Death by Money
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Mystery, Masturbation, Petting, Big Breasts,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kris Allen is rich, beautiful, eighteen and a recent high school graduate. So, party hearty until college starts? No, she decides to investigate the death of her mother, a case more than a decade old.

For a billionaire computer genius and Internet entrepreneur, Joseph Allen had one very messy, paper filled desk. He could work a computer like a virtuoso worked his instrument, but when it came to reading data he liked to view it on the printed page. He was something of a packrat too. That was why his home office was stuffed with an assortment of mismatched filing cabinets, filled with reports, memos and papers, both public and private.

This morning, he had been studying a business proposal for three straight hours when he decided to take a break. Joseph tossed the hundred page proposal onto his desk, creating a small avalanche of paper on a stack two feet away. "Oh shit," he muttered as he lurched forward to stabilize the flow of printed matter.

When he had things settled down, Joseph stretched, sat back in his chair and checked his watch. A grin crossed his face. It was time to have some fun. He relocated some reports to uncover his keyboard and mouse. It took only seconds for him to bring up the view he wanted on his large, high definition monitor. The display was divided into quadrants. Each quadrant showed the view from a different security camera. The four views were of the same room, just from different angles.

The roughly square room was devoted to exercise. Along one wall were strength building machines, marvels of weights and cables and pulleys. The area next to an adjacent wall was devoted to aerobic machines: treadmill, stair-stepper and a stationary bike. A third wall held a punching bag and a speed bag. The floor in the center of the room was open and cushioned with sport mats.

There were two people in the room. One was Tom Lee, a martial arts expert who was best known for his work with various Hollywood stars in action films. He was also a fight choreographer and he sometimes appeared in films. He was a handsome man with a slight Asian cast to his features and thick black hair. His shirtless body looked to be not quite six feet tall, and chiseled from long hours of exercise. But there was something else unique about Tom Lee, something that was covered by his loose fitting gym pants. Tom Lee was reputed to be one hung stud. He had been implicated in at least one high profile Hollywood divorce, and it was said that his demand for personal training sessions among the bored wives of studio executives was through the roof.

But as great an example of the human form as Lee exemplified, the other person in the room was the eye catcher. Her name was Kris and she was stunningly beautiful. She stood as tall as Lee. Her hair was flame red and fell in a ponytail to the middle of her back. Kris had emerald green eyes, and even without makeup and with a sheen of sweat, her face put most of Lee's Hollywood wives and starlet girlfriends in the shade. Kris had the long, sleek muscles of a female athlete. She was wearing black gym pants that rode low on her hips, and a bright yellow workout bra top that compressed, but couldn't hide her generous breasts.

"Mmm ... nice outfit, girl," Joseph said. He reached down to his crotch and gave his cock a couple of squeezes.

Kris was throwing a series of kicks and punches at the punching bag as Lee looked on. When she stopped, he moved in and repositioned her right elbow and right foot. Then he gestured for her to continue. Kris went through the series once more as Lee went to a bench and picked up a pair of bright orange, teardrop shaped mitts, the palms of which were wide and thickly padded. He walked to the center of the room, slapped the mitts together and assumed a fighting stance. Kris approached him, legs spread and hands at the ready. Lee made a come ahead gesture and Kris once more went through a series of punches and kicks, only this time she hit Lee's mitts as he moved them high and low and side to side.

There was no audio feed from the room, so Joseph couldn't hear the impacts as Kris pounded at the mitts, but there was no mistaking the fact that her hits were growing in intensity. Lee's hands were jerking backwards as he absorbed the increasingly more frequent and powerful blows. Pretty soon, Lee was on the defensive. He was no longer presenting the training mitts as targets, now he was moving to block the strikes and kicks that Kris was bringing from every angle.

Lee had to give ground so as to keep up with Kris. He stayed in a fighting stance with his knees bent, left foot forward and his weight balanced. He moved in a series of short hops where his toes never really left the floor. The mats covering the floor interlocked but they were worn and not as smoothly joined as they once had been. Lee's foot caught in a seam just as Kris threw a flurry of punches. Lee became unbalanced. He turned, tucked his body in and rolled. Anyone who had ever seen Lee in a movie would expect the man to gracefully pop back up onto his feet. And that probably would have happened here, except that one of the mitts on his hand caused his wrist to twist awkwardly when it hit the mat. Lee continued into a second roll on the floor, trying to buy himself time and room to recover gracefully. But Kris didn't give him the chance. She leapt on top of the man and they turned over and over on the floor in a wrestling match.

Lee wound up lying on his back as Kris pinned him down. She straddled his torso on her knees. She had his wrists gripped in her hands. He was struggling, more for show than any effect and they were both laughing. As their laughter eased, the two gazed into one another's eyes. Lee's hands went to her waist and he pulled her down. Kris hesitated for a second but then she kissed him, long and hard.

"Mmmm ... very nice," Joseph muttered to himself. He reached beneath his desk and toggled a switch. A soft click sounded from across the room as the door locked. He unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. It was as hard as any man's cock ever got. Unfortunately, a generous measurement would put it at one and a half inches in length and half inch across. His pinky was almost that big. Joseph began to masturbate with his thumb and forefinger; his eyes flicked from one camera view to another as he sought out the best angle to see Lee and Kris' hungry tongues and lips.

The couple kissed eagerly. Their tongues stabbed into one another's wide open mouths. Kris lay on top of Lee, her fingers wrapped in his long black hair. Lee's hands were all over Kris, unfortunately for him though, the big orange mitts prevented him from copping a feel. He must have said something to Kris about it because she suddenly sat upright, laughing. She grabbed at his left arm and pulled off its interfering mitt and then she did the other one. As she tossed the padded practice wear into a corner, Lee's hands went to her magnificent tits. He kneaded at the twin globes of her breasts as they resumed their hot, hungry kisses.

They began to dry-fuck as their pelvises bucked and rubbed together. Lee's hands tugged at Kris' workout top. The material was necessarily tight and she had to help. In a few seconds, the top was tossed aside and Kris' awesome breasts were in view. They were D-cups with no hint of sag on her youthful body. Her nipples were hard and distended with lust, and her creamy skin was flush with the rosy glow of heavy exercise and sexual excitement.

Lee took one of her tits into his mouth. He laved his tongue over and around her aroused nipple as she held his head there, her hands twisted in his long hair. He worked at one taut nipple and then the other. Kris' head lolled from side to side, biting her lower lip in pleasure. She let him have his way with her superb tits for two long minutes and then she acted. She stood and straddled Lee's prone body while she did a strip tease with her pants. She ever so slowly pulled at the drawstring at her waist while her hips gyrated and thrust to an inner rhythm. She let the string flow through her fingers until she was holding them by the knots at the tips. With a flourish, her fingers opened and the loose fitting pants fell to the floor revealing a pair of white, low riding boy shorts.

Joseph was really regretting that he couldn't hear what was going on. Lee had locked his hands behind his head, and he was obviously remarking on the practical nature of Kris' undies. She made a face at him and dropped her shorts to her feet. Flicking one foot up, she tossed the shorts into the air, caught them, stretched the elastic waistband over her thumb and shot the underwear at Lee's face. Showing his remarkable reflexes, Lee caught the shorts. He gave Kris a lascivious smile and then he took a deep sniff of the shorts and even licked at the crotch. Then he tossed them aside and smiled daringly at Kris.

Joseph marveled at Kris' nude form. Her hair, her tits, her flat abs, her dimpled ass and long shapely legs seemed perfect to him. Her pussy was nude except for a trimmed triangle of red hair that sort of pointed out the way to her slit of a pussy. He watched as Kris attacked Lee's pants. She unbuckled the built-in belt, grabbed the waistband and jerked. She skinned off his pants, and the slipper like shoes he had been wearing. All that was left was a skin tight pair of black latex shorts with a silver pouch to hold his goodies. And that pouch looked full to bursting. She went to her knees beside Lee and put her hand to the pouch and her lips to his. Her kisses became lighter and less urgent. Her hand on Lee's manhood moved slowly. Joseph stroked himself with the tip of one finger and murmured, "You brought him to a boil and now you're going to make him simmer for a while? I'm not sure he's the kind of man who likes that."

Indeed, Lee's hips bucked and twisted as he tried to urge her on. Whenever he moved a hand, she would slap it away. Finally, he'd had enough. He snatched Kris' wrist and shoved, using the leverage of her locked elbow she toppled sideways as Lee swung his legs over her torso. Now she was pinned beneath him. He grinned down at her with an I-am-man-and-I'm-in-charge countenance. For a second, Kris' face hardened, something dark and menacing happened behind her eyes and then it was gone. She gave Lee a sultry smile.

Lee stretched and Joseph got a good view of the martial arts instructor's cock as the man skinned off his tight underwear. This Hollywood legend turned out to be no Hollywood myth. Lee's cock had to be at least eight inches and a thick eight inches at that. "Damn, why couldn't have I inherited one of those?" Joseph sighed. Then he smiled ruefully, he had to admit that he would probably just be the same old schlub, masturbating an eight inch cock instead of the tiny wiener he stroked in reality.

Lee grazed his left forefinger along his cock's cum-tube and a teaspoon of clear pre-cum fell like syrup onto the fingers of his right fingers. He smeared the cream around his cock-head and up Kris' puffy pussy lips. He spent a minute massaging her clit with his thumb, but it was clear from the way she swirled and thrust her hips that Kris didn't need any foreplay. Her legs opened wide in invitation.

Lee maneuvered his dusky-red cock-head between Kris' vaginal lips. In one slow but steady push, he fully planted his masterful cock deep into her willing pussy. Lee placed his hands on either side of Kris' shoulders and locked his elbows. He began to swing his hips, ravaging her pussy with long, hard strokes. For a minute, Kris let him set the pace, but then she wrapped her legs around his waist and began to meet his thrusts.

"Damn, I really need to mic that room," Joe said to himself. He could just imagine the slap, slap, slap of those two magnificent bodies as they slammed against one another. Kris' mouth was open, her head rolling from side to side. No doubt there were some delicious moans and groans escaping from her.

Joseph's fingers flew up and down his diminutive penis. He was certain that that their frantic coupling couldn't last very long. Sure enough, Lee's face screwed up and his back arched. His strokes became involuntary shudders. Lee was coming and so was Joseph. A couple of watery streams of semen flowed from his cock-slit and ran down his fingers. He took his eyes from the screen long enough to pull tissues from a nearby box and wipe away the weak evidence of his orgasm. When he had disposed of the tissues, Joseph turned his attention back to the screen. He was prepared to close his voyeuristic window and return to work, but he was surprised to see Lee still humping away. Had he not cum, or was he the sexual superman of his reputation? His cock was still thoroughly hard; there was evidence of that from one of the camera angles. Even though his own passions were quenched for the moment, Joseph continued to watch. He couldn't tear his eyes away. Kris seemed to be going through orgasm after orgasm. In between spasms, he could read her lips. It wasn't hard to pick out the words, "fuck me" and "harder, harder." She clung to the corded muscles of Lee's shoulders, and her hips continued to slam into his at a frantic pace. No doubt her clit was getting banged with every thrust.

Within a few minutes, Lee shuddered through three more orgasms without, so it seemed to Joseph, any refractory period. Then Kris released him from the grasp of her legs and arms and pussy. Lee's right arm collapsed, he fell onto his side and rolled onto his back. His body was covered in sweat and he flung his arm over his eyes. His cock shriveled as if someone had tossed a bucket of cold water on it.

In contrast, Kris sprang to her feet as if she had just taken a refreshing nap. She walked around the room, picking up her clothing. She took her panties and used them to wipe between her legs. She dressed in pants and top. When she came to Lee's shirt, she shuffled her foot under it and tossed it over his diminished manhood. Taking her shoes and soiled panties in hand, she said something to Lee and walked out the door. Lee stirred and picked up his shirt like someone in a daze.

Joseph diminished the window that showed the workout room. He leaned back in his chair and said, "Well, that ... that was something."

An hour later, Joseph was still at work when someone tapped at his office door and rattled the knob. Joseph hit the button for the lock and the door opened. Kris walked in. She'd had a shower. Her mane of red hair flowed freely halfway down her back. She was wearing a pink, knit polo top that bulged nicely from the press of her generous tits and a pair of khaki cargo shorts. A pair of stitched deck shoes completed her casual look.

She crossed the room, wrapped her arms around Joseph's neck and kissed the bald spot on the crown of his head. "Hi, Dad," she said.

Joseph patted arm and said, "Hello there, birthday girl, I see you're up at the crack of noon."

Kris briefly tightened her hug as if to strangle her father. "I'll have you know that I've been up for hours. I had a light breakfast and then I worked out with Tom Lee."

And what a workout it was, thought Joseph as Kris unwound her arms, stuck her hands in her pockets and walked to the overstuffed chair that he kept for reading and the occasional guest. For the millionth time he was reminded of his late wife, Allyson, in Kris' features. Kris was taller and had a larger frame, but she had her mother's green eyes, oval face and button nose. Perhaps her lips could be tad more full, but that was begging for perfection. No one would ever fault the way she filled out her top and shorts. His mind drifted back to when he'd met Allyson.

Joseph rushed through the door of Greene Cafeteria on the campus of Western State University. By his watch, he had only two minutes before they stopped serving lunch. He hurried past tables of students who were finishing their meals or simply hanging out until their next class. He noted one table that had at least a dozen coeds seemingly all chattering away at once.

Joseph went through the lunch line gathering up plates of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans and a salad that consisted of a glop of cottage cheese atop a pear slice and a lettuce leaf. For dessert he picked up a bowl with two chocolate-chip cookies. At the end of the line, he got a box of milk and swiped his student ID through a card reader. The cashier and ID checker lady gave him a bored nod as she always did.

The huge cafeteria was mostly empty. Joseph bypassed several tables until he was assured of privacy by separation. He put down his tray and sat his book bag on the other side of the table. Using the bag as a prop, he opened one of his textbooks and began to read as he ate. He had taken only a few bites when he noticed that someone had stopped beside his table. He looked up to see a very pretty blonde. She had a half questioning, half expectant smile and said, "Mind if I sit here?"

He pointedly looked at the sea of empty tables that surrounded them before he shrugged and said, "No, I don't mind."

She took a seat diagonally across from him. "I'm Allyson," she said as put down her tray.

"Joseph," said Joseph absentmindedly. He could only wonder why this good looking – no, beautiful female had chosen to sit with him. Then the gears meshed in his mind and he glanced over his shoulder. Sure enough, at the girl filled table that he'd noted on his way in, a half-dozen pairs of eyes suddenly cut away from his. He had a pretty good idea of what was going on here.

"So you're pledging Theta Theta?" he asked.

Allyson's fork, which held a tidy portion of cottage cheese, paused midway in its journey to her lips. Her lunch consisted of two of the so called salads, some of the dessert cookies and a bottle of water. It looked as if she was in no danger of packing on the college pounds that so many students collected.

"Uh ... yes, yes I am," she said. "How did you know?"

Joseph shrugged. He didn't have an eidetic memory, but it was pretty darn close. He had replayed his walk into the cafeteria in his mind. He remembered that several of the girls at the table in question were wearing Theta Theta sweaters or sweatshirts. Plus, he had seen Allyson listening attentively to an upperclassman. "I just noticed you sitting with that bunch back there," he said, nodding sideways.

He took a bite of meatloaf and mulled over what he'd heard about the girls of Theta Theta. Mostly they were known as a social sorority, with an emphasis on the social – that is, lots of wild parties. One popular story on campus concerned the Greek letter theta itself. It looks like an upright oval with a horizontal bar in the middle. Therefore, a girl wearing two good sized thetas on her chest had her boobs highlighted. Supposedly, only girls who could pack the thetas full, so to speak, were considered for membership. Then Joseph remembered something else the Theta Thetas were known for, especially this early in the school year.

"So I guess you want to ask me to the nerd ball," he said. That was a dance, or maybe it was simply a party, where Theta Theta pledges had to bring an unsuspecting nerd for a date.

The expressions that washed across Allyson's face went from surprise to exasperation to confusion. "No! I ... well ... I ... maybe" she stammered, "you seem to know a lot for a freshman," she finally spit out.

"I suppose there are lots of freshmen who don't know about the nerd ball, but I'm a senior," Joseph said.

Allyson looked accusingly at the table full of her maybe sisters-to-be. "Well, they said you were a freshman, and you certainly don't look old enough to be a senior."

Joseph swallowed a gulp of milk and said, "I just turned eighteen, but I've been here a couple of years. I've got enough credit-hours to be a senior."

"Oh, I see," said Allyson. She used the tip of her fork to square up another morsel of cottage cheese on her plate. "So that's a no on the party?"

Joseph said, "Aren't you supposed to ask some poor, and very unsuspecting dweeb?"

She nodded toward the table of girls. "What they don't know won't hurt me. Besides, you can just play along. At the worst, you can have a couple of beers and leave."

Joseph hesitated. He figured the worst might actually be a lot of smirks and giggles at his expense.

"Look, I'll admit that I've waited until the last minute to find a date." She opened her green eyes wide, tilted her head and said with a pout, "Please, Obi-Wan, you're my only hope."

Joseph couldn't help but chuckle. "You think the way to a nerd's heart is a simple "Star Wars" reference?"

"Hey," said Allison, "I'm a big fan of Princess Leia; she's a kick-ass woman. She'd probably draw a blaster at this point and tell you be there or be dead."

"Okay, okay I surrender," Joseph said with a chuckle. "Where and when?"

"Cool, be at the Theta Theta house at eight-thirty tonight," Allyson said. "Casual dress, no need to wear a suit."

"Tonight? Wow, you really did wait until the last minute," said Joseph.

She gave him an apologetic smile.

God, she's cute, Joseph thought. "Okay, I'll be there."

Allyson reached across the table and stroked the back of his hand with her finger tips. "Thank you, I know it's short notice."

"No problem," Joseph murmured as a tingle ran up his arm and his cock twitched on its way to full arousal. He fully expected Allyson, mission accomplished, to jump up and leave. To his surprise, she seemed content to sit back and nibble on a cookie.

"So ... uh ... you really like the "Star Wars" movies?" he asked.

"Uhmm humph," Allyson said around a bite of cookie.

The springs on Joseph's old Volvo groaned as he pulled into the parking lot of the Theta Theta house. The sorority's three story home sat on a half-acre lot off campus. Pine trees on either side of the lot shielded the house from its neighbors. Joseph smiled to himself and wondered if the neighbors or the Theta's had been the ones to plant the trees.

He was wearing a light blue oxford shirt, pressed khaki pants and black wingtips. He left his windbreaker in the car; the fall air was crisp but not really cool. It was exactly eight-thirty by his digital watch. He hoped that Allyson wasn't one of those people who treated social appointments as if the agreed upon time was just a vague suggestion.

As he approached the house, Joseph could see several people gathered on the wide front porch. On one side were two couples smoking and sharing a laugh. On the other side were two girls seated on a piece of wooden outdoor furniture. Joseph was glad to see that one of the women was Allyson. She smiled and said hello as he approached.

The other girl stood and looked Joseph over from head to foot. "Hi, I'm Sonya, Welcome to Theta Theta house," she said. She turned to Allyson. "Pledge, I'll leave you two alone." As she walked past Joseph and went inside she said brightly, "Have fun."

"Uh, nice to meet you too," Joseph said to her back. And a nice backside it was too, Sonya was a brunette with a nice figure and a nice walk.

Allyson patted the cushion next to her in an invitation to sit. "She seems nice," Joseph said as he settled next her.

"Mmm," said Allyson, "she's in charge of the pledges, and she doesn't cut us much slack." She shivered and rubbed briskly at the goose pimples on her arm.

Joseph didn't doubt that Allyson was feeling the night air. She was wearing a black, silky, sleeveless top with spaghetti straps. Around her neck were a half-dozen gold chains of varying lengths and styles which served to accent the nice amount of cleavage she was baring. Her jeans were white denim and skintight. In other words, he thought she looked beautiful and sexy.

"You look cold, why don't we go in?" he said.

"Yeah," she said as she stood. "Listen, I guess you're not supposed to know this, although I don't know how any of you guys couldn't be in on the joke. Anyway, we're to stay within arm's length of one another all night." She shrugged her shoulders. "It's no big deal."

"A very nice deal for us guys," he said with a grin.

Allyson laughed and stood. "Let's get something to drink."

Joseph followed her into Theta Theta house. Just inside the front door, straight ahead and slightly to the left, was a staircase leading upstairs. Next to that, a hallway led to the back of the house, and to the right was a closed door marked "Office." Plastic stanchions and a decorative plastic chain blocked off travel in those directions. A pair of double-doors opened immediately to the left; that's where the party was. They stepped into the house's living room. Beyond that and to the rear of the house was the dining room.

There were some shabby looking chairs and a sofa that had been pushed against the walls to make way for a dance floor in the living room. In the corner, a compact but decent stereo system was pumping out a techno beat. Joseph thought the rooms were decidedly plain and unfeminine for a sorority. But then he noticed the empty picture hooks on the walls and he realized that the furniture wasn't shabby, just covered – probably to protect it from stains. "I bet this place looks nicer on a regular week day," he said to Allyson.

She nodded and said, "Oh yeah, they get the decorative touches out of harm's way for parties. Let's get something to drink."

She steered Joseph into the dining room. Against one wall was a folding table that held chips and dip and pretzels. At the end of the table were stacks of the ubiquitous red plastic drink cups. Beyond that, on the floor, was a full-sized keg of beer on ice. Propped against the keg was a large sign proclaiming that beer drinkers had to be at least twenty-one years of age. Behind the table was an older member of Theta Theta. She seemed to be in charge of the snacks and beer. She took one glance at Joseph and Allyson and suddenly found something that had to be done at the far end of the table.

Allyson quickly filled two of the cups and handed one to Joseph. Just as quickly, she led him back into the living room. "Is her plausible deniability really going to be: 'Underage drinkers? I didn't see anyone underage get beer, '" Joseph asked.

Allyson snorted. "Well, as long as the party stays in the house, there's no reason for anyone to ask."

They joined three other pledges and their dates. They stood in an irregular circle, the girls talked to one another as did the guys. It was all very uncomfortable since the couples had to make sure that they didn't separate. Between the music and the crossing conversations everyone was practically shouting. Joseph smiled at the absurdity of it all, but he didn't mind. Their circle had compressed so that Allyson pressed against him on the right, and a tall, cool blonde named June crowded him on the left. He had a nice hard-on going, although with his dick there was no telltale pants bulge. He wondered if the other guys were sporting stiff dicks. He took a glance at their crotches. One guy named Mason had his hand in his pocket at an awkward angle. Yep, he's covering a stiffie, thought Joseph. He sighed. It must be nice to have a dick large enough to worry about.

After several minutes of chatter, Allyson turned to him and said, "Do you want another beer?"

Joseph's cup was still half full, but he saw that Allyson had finished hers. "I'm good," he said, "but I guess you're ready." They wandered back into the dining room. Sonya and the older Theta Theta member were busily rearranging the snack table. They had filled a number of the red cups with beer and placed them in a triangular pattern at both ends of the table. There were ten cups in each triangle.

When she saw Joseph and Allyson, Sonya said, "Stay here, we're going to play a game." She went into the living room and rounded up the other pledges and their dates. Pretty soon they, plus some of the regular members, were all standing around the snack table. "Okay," she announced, "the game is beer pong. Each pledge and her date will be a team. After an equal number of throws, if a team is down three beers and losing by two, then they lose the game. And, by the way, the pledges have to do all the drinking." That last bit got laughs from the onlookers. "First up is Allyson and Joseph against June and ... uh,"

"Mike," said June's date. From the slur in his voice, it was clear that he'd already done his share of drinking.

Sonya went through some other rules, but the idea was to make the other team drink more than your team. As Joseph took his place behind one set of the beer filled cups, he said to Allyson, "Doesn't it seem incongruous that the loosing team gets to drink the most beer?"

"It would seem that way, but last week I saw a thousand dollars on the line for a game. You can bet those players wanted to stay as sober as possible," said Allyson.

"Ahh ... I suppose so," said Joseph.

Sonya handed him a table tennis ball. "You're up first," she said.

Joseph bounced the ball toward the center cup of the other team. The ball rimmed out of that cup, but landed in another. June frowned at Joseph as she picked the ball from the cup and downed its contents. The game went on. Despite having to drink four of the half-filled cups, Allyson managed to make the winning toss.

Next, the other two pledge teams played, and then the two losing teams played. The losers of that match were June and Mike. Sonya took center stage and congratulated the winners. Then she turned to June and said, "I'm sorry June, but you have to leave the party."

June, who was hardly sober at this point said, "What? I'm ... I'm out of the sorority just like that?"

No one in the crowd spoke up and Sonya gave her an expressive shrug of the shoulders and a lift of one eyebrow and that said 'well, maybe, yeah – we'll see.'

June's face reddened and twisted into a horrible mask. She brought up both fists and extended her middle fingers. "Welllll ... Fuck. You. Fuck all of you," she screamed as she slowly turned in a full circle, pumping her fists in the air. In the midst of a stunned silence, she stomped to the door, turned and said, "Come on dickhead, drive me to my apartment."

Mike, her date, shook himself and said, "Oh, yeah, sure." He reached the door just as it slammed shut in his face. He reopened it and went outside calling, "June?" As Mike closed the door, much more softly this time, the room erupted in laughter.

"Is she really out of the sorority?" Joseph asked Allyson.

She shook her head. "I don't know, maybe, although it hardly seems fair to me."

Joseph said, "Yeah ... I don't know either, but that Sonya chick looks pretty shrewd to me. I bet she really wanted to see how the loser handled the situation."

"Hey, you're pretty shrewd yourself," Allyson said, nodding in agreement.

Sonya raised her hands to get attention and said, "Okay, okay ... pledges; I need to borrow your dates for a few minutes." She motioned for the boys to stand next to her. "Guys, follow me. Pledges, you probably need to powder your noses by now."

Joseph and the other dates followed Sonya as the girls lined up to use the bathroom. Sonya led them through the living room and into the room that was marked as the sorority's office. Joseph saw that this was the room where all the decorative touches had been stored. There was barely room for the four people to stand.

"There's a toilet over there," said Sonya, nodding at a door in the far wall.

"Oh yes," said Alfred, one of the pledge dates. He practically shoved Joseph out of the way to get to the door.

"While you get that done," Sonya said, "please fill out these cards." She handed Joseph and the other guy, a boy named Phil who had a bad case of acne, note cards. "Write down three personal facts that you've mentioned to your dates. Something like, your hometown or your favorite food, you know."

Joseph picked up a pen from the desk. The first one was easy – his favorite movie was "Star Wars." They had talked about that, and not much more. After all, they had barely met. He remembered mentioning that his favorite food from the school cafeteria was the lasagna they served on Monday nights. He wrote that down.

At that point, the toilet became available. He stepped inside and tried to think of a third thing about himself that Allyson might remember as he pissed. When his bladder was empty, he washed his hands and dried them on a hand-towel so nice that his mother would have said it was only for company. Joseph stepped back into the office to find everyone waiting impatiently. He hastily scrawled his hometown on the card and handed it to Sonya.

"Okay," she said as she looked over Joseph's contribution, "let's get back to the party."

Back in the living room the party had moved on; people were dancing; a couple was making out in a corner and there was a lively beer pong game going on in the dining room. Sonya went to the stereo and turned down the sound until the music was barely audible. There was a general groan from the party goers.

"Okay, okay," she told the crowd, "you knew it was the pledge party." She lined up the guys in front of their dates. "No cheating or hints," she told them. Once everyone was in place she asked Allyson, "What is Joseph's favorite movie?"

"Star Wars," she said immediately to laughter from the crowd.

"Right," said Sonya.

The questioning went down quickly. Alfred's date was the only one able to answer another question. The wrong answers or non-answers caused more beer to be consumed. The pledge, who had learned nothing about her date, left the party with a great deal more grace than had June. That left two couples.

Sonya said, "We need one more elimination competition."

"Oh please," someone in the crowd growled.

The front door opened and one of the sorority sisters rushed in. She went up to Sonya and whispered in her ear. Sonya smiled and nodded. "Okay," she announced. "It's a tie. You guys should be dancing anyway." She went to the stereo and fiddled with its MP3 player until a soulful, slow melody began to play.

"Yeah, let's dance," Allyson told Joseph. She pulled him into the middle of the room and put her arms around his neck. She pulled him close until her head rested on his shoulder.

Joseph's head swirled. This was exactly the first time in his life that he had held a girl this close. The smell of Allyson's hair, the feel of her breasts on his chest was amazing. His cock felt as if it was an iron bar, or at least an iron rivet, in his pants.

Joseph put his hands low on her waist and led them in a slow shuffle around the diminutive dance floor. He sent a silent thank you to his mother. One afternoon before a middle school dance, his mom had taken him in hand and showed him the simple box step, complete with tips on how not to break his partner's toes. He hadn't held his mother in a full body press however, and he found the feel of Allyson in his arms intoxicating.

And thinking of intoxication, Joseph wondered why Allyson wasn't falling down drunk. He was pretty high and he knew that she had drunk at least three times as much beer as he had. She wasn't staggering around, and her speech wasn't slurred. It had simply slowed a bit, giving her a cute drawl.

The song ended all too soon. Joseph was pleased that Allyson didn't leap away. In fact, she lifted her head from his shoulder and looked into his eyes. She tilted her head and then they were kissing.

Joseph was in sensory overload. The feel of her lips on his, his first real kiss, was unbelievable. They were soft and warm and somehow alive in a way that he had never imagined. The kiss lasted all of second, but Allyson seemed disinclined to break their embrace. The music began once more. Joseph was delighted that they were going to dance again. His entire world was the wonderful feel of Allyson. But somewhere in the back of his mind, he noted that a general hush had fallen over the crowd except for some titters of anticipation. That was when he felt the tap on his shoulder.

"Hmm?" said Joseph as he partially disengaged from Allyson and turned. He had to struggle to get his eyes to focus, but then he realized that he was looking at one very large male chest. His gaze crept upwards until he recognized the face of Butch Henderson, star running back for the Western State football team.

"Hey, baby," Allyson said. She flowed languidly out of Joseph's arms and into Butch's. There followed a kiss that made the one she'd just given Joseph look like a firm peck she'd give her mother.

Joseph noted the giggles and snickers from the crowd. He decided that it was time to make as graceful an exit as possible. He squared up his shoulders and took a step toward the door, but then he felt a tug at his sleeve.

"You stay with me," said Allyson as she released his shirt sleeve. She rested one hand on Butch's massive shoulder. "You don't mind, do you?" she asked Butch. "It's the nerd ball and we have to stay together."

Butch shrugged as he looked Joseph over. "I don't mind if you don't," he said to Allyson. She pulled Butch's head down level to hers and whispered in his ear. He laughed and motioned with his head for Joseph to follow them. Once they were all in the foyer, Butch said, "Up the stairs."

The yellow plastic chain was still in place, so Joseph had to lift his foot high and sort of half jump up to the third stair step. Despite his best effort, the toe of his trailing foot caught the chain, and except for Butch's quick reaction the whole assembly of chain and stanchions would have fallen.

Allyson clung to Butch's shoulder as she none to steadily tried to step over the chain. "Allow me, babe," Butch said. With a shriek and a laugh from Allyson, he swept her up in his arms and adroitly hopped over the barrier. When they reached the top of the stairs with Joseph in the lead, he looked to Butch. "End of the hall and up the stairs again," Butch said.

The hallway ran the length of the house. Joseph's orderly mind couldn't help but note there were four doors on each side. Evidently, most if not all of them were bedrooms. From one room came the unmistakable moans and groans of passion, and from another came the rhythmic tortured creaking of a bed being pushed to its limits.

At the end of the hallway, Joseph made a right turn, opened a door and went up yet another flight of steps. He stepped into the house's finished attic at the top. Like most attics it held an assortment of cardboard boxes and old furniture. To one side was a neat row of suitcases and duffels, probably what the girls used to transport their belongings. A couple of gable windows looked out on either side of the house.

"Scoot on down," Butch said from behind Joseph at the top of the stairs.

"Yeah," said Joseph. He took a dozen paces and stopped at what he knew had to be their destination. It was an old brass bed. About as wide a double, its metal bedsteads arced across both ends. He was surprised that the bedding smelled freshly laundered.

Butch laid Allyson crossways on the bed. She looked sexy as hell as she arranged her silver blonde hair in a halo around her head. She smiled at Joseph as her fingers combed it into place.

"Look, I'll just take off," he said. This scene was very provocative, but he figured Butch was about to tell him to scram anyway.

"No, no," said Allyson. Her eyes were half lidded and she was drawling her words like a southern belle. "Honey, you sit right there." One gracefully curved hand pointed to a chest that sat mattress high at the foot of the bed.

"Yeah, stick around and enjoy it," said Butch. "I know I'm going to." He smiled confidently.

Joseph did as he was told and sat. Butch lifted one of Allyson's feet and kissed the exposed ankle above her black high heel. She chuckled softly as he removed her shoe and laid a couple of kisses on her instep. Butch was a patient lover, another shoe removal and more foot kissing followed.

Allyson wasn't quite so patient. She unsnapped her pants and drew down the zipper. Butch took the hint and began to pull on her pant legs. "Damn, Ally," he said, "how do you get into these things?" Her jeans were so tight Butch was dragging her off the bed.

"I can't believe that you don't know how to undress a girl," Allyson said with a laugh. She peeled at her waist band and in about two seconds her pussy came into view. It was bare except for the thin strip of hair known as a landing strip.

"That's because most girls can't wait to jump out of their clothes for me," Butch said as he winked at Joseph.

Joseph smiled and nodded weakly, wishing that he could go unnoticed.

Butch spread Allyson's upraised knees. He kissed his way down the inside of her thigh, and then locked his lips on her luscious pussy.

"Ohhhh yesss," Allyson moaned. She wasn't a girl to lie quietly and wait to be serviced by her lover. Her feet rested on his broad shoulders one second and then beat on his well muscled back the next. Her hands were all over. She held Butch's head to heated pussy while she rubbed at her breasts, and then she ran her fingers through her hair just before she stuck a couple of digits in her mouth and sucked on them like a little girl.

Joseph couldn't take his eyes away from the spectacle. He wished to hell that he could see exactly what Butch was doing to get such spectacular results from Allyson. Perhaps a girl would forgive his lack of size in the cock department if he could perform oral sex like Butch. Speaking of cocks, his had achieved a diamond like hardness. His balls had passed beyond the blue stage to whatever came next – black or perhaps blazing red. He watched as Butch lifted his head from Allyson's distended clit just long enough to insert a couple of fingers into her pussy.

His hand jerked back and forth for a minute and then Allyson came.

"Ahhhh fuck, fuck, fuck," she cried. Her back arched and her head whipped side to side. Her fingers worked at grabbing Butch's hair as if she wanted to pull his lips and tongue even more tightly against her heaving cunt. Fortunately for Butch, his military buzz cut was too short to hold on to. After what seemed like a full minute of full blown orgasm, Allyson sighed and collapsed completely, her arms spread outward.

Her head turned to Joseph. "Wow, that was nice," she said.

"It ... uh ... looked nice," Joseph said lamely.

Allyson rose up enough to pull off her top. Her lightly tanned breasts came into view and they were magnificent. As Allyson raised her arms to finger comb her hair once more and arrange her necklaces just so, her breasts barely moved. They remained so high and firm and rounded that Joseph wondered if they were real. But that didn't matter; Joseph drank in his first real live view of an amazing set of tits.

Butch, in the mean time, had shed his clothing. His physique was just as amazing as Allyson's in its way. He had broad muscular shoulders and washboard abs above a narrow waist. He looked sleek and athletic. Joseph noted that Butch's cock was six, maybe seven inches long. Of course the way it arched over his low hanging balls showed that it wasn't completely hard.

Butch planted his knees on either side of Allyson's shoulders. She immediately grabbed his cock and wrapped her lips around its helmet shaped head. As Butch stretched out an arm to steady himself against the wall, she enthusiastically bobbed her head back and forth.

"Yeah, that's it, baby," said Butch, "suck that meat nice and hard."

Allyson's manicured nails traced the outline of Butch's muscled torso as she sucked him to a full hard-on. Joseph decided that the football player's cock might not be as thick as the proverbial soda can, but it wasn't far from it. Butch pulled away from her pouting lips, and then raked his cock across Allyson's nipple. In fact, he sawed his massive cock back and forth across both nipples until they were nicely red and distended. Then he gathered her tits in his hands and engulfed his cock between her creamy mounds.

"Mmm ... I love these soft tits of yours," Butch said as he thrust away at an easy pace.

Allyson laughed deep in her throat. "Fuck my pussy, baby," she said. "I'm ready for your big dick."

"I love that even more," Butch said with a grin. He backed until he could position himself between Allyson's legs. He raked his cock-head up and down her slit a few times and then thrust his engorged dick in to the hilt.

"Uhhh, yeah," Allyson moaned. "No one fills me like you." Butch held her legs apart in a near full split and fucked Allyson with quick strokes. "Oh yeah, you're gonna' make me cum like that," Allyson said.

But it looked like Butch wasn't going to let her get off so easy. He slowed his thrusts and eased his body down on top of hers. Then he began a slow, rolling sway of his muscular hips. With his head next to hers, Butch murmured something in her ear. She laughed, glanced quickly at Joseph and then away.

"Harder, baby, come on," she said.

"Humph," was all Butch said and continued his slow fuck. It wasn't long before Allyson was twisting and thrusting her hips despite the weight that had her pinned to the bed.

"Yeah, yeah, oh god yessss," Allyson gasped. She wrapped her arms and legs around Butch. He lifted her off the bed and bounced her on his steel hard cock until she was moaning her come into the hard muscles of his shoulder.

Allyson collapsed back onto the bed. She looked wiped out after two massive orgasms in just a few minutes. Butch effortlessly flipped her onto her stomach. He pulled Allyson's hips into the air and then slipped his rigid pole into her slick cunt.

Her face was turned toward Joseph, her cheek flattened on the bed linen. Allyson's eyes her were half-lidded and didn't seem to be focused on anything. It looked as if Butch had literally fucked her unconscious.

Moving his hands and hips in opposite directions, Butch was slamming into Allyson like a jackhammer. The slap, slap, slap sound of their bodies colliding filled the attic. Butch had his eyes closed, his face a mask of concentration. He was reaching for a come as quickly as possible.

Joseph couldn't take it anymore. He unzipped his pants and slipped his fingers inside. As fast as he could move his hand, he began to strum his fingers over the head of his aching cock through his jockey underwear. He hadn't masturbated so fiercely since that time when he'd been oh so close and he'd heard his mother's steps approaching his bedroom.

"Oh yeah ... yes, baby yessssssss," Butch called out as his furious pounding slowed to a few mighty thrusts. His muscular form shuddered through his orgasm.

"Yesssss," Joseph hissed quietly in echo. His dick creamed its meager supply of cum, only enough to stain his shorts.

Butch fell forward and sideways, wrapping his arms around Allyson as he did so. The couple lay on their sides, spooning, and facing away from Joseph. He zipped his pants and watched the motionless couple for a minute as he came down from his orgasmic high. Now, surely, they didn't expect him to stay around. He stood, feeling the wet mess in his pants and the nearly overwhelming desire to urinate. Quickly and quietly, he left the Theta Theta house and then drove back to his dorm.

Almost three weeks passed. Joseph had seen Allyson once between classes as he crossed a parking lot. He was tempted to approach her, but he dared not. After all, what was he going to say, "Hi, remember me? I'm the dirty little pervert who watched you get laid the other night."

He did feel a bit like a pervert. Allyson had been the sole subject of his masturbatory fantasies ever since that night. Oddly enough it wasn't the hot sex he'd witnessed that made his cock cream. It was the memory of the feel of Allyson in his arms as they danced, the pressure of her breasts as he held her and the smell of her shampoo and perfume. Usually, his last thought, as his dick pulsed and his watery cum leaked over his fingers, was of the one chaste kiss they'd shared.

No, he'd only followed her with his eyes in that parking lot, hoping that she'd turn his way so that he could give her a casual wave. But she hadn't, and he had managed to bruise his shin when he walked into the bumper of a car.

Now he was in his dorm room, busy writing computer code for one of his professors. Joseph's dormitory was usually referred to as a study dorm. There were restrictions on noise from noon on Sunday until noon on Friday. The rooms were arranged in pods. There were six or eight students to a pod. Each student had his own room and each room had two doors. One opened into a common room for that pod and the other door led to a hallway to other pods and a shared bathroom.

The door to the common room was open. Four of Joseph's pod mates were playing a video game resulting in a litany of insults, cries of victory or defeat and a general running commentary by the participants. Joseph didn't mind the noise; it was the background music of his college life. Besides, if he wanted quiet he could simply close the heavily sound proofed door.

Joseph heard a soft tap, tap on his hallway door. He didn't bother to answer; he was fully engrossed in his work. Besides, his buddies knew that if his door was unlocked they were expected to let themselves in.

Tap, tap, tap ... tap, tap, tap. "Yo," Joseph called out in irritation. He heard the click as the door opened.

"Was that a no?" a soft, feminine voice said.

Joseph turned to see Allyson standing in the partially opened door. "Yes, I mean no ... I, I mean I said, 'yo'," he stammered.

Allyson certainly wasn't wearing her party clothing tonight. She had on a set of mismatched sweats and a pair of scuffed up trainers. A book bag hung over one shoulder. Her hair was in a ponytail, and her face looked freshly scrubbed of any makeup.

Joseph thought she was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. "Please ... please come in," he said.

Allyson entered, closed the door, took one step and found herself in the center of the room. "Wow," she said, looking from side to side. "I knew they called these rooms cells, but I didn't realize..."

Joseph's bedroom took up just enough space for a bed, desk, closet, shelving and few built in drawers. There was a joke was that the room had been designed to house prisoners, but that the design had been rejected as inhumane.

"Yeah, not much room." He jumped up from his chair. "Here, sit down," he said, waving Allyson over. When he turned to close the door to the common room, he saw his pod mates silently looking at Allyson in slack-jawed wonder. He gave them a broad wink as he closed the door and snapped the lock. "So, how's it going?" he said as he perched on his bed.

Over the next minute they established that they were both in good health and that the weather was on the cool side but tolerable. After an awkward pause, Joseph said, "So what brings you by here?"

"I hope you don't mind," Allyson said as she reached into her book bag. "I've been having some trouble with my math course. I was hoping you could help." She held the textbook in both hands like an offering and gave him a half-apologetic smile.

"So just because I'm sort of geeky, you think I'm some kind of math whiz?" Joseph asked.

Allyson tilted her head and lifted an eyebrow. "You're very geeky, and yes, that's pretty much what I think," she said.

Joseph thought he ought to be mad, but he found himself laughing. "Alright, let's see what you've got." It turned out to be advanced algebra, something he had mastered as a high school junior. "Why are you taking this stuff?" he asked. "Are you going to be a doctor or scientist?"

"More like an elementary school teacher," she said. "But my faculty advisor has the silly notion that I ought to be challenged in college."

"How rude," said Joseph. "Between the binge drinking and wild parties, a student hardly has time for such things as classes and studying."

He reviewed the material and then they went over it. "Oh yeah," she said at one point. "I think I see now. Let me try the problems on the work sheet." For half an hour, Joseph went back to coding at his desk while Allyson sat on his bed and worked at her math problems.

She slid off the bed and pushed the paper under his nose. "How's that?" she asked.

"Uhhh... ," said Joseph as he leaned back to get the paper in focus. He took it from her hand and glanced over the problems. "Looks good to me, I think you've got it." He handed the paper back.

"Cool," she said. "I knew you could help, so I brought a little something as payment." She folded the worksheet and put it in her math book. The book went into her bag, and then she pulled out a half full bottle of vodka.

"Oh gee, it's a school night, and I'm not really much of a drinker," Joseph said, eyeing the bottle.

"Oh come on," Allyson said. "I liberated this from the sorority house when I left."

"You left? As in you're not going to join?" he said.

Allyson shrugged. "I pledged mainly because my mother and my aunt are members. But this bunch is just an older version of a high school popular girl clique."

"Well that's too bad ... or maybe a good thing?" Joseph said, not sensing exactly how she felt about leaving.

"All for the best," she said. "Now, you got cups?"

"Uh..." Joseph pointed vaguely at the door to the common area.

Allyson put her bottle on Joseph's desk and opened the door. "Hey, I'm Allyson," she announced. "Do you guys have any cups? Ice? Maybe a Sprite?"

Joseph smiled as he watched his pod-mates rush to fulfill her wants. It took her all of two minutes to learn everyone's names and, he was pretty sure, win over their hearts. She walked back into his room with a couple of cups of ice and a plastic bottle of Mountain Dew.

"Nice guys," she said as she mixed two strong drinks and handed one to Joseph.

"They are," he agreed. "You'll be the topic of conversation in our little group for about the next thousand years."

Allyson laughed in appreciation. They talked about Joseph's friends as a group and individually for several minutes as they sipped their drinks. When that topic dried up, Allyson sighed and said, "I guess we should discuss the elephant in the room."

Joseph's head felt muzzy from the alcohol. He took a quick inventory of the furniture. Had someone put a toy elephant in his room? Then he got it. "Oh, you mean the other night at the party ... well, we were all drunk and, you know..."

"I know you enjoyed yourself," she said.

"NO ... I mean being with you was nice – great in fact, but the thing with Butch – not so much," Joseph stumbled.

"Come here," Allyson said, and patted the spot next to her on the bed.

Joseph moved, but he averted his eyes and sat two feet away from the beautiful coed. Allyson drained her cup in one gulp and said, "Finish that," as she put her hand on the bottom of his cup and pushed it upward.

Joseph downed the rest of his drink. She took it from his hand and put the cups on the floor. She slid next to him and said, "I beg to differ. I saw you masturbating through your shorts."

"I, uhhhh..." Joseph struggled to say. The alcohol, or maybe her forthright manner was making his head swim.

Allyson's voice was low and seductive as she said, "I think you liked it. You liked watching Butch pound my pussy,"

"But..." Joseph said in a useless attempt at rebuttal. His face was growing hot and his dick was getting hard.

Allyson's lips brushed the shell of his ear as she whispered, "Butch is such a stud. I bet his dick is eight or nine inches long and I can assure you that it's a real pussy stretcher." She put her hand on the inside of Joseph's thigh.

Joseph hardly dared to breathe. Allyson's breath tickled his ear and her breast pressed warmly against his shoulder. And her hand – no female hand been this close to his cock since his mother use to bathe him. Of course there was that time in the fifth grade when Cynthia Bledsoe had cracked him in the nuts for no good reason, but that didn't count.

"Mmm ... you do like it," she said. She licked his cheek. "You have hot skin, rapid breathing and I can feel your blood pounding in your thigh." She squeezed his leg.

"May ... maybe I'm just pissed off," he said, desperately trying to keep his voice steady.

"I don't think so, lover," Allyson said. "Now stand up."

Joseph found himself standing, almost against his will. It took all of ten seconds for Allyson to unbuckle, unbutton and unzip his jeans. He looked down to see the full length of his tiny cock barely making a lump in his tighty-whities.

"No," he said weakly. This was so humiliating. She could plainly see that his cock was a nub, a nothing. His hands move to cover his crotch. But her hands were quicker. In a second, she had his undershorts at his knees. His circumcised, thumb-sized cock, complete with a dewdrop of pre-cum, stood out in its diminutive glory.

She looked up and said, "See, I told you you were turned on."

Joseph was amazed and pleased that Allyson hadn't smirked or laughed or commented on the size of his cock. He was utterly amazed and immensely pleased when she took him entirely into her mouth. The feel of her tongue on the head of his dick was beyond any sexual fantasy that he'd ever had. It took about ten seconds for the pressure and pleasure to peak.

"Allyson, I'm ... oh no ... I..." he shot his load. His dick went into spasms. His cock-head swelled to the size of grape and a weak stream of cum squirted from its tip.

Allyson backed off his deflating cock and smile up him. "A little enthusiastic, aren't you?"

"I'm so sorry I..." Joseph began.

"The time to be sorry is when I don't get off," said Allyson very matter-of-factly. She shed her clothing until there was nothing but clear air between her pink pussy and the look of astonishment on Joseph's face.

Allyson lay back on the bed, her knees bent but wide spread. "Come here, lover," she told him.

With his ardor cooled for the time being, Joseph' mind was clear enough to realize that she wanted her turn at oral sex - and that he could hardly move with his clothing around his knees. He took the time to pull up his shorts and pants, and then he eagerly, but nervously joined Allyson on the bed.

She spread her vaginal lips with fingers of one hand. "Can you find my clitoris?" she asked.

"I've seen pictures," Joseph said, recognizing that he had just uttered the nerdish sentence of a lifetime.

Once again Allyson skipped the chance to laugh at him; instead, she thrust her pelvis in his direction and said, "Well then, get to it."

Joseph approached the first pussy he'd been near since he'd come out of one. She smelled faintly of raw fish, nothing unpleasant, but it was definitely there. He wondered briefly how his semen had tasted – salty and a bit slimy he'd read. He'd never been curious enough to taste it.

Back to the task at hand. Approach the little stem looking thing with a little tent of skin over it, place tongue on stem and move head in a rocking motion. Hmm ... a slightly acid taste to the tongue. Again, not really unpleasant and...

"Oh yeah, you got it, lover," Allison said in a strained whisper. Joseph stopped analyzing and devoted himself to prompting more encouragement from Allyson.

"Yes, that's it, yesssss," she hissed. She seemed acutely aware that his pod-mates were just a few feet away. The uninhibited moans and groans from the sorority party were replaced with much softer versions. Her hips twitched and rolled, and then suddenly her pelvis thrust into the air as she held his head to her very wet, shuddering pussy.

Once Allyson relaxed, Joseph raised up. He was immensely proud of himself. He'd given a girl – a beautiful young woman, in fact, an orgasm. But now what? Was he supposed to kiss her? Cuddle? Talk about it? All of the above?

That was when she rolled over, put her palm on his chest and shoved him prone onto the mattress. She jerked at his pants and shorts until his diminutive cock was exposed once more. Allyson swooped down and engulfed his cock. In about two seconds he was as achingly hard as he could ever remember. He couldn't believe it. He'd heard about guys who could fuck all night, but he was very much a once a day guy. In fact, if he masturbated before bed, then he usually didn't have a morning erection. Allyson had him raring to go for the second time in just a few minutes.

She straddled his hips and reached for his cock between their bodies. She had to maneuver around a bit, but then he felt the wet warmth of her pussy lips. She rocked back and forth, bumping the head of his dick over her clit. "This is nice," she said.

"You're telling me," Joseph said. They both giggled for a few seconds before they went back to the serious business of building orgasms. His came too quickly – again, but Allyson didn't stop moving. It felt as if he didn't lose his hard-on. On the other hand, he was awfully sore down there; it wasn't easy to tell. A minute later, Allyson shuddered through another big come. She collapsed beside him on the narrow bed. Her harsh breathing whistled in his ear. If someone had asked, in the afterglow of his first sexual encounter, Joseph would have said that she sounded like angels singing.

For two days Joseph walked around on a cloud. Allyson hadn't left any contact information, and he certainly didn't know where she lived. He kept an eye out for her as he walked around campus, but Western was a middling sized university, and even though he'd encountered her before in just that way, depending on simply running into her again was really a hit or miss proposition.

On the third day he spent three hours one afternoon trying to suss out her contact information from the school, but the officials had vast experience in dealing with horny college boys and that was a no go. Even his expertise with computers was no help. Personal student information was kept in a standalone system, in a locked room and off the grid completely.

In the evening of the fourth day he sank into a funk as he sat at the desk in his room. What had he been thinking? Allyson had used him – twice. He had thoroughly enjoyed the experiences, but really, could he expect more? Of course not. She was a beautiful, sexy young woman who could have any man she wanted, especially hunky football players.

"Oh crap," he said aloud. He was getting a hard-on. He hadn't masturbated since his encounter with Allyson and now the thought of her and Butch and then her and him – it was all so blurred in his mind. He didn't like blurred; he liked lines of code that made complex mechanisms do what he wanted.

Maybe if he got his rocks off the endorphins would lift his spirits and enable him to get her out of his mind for a while. Yeah, he'd go back to jerking off every day, and he'd certainly stop looking for her face every second he was on campus. If he ever saw her again he'd play it cool. He'd say, "Hey, how's it going?" and move on. He'd be friendly, certainly not some lovesick pup. He'd...

Tap, tap, tap.

His heart stopped and fell into his stomach. That sounded like Allyson's knock. He felt like a fool. How could he possibly know her knock from having it heard it once days ago. He stood. His knees thought it was her, they seemed to be made out of rubber. He went to the door and opened it.

"Hi," said Allyson. She was wearing jeans, a tight two piece tee with the school's logo stretched across her breasts, and a jean-jacket. She was running her fingers through her loose blonde hair.

"Hey, how ... how ... how's it going?" Joseph stammered. So much for sounding cool.

Allyson pulled her book bag off her shoulder and let it swing in front of her body. "I thought we might study together," she said. Joseph stood in the door, gazing at her as if she'd come back from the dead. "Preferably, in your room?" she said with arched eyebrows.

"Oh, uh, sure," said Joseph. He backed into the room to let her in.

"Doing okay?" she asked as she sat her bag on the floor beside the bed.

No, I had a nice, calm life before you came along. I was quite content with my computers and my programming. I had resigned myself to living like a sexless monk. Maybe one day I'd marry some plain jane who'd be content to spend my money and who really wouldn't care about bedroom antics. But now you've brought that angelic face and that fantastic body into my life, and fucked me and sucked me, and turned my heart and mind into mush.

"I'm fine ... you?" Joseph said.

"Peachy," she said as she took off her jacket and tossed it on her book bag. She crossed her arms, grabbed the hem of her tee-shirt and pulled it off over her head.

"What, what are you doing?" Joseph asked. He stared at the milky white tops of her breasts that mounded above her navy blue bra.

"Oh, you know, just a little something to take the edge off – something to keep us from thinking about sex when we should be studying."

"Look, Allyson..." Joseph began, his voice sounding as if he was about to protest.

"It'll be fun," she said. She took his right hand and placed it on her breast. Her other hand cupped his crotch.

Any thoughts of a noble resistance fled his mind. Somehow, by cupping his package through his pants, Allyson made it feel as if his cock was being massaged in a vat of warm oil. And the feel of her well filled, rounded and warm bra was amazing.

Allyson leaned close and said, "Let me tell you what Butch and I did the other day."

"I ... nooooooo ... oooookay," he groaned, giving in. I am such a depraved fool, he thought.

"Butch and I met in the stacks in the library," she said. "There's almost no one there in the middle of the afternoon. I took that big, meaty cock of his out of his pants and jerked him off." She giggled. "There's a great big cum stain on the rug, right next to the books on archeology, if you want to go look."

Joseph gave her breast the gentlest, most tentative of caresses. "Maybe I will," he said, wondering why in the hell he'd do such a thing.

"And then I kissed the head of his cock a few times, and you know what?"

"Huhmmm?" Joseph said.

"He didn't get soft, not even for a second. And then he fucked me. I was wearing this cute khaki skirt I have that comes to here," she said, and using her free hand she indicated a hem length scandalously short even for a college campus. "I propped my foot up on a self, he pulled my panties aside and slid his big ol' fucker inside. We were going at, quietly but steadily, when we heard this squeak, squeak, squeak. I took my foot down and held onto Butch as if we were in some sort of friendly hug." She snickered. "And then a library worker came around the corner pushing a cart with a bad wheel. So there we are, practically standing in a puddle of cum, our hands all over each other with my skirt half way up my ass and his cock practically vibrating in my pussy." She stopped.

"Annnnd?" Joseph prompted.

"The guy never missed a beat. He shelved a book, backed out of the aisle and squeaked away." She laughed. "Butch grabbed my ass with both hands. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he shagged the hell out of me. I had to bite his shoulder to keep from screaming when I came." As she said that last part, she slipped her leg around Joseph's and pulled him closer. Her palm rubbed at his crotch.

Joseph groaned. The image of Butch and Allyson, the feel of her magnificent tit in his hand, her hot, sweet breath on his cheek, her hand on his dick – even though she was pretty well off the mark by now – was too much. He shot his wad in a series of convulsive shivers.

Allyson unwrapped herself from his body. "See?" she said, "all calm now."

"I'm not so sure about that," Joseph said. "Excuse me." On shaky legs, he pulled a clean pair of undershorts from a drawer and headed for the men's bathroom. When he returned a few minutes later, Allyson, now fully clothed, was sitting cross-leg on his bed, a book open on her lap.

She looked up as he came in. "Do you know anything about Shakespeare?" she asked.

By the time she left at one AM, they had achieved a couple of hours of study. Allyson had endeared herself to Joseph's pod-mates even further by ordering a pizza. Thereafter, she had schooled Joseph once more on the fine art of eating a pussy, followed by an excruciating half hour where she kept him on the micro-edge of an orgasm. His release at the end had sent him into a blissful eight hours of sleep, ending in a panic attack at missing not one but two classes. And still, he didn't have her phone number.

That turned out to be of no consequence. Allyson made a habit of turning up at his room at least twice a week for the next month or so. He not only learned her contact data, he spent time in her dormitory room. Compared to his study-dorm, hers was bedlam. It seemed to be populated by freshman intent on partying continuously until the university flunked them out of school.

One evening, after a lingering hello kiss at his door, Allyson put her hands on his shoulders and said, "We have to have a talk."

"Oh," said Joseph. He suddenly saw a future where his relationship with Allyson could be described as friendly, at best. He almost bit his tongue in order to stop a tide of pleading. His analytical mind demanded to at least wait and hear her words.

They sat opposite one another, he on his chair and her on the bed. Their knees almost touched. "I am, very certainly, pregnant," she said in a soft voice.

Holy crap, thought Joseph. She'd said that she was on the pill. Of course that's not one hundred percent effective. He hadn't even tried to wear a condom. He'd bought some once. The damn things were useless on his tiny cock. Sure, they made small ones, but he'd barely had the courage to buy the first ones. And ... and that was all beside the point right now. Their fucks had consisted mostly of him using the end of his dick to massage her clit. Was he the father? Was it possible for him to physically impregnate anyone? Was she going to keep the fetus? They needed to answer these questions before going forward.

He took a deep breath and opened his mouth to confront her, but what came out was, "Allyson, I am hopelessly and desperately in love with you. Let's get married and raise this child." He took her hand. He could tell that she was about to say something so he rushed on. "Listen, I have great prospects. Corporate headhunters are courting me. I've got investors asking me about some projects I've got going. I..."

Allyson squeezed his hand. "Honey," she said, "I think the words love and marry sealed the deal."

A month later they were married in the presence of a few close family members. Six months after that, Kimberly Rachel Allen was born – named for her grandmothers. She was a very healthy looking baby for one who was supposedly a bit premature.

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