My Intervention on Mom
Chapter 1

I am an eighteen-year-old girl living with my mother. My name is Alison. Dad was killed in an industrial accident four years ago. Dad's life insurance policy was only enough to cover burial services.

Since then everything has gone downhill financially. Mom couldn't keep up with the bills, especially the mortgage. The bank has already sent one foreclosure warning in the mail. The credit card companies call constantly, trying to collect.

Lately, Mom has started to drown her sorrows by drinking. She passes out almost every evening. At first, I thought this was to my advantage. I could do what I wanted to do with my free time. But soon, I really started to worry about my Mom's health.

When I hit puberty, I was self conscious of my body during the physical changes. I developed sooner than most of the girls my age. At those times, the boys at school stared at my body in a way that made me uncomfortable. That is why I've always worn three layers on top and never anything short on bottom.

Now that I'm in my late teens, things have changed. I'm noticing a trend. Some girls I see are not afraid to show off. They definitely get the most attention from the boys. My emotions wanted some of that attention.

I went to a house party this past Summer that had around sixty people my age and a little older. Once I made my way to the kitchen, my attention focused on a girl from my homeroom class.

Susan is a rather tall girl and has long blonde hair that's usually in a ponytail. She was randomly wandering through every room and sometimes moved about the back yard too. I followed at a distance.

When she wasn't sipping her drink, she had a big smirk on her face. The reason for the smirk was the fact that she was only wearing short denim cutoffs and sandals. Even though she had smallish breasts, every male that wasn't with his girlfriend tried to talk with her.

She was polite with them, but she moved on within a few moments each time. No one said anything negative to her or about her. Nobody tried to grope her. I was fascinated.

She finally caught me staring at her. Her smirk broadened to a grin. Then, just like she did with the boys, she walked away.

A short while later, Heather, the girl that gave me a ride to the party approached.

She said, " I need to leave now. If you want a ride home, let's go".

At that moment Susan also approached. I looked at her, then back at Heather. Heather saw my questioning look.

"Susan overheard that I was leaving and asked for a ride home", she explained. I looked back at Susan and this time I lowered my gaze enough to see she was holding her white top against her hip.

"Oh", I replied.

Heather started walking towards the front door followed by Susan. I brought up the rear. Heather opened the door and walked out. My jaw dropped when Susan simply held her top against her chest with one forearm and followed Heather. As soon as Susan was seated in the back of the car and closed her door, she promptly let her top drop into her lap.

Susan's house was closest so it was the first stop. Her house was set back from the street a ways with a long driveway leading to it. When the car stopped, Susan thanked Heather for the ride and hopped out. I looked with amazement as she walked to the front door holding her top bunched up against her hip.

When she opened it, she turned and waved goodbye to us. Then she went inside as is. I looked at Heather and she looked at me and answered my unasked question as we turned around to leave.

"I have visited Susan here about five or six times. She never wears a top at home. Her little sister doesn't wear any clothes at home. Their parents are very liberal minded and just let them be themselves. It's a different lifestyle, but it seems harmless", She added.

I had an epiphany at that moment. I wasn't ready to go out in public with a lot of me showing. But, I still wanted to try something like Susan had just done and home seemed like the safe place to do it. By the time Heather dropped me off, I had a plan to make it okay with Mom and get her sober as well. A win/win scenario.

When Heather dropped me off, I went through the front door as quietly as I could. I saw mom already passed out on the couch. Conditions were perfect for my plan.

I slowly and gently began to undress her. There were only three pieces of clothing on her. A tank top, wrap around skirt, and panties. I randomly tossed them across the room. Mom never even stirred.

She is a tiny woman and has almost nonexistent breasts. What I noticed was how big her nipples were. They are bigger than mine. She had a very sparse amount of black hair between her legs.

I then went to my room and undressed down to my panties. I returned to the living room and made myself comfortable in the recliner. I spent six long hours consciously waiting for mom to wake up. My heart was racing too fast to sleep under these conditions.

When mom mumbled the first signs of waking up, I anxiously got my script loaded in the front of my head. This was it. Showtime.

I closed my eyes to feign sleep. I could hear rustling nearby.

"Alison! Wake up. Why are we naked?", mom exclaimed.

I blinked my eyes a few times and answered, "You don't remember?"

Mom had a guilty look on her face. She looked at the floor and said, "No"

"Seriously?", I shouted and covered my nipples with one forearm. "I can't believe we went through all that last night and you don't even remember. And you say that you don't have a drinking problem", I added a little quieter.

"I'm sorry. I guess I really screwed up", Mom admitted.

I began, "When I got home from the party last night, you asked me how it was. I said okay. But you kept asking for details".

I told Mom about Susan and how much attention she got.

"Mom, you got very defensive of me. You said, I am a very beautiful girl, but how am I going to attract the attention of a nice boy dressed like I was. You picked on me for wearing three layers on top and loose fitting slacks on bottom.

You challenged me to dress sexier. I told you that I didn't have such clothes and I wouldn't feel comfortable in public like that anyway."

I went on, "Mom, you made comments like, 'I have low self esteem of my body' and I needed to find a way to get over that. You suggested that spending time here in our home without my frumpy clothes would certainly help. I told you that would be difficult".

"You answered, "Why? It's easy. Just watch". You then undressed and threw your clothes across the room. I pointed to her three garments. "You said you promised to stay nude until I joined you and felt comfortable with my body. But Mom, you were very drunk", I interjected.

"I looked back at you trying to hold back my tears and offered that the only way I would join you was if you stopped drinking. I thought I was safe from undressing. I thought that you'd never go for my offer", I stated.

"You squeezed me with your bare body and whispered in my ear that you were done with drinking. You apologized for it affecting me so much. And then you started to remove layers of clothes from me", I finished.

"This is so weird", I told you while looking down at my nipples, "I ... this is happening so fast."

"Mom, you grasped me in the tightest hug that we have had in years. In a few moments, you held me at arm's length and said, 'Everything is going to be okay. I may not have much, but I have my Alison'."

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