The Woes of Loving Wendy
Chapter 1

It was late Summer/early Fall. I was to attend university at the young age of seventeen. My belongings had been moved into my dorm room and I was settled in there. It was time for the first class of the first scheduled day.

Ironically, the title of the class was 'Writing 101'.

The lecture hall was like a half circle shaped area of stadium seating. All of the seats were aimed towards a small stage with a podium for the professor. I overheard one student say that the room could seat 350 people.

I had arrived early. So far, only about 20% of the seats had been taken. They were mostly grouped as closely as they could to the podium. "Ass-kissers", I thought as I looked down from the third row from the top. Peeking down from that angle, I found something to catch my interest.

It was a familiar light brown female ponytail only four rows below me. If I was right, this was a girl from my hometown. The university was 75 minutes away from that town. My good friend Douglas had dated her at least a couple of times. She didn't know who I was, but I had seen her with Douglas from afar.

The ponytail swooped to the left, which gave me a clear view of the right side of her face. I was right. It was Wendy. She swooped her ponytail to the opposite side. She seemed nervous. Most of all, she seemed very 'alone'.

At 17, I wasn't the most confident male in this environment. But, I found the courage needed to mend the situation. I gathered up my belongings and moved to the seat on her left.

"Hi Wendy", I said as I sat but before turning to her.

When I did look at her, she was wide eyed. Obviously she was surprised that in a campus of over 14,000 people, someone knew her first name.

"Relax", I said while looking into her eyes, "My nickname is Happy. I'm from your hometown. We have a mutual friend, Douglas".

The nervous expression on her face went away. She actually smiled at me. I was pleased with myself. I had rescued her from her loneliness.

When the lecture was over, we walked to the student cafeteria to get a cup of something to drink. Information was compared concerning Douglas. Apparently, he had exaggerated what actually happened when Wendy was involved. Part of me felt bad for any damage to Wendy's reputation. The other part of me was excited because she seemed to be even more interested in me because of my honesty.

One thing that stood out during our chat at one of the tables was her fidgeting. She was loaded with nervous energy. Her legs were crossed and the one on top was continuously bouncing.

My observational skills were good and I remembered that excess nervous energy, combined with an air of distraction usually meant that pent up sexual energy was involved. As I looked at her face again, she was looking away. Wendy was distracted in her thoughts.

It took a lot of effort to keep a serious look on my face. I desperately wanted to smile at what I had just noticed.

"When is your next class?", I asked in an effort to get her attention again. She didn't answer immediately. I took advantage by taking a look at her erect up turned nipples trying to push through her tank top. There was no way that there was a bra under that top.

As she came out of her fog, she caught me staring.

My face suddenly felt very warm when I realized that I was busted. Wendy looked down at her chest to confirm what I was looking at.

She looked at my blushing cheeks and answered, "Calculus. It starts in a little over an hour from now".

"Interesting", I said, while trying to get over my embarrassment, "I have the same schedule. I need to stop by my dorm room on the way and pick up my book for that one".

Wendy answered, "I need to get my book too. But, my dorm is in the other direction. Shall we meet in class?".

"I have a better idea. In order to save you a lot of walking, come with me. We'll get my book and sit together in class and share it", I suggested. Then I held my breath while waiting for her answer.

Her eyes sparkled just before she said, "Okay".

As she stood, she was facing away from me for a moment. I took that moment to glance at her 5' 6" figure from the back. Then I looked straight up towards heaven and silently mouthed the words 'Thank You'.

It was a beautiful day filled with sunshine and mild temperatures. A lot of people were out and about on the vast lawn covered areas around each building. My dorm was only was only two buildings away from the cafeteria. I walked with pride next to Wendy.

When we arrived at my dorm room door, I apologized ahead of time for my roommate's housekeeping habits. I explained to Wendy that Peter is a software expert. Even though he is a slob to live with, he formed his own business as a freshman.

He grossed over $150,000 that year. It went up from there. My benefit was that he rarely used the room. He was always at the computer lab during the week and went home every weekend to use his own set-up. Other than his mess, it was like having a single dorm room at half the price.

Wendy and I had almost an hour to wait before Calculus class. The only clean place for the two of us to sit together was my bed. Wendy sat down next to me without hesitation.

I noticed right away that her fidgeting had stopped. She was trying to rotate her neck as if in an attempt to work out a muscle kink or cramp.

In a moment of hopefulness, I held up my empty hands and asked, "Maybe I can help?".

Wendy glanced at me for an instant, then she pulled one of her legs onto the bed so she could turn her back to me.

"Please try", she said, "It hurts".

As I began to gently massage Wendy's neck and shoulders, I tried to decide which part of me was trembling the most. My choices were my hands, my jaw, and the equipment in the front my Wrangler jeans.

After about two minutes, she suddenly said,"Stop!!". I was terrified. Had I done something inappropriate? I didn't think so. But each person has different boundaries.

Wendy answered my worries by saying, "If we're going to do this, let's do it right".

She reached down and removed her shoes and socks. Then she turned towards me. Before I could gasp, her tank top was up and off. For the second time in less an hour, Wendy caught me staring at her nipples. This time they were bare.

Wendy cupped her breasts and twisted her nipples between her index fingers and thumbs. I don't know why she did that. They were already as hard as they could get.

Without looking at me, She said,"I know they're not big, but Neil says that more than a handful is a waste".

The hair on the back of my neck stood up as I asked, "Who is Neil?'.

Wendy gently answered, "We've been dating for six months. He is 23 years old and is the manager of a tire store in our hometown". After that, she laid face down on my bed next to where I sat. She grabbed my pillow and nestled the side her face into it with a few wiggles.

"Rub me again", she said, "that was beginning to feel good".

I looked at the half naked beauty laying in front of me. I usually have a good conscience. So I surprised myself when I began to rub her bare shoulders. I suppressed my thoughts of Neil. How could anyone resist this young woman?

As I was caressing her, I looked down the length of Wendy's body. My eyes detected movement. She was repeatedly curling and uncurling her toes. She was fidgeting!! This time I allowed myself to smile.

Suddenly, there was a loud knock on my door. I flinched, but Wendy did not.

"Who is it?", I called out while my hands continued to work on her shoulder muscles.

"It's Michael", answered the voice on the other side of the door.

I looked down at Wendy for a moment. She somehow she sensed that with her eyes closed.

"Its okay, go find out what he wants", she said as she playfully pushed on my hip as if to shove me off the bed. I let go of her and stood.

When I opened the door, Michael looked at my face for only a moment before his eyes went glassy as he looked at the beauty over my shoulder.

"What's up Michael?", I asked.

He kept looking over my shoulder as his answer slowly came out, "There is going to be a flag football game on the back lawn next to 'concrete beach' at 3pm. I thought you might want to join in".

Michael and most of the other guys on our dorm floor were from adjoining towns in a neighboring state. They were a clique. Each of them knew one another from competing in various sports. Even though I had tried politely to befriend them during orientation week, I felt like an outcast.

The only one that sensed that was Michael and he sympathized. He was easily the most intelligent amongst us. A full course load was 5 classes per semester for most of us. Michael was enrolled in eight of the most difficult. It made me wince to think about. It didn't help that he looked like an athletic rock star. I heard rustling noises behind me

There is fine line between jealousy and resentment. I was on that line concerning the man in front of me. In the week and a half since I met him, he was collecting two women at a time almost every night. I was more than envious.

"We'll be there", came a soft voiced response from behind me.

Michael's eyes finally met mine. He winked at me as he said, "Looking forward to it. See you then".

After he turned to leave, I gently closed the door and locked it. I pivoted to return to the bed and immediately almost tripped over something. I looked down at what was tangled in my feet. It was Wendy's shorts and panties.

I redirected my eyes towards a completely naked woman laying on her back on my bed. She splayed her knees wide open and ran two fingers through her pubic hair as she said," Come here".

As I quickly undressed, I thought about the humorous double entendre of 'cum here'.

Math has always been my best subject. But, the first day of Calculus class was a total loss to me. I kept turning my head towards Wendy sitting beside me. She wouldn't return my glances. She remained focused on the professor with a smug smirk on her face.

I had told her a few minutes ago that she had just taken my virginity. She seemed more than pleased.

Our last two classes of the day were separate from each other. My last one was 'Drawing 101'. Like I said, I was naive at the time. So it it took me by surprise when the female model dropped her robe to reveal everything she had to show. It was my turn to smirk. The female instructor told us that she would be posing the model in artistic fifteen minute 'holds'.

They weren't artistic poses. They were x-rated. The instructor circulated the room and was looking over each student's shoulder at their work. How could I draw outer labia in such a public setting. I had filled in all of the lines of the model's body except her most private place.

I felt hands on my shoulders from behind. The instructor whispered in my ear, "You seem to have raw talent. Finish the drawing".

The instructor ran her fingers through my hair as I quickly drew the image of the model's womanhood onto the page. This was my new favorite class.

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