The Recruit
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, White Male, Hispanic Female, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Doctor/Nurse, Foot Fetish, Leg Fetish, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A high school football player is making recruiting visits to colleges, and at one school he is invited to "try-out" for a mysterious program that had nothing to do with football, but everything to do with his impressive physical attributes. The selection process begins with an intensive examination at the hands of an attractive staff of nurses.

Nathan was a squarely built, well-muscled 18 year-old football player from Jennings, a small southern town in northern Florida near the Georgia border. He played both tight-end and linebacker on his high school team, and was being recruited by several colleges for his defensive skills by several regional teams.

Nathan had only grown into his relatively impressive frame in the last couple of years. Prior to his growth spurt he'd been a homely, scrawny youth. He lacked the confidence and attitude of many boys his age that had less going for them. In truth, he was a rather bashful young man.

To compound his bad luck, his small high school had more than twice as many boys as girls, and he'd long since been out-competed by the more confident boys for the affection of the two or three girls who even bothered to acknowledge his existence.

On his last visit to CFS, he was coming out of a shower after a workout and one of the seniors on the team pulled him aside.

"Hey man, I think if you decide to come here you'd be the kinda guy that can make some money with a special program. It's only done at CFS, and the right guys can make big bucks and it's all legit with the NCAA. One of the Profs runs it, but you have to try out."

"Sounds too good to be true. What do I have to do?"

"Man, I can't tell you, it's some kind of super-secret that you can only know if you are accepted. But if you get in, it's like a dream. Seriously. Check it out ... it can't hurt. You can always say no if it's not your thing."

Nathan called contact number. The lady who answered said she was a nurse, and she had all kinds of medical instructions for the young man that she said he had to follow strictly if he wanted a chance to get into the very exclusive program.

The one instruction that sounded most strange to Nathan was that he was absolutely prohibited from ejaculating for two whole days before his appointment. He could have sex (he didn't let the nurse know that he was still a virgin) and he could masturbate, but he couldn't let himself ejaculate. She told him it was critical that he not tamper with his hormone balance before the tests or he would probably fail, and if he did there wouldn't be a second chance.

He was given the choice of an early morning or late afternoon appointment, before or after the clinic was open. She told him this was because they saw a lot of flu patients this time of year, and didn't want to risk him getting sick. Nathan took the morning appointment. He didn't explain this to the nurse, but never been able to go more than a full day without whacking off ... he usually masturbated two or three times a day at least, and he wanted to get whatever was going to happen done as soon as possible so he could relieve the pressure sooner.

On the morning of his appointment, Nathan was greeted at the lab by a very attractive, young Hispanic nurse who introduced herself as Angela. She was wearing green hospital scrubs and white nurse's shoes, with her dark, wavy hair pulled back in a tight bun. From what he could tell of her shape under the scrubs, she had large breasts and curvy hips.

Angela led Nathan back into an exam room. "Strip down to your socks and underwear ... you are wearing underwear, aren't you?" Nathan nodded. "Good. Strip down and put your clothes over there on the counter, shoes on the floor. I'll be back in a minute and we can get started."

He quickly stripped down to his jock strap, which was the only clean underwear remaining for this campus visit. He wished he'd had some briefs left, he didn't realize that the nurse was going to see him almost naked. Nathan was used to being naked around guys in a locker room, but not around women. The thought was starting to get him excited, and as he started to get hard, he got more excited that the nurse was going to notice his growing boner.

The nurse gave a perfunctory knock at the door and opened it before Nathan could even respond. She looked him up and down with a slight smirk on her face. "Very good. You appear to be ready. Follow me."

She stepped out of the exam room and turned down the hall, leading him briskly past several empty examination rooms until they reached a nurses station. There was no one else at the station, and she motioned for him to step up on the scale, turning his back and conspicuously naked ass framed by the thin straps of the jock to the rest of the room.

"Put your hands at your side, you're jiggling the scale." As Nurse Angela slowly adjusted the weights on the scale to get an accurate reading, Nathan heard the noise of a door opening behind him.

"Oh my, Angela, what have we here?" another woman's voice said excitedly. He turned his head to look and Angela shot him a withering glance.

"Hold still! Now I have to start over." Nathan stared straight at the wall in front of him and Nurse Angela turned her attention back to the weights, while speaking over his shoulder to the new entrant. "Dr. Murphy wanted me to test him for possible entry into the program, Jenn."

"Nice! I hope he makes it. From what I can see he'd be a great addition. He has superb ... muscle tone from this angle. Don't you agree, Barbara?"

"Very nice tone, balance and a lovely firm shape, Jenn. He'd make a great addition to the study."

Nathan had already begun to blush just from the realization that there was another woman in the room. Now his whole body turned beet red at the thought that these two women whom he couldn't see were staring at his naked ass. Even though he was deeply embarrassed, he was also beginning to be deeply aroused, and he could feel his cock start to thicken even further in his jock. He tried to think about something else, distract himself, but the sense of women's eyes on his naked rear just grew stronger, and as it did, so did his erection.

Nurse Angela looked down at her patient's growing "problem" and smiled. "Ladies, please. Can't you see you are embarrassing the poor boy? You're making it very hard ... to complete my work."

"Sorry, Angie, let Barbara and I know if you need a hand or two with your examination, okay?"

Nurse Angela looked down and saw that the bulge in Nathan's jock had grown so prominent that it started to lift the mesh fabric of the pouch. The other nurses were right, young Nathan looked to be an excellent candidate for Dr. Murphy's program. The nurse took Nathan's height measurement and had him step back off the scale.

"Nathan, I need to do a quick balance test. Lace your fingers together and put your hands behind your head. Yes, just like that." Nathan looked down to see the Nurse gazing directly at his semi-hard cock. Just the knowledge that she was looking at him—and that the expanding mesh of the material gave her a pretty good view of his long, thick member and his large, heavy balls—was enough to give him a complete hard-on in just the few seconds before she spoke again.

Nurse Angela smiled, "Close your eyes and tilt your head backward as far as you can without arching your back. There, that's good. Now without looking down or opening your eyes, turn a complete circle and face me again."

He did as he was told, hearing some whispering at first from the two ladies behind him. As he slowly spun about, being careful not to fall, and was facing directly toward them he heard a gasp and a giggle. He knew the two other ladies were starting straight at his hard-on, barely concealed in his jock strap, and while a second earlier he would have said his cock couldn't have gotten any harder, it got harder still at that moment. Even against the tight confines of the mesh he felt it start to lift away from his balls, straining toward horizontal.

As he completed the 360 he heard Angela's voice again "Keep your hands behind your head but you may straighten up and open your eyes." Nathan did as he was told and opened his eyes to see the young Hispanic nurse gazing directly at his stiff member, which would have been bouncing and throbbing except for the thin layer of elastic fabric holding it back. She spoke to him without looking up. It was as though she was talking to his dick. "See? You ended up right on target. Good job!"

"Walk down back down to the exam room and step up on the stool behind the privacy screen. I'll be there to take a few measurements to determine your suitability, so don't touch anything, including yourself, until I get there."

The young athlete tried to catch a glimpse of the other two ladies as he turned to walk down the hall, but they weren't standing anywhere he could see in a quick, furtive glance. As he walked, the combination of the motion of his strides and the pressure of his massive erection loosened the pouch of the jock, allowing his cock to stand straight out in front of him.

He closed the exam room door behind him and quickly stepped up onto the stool. He almost instinctively pushed his cock down in his jock when he remembered that Nurse Angela had said he was not to touch himself. Nathan was really enjoying the attention, so much so that he began to shake from erotic anxiety. He hoped that Nurse Angela would get to see him naked before the examination was done.

He stood quietly and waited with his boner throbbing away, pointing toward the door, ready to greet the lovely young nurse when she returned.

Nurse Angela slowly opened the door to the room and backed in, rolling a draped medical service cart behind her. Under the drape were some indistinct shapes, and on top of the draping there was a clipboard, a pen, a box of tissues and a measuring tape.

As she backed the cart around the end of the privacy screen, Nathan noted that his height, plus the height of the step stool he was standing on, resulted in his erection pointing right at shoulder height for the beautiful Latina. She almost backed right into his cock before she finished placing the cart, picked up the clipboard and turned around toward her patient.

"Hello, Nathan. Are you holding up okay?" The nurse was still talking directly to his jockstrap, only this time her chest was maybe two inches away from his dick, and he could feel her breath on his bare stomach as she spoke. She held the clipboard up and asked him to sign the release form so that she could begin the examination. He didn't even bother to read it, just scribbled his signature and indicated he was done.

"Thanks." She flipped the waiver form over the clip and wrote Nathan's name on the top of the checklist on the following page. The way she was standing and holding the clipboard put his hard-on directly in her line of sight. Nathan was so excited by the fact that this beautiful woman was looking straight at his throbbing erection that he was getting light headed.

"So, before we start on the exam, I have to ask you something. Your penis is obviously very hard. Is that because you are sexually stimulated or because you have to go to the bathroom?"

"Ummm, I don't have to go to the bathroom, ma'am." The nurse looked up at him and frowned. A shot of fear went through Nathan; he thought he may have offended her with his answer.

"Please, don't call me ma'am ... I'm not that old. You can call me Nurse, or as Nurse Angela, okay?" She smiled again, and Nathan's fear quickly eased.

"Okay, Nurse Angela."

"So, you're saying that you don't have to pee, thus your erection is the result of sexual stimulation." She was talking to Nathan's dick again.

"Yes, Nurse Angela."

"You haven't been touching your penis, have you Nathan? I told you not to."

"No, Nurse."

"So you've gotten this large an erection without any manual stimulation. That's impressive. What about this situation excites you so much, Nathan?"

The young man's throat went dry, and his mind was whirling trying to come up with an answer. "Ahh ... ummm."

"If this is uncomfortable for you to talk about, let me suggest some reasons and you just indicate whether I am right or wrong, okay?"


"I'm guessing that you are not reacting to the clinical surroundings. Most young men aren't excited by health care. It's probably not the way I am dressed. Scrubs aren't top fantasy items on most young men's lists."

"No, it's not that, Nurse."

"So I'm thinking that you are sexually aroused because of your exposure. You enjoy the fact that right at this moment, there's only a thin layer of fabric preventing me from seeing your erect penis. Is that right?"

"Yes, Nurse Angela."

"You realize, Nathan, that your ability to get such an obviously strong erection as yours, under these circumstances, is fairly extraordinary. Most men, even at your age, require visual or manual stimulation of some sort to get that excited." The nurse's tone was clearly complimentary.

"No, nurse, I didn't know that," Nathan responded proudly.

"Do you realize that the mesh pouch of your jockstrap is pulled so tight that I can practically see through it?"

"No, nurse, I didn't." Nathan gulped hard.

"Good boy, Nathan, because it would probably be a violation of clinic policy for you to intentionally expose yourself in order to gain sexual gratification. I wouldn't want to have to cut this examination short."

"Me either, Nurse Angela."

"Very good," the nurse said approvingly. "Now I'm going to ask you some personal questions about your sexual experiences and activity before this date, to determine your suitability for Dr. Murphy's program. Then I'll take some measurements, and we'll be done for the day, okay?" Nathan just nodded. The nurse was still positioned so that she had to look directly at Nathan's protruding cock to see the clipboard as she took notes. It was as though his dick was a microphone and she was talking into it.

"First, have you ever experienced vaginal intercourse?"

"No, nurse." Nathan believed, incorrectly, that he was the only one in his class that hadn't gotten laid and he worried that the answer would disappoint his nurse.

"That's okay; according to studies a majority of boys at your age still haven't, though most pretend they have." Nathan blushed and his dick twitched visibly in the jockstrap.

"Have you ever performed oral sex, either with a woman or a man, Nathan?"

"No, nurse."

"How about anal sex, either giving or receiving?"

"No!" Nathan's response came out a little too abrupt. The Nurse giggled.

Nathan though he could feel the nurse's warm breath on his throbbing dick as she took notes.

"How about touching? Has anyone ever touched your privates in a sexual way?"

"Yes, nurse, there was one time last summer." Nathan seemed happy to report this fact.

"Oh, good for you!" Nurse Angela started scribbling in earnest. "Can you describe that incident for me? Did you initiate the touching, and how did it occur?"

"Well, I was with my family at a vacation house that belonged to a friend of my dad. He had a big house with a pool. His daughter was home from college and I went swimming with her and a bunch of her friends ... guys and girls. We were playing Marco Polo and she was 'it' ... but she kept going after me. I was swimming backwards trying to get away and she just reached out and grabbed me right on the dick. I think she had been peeking, even though she was supposed to keep her eyes closed."

"Are you sure that she meant it in a sexual way? That could have been an accident."

"That's what I thought, too, but later that night, after the game was over, we were all just swimming around and she came right up to me underwater and before she surfaced she grabbed my dick again, this time she held it and squeezed it pretty hard. She popped up out of the water in front of me and smiled."

"Go on."

"I didn't know how to respond. She asked me 'Does your girlfriend call you Mr. Big?' and I told her I didn't have a girlfriend and she reached down inside my bathing suit and grabbed me again and started rubbing me up and down. 'So nobody will be jealous of me if I give you a hand with this, huh, Mr. Big?' I came in like three seconds of her touching me and she giggled and put one finger up to her lips as if to 'shush' me, and then swam over to her boyfriend."

"Well that definitely counts as sexual touching. Did she ever do it again?"

"No, she drove back to college with her boyfriend later that night and I haven't seen her since."

"That's too bad, she seemed to be a good judge of character." The nurse looked down at the tip of Nathan's member and wrinkled her forehead. "You've got quite a lot of pre-seminal fluid there, Nathan, let me get a tissue so you can wipe that before it drips."

Nurse Angela leaned forward to grab a tissue off the cart and as she did the young man's cock rubbed against her blouse and pressed into the side of her breast. "Oops!" she exclaimed in mock surprise, looking down at the dark smear of clear liquid on her light green scrubs. "Guess you don't need the tissue anymore."

"Sorry, Nurse Angela..."

"No, don't worry, that was my fault. At least you won't drip now." As she held the fabric of her blouse away from her body to examine the spot, Nathan could see down inside her shirt and had a nice view of her ample cleavage, if only for a moment.

"I'll just get fresh scrubs before I see the next patient. One last question, then. Have you ever been naked and exposed, either accidentally or on purpose, to a woman who reacted favorably to the incident?"

"Yes, nurse, it was on the same trip, the day before. The man we were staying with had a new wife, a lot younger than him. I guess his first wife had died of cancer or something a few years before and he married a woman he had met at his daughter's sorority. Anyway, she was really hot and just a year or two older than his daughter. Since she was closer to my age than his, she probably felt sorry for me and hung out with me to keep me from being bored around my parents and her husband. This was before her step-daughter came home the night of the pool thing, so it was just the five of us in the house." Nurse Angela noticed that Nathan's dick seemed to be throbbing more strongly as he started to tell this story, and another drop of glistening clear fluid was beginning to build at the tip.

"So I probably shouldn't have done this but the two of us were getting ready for a swim in the guest house where I was staying. It was by the pool and she was in the bathroom getting her suit on, I was in my room getting mine on. I left the door open and where I was standing to change I knew she'd see me when she came out of the bathroom and got to the top of the stairs down to the pool deck. I stood there for a while in just my briefs, sideways to the place she'd be, and waiting until I heard her open the bathroom door." The drop of pre-cum was now bigger than the first, and the throbbing of Nathan's fat cock was threatening to shake it loose at any moment.

Nurse Angela looked up and tentatively interrupted, "You don't mind if I wipe that up again, do you?"

"Oh, no, I don't mind." Surprisingly, the nurse didn't even reach for a tissue; instead she pinched the cloth of her scrubs right over her breast and touched it to the tip of the young man's dick.

"Go on," she smiled broadly, amused at her own less-than-professional behavior.

"I heard her walk to the top of the stairs, and by the time she got to the second step I was completely naked and she could see my whole dick, if she was looking. Right then, her husband called up to ask if she was ready, and she said she'd just be another minute. It sounded like she had stopped right there on the step, she wasn't moving." Nathan's breathing was ragged as he told the story; he was getting more and more excited by reliving it.

"I put my t-shirt on first, so she could get a longer look at my dick if she wanted to, and then put my swimsuit on about as slow as I could without being obvious. As soon as I got it on she yelled down the steps that she was coming, and then I heard her start to walk down. She must have still been walking really slow because by the time I looked over she still was only halfway down and looking at me through the railing. I started to get real embarrassed and she smiled and winked at me and trotted the rest of the way down the stairs."

Angela didn't even ask this time to wipe off the copious fluid that had collected on the taut fabric of his jock; she just grabbed her blouse and blotted it up.

"That's a great story, Nathan. I was a sorority girl myself, so I have no doubt that the step-daughter hunted you down in the pool that night because of what you showed her step-mom the night before. Sosrority sisters tell each other all kinds of important stuff like that. I'll bet she just needed to see it for herself."

Angela moved around Nathan's stiff dick and put the clipboard down on the cart. "From where I stood, it appeared to me that the exposure event was more exciting to you than the physical contact in the pool. Is that right?"

"Yes, Nurse Angela, though I don't know why."

"Don't worry, Nathan. Everybody has different 'hot-buttons.' Your stimulation based on exposure is exactly what Dr. Murphy wants to study in the program. I think that your acceptance is just about certain."

"Does that mean I don't need to be measured?" There was a clear note of disappointment in his voice.

"We do need to still do a couple more measurements, just to be certain. I'll need to do some direct measurements of your penis and scrotum, examine your testicles and vesicles manually to make sure there are no obstructions or growths, extract a sample of ejaculate for testing, and perform a refractory response test. It was all in the release form. Are you ready to start?"

Nathan's mouth had gone completely dry and he wasn't sure whether his rapidly beating heart would break out of his chest before or after his cock burst out of his jock.

"In a moment I'll ask you to remove your underwear so that I can take the measurements, but I can't do those without an observer in the room. It's clinic policy. I think I know what you'll say, but I'm obligated to ask you if you'd prefer a male orderly to perform the measurements, or for me to perform the measurements with your choice of observer. A male orderly, Nurse Jenn, and Nurse Barbara are your choices." She smiled and looked up at Nathan, who blushed hotly as he answered.

"I'd prefer you do the measurements, Nurse Angela." His voice cracked. "And I'd like to have Nurse Jenn and Nurse Barbara as the observers."

Angela laughed quietly. "I meant to say that you could have either Nurse Jenn or Nurse Barbara, but I guess that's not the way it came out. I'll call them both and see if they are available."

She carefully positioned the privacy screen between her patient and the door, leaving enough room on the other side for both of the observers to stand while they monitored her interaction with Nathan. Observers weren't supposed to be intrusive in the examination, just make sure that the policies for naked patients were followed.

She flipped the intercom switch by the door and called out. "He's ready for the final exam now, are you available to observe, Jenn?"

"Yes, I'll be right there..."

"Is Barbara available also? The patient asked for you both."

"Ummm, sure. Yeah, she says she can join us."

"Good." Angela paused and hit the intercom again. "Oh, and grab me a spare blouse."

The nurse stayed behind the privacy screen. "You can drop your underwear now. I'll wait until the other two are here to come around the screen. I can't really see you below the waist from this side, so it's okay, no need to be shy." The young man took a deep breath and hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his jock, pushing it down over his well-defined and muscular thighs. He kicked it off the stool.

Nathan's large, thick cock was so hard that the taut skin was shiny from tip to base. It throbbed uncontrollably, and without his nurse there to daub it up, a stream of pre-cum leaked out and started a long slow progress toward the floor. The young man couldn't wait for the nurse to see him in his full glory. His gut was knotted in erotic tension.

There was a quiet knock at the door and Angela opened it for the other nurses. Nathan got his first look at Jenn and Barbara, his observers. Both women looked older than Angela, but all three were about the same height. The nametags indicated that Jenn was the tanned, mid-thirties Eastern-European-type with smoldering dark eyes and jet-black hair she wore in a ponytail. She flashed a quick smile at Nathan as he caught her eye. She was thinner than Angela, but looked as though her breasts were even larger.

Barbara was a lithe blonde woman with a pixie-style hairdo. She was maybe in her late forties, with pale skin, and sparkling blue eyes. Though she was the most mature, Nathan thought she might also be the prettiest of the three beautiful women.

"I'm going to go around to the other side now and take the final measurements. I think you'll both agree that Nathan is in superb physical condition." The other two nurses nodded in agreement.

As Angela turned the corner and first saw Nathan's fully nude form, she couldn't help but stop and gasp, losing her professional demeanor. "Oh ... my." She stepped slowly forward, never taking her eyes off his enormous prick. Jenn and Barbara could only stand behind the screen and wonder at what Angela was seeing.

Nurse Angela began to reach out with a measuring tape when Nathan meekly protested. "Nurse, should you be ... I mean shouldn't the other two nurses be watching you doing the exam?"

"Well, Nathan, it's normally sufficient just to have an observer present in the room, but if you'd rather... ?" She glanced up at the young man, it was the first she'd torn her eyes off his cock since emerging from behind the screen. Nathan smiled abashedly and nodded.

"Jenn and Barbara, our patient would like you to directly observe the measurements, if you don't mind."

"Not at all" the two said, in unison.

Nurse Jenn was the first one around the corner and her jaw visibly dropped as she observed Nathan's nude form. She smiled wickedly at Angela as she took a position at the young man's side.

Nurse Barbara was a half step behind, and she took a position on Nathan's other side. "This young man is ideal for the program, Angela. Is he amenable to closer examination?"

Angela looked up and saw the desire in the Nathan's eyes. She didn't bother to ask him. "He's given consent to full examination, yes."

"I'll perform the testicular examination then ... that's my fave ... I mean specialty." Nurse Barbara reached up and carefully took Nathan's dangling balls in both her small hands, rolling then carefully, squeezing them ever so gently. She spoke to his crotch, as Angela had earlier, rather than looking up at him. "These are very large testicles, and a soft supple scrotum. When was the last time you had an orgasm?"

"Three days ago, Nurse Barbara."

"Oh, you must really be aching to get release then."

Nathan could only grunt in response. It was all he could do to keep from cumming all over Nurse Angela's chest.

"Careful you don't over stimulate him with the measurements, Angie," Nurse Barbara cautioned. We don't want him ejaculating yet. I'll give him a tug if you think he's starting."

Nurse Angela spoke next. "I'm sure you don't realize, Nathan, but your penis and testicles are both very large and attractive in comparison to those of other men." She reached up with the measuring tape and began to very delicately wrap the tape around his shaft. Nurse Jenn observed and wrote down the measurements on the clipboard. Angela placed the start of the tape at the base of his shaft stretched it along the length. She looked at Jenn in amazement.

"That's the second biggest in the program," Jen exclaimed, "and the biggest white one, by far!"

Nathan's cock began to throb, and Nurse Barbara recognized the warning sign and gave his scrotum a quick, sharp tug ... not enough to be painful, but it worked to interrupt his orgasm.

As Barbara was holding his balls taut in his scrotum, Angela wrapped the tape around them for a measurement.

"I'm sure Dr. Murphy will want to perform an individual entrance test on this subject, don't you think, Jenn?"


Angela collected a sample cup from the cart. "Okay Nathan, two last tests. I'm thinking the catch cup is going to be a problem for you ... most men place the tip of their penis in the cup to capture the sample. I don't think your impressive member will fit." Angela looked puzzled as she held the cup up to the end of Nathan's massive staff. Then she seemed struck by an idea. "Jenn, we're really just checking the size of the load, right?"

The other Nurse nodded as Angela continued, "So if his semen sample were to land on a suitable surface so we could scoop it into the cup, that would be a good way of measuring, right?"

"I think you are a very naughty Nurse, Angela, but I like the way you are thinking," Jenn replied with a wicked grin.

Nathan still didn't know what was going on, and Barbara wasn't clear either, but Jenn and Angela were on the same wavelength.

Angela looked up at their very hard test subject. "Nathan, honey, in a second here, we're going to perform the last two tests. Jenn will stimulate that marvelous penis until you ejaculate, I'll collect the results, and Barbara will time how long it takes for you to recover your erection as Jenn continues to gently stimulate you." Nurse Jenn had put down the clipboard and was coating her bare hands with a clear, slippery gel.

Nathan was certain he was dreaming the best dream ever. Three beautiful women were standing within inches of his naked, throbbing cock, and they were talking in a matter of fact way about watching him pump out a three day load. All he could do was croak out a weak, "okay." He was afraid any more vigorous of a response would wake him from his dream.

"Okay Nathan, close your eyes and don't peek until I tell you to open them." He did as Angela told him.

Nurse Barbara started giggling uncontrollably. "Angie!"

Angela laughed, "A suitable surface for collecting ejaculate! At least that's what my boyfriend Frankie tells me." She spoke to their test subject. "Ever heard of a 'pearl necklace', Nathan?"

"No, Nurse Angela."

"Well, your about to give me one as a gift ... open your eyes."

Nathan opened his eyes and looked down. Nurse Angela had removed her stained shirt and her bra, and was holding her large, soft breasts tipped with broad, dark nipples beneath his outstretched member. She was almost close enough to touch him, and he could feel the warmth of her skin on the underside of his member.

"Get ready, Barb," Nurse Jenn called out as she reached up to grasp Nathan's turgid tool just behind the head with both hands, one soft delicate on top and one underneath. She had only just began to start a slow stroke back toward the base when the first hot eruption of cum fired out and hit Angela right in the chin.

"Aim down!" Angela tried to say, but before Jenn could react the second powerful spurt shot into Angie's open mouth. Nurse Angela quickly closed her lips and Jenn tugged on their test subject's erection, counting out the remaining spurts as he squirted all over the Latina's large, pillowy tits. "Three ... four ... five ... six ... seven! ... oh my ... eight!! ... no ... Nine!!"

Angie's tits were covered in hot, salty jizz. The first shot dribbled down the Nurse's neck. Angela took the cup and collected as much as she could, scooping it off her breasts and chin, getting every last drop of gooey nectar off her skin.

As Jenn milked the last drops out of Nathan's cock and Angela caught it in the cup, Jenn admonished her, "All of it, Angie!"

Angela put the cup to her lips and let the mouthful of cum dribble into the cup, pouting. "But it tasted so good, Jenn!"

"Really, Angie?" Without relinquishing her hold on Nathan's cock, Jenn leaned toward Angela until their lips met, tongue intertwining.

"Ladies!" Barbara admonished. Jenn and Angela broke their kiss.

"But she's right, Barb. His spunk tastes great!"

"Well you're lucky he never went soft, then because you two ladies kissing would have just ruined the refractory test if he did." Nurse Barbara was right; Nathan was just as hard now as he was before he came.

Nurse Jenn looked up at him. "Do you think you could cum again, just for us, if we helped?" She batted her eyes seductively, but didn't need to, and Nathan was nodding vigorously.

Angela put the collection cup on the cart. "That's all the cum the doctor needs." She stared at his still hard cock. "Nathan, if you agree not to tell, I'd like to suck on you until you cum again..."

"I promise I won't say anything," Nathan stuttered.

"Hey, no fair Angie," Barbara complained, "You already got a mouthful!"

"Fine, Barb, switch places and I'll let you suck him off, but we get to work on whatever you can't fit in your mouth. And you have to share the same way Jenn and I did!" The two nurses were already switching places.

Nurse Barbara carefully placed the head of Nathan's enormous cock into her mouth while Jenn licked the base of the shaft and Angela tongued the young man's balls. Even though he had just cum moments before, Nathan didn't last long before he was gripping Barbara's head and groaning in his second orgasm. And he was right; he still had another full load in his heavy sac. Barbara took a mouthful and then guided Jenn's mouth to the tip of the still hard cock for a direct dose of his final squirts.

The three nurses' mouths came together over their patient's seemingly inexhaustible hard-on, tongues dancing across each other's lips, passing sweet, salty spunk back and forth. Finally, when they had exhausted the supply of the precious fluid, they began to regain their composure and professional demeanor. Barbara retrieved the patient's jock and helped him back into it, tucking his rigid member carefully inside. Jenn prepared the cart, making sure the samples and the readings were all in place and presentable. They both left together pushing the cart down the hall, smiling sweetly and waving to their patient as they left.

Nurse Angela had gotten her bra back on and was changing into her fresh scrubs. She looked a little flustered as she turned back to Nathan, who was putting his clothes back on.

"Thanks for being so sweet about that ... I guess the three of us got a little carried away."

"No problem!" Nathan exclaimed eagerly.

"Well, I'm sure you'll be in the program, so I'll be seeing you again. But until then..." Nurse Angela went up on tiptoe to bring her lips to Nathan's for what she intended to be a quick kiss, but what turned into a full-open mouth, passionate exchange.

The nurse broke the kiss and pulled back, seeming a little embarrassed, and suddenly a little shy. Nathan spoke up first.

"If I see you around campus, maybe we could go out sometime... ?" he asked.

"Well," she started in the best professional tone she could muster, "we're really not supposed to..." He slumped in preparation for the rejection he had experienced in the past. "But if you won't tell, I won't either!" Angela smiled and winked and turned on her heel to exit the examination room.

"I won't tell," Nathan said as she left. "Cross my heart."

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