Abigail and Moira
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Coercion, Heterosexual, Humiliation, First, Oral Sex, Petting, Prostitution,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Abi pursues her acting dream but is taunted by her sister and takes revenge in the nastiest way possible, while her ex-boyfriend pleads for another chance and poor Alistair has a most embarrassing problem. (Please note the heavy Scottish language and accent throughout that may impact on readability for non-UK people)

The teenage Abigail smiled at her boyfriend and licked her lips, wiggling her underwear-clad body from side to side. She put on the radio, it was playing pop music, but it was sufficient for her purposes, and she twirled in his bedroom in the riverside house where he lived.

He gulped and sniffed, sat on his bed in his school uniform and Abigail bit her lip as she moved her body forwards and pushed her well developed chest into his face. He gasped in surprise, and she gave him a seductive look.

"Come on," she encouraged him and spun around to allow him to remove her bra. He fumbled with the clip and Abigail looked over her shoulder as she ground her slender body into his lap and he freed her teenage orbs from their housing.

Abigail leapt up and licked her lips again, dancing to the music as her breasts swayed with her jerking motion. Alistair watched intently as she moved, and his breathing changed – becoming ragged and irregular. "Yer sexy," he offered and Abigail grinned at him.

"This time," she told him, looking into his hazel eyes framed by wiry glasses. "We dae it. You'll like it. It'll be special," she told him. "Promise."

He nodded transfixed by the teenage girl as she spun around again, still dancing to the melodious tunes of East 17 and she pulled his head onto her bare chest. She faked sounds of arousal as she smothered him and then let him go. She pulled her white knickers down to her feet, stepping out of them and bending back to present her pubis to her boyfriend.

His expression changed, and he bit his lip. "What's matter?" Abigail asked and rolled her eyes. "Ahh not again."

He gulped and looked at her with apologetic eyes. "Sorry," he muttered. "It's ... umm ... it's done it again."

Abigail groaned silently. "You ain't gonna lose ya cherry if ya keep doin' that, are ya?" He sniffed and nodded, looking down forlornly at the sticky, wet patch forming on the front of his school trousers and she got up, taking a deep breath. "S'ok," she told him and sat down next to him thinking. "S'ok."

"But I ain't ever been wiv a lass," he confessed. "N' ye dae t'ings like that. It's too much."

Abigail sniffed. "I'm wantin' it to be special for ya," she replied. "Be a wee bit 'mazing. Was me first time," the teenager schoolgirl told him and picked up her underwear. "Last day of school, an' all that." She passed him some tissue, and he nervously looked at her. "Go on," she told him. "Clean up. Was going to see it anyway."

Abigail watched as he anxiously peeled down his trousers and soaking wet underwear, smelling the scent of semen as he revealed himself to her. She had to stop herself from laughing; Alistair possessed the tiniest cock she had ever seen, just poking out above his pubic hair and he gave a whimper. "Ah know," he muttered. "It's paukit."

She sniffed and held his hand. "Ahh ... it's how you use it," she found herself saying. "Maybe tomorrow," she muttered and took a deep breath. "But I need to teach you how to get me off. Is'ne fair you spunking every time and me getting cold feet." She looked into his face and got up.

"No wait," Alistair muttered and reached over, pulling Abigail's arm and kissing his partner. Abigail broke their embrace and looked at him.

"What's with yer tongue? You ain't churning butter." He scowled at her, and Abigail just shook her head and threw him back onto the bed, pulling his clothes onto the floor. "Ya want it?" Alistair nodded, and Abigail wiped her chin and swung her hips over the laid out figure of her beau and rested on his thighs. She took his glistening member in her hands and stroked it gently, pushing it down to his pubic hair, and he groaned as it stiffened instantly to it's full length.

He closed his eyes, and his buttocks clenched as he gripped the thin mattress and moved his hips in time to Abigail's motions. She smiled at him and moved forward up the bed, so that his cock touched her clit before coming to rest just outside her hole. She watched his face as she gently sank down on it and smiled, watching his face as he groaned, gasped and then pursed his lips together, as his body shook.

She felt a small jet inside of her and looked at his face tense and then scowl. "Ahh Abigail."

"Forget it," Abigail cried and grabbed hold of her clothes en route to the bathroom. "Ya ain't doing anything more with me."

Ahh Abigail ... sorry!" Alistair cried as he frantically found his clothes. "Ahh Abigail ... ahhh fuck!"

"You do surprise me!" The brown-haired girl told her friend in her London accent. "Alistair ain't no stud."

Abigail snorted and kicked her legs against the wall underneath her and looked at her friend eating a pastry from the local bakers. "Ah ain't surprised," Abigail replied. "E's a virgin 'til today but I barely touch'd 'im, and 'e's spunking it."

Lisa laughed. "How long were you going out?"

"Week," Abigail told her.

"Long term for you." She hesitated and bit into her lunch. "Since Simon, of course." Abigail hummed for a moment and agreed. "Ya needs to find a proper bloke not some desperate guy."

"Like yer brotha?" Abigail asked, and Lisa shrugged. "I mean, he wasn't bad in the bedroom. Needed some practice but I could give 'im that. But so immature out of it."

"He's fourteen," Lisa replied in a slightly annoyed tone. "And he ain't been dumped before. You near-on broke 'is heart." She looked at the guilty face of her friend and smiled. "But 'e got over you after an hour or two. Going out with the gal from newsagent's now." She sniffed and offered the final third of her pastry to her friend who eagerly took it. "How 'bout that Eoin, on the big farm up river. Big muscles and all that."

Abigail laughed and pondered this for a moment. "Ah-bet 'e's never been with a woman. Just cows and sheep." Lisa burst out laughing as Abigail ate the last of the pastry. "Saw your ex last week, Willie. 'E asked me out, but I said no."

Lisa shook her head. "Go out with him if ya want."

"After what ya said. To put ya off sex for two years, ahh that's bad."

Lisa groaned. "I am not off sex. I am just off Scottish boys. Well, one particular one. I just want a fella who isn't a bastard."

Abigail snorted and then coughed. "Got me audition next week," she told her friend. "Came through the post few days ago." Lisa touched her friend on the arm and smiled at her. "Might get away from Scottish boys for life."

"Ahh ... best of luck to ya. Glasgow right?"

"It's Glasgae," her friend teased, mimicking Lisa's London accent, and nodded. "Yeah, Glasgae. Bricking it."

"You'll be fine. You were always good in all the plays we did at school." Abigail smiled and looked over the river.

"Hope so. 'Cause I dain't wanna stay in this town all me life."

"Moira?" Lisa asked, and Abigail nodded. "What's she done now?"

"Ahh, we both went for the same job," Abigail explained. "Tea shop on industrial park, ya know?"

"I know."

"I got it. But she's been a bitch. She's still working at bakery part-time, but tea shop's longer hours." Lisa hummed, and Abigail swept her long hair back. "And I've got to live in the same house as her. She's just been..."

"She's always not liked ya, 'as she?" Lisa asked, and Abigail gulped.

"Nah. Just 'ope I pass me audition for September."

Lisa looked at her watch and jumped down from the low wall. "I gotta get home, Mum's doing tea. Ya coming?" Abigail nodded and joined her friend as they walked through the isolated Scottish town towards the estate they both lived on. "Ahh, meant to tell you. We 'eard from Dad last week. He's coming out soon." Abigail gulped, and Lisa smiled.

"That's good, right?"

"Ma's still wanting a divorce but he's leaving London 'n' coming up 'ere. Leave it for a week and they'll be happy again." Lisa giggled and rubbed her hands. "And no messin' with me Dad. I know you want to try every guy in the town, but I ain't havin' you moanin' 'bout my Dad in the bedroom." Lisa chortled as Abigail swore. "But it'd only last a few days with you anyway."

"Ahh 'e's been inside for five years. He'll be like Alistair," Abigail teased causing her friend to screw up her face, as they turned onto the little housing estate they called home. "Ya know that. One touch squirtin'."

"I don't wanna think 'bout it," Lisa moaned and then smiled at her friend. "But ya prob'bly right."

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