A Flower in Her Hair
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by harry lime

Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Harry is recently divorced and quite ready to move on without reliving the past. He meets a "Flower Child" in San Francisco and decides maybe women aren't all that bad after all.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Squirting  

The very first time I saw Julie was on a beautiful Sunday afternoon over by Fisherman's Wharf right after the 49ers got their ass kicked yet again by the Oakland Raiders. It wasn't even a close game and I was sorely disappointed by their performance.

I decided to change my mood with some good seafood at my favorite restaurant along with a couple of glasses of the Italian wine that always put me in good spirits.

After finding a fairly safe parking spot on a side street away from the expensive parking lot thieves who preyed on the gullible tourists, I strolled down to the pier thinking about my failed marriage and the painful 50/50 split of all my assets and even future earnings.

My ex-wife Marsha had plenty of "old money" from her stingy family but her lawyers had insisted on draining me of every last cent of available cash and even divested me of my Nob Hill townhouse that had belonged in my family for several generations. I had run up the white flag of surrender because I was ready to "move on" and get it all behind me. Marsha's nasty attorney had even insisted my dog Rex be transferred to my ex-wife's custody. I had raised Rex from a puppy and I was certain he would be heartbroken by the split. You can imagine my astonishment when I saw Rex lounging on a plush pillow being fed goodies by my ex-wife whilst he wagged his tail in sheer adoration ignoring me entirely. It was the final straw. I vowed never to visit that house ever again.

Just as I came out of the narrow side street leading to the piers, I spied a beautiful young girl dressed all in white and shaking a tambourine to attract attention right in front of me. She was obviously begging for money and apparently doing a brisk business with the droves of tourist types looking for the San Francisco atmosphere of free love and flower power.

I dug into my side pocket and found I had no cash to offer the pretty young girl so I just smiled and continued to walk on.

"You are one cheap prick, Mister!"

Not having been addressed quite in this manner by a female ever before, I stopped and saw the girl grinning at me with a look that dared me to make something out of it.

"If you care to accompany me over to the restaurant, young lady, I will cash a check and give you a donation."

She looked at me and came closer giving me the scent of her flower woven hair and some intriguing exotic perfume that seemed terribly addictive.

"Mingling with the natives, Mister?"

I laughed and told her my name was Harry and that I was born not very far from where we were standing at the very moment. She linked her arm in mine and said,

"Well, lead on, Harry, I am never one to refuse a donation from a fellow San Franciscan. Besides, I will take the opportunity to use the can without being hassled for not being a customer. This begging business is getting real boring."

She told me her name was Julie and that she was actually originally from El Dorado in the foothills of the Sierra Madre's.

I spoke to Henry the manager and he quickly cashed my check and asked if I needed a table. I looked at Julie returning from the ladies and said in a voice loud enough for her ears,

"Table for two, please, Henry!"

Julie gave me a queer look and linked her arm in mine once again. I was not certain if that meant she was following me or I was following her. In any event, she was so radiantly beautiful and fresh, that I had no objection in either case.

The meal was delicious and the wine was quite perfect. Julie was an intelligent girl and used her words sparingly and with great effect. When her hidden legs rubbed on mine under the table I continued to talk without pause and only my rock-hard erection gave evidence of my arousal.

Both Julie and I were in fine spirits coming out of the restaurant and I decided to take a cab instead of driving even though I felt I was not under the influence in any way. She clung to me like a vine wrapped about a sturdy tree seeking its sap and deep-rooted stability.

I don't remember ever asking Julie to go home with me. In fact, I don't remember ever asking her to go to bed with me, but there we were humping away like love-struck students looking for Mr. Goodbar.

After shooting two very memorable loads into her astonishingly tight pussy, I relaxed for a moment and drank in the vision of her perfect body face down on the bed with her flowery hair cascading around her like a lost Princess in fairyland.

I started to fondle her perfectly shaped ass that rose like twin mountain peaks guarding a lush valley of heavy brush and dangerous caves leading her to groan in erotic pleasure. It signaled to me that her backside was also a center of sensual enjoyment and I proceeded to explore her hot damp crack and even rimmed her pucker hole with my inquisitive finger.

Julie was moaning now and she even pushed her ass up to get more of my finger inside her brown eye. This was almost the "promised land" for me because my ex-wife was adamant about not "fooling around" with her tight little rear door. Of course, I respected her wishes and was incensed to find out she was taking it up the ass on a regular basis from her personal trainer, Juan, a butt-focused money grubber from Brazil.

Anyway, here I was next to the most perfectly shaped female ass I had ever seen in my entire life and it belonged to a girl who wanted my cock in it as deep as I could get it. I hastened to straddle her squirming hips and pressed my stiff cock right in between her ass cheeks. She shuddered and squealed in delight when the tip of my cock started to lodge in her brown eye. When Julie looked over her shoulder at me, I could see the excitement and the anticipation in her eyes begging me to push deeper inside her quivering pucker hole.

"Oh, Harry, I just love it back there like that. Make me take it and be a bad girl. I want to be a bad girl for you, Harry. Shove it in deep, Harry. Pound my ass hard and make me feel it."

I did exactly what she asked and was rewarded with Julie's shouts of pleasure. She was in the throes of an erotic anal orgasm and her pussy was squirting lots of female juice all over my sheets. She started to talk nonsense that I didn't understand and then would burst out with laughter when I bottomed out deep inside her rectum. Every now and then, she would look up at me with tears in her eyes but they were tears of pleasure and not of pain. She begged me to spank her ass hard, but I was hesitant because I was brought up never to hit a woman. After her repeated requests for my hand on her ass cheeks, I relented and started to spank her quite hard, picturing her to be my ex-wife, and deserving of such treatment. It pushed Julie over the top again and she shuddered into another orgasm that threatened to bring my mattress to the floor.

We slept wrapped around each other like two people searching for warmth on a deserted island with only our bodies to give us heat.

Early the next morning, I woke up to the touch of Julie's lips pressing tightly around my hard stiff shaft and long hard cock buried deep inside her wet succulent mouth. Her hands were on my flat tummy and cupping my soft balls churning up a new load for her thirsty throat. I was wide awake now and humming with the sensation of her mouth sliding up and down my long rod. My ex-wife had rarely taken my cock into her mouth except at those times when she was trying to get me to agree to something I knew was not a very good idea at all.

I tried to warn Julie the flood was coming and I was unable to stop it from its ultimate splashdown inside her friendly mouth. She just waved me off and kept up the rhythm forcing me to give it all to her without further delay. The poor girl sputtered and gagged with the onslaught but bravely swallowed it all down inside her delicate petite body. I wanted to applaud her for a stellar performance but felt it would be a little biased on my part.

Over coffee, I discovered that she was enrolled in the art classes at San Francisco State College and was a budding artist using the medium of water colors. She confided in me that even though most of her friends were "hippies" she had never done drugs because her father was a doctor and he had given her a fair share of lectures about the consequences. Apparently her parents had moved from El Dorado down to Los Angeles and she was not keen about the Southern California scene and decadent lifestyles. I had to really chuckle about that because it was not my expectation at all of her true feelings.

Julie told me I was only her third sex partner.

I felt a little deflated that she referred to me as a "sex partner" and not the more reassuring "lover" with its contingent sense of romance.

I was surprised that she was only 18 because she was so mature in her personality and behavior. In fact, she seemed to have more common sense than my 28 year old ex-wife. Yes, the one with most of my money.

Although I was loath to hear the details, Julie insisted on telling me the full story of her two prior sexual experiences.

The first was quite ordinary for an 18 year old student overwhelmed with a laughable crush on a tenured teacher with a wife and 3 children. She told me "Doug" had "busted her cherry wide open" and then seemed overly attentive to stretching her sphincter most of the time. She said he apologized for his predilection for anal pursuits, but still relentlessly pounded her ass until she had acquired a perverted taste for all things anal. It had lasted for over a year until she caught him fucking another female student in the art lab after school. The sight of the trembling 18 year old teenaged cheeks being bounced hard from behind by her beloved Doug turned her off men for several months, at least until she met the boy of her dreams, "Billy".

She told me that Billy seemed a nice boy at first and that he only kissed her face and lips and sometimes fondled her boob or touched her ass. When he asked her to "go down", Julie said,

"Go down where?"

He quickly instructed her on the proper etiquette for taking care of a cock with her mouth. After a number of learning experiences resulting in gobs of creamy cum all over her face and clothes, Billy told her to open up her legs and allow him to give her a "good poke". Julie told me no matter how often Billy poked her "down there" she was never able to get a good orgasm like the ones she experienced anally from the devious Doug.

When I told her I was married for several years and was only recently divorced, she asked very naively if I was "still in love" with my ex-wife. She didn't quite understand my amusement, but I told her I would not exactly describe our relationship as "love". I wanted to say it was "undeclared war" but hesitated to burst her bubble. Apparently, marriage to this girl meant being soul-mated or deep-seated love. In retrospect, I would have to admit that, perhaps, that was my interpretation before I was married as well.

After she had left my place, I noticed she had forgotten her yellow laced panties and I absent-mindedly picked them up and cradled them my fist. When I brought them close to my nostrils, I could still see her perfect heart-shaped ass and her tight little brown eye.

There was no doubt in my mind that I would be calling the alluring girl with the flower in her hair very soon. We had unfinished business and, after all, I had to be a gentleman and return her sweetly scented yellow laced panties at the first opportunity.

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