The Inner Circle
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Reluctant, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, BDSM, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Fisting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Doctor/Nurse, Menstrual Play, Slow, Caution,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The husband of a wealthy and powerful woman reports to an isolated country clinic for a vasectomy. What should be a simple procedure ends up being a bit more...involved.

He came in for a vasectomy, and thought he got lucky to have such a sexy nurse pay close and careful attention to his manhood. She seemed to be playing with him more than examining him, getting him hard intentionally, and bringing him to the brink of orgasm before tugging his balls sharply to back him off the edge.

He had no idea why his wife made the appointment with a specialist that practices so far outside of town. His old doctor could have done the job and had him on his way in less time than it took him to drive to the isolated country estate.

When he saw the gorgeous, provocatively dressed nurses at this remote medical practice, he forgot all objections. Nurse Kelly was dressed in a nurse's uniform, but not the standard scrubs he saw in his regular doctor's office, or even the short white uniform he sometimes saw in movies or on TV. The nurse that was expertly manipulating his hard cock and his heavy, full testicles was dressed in a red and white latex nurse's costume, with sheer tan stay up stockings, the tops of which were not even covered by the hem of the skin-tight mini-dress. Rather than the crocs or clogs which most nurses wore, this nurse wore red patent peep toe platform heels.

Even when the nurse's assistant wheeled in the video equipment during the preliminary examination, while the patient's pants were down around his ankles, and the nurse had him nearly to the point of orgasm, he didn't question the unusual practices.

"The video is for our protection, as well as yours," the nurse explained cryptically. He could feel her breath on his hard organ as she spoke. The nurse's assistant stayed behind after putting the camera in place, staring directly at his naked cock and dangling balls, seemingly fascinated by the nurse's manipulations.

"You don't mind if I stay and watch?" the nurse's assistant asked without looking at him. "I'm studying to be a nurse here someday, and the doctor said it's okay if I observe the procedures, as long as the patients don't mind."

"It's okay with me if it's okay with the doctor," he agreed. He had no problem allowing the attractive young blonde woman, wearing the red and white striped short dress that gave her job its old title--'candy-striper'--permission to stay and observe.

He couldn't remember seeing any traditionally dressed nurse's assistants for such a long time ... they all wore standard scrubs lately. Were the dresses always that short and the tops so low-cut? Were the white stay-up stockings with little pink bows part of the uniform too? And he was pretty sure that black patent-leather Mary-Janes were standard, but not with three inch heels.

He nearly came again as he contemplated the alluringly dressed girl. The nurse tugged his balls hard this time. She looked up at the nurse's assistant as the man grunted in surprise and pain, but didn't stop her rhythmic hand motions. "You'll notice I made the interrupting stimulus more painful to the patient this time," she patiently explained to the attentive trainee.

"As the pleasurable manual stimulation continues the force of the negative stimulus needs to increase proportionately, to keep the patient from ejaculating prematurely. Your appearance and presence also adds an erotic fantasy element to the examination," she explained matter-of-factly, "so I pulled even a little harder than I normally might in order to compensate."

"I'll never learn to do this as well as you, Nurse Kelly."

"Sure you will, dear. It takes experience and attention to detail. The first few times I did this I ended up covered in semen, and we had to start the treatment all over again after giving the patients time to recover their energy. That's why I started wearing the latex uniform. Easier clean up."

"How can you tell when he's going to ejaculate?" the nurse's assistant asked eagerly.

The nurse kept staring at the patient's cock and balls as she answered, but it was obvious by the change in tone that she was speaking to the patient, "I'm sure you won't mind if we allow a little 'hands-on' training for this young lady, would you sir?"

"Uuuhhh," was all he could muster.

"Good," the nurse accepted his grunt as permission and continued. "Over in the top drawer you'll find gloves and lubricant. Put gloves on, and on your right hand..." She stopped and gave the man another hard tug. "You are right handed, aren't you Jessica? Good. Then put a generous amount of lubricant on your right hand and come back over here behind him."

The girl complied with the nurse's instructions, and in a moment she came back smiling with her hands in sheer latex gloves, her right index finger shiny with lubricant.

The nurse smiled for a moment than got a stern look. "I said 'hand, ' not 'finger.' You're going to have to listen better than that if you hope to learn anything. Now go do what I said."

The girl pouted and returned to the drawer, this time lubricating her whole hand up to the wrist in generous amounts of clear, drippy goop.

The nurse had to give the patient's balls another sharp pop when he saw the nurse's assistant again. Nurse Kelly was starting to lose her patience with her patient. Without as much as a word, the nurse scooted her wheeled stool over to the examination table and dragged her patient with her by his dangly bits. He struggled to keep up, his ankles caught in his pants.

"Slip those off," she instructed him when he was positioned facing the exam table. He kicked off his shoes and stepped out of the pants. Except for his dress socks, he was naked from the waist down. "Good, now bend over and puts your hands on the exam table." He complied. This left him in an all-fours position so that his manhood and balls would have hung below him, if the nurse ever relinquished her hold. "Feet wider apart. Good."

Now she looked over at the nurse's assistant. "Make a point with your hand, fingers close together, thumb in the middle." The nurse really hoped the nurse's assistant would understand the instruction, since she wanted to keep complete control of the patient without having to demonstrate.

Luckily, the young woman got it right the first time. "Very good!" the nurse praised her a little bit much, but only because her expectations were set low by the first mistake with the lubricant. "Now, put your hand inside."

"Inside the patient?" Maybe the nurse's expectations weren't too low.

"No, bubble brain ... inside your nose," Nurse Kelly answered sarcastically. The young woman started to pout; she looked like she might cry. "Yes, I'm sorry," the experienced older woman apologized. "Inside the patient. Push your hand up into his anus, just up to the wrist." The man opened his mouth to object but the nurse quickly shot him a nasty glare. He decided not to mess with the determined woman who had a firm grip on his balls.

The nurse's assistant approached and pressed her fingers against his tight opening. She was being tentative and not making any headway. "Won't this hurt him?" she asked meekly.

"Hurt? Of course it will. Your hand may be small but it's probably the biggest thing he's ever had in his rectum. But he agreed to this and you said you wanted to learn, so push your hand inside him so we can continue."

"Okay. Here goes," the nurse's assistant giggled, then leaned into the task and put some strength behind it. Slowly at first the quickly widening point of her fingers stretched him out. The nurse could feel his erection flagging as the burning anal pain distracted him from the manipulations. Then all of a sudden, with an aching groan from her patient, the young woman's hand was up and inside.

The nurse's assistant giggled again. She enjoyed the feeling of having a big, strong man bent over to accept her fist in his ass.

"Great. Now just keep your hand in there and concentrate on how his body feels as I manipulate his penis and testicles."


The nurse stroked the patient's cock back to full hardness with a few expert motions. He was starting to enjoy the feeling of his ass being violated, too. She was experienced enough to know the signs. She made a mental note to let the doctor know.

She looked past the patient and up at the nurse's assistant. "Did you feel that?"

"Yeah. He kinda squeezed me a little."

"Excellent." And in another moment, "there, did you feel that?"

"Yes!" the nurse's assistant giggled excitedly, "it was a little twitch from the bottom of his butthole."

"That was his prostate. It will twitch multiple times just like that before he has an orgasm."

Nurse Kelly started to feel the signs of a building climax, and gave a really hard tug to the patient's increasingly tender balls.

"Ooh, I felt that from inside," the young woman reported eagerly.

"Very good. You are learning. Once you've been certified to do this part I'll have you do the manual manipulations of the patient's penis and testicles, and I'll keep track of the patient with my hand in his rectum." The patient was hoping his nurse would let the assistant practice on him.

"But not today. Take your hand out, and grab a catch setup. This one is ready for his final milking, and then he can be processed by the doctor."

The nurse's words were a bit ominous. 'Final milking?' 'Processed?' He grunted in pain again as the young woman withdrew her fist from his ass, and then tentatively voiced his concerns.


"Yes?" the nurse shot back coolly.

"I thought this was just a simple procedure. Are you sure you have me down for the right operation?"

"Yes, of course," she forced a smile. "You're here for the 'full safety' vasectomy, right? That's what your wife told us when she scheduled your appointment."

"Umm, yes, I am here for the vasectomy. Not sure what 'full safety' means."

"Don't you worry a bit, honey." Her voice softened and her demeanor changed, and she felt the results in the increased firmness of his erection. "Doctor Jacobsen uses the term 'full safety' to indicate that she takes extra special care of the men she treats. You and your wife can have complete confidence that your procedure will be done by the world's leading expert, and that you will receive the most tender and attentive after-care available, and that her results are guaranteed 100%. Just think, you can have sex as often as you and your wife desire, and will never have to worry again about fathering any children. You and your wife will be able to explore new worlds of sexual adventure. Isn't that wonderful?"

He was really confused now. His wife had always strictly controlled his access to sex. This sounded like there was some sort of an error, maybe a mistaken identity or mixed up patient instructions. "I'm pretty sure you have the wrong man."

"I'm sorry if I spoiled your wife's surprise. Please don't tell her, okay?" The nurse looked worried. "Wives usually bring their husbands here when they are ready to experience a new, more open sex life. Some wives even share their husbands with other women; a few even allow their husbands dozens of partners after this treatment. The level of trust provided by our special procedure really opens wives up to a new way of looking at sex."

"Oh." He wished his wife had let him in on her plan. It might have helped to know what she was thinking about. But his birthday was coming up this weekend, so maybe that's why this part of the 'treatment' had been kept so secret.

He was getting close to orgasm with the fantasies that were running through his head, and the nurse's assistant hadn't retrieved the catch equipment yet.

Nurse Kelly slowed her hand motions to make sure he held it in, not wanting to take the chance of giving him a ball tug in his current, somewhat confused and increasingly sore, condition.

"But you are keeping my sperm frozen in case my wife and I want to have kids in the future, right? I mean, she's had me producing samples twice a day for two months because she said we need to make sure there is an adequate supply."

"Of course, honey. Of course." At that point Jessica arrived with the lubricated tube, attached to small capture vessel and a mechanism that looked like a miniature air hand-pump, the kind you might use for bicycle tires or sports equipment. "Now climb up on the table on your hands and knees, we need to get this final milking done so you are on time for your scheduled session with the Doctor."

He managed to awkwardly get up on the table, and the nurse managed somehow to stay seated on her rolling chair without ever letting go of his throbbing cock and achingly full balls.

Jessica placed the mechanism on a tray beside the exam table, and rearranged the video to capture a close view of the man's dangling equipment from behind. She returned to the opposite side of the exam table, making sure she was not blocking the video shot, and handed the mechanism to the nurse underneath the trembling arch of the patient's body.

"Go ahead and put the patient's penis into the tube, Jessica." The nurse's assistant tentatively took the head of his hard cock in one hand, and aimed it into the lubricated tube with the other. It was a snug fit, but the nurse helped to slide the tube all the way to the base of his erection. It was the first time since the examination began that she let go of his shaft.

Nurse Kelly adjusted a valve on the device and slowly started pumping the handle in and out of the chamber. The man started to groan in pleasure, and she knew he wouldn't last long. "Would you like to help milk him, Jessica?"

"Yes, Nurse Kelly. I would like to do that!"

"You still have your gloves on, good girl. Slide your index finger into his ass. It should be easy now since you stretched him out with your fist." The eager girl did as she was told. "You remember feeling the prostate? You should be able to feel it with your fingertip now. Press it gently when he starts to orgasm, and you can literally milk his semen out of him. It won't be long now."

She turned to the patient. His eyes were shut, and he was savoring the wonderful feeling on his shaft, and the feminine attentions to his balls and even inside his ass. For quite some time, sex with his wife had been mainly consisted of him masturbating in her presence, so he wanted to make this intimate sensation last as long as possible.

Nurse Kelly looked at her watch. She knew that he was trying to delay his climax and she really didn't have time for her patient's pleasure. They had a schedule to keep and she needed to finish this process. She looked back at Jessica and spoke in a sultry voice.

"Have you ever had a man's smooth, hard cock in your mouth, Jessica?" The young woman shook her head. "No? It feels really good to suck on a nice hard cock like his. You should definitely try it soon. That's what the men all say this pump feels like, a really good blowjob. In, out, in, out of a nice wet, warm mouth, a nice young virginal mouth like yours, Jessica."

That was all it took, he couldn't hold back any longer; he moaned and bucked, his cock pulsing into the device. Impossible amounts of cum jetted out into the vessel below. Nurse Kelly stroked and petted his balls, and Jessica milked his prostate gently with her finger, and the cum just kept spurting out, spasm after spasm, far longer and more powerful than any orgasm he ever had.

The nurse like to count the contractions, and after the eleventh, he was finally done. He nearly tied the clinic record. She skillfully removed the device and set it on the counter as he collapsed face down in a heap on the table.

Jessica kept her finger in the patient's ass longer than she needed. She enjoyed the feeling of a man responding to her touch. Nurse Kelly noted the young woman's behavior with satisfaction. She was going to be a good addition to the clinical practice.

The nurse checked her watch again. She needed to move quickly to stay on schedule. Underneath the exam table there was a green tank attached to a breathing mask.

She took the mask and put it over the man's face. "Take a couple deep breaths, honey. We need to prep you and it's faster this way." He didn't need much of the anesthesia to put him happily under, and she gave him only enough to make him take a short, comfortable nap.

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