The Ice Cream Man
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I met her at a beach party. Here's what happened after that.

Ever since I was a kid I remember the sound of the ice cream truck coming down the street. Like every other kid on the block I'd run into the house and yell, "Mom! The ice cream truck is coming." Most of the time she would give us kids, that's my brother, my sister and me, the money for an ice cream.

I remember saying that when I grew up I was going to be an ice cream man. Of course everyone laughed at me but I meant it. After high school I went to college and took a business management course. I wanted to know how to run a business. Upon graduation and with the help of my parents I bought an ice cream delivery truck.

It wasn't the kind with the ding-a-lings on it, but a large truck where you delivered ice cream to stores. I was on my own, except for paying back my parents; I lived in a trailer court and drove an older truck but life was good.

I saved most of my earnings other than paying my expenses. I made sure that every payday I paid my parents first. Renting a trailer was the right thing for me to do because I didn't have to worry about upkeep. Little by little I replaced some of the furniture with things I bought. The first big item I bought was a Harley motorcycle. I loved to ride it in the evenings. I did pick up a lot of dates with it also.

Throughout the years I dated a lot of women. I even got serious about a few of them but I couldn't see myself getting married and tied down to one woman. I liked sex as much as the next guy, but I was happy with my life. If I ever got bored I would make a couple of calls and get a date. Life was good.

My parents worried about me being single. I told them that if they were worried about grandkids that my sister Trina and brother Jim already had kids and would probably have more. As far as eating well, I told mom that's why I came over most every Sunday for dinner.

I had lots of friends and relatives and whenever there was a party or some kind of doings, I always supplied the ice cream. I was a pretty popular guy when it came to ice cream.

I was now thirty years old and had saved quite a bit of money over the years. I was also able to pay my parents off. My ice cream route kept growing and of course it took more time to service all my customers. I would sometimes work twelve hours a day and at least a half day on Saturdays.

Oh, my name is Jeffrey Allen Keys; most of my friends just call me Jeff. My buddy Keith, who was recently divorced asked me to go to a party with him. I told him I didn't go that way and he just laughed. We always kidded with each other.

The party was being giving by some guy he dealt with. I forgot to mention that Keith was a Private Investigator. This client had hired him to follow his cheating wife and get him information he could use in court. Marty, his client was so happy with the results that he was throwing a big beach bash on his estate.

When I asked Keith why he didn't just take a date he told me that there were going to be dozens of ladies at the party. I agreed to go since it would be held on a Saturday evening. I asked him if I should bring some ice cream and he just laughed.

A little more about me. I'm six foot tall and weigh in the hundred eighty pound range. I don't really exercise because I get all the exercise I need hauling ice cream packages all day. According to my dates, I'm said to be good looking and somewhat of a funny guy.

I love sex as much as the next guy. One thing I do is make love to every woman while having sex. I didn't say I love them but I make love to them. I'm fond of foreplay. I think it's actually more fun then the actual fucking sometimes.

To be with a woman and make her feel good turns me on even more. I love sucking and massaging their breasts and kissing down their bodies. My favorite area is their belly below the belly button and down to their muff, that is those that have muffs. A lot like to shave it all off; personally I love rubbing my face in a nice trimmed muff, but I wouldn't refuse any.

Keith and I went to the party and he introduced me to his past client, Marty. He welcomed me and told us to enjoy ourselves. This was one big beach house. It's the kind you see in movies. The portion of the beach behind his house was private and there were lots of people mingling around.

There was a food snack table set up that sure wasn't chips and dip which I was used to. Marty, must have been quite the wealthy man. His guests seemed to be, how do I say it? A little snobby and some were stuck on their self. Others seemed a little more normal.

Most of the women were quite sexy and knew it, but most all women in shorts or a bathing suit look pretty darn good to me. All kidding aside they were a handsome group of people. I don't like calling women handsome but I guess it's proper English. Most were just damn nice looking.

Keith knew some of the people there; past clients he told me. He walked up to one woman he must have known quite well. He took her hand and kissed her on the cheek. They were both all smiles. He introduced me to her; her name was Kelly and she was quite stunning.

She walked over to the snacks and it gave Keith time to tell me I was on my own for the night. I had driven because Keith told me he had planned on drinking a lot. Now I could tell he was hoping Kelly would be there. He told me he hoped to be going home with her. Jumping ahead a bit, that's exactly what happened.

I found some nice people to talk to and had my snacks and drinks. There was one blonde woman in a two piece white bikini and a matching wrap that I found myself staring at. When I came across Keith I asked him if he knew her. He said he hadn't seen her before but she was talking to Marty's latest girlfriend Nicole.

I couldn't help but stare at the blonde. She was flirty with a lot of the men but it was all talk. They might have kissed her cheek or touched her shoulder but that was about it. I was debating with myself, which I have a habit of doing, deciding if I should introduce myself. I guess I felt that we were in different leagues.

Before the debate was over she came over to where I was sitting. I stood up and smiled at her. "You've been staring at me for quite a while now and I was wondering why?" she said in an inquiring way and not in anyway mean or worried.

"Because you're beautiful and I was wondering if you were with someone. I'm Jeff Keys."

"I'm Jennifer Bradley, my friends call me Jen. I don't think I've ever met you before. Are you a friend of Marty's?"

"I met him today, I came with a friend." She looked around and I told her, "A male friend; he met a female friend of his so I guess I'm alone."

"We're never alone Jeff; would you like some company? I'd like to get to know more about you."

We sat down and talked. I think some of the guys she had been talking to were a little pissed that she was with me at the moment. She asked me to get her a glass of wine, which I did and me a beer.

I handed her the glass of wine and she thanked me. She said she would go first and tell me about herself.

"I'm twenty-six, unmarried. I graduated from State college and work at Bradley Industries. Before you ask, Bradley Industries is owned by my father."

I'd heard of the company before. They make machinery parts for a number of large companies. If her dad owned this company then she was from a very wealthy family.

She continued, "I'm an executive secretary in the legal department."

"So what brings you to this party?" I asked.

With a pretty smile and a sip of her wine she says, "Nicole, Marty's girlfriend has always been my best friend. We've been to college together and she works at Marty's Real Estate agency. Now, it's your turn," she said with a smile.

I knew I was out of her league but what the hell, I might get lucky. "Do you like ice cream?" I asked.

"What?" I knew I had caught her off guard. "What does that have to do with anything?" she responded.

"Everything! I can't date a woman who doesn't like ice cream." I was smiling.

"Who said anything about dating? I just wanted to know a little about you," she replied.

"You're beautiful but you already know that. I would like to get to know you better but you haven't answered my ice cream question."

She was beautiful, maybe five four in height, hour glass figure. Nice boobs, not too big but a definite mouthful from what I could see. I couldn't help but stare at the area below her belly button, my turn-on.

"Ok, I'll play along. I like ice cream, strawberry is my favorite. Now what?"

"Stay with me and you get a lifetime supply of strawberry ice cream." I smiled at her." Jen, I sell ice cream. I have my own business and sell ice cream to small stores and super Markets. My lifetime ambition," I laughed.

It made her smile and she said, "So, tell me more about yourself and family."

"I'm thirty, never been married, no kids," I smiled, "I have a married sister and brother who keep bugging me to find the right woman and settle down. Other than that, not much to tell. Oh, I did go to college and got a degree in Business Management. I wanted it to know the rules about owning my own business."

When I finished she asked me if I wanted to go in the water. The moon was full and the light waves were coming in. We stood up and she took off her wrap and I took off my shirt and shorts. I had my bathing suit on underneath.

We grabbed a couple of towels and headed to the water. We dropped the towels and ran in. After going about waist deep we went under water. When we came up out of the water our faces and hair were wet. She looked so sexy; we were face to face and I kissed her. I don't mean a peck on the cheek or even a peck on the lips. I put my arms around her and kissed her passionately.

She didn't back away but put her arms around my neck. I lowered my hands down her back to her ass and pulled her tight against me. After the kiss I put my hands on her waist and we looked at each other.

"I'm sorry! I don't know what made me do that," I said.

"No reason to apologize, I liked it," she said as she smiled at me.

We played around and swam a little in the water. We talked some and I was trying to figure out what it was she liked about me. I believe I was different from the men she was used to. There was nothing snobbish or phony about me. I tried to be honest with her.

I told her that I owned a Harley Motorcycle and liked to ride it in the evening. She asked me if I would take her for a ride and I told her anytime. We were really hitting it off great, just the two of us.

After getting out of the water and drying off she asked me if I could drive her home. After telling her "No problem," she went to talk to Nicole and I went to see Keith.

He was surprised that Jen asked me to take her home. I knew he thought she was a gorgeous girl and was out of my class but didn't want to say so. Chances are he was right but I wasn't about to pass up this chance.

I asked her how she got to the party and she said she came with Nicole and they were going to spend the night but changed her mind. She slipped her wrap over her swim suit and got her overnight bag as we walked to my truck. When she saw I had a truck she kind of smiled. I opened her door and she got in while I stared at her legs.

She was so beautiful that I was willing to bet that she was once a model. I might have been something new for her but she was something new for me also. They say opposites attract and I was pretty sure we were from different pages in life.

I asked her, "Where to?..."

She said, "Your place."

I didn't argue and drove to my trailer. When I pulled into the trailer park I saw a small grin cross her lips. I opened her door and watched as she slid off the seat and held her hand as she got out of the truck.

Thank God, my trailer was at least straightened up. Most days she would have come into a disaster. On Saturday mornings I usually try and straighten it up because I often have company come over after a night out on Saturdays. I was proud of myself, clean sheets and all.

I asked her if she wanted something to drink and she said no. She came up and kissed me. "I want to have sex with you, that's why I'm here." We kissed some more and headed for the bedroom.

She slipped off her wrap and unclasped her swimsuit top. Her breasts were every bit as beautiful as I imagined. She went to take off her bikini bottoms and I told her I would do that later. It surprised her; I think she was used to being in charge.

I took off my shirt, shorts and bathing suit. My cock was already getting hard. She reached down and began to stroke it. "Jeff, I need for you to wear a condom. Is that a problem?"

"That's fine, whatever you want," I replied. I really don't like using condoms unless I'm with someone new. Most of my sex partners over the years were on the pill or used some other type of birth control.

I like the feel of skin against skin and the look I get as I cum in my partner. She might have seen a glint of sadness because she explained why I needed a condom.

"I was on the pill and I had a yeast infection. I know that's not something you want to hear but it's fine now. My doctor said I should stay off the pill for a couple of months. I haven't been with anyone for over a month so I haven't been back to the doctor. I have an appointment to go back in about six weeks. I don't want to wait to be with you." She kissed me hard and passionately. We climbed on the bed and continued necking.

As I mentioned earlier, when I'm with a woman I make love to her, not just have sex. After kissing down her neck I rubbed the sides of her breasts as I alternated taking each nipple in my mouth sucking it till it became hard.

I watched her close her eyes as I continued down her midsection. She had a smile on her face as I kissed and licked my way down to her belly button. I move down a little further and licked the little bit of hair below her navel. That part of a woman's anatomy doesn't get enough attention.

When I kiss a woman there, below her belly button, they always seem to suck in their tummy. I continued to rub my face on that area of her body and she was moaning lightly.

I moved down between her legs and put my fingers at the waist band of her bikini bottoms and slowly pulled them down. She looked at me, smiled and raised her ass as I pulled the suit off her legs.

"Don't forget the condom," she said in a low voice.

"I won't, I promise," I answered her as I spread her legs and put my mouth on her natural blonde muff. I rubbed my face all over it as she continued moaning. I could now smell her sex and see the wetness on her pussy. I went lower and planted my mouth against her pussy lips.

"Oh God! That feels so good," she said.

I spread her lips with my fingers and licked and tongued her pussy faster and faster, her hips pumping up and down against my face. She was having an orgasm and screamed out how good it felt.

As soon as she settled a little, I reached in the end table and grabbed a condom and put it on. I took a pillow and put it under her hips. It makes penetration so much better.

She was smiling and telling me what a good lover I was as I rubbed my hardened cock up and down her slippery slit, each time watching her moist, pink pussy opening up, waiting for me to enter.

"Fuck me Jeff! Please fuck me now."

As she spread her legs wide I slowly pushed my cock into her waiting pussy. I watched as her lips swallowed my cock like a popsicle. I pushed it in slowly till she had taken it all. Before I even started pumping she was gyrating her ass all over the pillow.

I held up her legs and began to pump my cock in and out of her. We got a tempo going and both of us were saying all kinds of things. "Do you like that Jen? Do you like to be fucked like this? Want it faster and harder?" I asked.

"God yes! Faster, harder, make me your slut, fuck me. It feels so good, I don't want you to ever stop. Oh fuck! I'm coming again. Oh fuck Jeff, give it to me, give me your cock!"

A guy can only take so much of this kind of talk. I lifted her legs high as I came hard and deep. Her pussy kept pulsating holding my cock tight in her. I lowered her legs, kept my cock in her and lay across her but holding most of my weight on my arms.

We kissed a number of times and I raised up enough to suck on her nipples. She told me to leave my cock in her, which I did. Eventually it got soft and I went to pull out and she tightened her pussy muscles. My cock sort of flopped out.

"Oh Shit!" I said very loudly.

"What's the matter Jeff?" asked Jen.

"The damn condom came off. That's never happened to me before."

She didn't seem overly nervous but said, "You better reach in and get it. I don't need to risk a pregnancy."

She bent her knees and spread her legs wide. I took two fingers and went searching for the condom. "Oh shit Jeff! That feels good," she said as she was laughing.

I was laughing too because it was quite funny. I could get it between two fingers but it would keep slipping from my fingers. After a couple of minutes I was able to pull it out. It had a slash on the side. It had some cum in it but I knew it was nowhere near the amount I spent. I showed it to Jen and got up and threw it in the toilet.

"Hopefully everything will be ok because I'm not going to stop fucking you," said Jen.

I got up and ask Jen if she wanted a beer or a wine cooler. It was the only drinks I had in the house. "I'll have a wine cooler, thank you."

We sat on the bed and drank our drinks and talked about how good the sex was. About a half hour later Jen reached in the drawer and took out another condom. "I'll put this one on you," she said.

She began playing with my cock and kissed the head of it. As it was getting harder by the second she took the whole head and sucked on it. 'Damn!' I thought, 'my new girlfriend's a slut.'

She somehow put the condom in her mouth and slid it onto my cock. I wondered where she ever learned something like that but knew better than to ask.

I lay on my back and she lowered her pussy down on my cock. It was awesome watching her go up and down on my cock, watching it appear and then be buried deep inside of her. After a while she lay on top of me with my cock buried it her. We both pushed our pelvic against each other.

She sat back up and got off of me. She got on her hands and knees and I took her from behind. While fucking her I pushed a finger and then two into her ass. After she came I kept pumping into her pussy until I grabbed her by the hips and came hard.

"It stayed on this time," I said to her. "You'll just have to put them on for me from now on." We both laughed.

She spent the night with me and we had sex one more time before morning.

I woke up before Jen and just looked how beautiful she was. It wouldn't be hard to fall in love with a woman like this but I wondered if I could really trust her. She was probably one of the best lovers I have ever been with, but like me, she learned it somewhere.

I took a shower and put on the coffee. I was wondering what she would be like today. She really didn't drink all that much. So many people have regrets the morning after, I was hoping she wouldn't. I went in the kitchen to get a cup of coffee.

"Good morning Jeff!" I heard her say standing in the bedroom doorway. She had a light blanket wrapped around her; she was smiling.

"Good morning to you pretty lady. Care for a cup of coffee?" I asked.

"As soon as I take a shower. You don't mind, do you?"

"Of course not. In fact I'll wash your back if you like?" I was smiling at her.

"No thank you. If you get in the shower with me we'll never get out and I have to get home. My parents are expecting me by noon." She headed for the shower.

After getting out she told me that I was a lot of fun to be with and hoped we could be together again. "Most anytime Jen, just let me know. I work long hours but my weekends are free."

We made plans to go to the motorcycle races the following Saturday. She told me she had never been to one. I decided to give her a ride home on my Harley. We put her overnight bag in my side carry bag and she got on behind me and I told her to hold on tight.

We pulled up to her house. It was gated and she pushed the buttons and the gate opened. Yes, I was right, her parents were very wealthy. I pulled up in front of the stairs to the porch and front door.

I was thinking of leaving when Jen said, "Come in and meet my parents. If you just leave I'll have a lot of explaining to do."

I was a bit leery but I had nothing to lose and followed her to the door. As we reached the door it was opened by a butler. "Morning Charles," Jen said to the butler. "This is my friend Jeffrey. He'll be staying for dinner."

Charles nodded and went about his business. I had no idea she was inviting me to dinner. We walked into the living room, which was as big as my whole trailer. Her parents were sitting there talking and reading the paper.

Jen kissed her Mother and walked over and kissed her Father. "Mom, Dad, this is my friend Jeffery, but he prefers to be called Jeff. I invited him over for you to meet."

I said hello to her parents. She said she needed to change and would be right back. Mr. Bradley asked me to sit down. He began by asking me where I lived and worked. It was kind of the third degree but he didn't threaten me or anything like that.

I told him the complete truth about myself. I was proud of my accomplishments and had nothing to hide. He told me his favorite ice cream was 'butter pecan', I promised to bring him some the next time I came over. I think it caught him a bit off guard. I'm sure most of Jen's dates tried to impress him but I'm sure he could read people better than most.

"How did you meet Jen?" he asked. I guess he figured that we probably didn't hang out at the same places, especially with me showing up on a motorcycle. About that time Jen walked in the room. She looked as gorgeous as ever.

"We met at Marty and Nicole's party Daddy. He promised me a ride on his motorcycle and picked me up at Nicole's this morning and brought me home."

She just lied to her dad about where she stayed. At twenty-six you would think she could stay where she wanted. Mr. Bradley looked over at me probably wondering if I would lie for Jen. Thank God he didn't ask me; I hate lying.

Mrs. Bradley said dinner was ready. I asked if I might make a call to my mother. I wanted to let her know I wouldn't be over for dinner, I usually go there on Sundays.

Mrs. Bradley was happy that I thought about my mother. She said mothers always worried about their children, no matter how old they were. I talked to my mom and told her I was invited out for dinner but I would see her sometime during the week. "Love you Mom," I said and Mrs. Bradley smiled.

I didn't realize Mr. Bradley was somewhat watching my every move. At the dinner table Mr. Bradley was still asking me questions. I answered them as honestly as I could. He did thank me for the respect I showed and that I could call him John, and his wife Mary. It seemed to make Jen happy.

After dinner he mentioned he would like to talk with me privately. Mary asked Jen if she would go to the store with her. "Mom, I have company," replied Jen.

"I'm sure Jeff will still be here when we get back," said Mary. Jen smiled at me as she and her mother walked out the door.

John and I retired to the living room. He handed me a beer as we sat down. I figured, 'Here it comes, here's where he drops the bomb.'

"Jeff," he said. "You seem like a nice young man. I don't know if Jen has told you but she's our only child and there is nothing we won't do for her. She has taken a liking to you and I won't interfere with her happiness unless someone tries to hurt her in anyway.

"Her mother and I hoped that she would grow up and be more responsible. We know she's spoiled and often gets her way. Most of the guys she has dated knew about our financial situation and we often worried about them taking advantage of it."

"Sir, I'm not interested in Jen's financial situation. I do quite well on my own. We met and seem to get along fine. I don't know if there's a future for us together or not. We just started dating and will see where it goes."

"Jeff, Jen has been somewhat of a wild child during her college years. You need to know that we will do whatever it takes to protect her. She seems like a happier person since she met you. I don't know what it is but I'm happy about it. She's our only heir, she had a younger brother that died when he was fifteen of a drug overdose. We're pretty sure that Jen stays away from them. It was extremely hard on all of us."

"What is it you want from me, John? We just began dating."

"I want you to be honest with me. If she has any kind of problem I want you to tell me. She means the world to her mother and I. I know she may be spoiled but I honestly believe you can handle her. I can see it by the way she looks at you."

"Sir, I won't spy on her personal life. I will promise you that if something isn't right, I tell you so. I care for her and hope it works out between us."

"Man to man, Jeff, I know she's a beautiful woman and attracts men. Hell, she was a model for two years before coming to work for me. I know she spent the night with you, I'm far from stupid. Please, just watch over her for me. I can see you care for her also."

"That, I can promise you. If it works out for us, great, if not you'll be the first to know, I'm sure. I'll do my best to make her happy." About that time Jen and Mary came home. I asked Jen if she wanted to take in a movie.

"I'd love to," she said. I said goodbye to her parents and her dad shook my hand.

"Nice talking to you Jeff. Just remember our conversation."

As Jen and I walked out the door she asked me, "What conversation, Jeff? What did my dad say? I know he can be a bit gruff."

"He said he liked me and for me to take care of you. Oh, also he wants me to bring him some butter pecan ice cream." Jen laughed as we

headed to the movies. This could be an interesting relationship.

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