The Arrangement
Chapter 1

My name is Jack. There is nothing remarkable about me. I'm just average in all ways. That might explain why I am divorced and living alone in a small two bedroom apartment.

I've been divorced for seven years. My ex-wife is Brenda and she's a looker. The problem was she is also promiscuous. She has two daughters from different fathers. Neither of them is mine. They were aged eleven and thirteen at the time of the divorce. I haven't seen the three of them since the final hearing. But that was about to change.

They showed up at my door unannounced. Brenda pleaded with me to let them stay with me until they could get back on their feet. She explained that she had absolutely no cash and they had been evicted from where they were previously living. Brenda continued by saying that her car outside had less than 1/8 of a tank of gas left.

I invited them inside to talk this out in private. Brenda immediately thanked me with puddles in her eyes. As I was holding the door open for them, I examined each one of them as they filed past each carrying a suitcase. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. The teenaged daughters were blossoming into beautiful women. Damn, I couldn't have them.

I presented the no-lose ultimate offer (for me). I told them that could stay for as long they complied with my rules. I continued with telling them that if I was paying for everything, they were each expected to take an equal third of all the chores. I told them that means cooking, cleaning, laundry, vacuuming, etc. I told them that they should work out who does what amongst themselves.

Then I dropped the bomb. I explained that females were not allowed to wear clothes while they were here. I added that meant all three of them and any guests they might have. I added that if any of them had a problem with that, all three of them would find their suitcases outside my entrance door.

There was a long moment of silence. The three of them looked at me with a disbelieving glance. Finally, Brenda hung her head toward the floor and whispered, "okay". The daughters redirected their stare to their mother with a new level of disbelief on their faces.

"Show me", I answered.

"Please don't make me do this right now", Brenda answered, "my daughters haven't seen me undressed since they were infants".

"You have ten seconds to decide whether that's going to change", I replied. I mentally ticked off five seconds and then moved to pick up Brenda's suitcase.

"No. Wait. I'll do it", She said with her head redirected to the floor. Brenda then meticulously removed all of her clothing. She was as beautiful as I remembered. She had almost no chest, but the way she carried herself, her perfect posture, told the story that she was a very sexy female.

As she settled back in her seat on the couch, I encouraged her. "Good girl", I said, "Now uncross your legs and open up your knees. You have nothing to be ashamed of." Very slowly she closed her eyes and exposed a wide open vagina. It was just like the days of years ago.

It was hard to look away from Brenda's body. But, I made eye contact with the two teenagers and said, "Girls, this is what a beautiful woman looks like. This is one of the big reasons that I married her years ago. Back then, when you three lived with me, I would undress her after you were put to bed. Right in front of the couch. It terrified her. She feared that one or both of you would get up from bed and catch her naked."

"Now she has no choice. So, the ice has been broken. Brenda will be nude unless I say otherwise. The good news is, so will you." I said with a smirk.

I got the response that I was expecting. Two gaping mouths and shocked looks from the girls.

I looked back at Brenda and said, "If you still want to stay here, take your suitcase and the clothes you just removed and bring them to the second bedroom down the hall. Then return remaining dressed as you are." She did as instructed and left the room.

I knew I was sending her to my bedroom, but I had limited accommodations, so she would have to share my bed. I was curious to see if she would rub her naked body against me under the covers.

I then pulled out my cell phone out from my belt holster. I called a local pizzeria and ordered two pizzas so that we could eat this evening. Then I proposed a competition to the girls.

"When is the last time you saw each other undressed?", I asked. I was greeted by two blank stares. Then they looked at each other with similar facial expressions. Brenda re-entered the living room rubbing her bare chest with both hands. Her shaved pussy was on full display. She sat herself in the recliner.

"Been that long, huh?", I answered on the girl's behalf, "Grab your suitcases and follow me"

I led my step daughters to the first bedroom. There was only one double bed in that room.

"As you can see by the size of the bed, you two are going to make your relationship a lot more personal. There is limited space on that mattress and you both will be wearing your bare skin every night.", I announced. "And so here's the deal. I'm going back to the living room in a moment. The first of the two of you that seats herself next to me on the couch completely nude is the winner".

I continued, "The winner gets to stay on the couch during the pizza delivery. She even has permission to cover her girl parts with her hands until the pizza delivery person leaves. The loser has to assist your mother with answering the door. She doesn't get to cover with anything. Neither does Brenda. If either of you refuses to participate, all three of you are out of here"

I turned and left the room headed for the couch. As I seated myself, I gave Brenda a 'look'. She met my eyes and read the look correctly. She quickly hooked her leg closest to me over the arm of the recliner effectively opening up her crotch for viewing.

The younger daughter, Jillian, was the first to appear. She scampered down the hallway and plopped her naked behind on the couch next to me. I leaned over and gave her a smooch on her forehead. "You're the winner", I declared.

Jillian is beautiful. She is a slightly shorter version of her mother. Her chest is very small, but her nipples stand up high and proud. After a quick glance, I noticed that she was beginning to grow some pubic hair. Shaving it was inevitable.

I then turned my head toward the hallway and called out, "Sandra?" A half naked Sandra crept out into the hallway. She was trying her best to cover her breasts with her hands. She was still wearing panties, but that was all.

"Come here", I instructed as I pointed to the spot on the floor between my feet. With some hesitation, Sandra took the position I pointed to.

"You remind me of your mother", I began, "I had to help her years ago. I will help you too".

Sandra closed her eyes in shame as she felt my hands take hold of the waistband of her panties and tugged them down. When they were puddled around her feet, I told her to step out of them. She did. I then gently took hold of her wrists and guided her her hands down to her sides. This young woman was erotically exquisite. What a body she has.

"Open your eyes and do a slow 360 degree turn right where you stand", I firmly stated.

She did the turn while all of us watched. When she was facing me again, I said,"There, the worst is over with. We all now know what you look like in your bare skin. It only gets better from here. You've made a big step in getting over your modesty". I reached back and pulled out my wallet. I pulled out enough cash to pay for the pizzas and a generous tip.

"Time for another step", I encouraged as I pressed the cash into her right hand. "When the pizzas arrive, you are to answer the door with your mother. Invite the delivery person inside. Then Brenda will accept the pizzas and you will pay for them. Do you understand?". Sandra quietly nodded. Ironically at that moment, the doorbell rang.

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