Mommy's Boy Takes Charge (?)
Chapter 1

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Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Willy tries to maintain his sexual relationship with his mother as he tries to dominate others into doing his bidding. Betty likes to be dominant also. Cindy and Barry cum to play. Willy's grandfather shows up. Is Mommy in trouble now?

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   mt/Fa   mt/mt   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   CrossDressing   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   MaleDom   Spanking   Humiliation   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation  

Willy looked down at the brother and sister knowing deep down that they were under his sexual control from now on. Time for Willy to take charge!

His next order was for Cindy and her brother to kiss each other with their slimy cum covered tongues. Willy's cock had started to soften but as he watched brother and sister kissing his prick lengthened and thickened to it's full majesty. Willy's seven and a half inch long thick cock was impressive to the two teens he was with. It was a man sized cock and needed man sized loving to satisfy it.

"Are you on the pill?" Out of the blue he asked Cindy.

Cindy broke her incestuous kiss with her brother to shake her head from side to side.

"Too bad. I want to cum inside of your pussy."

Barry looked up at Willy, his eyes taking in Willy's erect sizable cock with envy. "I have condoms."

"Get them." Was all Willy said as he watched Barry jump to his feet and run from Cindy's bedroom, his hard five incher bouncing as he ran. Controlling Barry was almost too easy. Willy figured that if Barry had condoms he probably had a girlfriend. A girlfriend that Willy would want him to share.

As soon as Barry returned, without being asked, he knelt in front of Willy and his substantial cock. He opened the foil, removing the condom. Barry expertly rolled it up Willy's hard shaft and sat back awaiting any further orders. "You like being told what to do, don't you Barry?"

Barry's sister looked on in amazement as her brother answered. "Only by you Willy. Tell me what to do next." Willy was getting off on his power over Barry.

He needed to control Cindy also. "Get on all fours Cindy. I am going to fuck your cunt while Barry sticks his cock in your mouth. Hurry up!"

Cindy submissively did as Willy commanded, arranging her naked body on the floor as Willy had demanded. Barry knelt in front of his sister enjoying her hot wet mouth as it enveloped his prick to the base. Willy eased his enormous erection into the slick teen cunt, quickly bottoming out, with all of his big cock inside the young girl. She was certainly no virgin. Willy thought, as he looked over her bare back to see the blush on Barry's face.

Willy pounded his cock into Cindy's pussy wishing that her brother hadn't already busted her cherry. He wanted to be her first. Maybe the submissive brother had a cherry for him to bust to make up for it.

Barry was the first to cum. Willy could hear Cindy's gurgling as she swallowed her brothers copious load of cum. Then Cindy climaxed, her cunt squeezing Willy's cock hard and fast causing him to lose his load also, filling the condom with his seed.

Willy stood up and motioned for Barry to remove the condom. Barry rolled the sheath off of Willy's cock being careful not to spill the thick liquid trapped at the bottom. Willy knew that Barry was in his complete control but he needed to see how much domination he had over his sister. "Give the condom to your sister Barry." Willy told the teen boy.

Barry looked at the condom enviously as he carefully handed it to his sister. "Drink my cum Cindy. Swallow my slime!"

Cindy listened to Willy's command with fear on her face. She broke into a smile as her inner conflict was decided. "Yes sir!" She said distinctly as she leaned her head back and raised the condom to her lips. Slurping sounds emitted from her mouth as she sucked all of Willy's juice into her mouth and down her pretty throat.

Ah yes! Willy thought They are both under my control.

Willy knew that their parents would be coming home soon. He also knew that his mother would have dinner on the table at five so he began dressing while the naked siblings stayed where they were. "You can get dressed now." Willy advised the two teens. "I'll let you know when we can get together again." The two smiled as he added. "Don't worry. It will be soon."

Willy's walk home was slow and deliberate. Although he was satiated the boy could not help but think about his pretty mother. He hadn't been bathed by her in two days. After dinner would be a good time to tell her, no command her, to wash him. To wash his prick until it hardened, then demand that she suck him off. His cock twitched but was too fatigued to rise as his thoughts lingered on dominating his mother.

Dinner was ready when he got home. Steak and eggs with home fries. Although it made for a good breakfast Willy liked it for dinner. His mother made his four eggs sunny side up so he could gather the yellow liquid on his wheat toast. When he finished he looked over at his mother to tell her. "That was a great meal Mommy. Now I think you need to give your Mommy's Boy a nice bath."

Betty Brown looked at her handsome son and responded. "That can be arranged Willy." She got up to go and run a bath for her fifteen years old son.

Willy waited while his mother ran the bath water, removing all of his clothes in the hallway. His cock remained soft still flagging from his day of sex with Cindy and her brother. Willy walked into the bathroom. His mother had changed into one of her revealing nightgowns while the tub was filling.

Instead of getting into the tub Willy stood in front of his mother who had already dropped to her knees in preparation of washing her son's body. "Blow me Mommy. Suck my fucking cock. Make me hard so I can shoot my jiz down your throat."

Betty reached her hand to the boy's testicles, took a firm grip and squeezed his sack none too gently. "You keep trying to dominate me Willy and I'll rip your balls off. You can try that shit with someone else. This is the second time you've tried to order me around. Don't be stupid enough to try it a third time." She released her grip on her son's aching sack and added. "Take your own bath. You can jerk yourself off from now on until you apologize to me."

Betty walked out of the bathroom leaving her stunned teenage son standing naked in the center of the small room with his mouth agape with astonishment. That didn't work out as I planned. The boy thought to himself as he gently tried to rub the ache out of his balls.

Willy took a bath all by himself while thinking about how to get back on his mother's good side. He didn't want to lose access to her talented mouth or his new found love of her mature pussy. After his bath he stopped by his room to don a fresh pair of briefs. He wanted some protection in case his mother decided on another attack on his family jewels.

When he found Betty's bedroom door locked he knocked lightly on the wood surface. "Go away Willy!" was the muffled response that he heard through the solid door.

"Please Mommy, let me in. I'm sorry. I want to apologize for being a jerk. Please let me in."

Willy heard a faint click as Betty unlocked the door. When the door opened Betty stood there still dressed in her wispy sleepwear, the shadow of her breasts peeking through the top. "Go ahead. Apologize." She stayed in front of the open door denying her son access to her room.

"Please Mommy," Willy began begging. "I am do sorry. I will never try to order you around again. I promise!"

"And what made you think to even try it Willy. Didn't the last time sink in with you?"

"I'm sorry Mommy. I just want to be your Mommy's Boy again like before."

"You didn't answer my question. What possessed you to even try to control me?"

Willy blushed and looked down at his own feet. "I spent the afternoon ordering Cindy and her brother to do everything I wanted. I liked the control. I thought controlling you would be exciting also."

"Cindy AND her brother? Did you have sex with both of them, you naughty boy?"

Still looking at his feet Willy nodded the affirmative. Betty moved aside so Willy could enter her bedroom. "Come in and tell Mommy all about your afternoon."

He could smell Betty's arousal as he told his mother all the details of his afternoon with his sibling playmates, as they sat side by side on the big bed. While Willy regaled his mother of how he had ordered Barry to go down on his own sister Betty couldn't help but let out a small moan as she said. "I would have liked to see that. Maybe you could order Barry to lick my pussy while you watched."

Willy's cock rose and stretched his briefs obscenely wondering if it would bother him to watch Barry between his mother's outspread legs. Maybe Cindy could blow him while he watched. He pulled off his briefs to let his now horny mother's hand grasp his cock. Betty stroked her son's prick saying. "Tell me more Willy. Did you fuck the little tramp?"

"Oh yes. I fucked her good then made Barry take off my condom so his sister could suck all of my goo out of it." He hesitated to tell her that he had put his prick in another boy's mouth. He decided to save that tid bit for a later confession. His cock was on the verge of creaming while his mother's hand increased it's speed, stroking him more rapidly. Willy reached over pushing his middle finger along his mother's creamy slit. He stopped at her clit and after only a few rubs had her yelling. "YES! Mommy's Boy make me cum!"

Betty let go of her son's aching cock while her pussy spasmed under Willy's manipulations. As soon as Betty's orgasm passed she leaned over to take Willy's cock in her mouth. She continued stroking her son's prick until it shot a load into her waiting mouth.

Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! Betty swallowed her son's hot cream as fast as he pumped it into her mouth, finally looking up at him with an evil grin. "Maybe you could have them both come over soon. We could all play together. Just remember that you can order them around all you want but I'm your Mommy and you are still Mommy's Boy."

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