Life in the Neighborhood
Chapter 1: Greg's Lonely Existence Ends

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: Greg's Lonely Existence Ends - Greg was a confirmed bachelor living alone until his life got turned inside out much to his delight. Follow his path through the mysteries of life. CAUTION This story includes cheerleaders.

It was a dark and dreary afternoon in Loser Ville ... Oops, wrong story. Let's start again.

A nice summer day by all standards found me relaxing and sipping a jack on the rocks while catching a few rays on the patio by my pool.

But wait, before I get into my story I guess you would like to meet me. My name is Gregory Thomas and I am a 28 year old confirmed bachelor. I went to college and studied computer programming and graduated with my master's degree Suma-Cum-Laude which meant I was in the top 5 percent of my class. I was quite proud of that accomplishment. It seems the real world didn't share that view. Since I had very little experience to draw on I did not get hired. I had a few offers from head hunters wanting to farm me out on contract at pauper's wages but I turned them down.

Through my network of contacts in the business I found out about a company needing some specialized programming that their in-house people could not handle. It turned out that I had done my master's thesis on that very same programming area. I contacted them offering up my services on a contractor basis and they jumped at the chance. As a result I was pulling in a very respectable living while doing almost all of the work at home. I only had to commute to their facility about once every two weeks to update their computers to the latest iteration of my program. I could do smaller tweaks by phone using a modem.

Enough of what I do. Something about me now. Even though I have managed to stay single over the years, I will have to admit that I got too close for comfort and almost ended up married a couple of times to very alluring ladies. Most of the ladies I meet have said that they find me attractive to the point of being hot. I am quite physically active and keep my body in good shape which I feel is the only healthy thing to do. I have seen too many desk jockeys develop a middle age paunch while in their low twenties. Some of them end up with heart attacks too early in life. That's definitely not for me so I work out and run to keep the old blood pump going strong. I have wavy brown hair and hazel eyes that the girls seem to like. I've gotten more than my share of smiles from the lady joggers I pass on the trails. While I don't have weightlifter's muscles I do have a set that seems to handle the job quite well. A brief stint in the military fine tuned my physique to what I felt was as close to perfection as I could manage. The ladies I met along the way agreed with that assessment so I was happy.

Ok, that's enough self praise to last a lifetime so on with my story. So there I was on my patio when I heard someone pounding on my front door so hard I was worried about the continued health of the hinges. I made a bee line through the house and opened the door. My heart jumped up into my throat as I observed a totally naked vision of beauty in the form of a young girl on my doorstep crying her eyes out big time. I was stupefied for a while as I tried to believe what I was seeing. I stood there drinking in the beauty of this nearly perfect example of God's handiwork at its best. She had shoulder length blonde hair which framed an angelic face. That face was the type that you fell in love with at first sight. Her sparkling blue eyes drew my attention in like a magnet. From her budding breasts down to her well toned statuesque legs and not an ounce of baby fat anywhere made her the epitome of desirability. Rationality finally dawned on me as I recognized her as Cathy Wilson, the girl who lived two doors down the street. I invited her in and dashed to the bedroom to grab a blanket for her to cover up with.

I hated to lose sight of that gorgeous body but I felt it was best to offer her some bit of modesty to help her to calm down. I had her sit on the couch with me and put my arm around her and stroked her hair trying to soothe her. She slid her arm out of the blanket and returned my embrace holding on for dear life. Her crying was starting to dwindle down to a mere torrent of tears. The longer I held her, the better she felt and the tears were replaced with a series of sobs. Her head was bowed down and when she looked up I could see a bright red handprint on her cheek. I was immediately worried about what had happened to this sweet innocent child.

Once she calmed down enough to speak she sobbed out "Greg. I-I-I n-need your helpppp." She called me Greg since I was a family friend. I had known their family for many years and watched this flower before me bloom. Her mother was kind of quiet and shy while her father was a complete type "A" personality. In his case A stood for asshole. Several times in the past I had heard the police called to their house to settle a domestic dispute. Even two doors away I had heard some of the yelling and name calling that went on over there. I was worried for the safety of the female members of that household to the point that it was me who called the cops on a couple of occasions.

I told Cathy that she was safe here and to tell me what happened. She said "Dad was arguing with mom and slapping her around and yelling like he usually does. I had just come out of the shower wrapped in a towel and saw that he was hitting her so hard that I got worried and tried to stop him. That's when he hit me knocking me to the floor. I jumped up and started to run away from him. He grabbed for me and ended up just getting my towel. I continued out the door and ran to the only true friend I had nearby."

I told her to sit there while I got her a soft drink from the 'fridge. I then went to my phone and called 9-1-1. I talked with the operator and explained the situation. She brought the address up on her screen and related that they had many violence calls at that address. After I hung up I told Cathy to stay put and that I would be back shortly. I went out the door and down to the Wilson's house. I rang the bell and was almost knocked over as mister Wilson came blasting out of the door hollering "Out of my way shithead." I saw that he had blood on his shirt as he jumped into his car and sped off.

I continued on into the house and found Cathy's mom on the living room floor bleeding from a gash in her chest. While I applied pressure to her wound to try to stem the flow I flipped open my cell phone and called 9-1-1 for an ambulance. I describe as best I could the injury to the operator. I was told an ambulance was just about a block away. Mrs. Wilson asked me "Where is Cathy?" I told her that Cathy was at my house, a little shaken up, but that she was safe and she would be fine. She thanked me and then passed out as the paramedics came in. I indicated the problem and turned her over to them. They did their best to stabilize her and transported her to the ER. I talked with the cops to tell them that it was another case of domestic violence and that mister Wilson had left headed north on our street. I described his car and the officer said that the car had been pulled over a couple of minutes ago and the assailant was in custody. I then had the officer follow me down to my house to take a statement from Cathy. It was a slow process but the officer got all the details from her. I told him that Cathy would be staying with me as long as she needs.

The police crime scene unit finished up about midnight so I went to Cathy's house to gathere up some clothes and P-J's for Cathy and her house keys and brought them down to my house after I locked up her house. I didn't tell her anything about her mother's condition, not wanting to worry her too much. I knew it looked grave and was not going to get any better any time soon. I got Cathy to put her P-J's on in the bathroom and fixed up a bed for her on the couch.

I then retreated to my bedroom and got into bed myself. After half an hour I heard a gentle knock at my door. I called out for her to come in. She came over to my bed where I was sitting up and told me that she was scared and would it be all right if she slept in here. I knew how scared she must be so I said that she could. I lifted the covers and she slid right in and cuddled up to me like a scared little puppy. I put my arm around her, kissed her cheek and held her until she drifted off to sleep. I also fell asleep and we slept throughout the night until morning. I got out of bed and after a quick trip to the bathroom I brought her clothes to her to get dressed. I left her alone while she dressed and went into the kitchen and turned on the TV. They had a news story on about the call from last night and mentioned that the victim was in critical condition. They didn't mention the name but the address they did mention answered that question for me. I immediately turned the set off so Cathy would not hear anything yet. When she got out to the kitchen I told her that there was juice in the 'fridge and to fix herself some while I got dressed.

While I was dressing I heard some noises in the kitchen and when I finally made it back there Cathy was busy making breakfast for her and me. She mentioned that she did that quite often at home due to the turmoil that was happening most of the time. She was a very good cook and we had pancakes, bacon, toast and juice to eat. After we finished eating I stepped over to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek and thanked her for a delicious breakfast. I told her that some day she would make some lucky guy a very good wife. She just ducked her head and blushed up a storm.

As we were cleaning up the kitchen the phone rang. I picked it up and it was a case worker from DSS who wanted to come by and talk with me. I told her to come by and we could talk. She showed up about an hour later. I sat Cathy down with the TV to watch Hannah Montana as I stepped out front to talk with the case worker. We stepped away from the house and talked. She informed me that Cathy's mother had passed away during the night and that DSS would be taking Cathy to a temporary foster home later in the day since her only living relative, her father, was in jail and an emergency order of protection would not allow him to see her. I told the case worker that if Cathy wanted to that she could stay with me since we were good friends. The case worker then got some papers out of her car and we went into the house.

As we walked in Cathy saw the look of dread on my face and immediately screamed her head off. She could sense it in me that she had lost her mother. She had been close to losing her before and now it had happened. Cathy ran over to me and threw her arms around me crying up a storm again just like last night. The three of us sat down on the couch and comforted Cathy until she was calm enough to hear us. Cathy would not let loose her grip on me. The case worker told her as gentley as she could that her mother was gone. She told her further that her father was in jail and that DSS was going to find a safe place for her to go. Cathy, in a loud voice said "I want to stay here with Greg if he'll have me."

I told her that I had already proposed that to the case worker. The case worker then took Cathy to my bedroom to talk with her privately. They came out a few minutes later. I got the message of the outcome of their talk as the case worker handed me some forms to sign. It appeared I was about to have a new daughter around the house. I was delighted since I already liked Cathy a lot and had wanted to rescue her from that despicable environment she was living in. I had dreamed about her being my daughter to love. I signed some papers and then the case worker left. Cathy then jumped on me and planted a kiss squarely on my cheek and said "Thank you so much Greg." After a while I reluctantly peeled her from me and told her that we had a lot to do that day.

We went over to Cathy's house to get her some clothes and other goodies. She had quite a few outfits so we had to make a couple of trips. A cardboard box filled with her personal hygiene and makeup items plus another with her school books and mementos made it possible for her to stay with me for an extended time. I was hoping it would be a very long time. Later that day, we went back and loaded up some boxes with the food and other supplies from her house. While moving things from the bathroom I noticed she picked up a box of tampons so I figured that milestone in her life had been dealt with.

After moving her stuff to my house I got a neighbor to help me move Cathy's bed, dresser and dressing table to my house where we set them up in a room that I had cleared out for that purpose. Cathy then had her own room in a house where she was safe from her father's wrath.

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