he was going to get angry and perhaps pull a weapon. I noticed a group of "twenty-somethings" who had obviously been out drinking, walking into the store.

"I'd like to stand here and talk to you all night, but we really must be going," I said putting my arm around Jennifer possessively, but not moving.

After a few seconds the stranger looked confused. "Well, friend why aren't you leaving?"

"Don't wait around on our accord. We're just waiting for our new friends over there to finish ringing up their purchases. Then we can to join them walking out to my car," I smiled.

The stranger looked at me grimly and the he gave me a sardonic smile. "You should have fucked her when you had the chance. Now she's really fucked." He smirked, shaking his head as he walked out the door.

"What did he mean?" asked Jennifer.

"I'm not sure, but I think we're going to find out," I said.

The trip home was uneventful. I took an incredibly scenic route (at least it would have been scenic if it were daylight) to ensure that we were not being followed. When we arrived at my place, I sat Jennifer down at my dining room table and we began to talk.

"I can't begin to thank you for what you did," smiled Jen.

"Well you are the first person to actually thank me for not sleeping with them, though I'm sure that there are quite a few who would think it without bothering to actually say it," I laughed.

"You're an amazingly kind and attractive man" she beamed.

"C'mon, I'm not that attractive."

"You are to me," she said.

"But you're married," I countered.

"Yes, I'm married, but since I find you attractive, I know that others would too."

For the first time I really got to look at Jennifer. Despite her eyes reddened from crying, she looked a little younger than my earlier estimate. She had a nice figure, though she appeared to be carrying a few extra pounds that she probably had not lost from her pregnancy. Her smile was a little crooked, but she had a wide and generous mouth and lovely dark blue eyes. She was rather pretty, but sadly married; at least sadly for me.

I realized that either from lack of sleep, my headache or the shock of the night, I had lost focus. We needed to get to the bottom of the lovely mystery named Jennifer. "OK, tell me about yourself," I started.

"My name is Jennifer Davis."

"It's nice to meet you, Ms. Davis. I'm Sam Borden."

"Nice to meet you too, Sam. Please call me Jen," she beamed.

"OK, please tell me more about Jen Davis."

"I'm thirty-one years old. I'm married to my husband Adam and we have a little girl named Samantha. We live at 322 Farmingdale Road."

"What happened to you?"

"I was out shopping at the mall and I walked into a fitting room to try on a few dresses and I must have blacked out. After that, all I can remember is talking to people and having lots of sex. I also felt like I was trapped in somebody else's body!" said Jennifer as she started to cry.

"It's OK," I said as I put my hand on her shoulder reassuringly.

"You don't understand. I'm married and I cheated on my husband with countless men. I did anything they wanted me to do. Really kinky and dirty things and the sick part of it is that I really loved doing them," she sobbed.

I continued to try to console the poor almost inconsolable woman, until she finally seemed alright. We then resumed the interview. Her calm did not last long. "How long were you like this?" I asked.

I don't know. The whole experience seems so undefined. My whole existence was spent talking to people like you and having sex with them. What day is it today?" she asked.

"Saturday, February 7th, I said.

"Oh, my God! I've been like this for more than two months!" she cried.

Things got even worse when she told me that her shopping trip was in late November, 2006. Jennifer had been away from her family for more than two years. At about 3:30 AM, I finally sent Jennifer to bed in my room and I crashed on the couch.

At 8AM, Jennifer and I drove over to the address she gave me. We tried to call ahead to soften the shock, but apparently their phone number had been changed. We had tried to find a phone listing for her and her husband, but the number appeared to be unlisted. I wanted to try to find a store, so Jennifer could change out of her ill-fitting clothes, but Jennifer wanted to just go right home. Luckily we found a pair of my ex-wife's sweats that were in a box in the attic. While they were a little short for Jen, they fit better than Jezebel's attire.

When we rang the door bell a lovely young black woman in a robe appeared and answered it. "Keisha?" asked Jen.

"Jenni ... I mean Ms. Davis?" "What are you doing here?" asked the apparently surprised woman.

"This is my house. What is Samantha's teacher doing here on a Sunday morning?" asked Jen.

"She's helping with Samantha," said a voice behind Keisha.

"Adam!" exclaimed Jen as she ran past the woman to her husband and hugged him. I couldn't help but notice the awkwardness of the hug on her husband's part or the jealous look that Keisha was giving Jen.

"Jen, what happened to you? We had that fight the day after Thanksgiving, 2006 and I haven't seen you for more than two years," asked Adam.

"I was abducted!" cried Jen.

"Abducted? By this man?" asked Adam pointing at me.

"No, Sam rescued me and brought me here." smiled Jen.

Adam looked at me and said without much emotion, "You don't know how much I owe you,"

I just smiled and muttered under my breath. "I'm sure you do."

While Adam was talking to Jennifer, I saw Keisha walk over to the mantle and surreptitiously turn a picture around. She then pulled a picture off the wall which had several people in it. From a distance, I could not clearly see everyone in the picture, but from her skin tone, I could tell that she was probably one of them. In Jennifer's ordeal, she had failed to understand what was now happening under her own roof. As a fairly astute observer of human nature, I thought I knew exactly what was happening. I did not trust Jennifer's husband any more than I trusted the man from the drug store. I decided to be poised and ready just in case.

Then my ears perked up. "Where's Samantha? I need to see my baby," asked Jen.

"She's down in the playroom in the basement," stated Adam.

I noticed some confusion on Jen's face. "But the basement isn't unfinished."

"We finished it last year," said Adam carelessly.

"We?" I asked.

Adam Davis looked frustrated. "Look, Sam I'm grateful that you brought Jen home, but we can handle it from here. We'll be happy to have you over for dinner once Jen is settled back into her life. Keisha, please see Sam out while I take Mrs. Davis downstairs to see Samantha."

"Hold up, Davis. I'm not going anywhere," I smiled.

"Why?" asked Adam.

"Because I know you're lying."

"What do you mean by coming into my house and accusing me of lying!" he yelled.

I walked over to the mantle and said. "Mrs. Davis, you are looking quite lovely today."

"Thank you?" said Jen quizzically.

"While you look lovely too, Jen, I'm talking to Keisha" I replied.

"What?!" asked Keisha.

"You and Adam are married."

"That's ridiculous!" blustered Adam as he continued to try to lead Jen down towards a hallway, which I surmised, led to the cellar.

"Wait Adam. Sam, how do you know this?" asked Jen.

"I saw Keisha turn this picture around and take another off the wall" I said as I picked up the picture to reveal that it was a picture of Adam, Keisha and a little child whom I presumed was Samantha. Keisha appeared to be wearing a ring in the photo. "What a lovely picture, although Keisha, if you don't mind me saying it appears that you have put on a little weight, or at least you have a little belly now," I observed.

The newly exposed Davis family appeared to be quite angry, but did not deny my charge. "You abandoned Samantha and me, so I was able to get an uncontested divorce. Keisha and I were married last year," said Adam.

"I didn't abandon you! I was abducted!" shouted Jen.

"So you say. Can you prove it?!" spat Adam.

"Not now. But she will and when she does, I'm sure that your life won't be so pleasant," I menaced.

"Me? I have nothing to hide," said Adam.

"Then why the elaborate rouse, pretending to still be married to Jen?" I asked. I waited for an answer but it never came.

Jen slapped her husband across the face. "Take me downstairs to see my daughter at once!"

"She's not there," I told her.

"No, she's not," admitted Adam. "She's in her bedroom. I'll bring her downstairs."

"No you won't! We're leaving!" I said as I grabbed Jen by the arm.

"Sam, I want to see Samantha, please?" she cried.

"Adam is not bringing Samantha down!" I yelled as I saw Adam sprint up the stairs.

I quickly pulled Jen toward the door and pushed Keisha, who was trying to block my path, out of the way. We ran to the car and jumped in. In the distance, in my rearview mirror, I saw Adam Davis standing on his doorstep, in his pajamas, watching us speed away.

"What was that about?" asked Jen whose eyes were moist from tears.

"I think they were going to kill us" I said grimly.

I decided we should find a nice quiet place to talk, so we got on the turnpike and went to a fast food restaurant at a rest stop. I figured that this would be the last place anyone would look for us. Jen was hungry from her ordeal, so we ate while we tried to figure out what to do next.

"I think the first thing we need to do is establish your identity. Do you have any documentation anywhere to prove who you are?" I asked.

"No. My pocketbook and purse must have been taken from me when I was abducted. My passport should be in my lockbox at the bank, but Adam has the key."

"Have you ever been arrested?"

"And here I thought you were my friend," she laughed. "Sorry to disappoint you, but haven't."

"I'm glad I'm not helping a crook," I smiled at her. "I'm just trying to find out if you've ever been fingerprinted. Your fingerprints should establish who you are if they're on file anywhere. Were you in the service?"

"No, but before I became a fulltime mom, I was a broker's assistant for the Willoughby Brokerage House downtown. As a licensed rep, I was required to be fingerprinted."

"Perfect! Tomorrow we can go to the Federal Building and get that handled. That should allow us to get you a copy of your birth certificate too."

"You're amazing!" said Jen as she took my hand in hers.

I tried to keep my composure, but the blood flow was going somewhere other than my brain. "In the meantime, we need to keep out of sight. Since we don't know what we are up against, we should probably shouldn't go back to my place.We can stay overnight in the hotel on the turnpike," I suggested.

"Great! I can pay for it," smiled Jen.

"How?" I asked.

"I have three hundred dollar bills that were in my cleavage. Remember, I needed something to pay for the room when I was Jezebel."

Something about Jen was bothering me. She seemed so happy now. I could tell that she was missing her daughter back at her house and she was angry about what Adam had done to her, but if I had been in her place, I don't think I would have been acting as happily as she was. "Jen, are you OK?"

"Yes, Sam for the first time in a long time, I'm OK," she gave me a crooked smile which made my heart skip a beat.

"May I ask, why?"

She smiled at me for a moment, as if to try to figure out why she was so happy. "I'm being helped by a wonderful man, who cares enough about me to risk his own life just to help me. It also helps that I'm really attracted to him," said Jen.

"Ouch" I thought to myself. I had always considered myself a fairly chivalrous guy. Not overly sexist, but helping damsels in distress was one of my worst character flaws. It always seemed to get me into trouble. Of course, this was the first time that it had caused me to risk my own life. I looked at the beautiful, but abused and discarded woman who sat across from me smiling and still holding my hand, and I knew that while I had rejected her as the hottest woman I had ever seen, I would be unable to reject her as the lovely woman that she was now. Part of me was hoping that I would not be put on the spot. Part of me was begging for the chance. That night I would get my answer.

After deciding on one bedroom instead of two because Jen had convinced me that she did not want to be alone, Mr. And Mrs. Samuel Borden checked into room 224. It was fun to be "married" again, if even for just a night. I put the "do not disturb" sign on the door out of the need for sleep, not for extracurricular activities. Jen went right to sleep. I stayed up for an hour or so as I looked at Jen sleeping on the double bed next to mine. The poor kid had been through so much. Her life would become an uphill battle now. She would need to stabilize her life to get custody of her daughter. She was still young enough to start over. I thought how I envied the fact that she had a child. My wife wasn't able to have kids which had caused some of the friction in our marriage. I fell asleep to thoughts of how disappointing my life had been in so many ways up to this point.

I don't know exactly how long I was out, but I remember having this incredible dream. Needless to say it involved the beautiful woman who was sleeping in the bed next to mine. It was incredibly vivid. It started out with me taking Jezebel up on her offer. She knelt down and began to blow me. After a minute or so, I pulled her off my cock.

"This isn't right!" I said. Her beautiful mane of blonde hair then began to darken as it had in the store and then I noticed that it was Jen.

"Is this better?" she asked.

I nodded as she started bobbing her lovely face on my cock. When I looked in her eyes, there was no redness. Her eyes were beaming back into my own. I smiled thinking how lucky I was to have Jen. Then I realized that I didn't have Jen. She immediately disappeared. Strangely I still felt the presence of her lips on my cock, even though she wasn't there. I awakened with a start to see something that shocked me.

Jennifer was completely naked and was beaming at me as she sucked my cock The redness in her eyes was still there, but she looked just as happy as in my dream. "Jen, please don't" I said and Jen pulled her mouth off of me.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself," she said as she started to cry.

I quickly realized my mistake. My heart broke immediately. I had rejected her. After everything she had been through, she needed to be wanted which was easy because I really wanted her. I quickly pulled her to me and began to kiss her. She stopped crying as she kissed me back. My hand gently caressed her left nipple and she moaned into my mouth at the intimacy. I broke the kiss.

"Why did you want to suck my penis?" I asked.

"I like sucking cock. Yours in particular," said Jennifer as she blushed.

"Did you like doing it before you were abducted?" I asked.

"God no!" she laughed. "Remember how I said that I loved all the dirty things I had done?"

"Yes, but I assumed that it was only when you were Jezebel and you aren't Jezebel anymore."

"I guess in some ways I'm still Jezebel. What happened to me, happened to me. None of that can ever change. While you helped to undo the physical changes and gave me back my identity, my sex drive and my sexual tastes seem to be similar to hers. From what I remember, she needed to have you. It seems like I do too," she said quietly.

"Are you saying that since Jezebel couldn't have me, you need to complete her mission?" I asked.

"I do think that I need you in some way as she did, but it's more than that. I think that I'm falling for you."

"We just met. Are you sure it's not just the need talking?" I asked in a mixture of disbelief and surprise, yet hope.

"When I was Jezebel, I felt no real emotional response other than lust to sex. As Jennifer Porter..." started Jen.


"I better get used to using it again. Anyway, I feel lust toward you, but I also feel a real affection and attraction for you as a person."

"You do?" I asked as I felt myself getting lightheaded by lust and overwhelmed by emotion.

"Let me prove my love to you," she smiled as she started to kiss me and took my cock in her hand. I moaned my assent into her mouth.

A moment later, I felt her lower herself on top of me and start to ride me. Despite the moisture of her arousal, her channel was tighter than anyone I had ever been with as she forced more of my penis into her. I looked up to see Jen wearing the same expression on her face when she was blowing me. It was if her very reason for existence was my pleasure. The way she looked along with her earlier oral ministrations and lack of use of my equipment, caused me to understand that I wasn't going to last long.

Jen sensed me trying hold back. "It's OK, Sam darling. Show me your love. Plant your seed in me and claim me forever. Make me yours. I need to belong to you!" moaned Jen as she seemed strangely close to coming too.

For some reason I knew I needed to possess this woman. I wasn't sure if it was because she was so vulnerable and needed me, or because my ex-wife had been a demanding and dominant force in my life. None of this really matter. She needed me to take her and I wanted to do so. As my semen fired into her depths, I realized that nothing would ever be the same again in my life.

"That's it baby! Cum inside me!" she cried. Jen's body immediately began to shake as her own orgasm claimed her. I was cumming harder than I ever did with any woman before. Jen kept crying "Take me!" and I responded "You're mine!" over and over.

When it was over I pulled Jen down and began to kiss her which she happily returned. After frenching for a few minutes I motioned for her to put her head on my chest and she eagerly scampered off of my flaccid cock to comply. I kissed her forehead and said. "I love you, Jen."

She replied evenly, "I love you too, Master."

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