Her Father's Madness
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Incest, Father, Daughter, Rough,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Edmond Nivens has grown tired of his daughter's disgraceful behavior and decides to show her what happens to girls who dress like sluts.

Edmond Nivens sat anxiously on the dark chocolate leather sofa staring at the large grandfather clock that stood in the corner of the room. It was already nearly a quarter after two and his daughter Alexandria was still missing. He had known of her plan to escape for nearly a day and a half now but he chose to do little to stop her from having her adventure. Instead, he let his anger fester inside of him while he waited for her to return home for the night so she could face the punishment that awaited her on arrival. The glass of scotch in his hand and the half empty bottle on the coffee table before him had managed to negate all logical thought, freeing him to ultimately carry out whatever sick punishment his mind could pump out.

Finally a set of headlights illuminated the street in front of the house before the car turned quietly into the driveway. He listened as the car rolled to a stop. A car door opened and shut very softly. He instantly knew that it was her. The front door gave a soft click as her hand slowly turned the knob. She slipped quickly inside the house in hopes that he would still be in bed fast asleep. She would soon learn that there was no such luck. As Alexandria crept toward the staircase the sound of Edmond clearing his throat as he watched her cross the foyer made her freeze in her tracks.

"Welcome home Alexandria. Did you enjoy your little night out at Indigo House?" He asked coldly.

As he watched his dumbfounded daughter standing there trying to figure out an answer that would save her skin. He rose to his feet and walked toward her with loud, deliberate steps. She was visibly trembling before him. By the dim stream of light that filtered in through the small window at the top of the door, he caught a glimpse of the sexy little number she wore.

"So this is how you fucking repay me?" He bellowed. "After working my ass off to put close on your back, a roof over your spoiled head and food in your belly? You go sneaking out in the middle of the night dressed like a fucking streetwalker to go whoring around with that slutty friend of yours Mindy."

He was absolutely livid. Edmond backed the terrified girl into the wall. There was nowhere for her to run or hide now. The look of sheer unadulterated evil spread across his normally calm face as he stared at her scantily clad body. His strong hand seized her throat as he stared into her eyes. The slinky black microfiber mini dress barely covered her womanly form. The two large diamond shaped cutouts on the dress exposed a good portion of her stomach and managed to make the already trashy the snug little dress even sleazier looking. Just seeing her in the attire with the ridiculously high pair of red leather peep toe shoes made his dick stir in his pants.

"Since you want to dress and act like that fucking whore of a mother of yours I am going to treat you just like you deserve to be treated."

She tried to squeak out a plea for mercy but his grip started to tighten around her throat. The struggle to breathe left her feeling weak and lightheaded. Suddenly the soft sound of the urine that had soaked through the frightened girls panties and trickled to the floor filled his ears. He could hardly believe that the little tart was so frightened that she pissed herself.

It only took a moment or two for her body to go limp in his grasp. Edmond swiftly scooped up the unconscious girl and carried her up the stairs to her bedroom. He threw her body down onto the bed before turning his attention to the next task at hand. The simple act of blocking the bedroom door with the large wooden dresser would guarantee his victory over her. It would prove very useful when she awoke since it easily cut out the one path of escape from the room. Now there was no saving her from his evil clutches.

He watched her eagerly awaiting for the moment that she would awake. It would have been too easy for him to simply tear off her clothing and forcefully have his way with her, but where was the fun in that. The plan for her punishment had been flourishing and festering in his brain all night. Now she would have to pay the ultimate price for her betrayal of his trust just as her mother did several years before. He was quite pleased when he saw Alexandria's body begin to stir once more.

"Ah the worthless little cunt awakens. I warn you daughter that it is in your best interest to obey me if you expect to see even the slightest bit of mercy."

The crazed look in his eyes as he spoke served to frighten her even more. She never picked up on the fact that he mentioned the possibility that he would show her any mercy was nothing more than a ploy to get her hopes up to ultimately make her suffer even more. He had absolutely no intention of deviating from his plan.

"You need to start stripping. NOW!" He barked.

She flinched. The thought of getting naked in front of him sickened her. He had jumped to the conclusion that much more was going on that actually was. While he had some of the facts correct, it was nothing like he imagined. She did sneak out and go to the club with her friend Mindy. She had spent the night innocently dancing, mostly with Mindy and another girl, and drinking nothing harder than a soda. The farthest thing from her mind was trying to hook up with some random stranger, which is precisely what he thought the purpose for her trip was. Regardless of her behavior, she would face an unimaginably cruel punishment.

She had not choice in the matter. If she did not obey him he would not simply give up and go to bed. She knew that as well as he did. The frightened child timidly climbed off the bed and moved toward the center of the room. Her hand reached for the small zipper tag. With it in her fingers' grasp she tugged it down gently. Tears silently rolled down her cheeks as she started to remove her dress. Her father paid little attention to the tears. Instead, his focus remained on her chest.

Edmond eagerly eyed her newly exposed flesh as she slid the dress off. Beneath the fabric hid delicate black lace bra and thong underwear made of the matching material. He licked his lips as her pert breasts caught his attention. Alexandria reached behind her back and unfastened the two simple hooks on her bra. As they were released the firm grip released, giving him a better read on their true size. She began to cry harder as the straps slid down her arms and the bra fell free of her body. Her seemingly large breast spilled out of their lace prison. He could hardly wait to get his hands on the two fleshy half globes. Large dark pink areolas marked the center of her pale white breasts. Her thick nipples were already starting to become erect from the chill of being exposed.

Her panties were still saturated with her urine from her earlier accident. She pushed them down over her hips and allowed them to flutter to the floor around her ankles. She was now completely vulnerable to his lustful gaze. He did not take his eyes off her body for a single second. Her breasts jiggled slightly with each sob. With her now wearing only her shoes, he was ready to proceed with the punishment at hand.

"Get on the bed," He ordered. "And spread your god damn legs for me like you do all those other boys."

Her all too real fear was now quickly becoming reality. Alexandria rushed into the position he demanded. Her fear and hope for mercy could almost be mistaken for eagerness to please him. He moved between her legs and lowered his face toward her mound. Her sweet scent mingled with the acrid aroma of stall piss. She would have given anything to disappear. What her father found next came as a complete shock to him.

He brought his finger to her puffy lips and started to press inward. He had just begun to sink in when he felt that thin membrane was still intact. His face contorted with a twisted glee. While he was wrong about her being sexually active, it somehow made the punishment that much more delicious. The punishment in his mind at least would cause her to equate disappointing him with the acts that he was about to perform. It was the perfect way to keep his precious little girl from turning out like that whore of a mother of hers.

He slowly withdrew his finger only to replace it with his tongue. He knew when he tore through her hymen she would be in great pain, especially the way he had decided to do it. Still he wanted to make sure that her sweet little pussy was wet and ready for his swollen cock. Even if wasn't he still planned to proceed. Edmond's tongue forced into her tight slit as he tasted her virgin flesh for what would not be the last time. The plan was formulating in his mind as he continued to attack her tiny passage. He knew once he had a taste of her he would never want to give it up. She would be his own personal living breathing sex doll.

His tongue flickered against the remaining virginity. It gave him great joy knowing that in just a few minutes he would have his cock buried inside her. His swollen member was aching for attention but that would come soon enough. For now, he concentrated on his need to humiliate her some more. The mortified reaction to his touch drove him to make her cum for him knowing from that moment on she would be plagued with the disturbing memory of cumming for her own father.

"What a filthy little whore. You are such a nasty little slut that you are getting off on having your own father eat your cunt. You are a sick little bitch. You love having your daddy's tongue forced into your wet pussy."

His tongue went right back to work on her. He teased her flesh for several minutes, letting the tip of his nose nestle against her clit. The sensation was hard for her to ignore. She knew that he would not stop until he got exactly what he wanted and at that moment he seemed to want her to cum for him. She closed her eyes tight as she tried to picture herself anywhere else. It was harder than she imagined. The continued ministrations of his tongue soon had her breathing heavier. She was about to succumb to the intimate touch when the reality came rushing back into her head. It was her father that was manipulating her flesh to bring her to that point. It was too late. The stimulation had caused her juices to flood from her as she had a tiny orgasm. He was satisfied by the way that finally gave in.

"It looks like I was right. You are a filthy little whore and we both know what whores need. They need a big hard cock in them. They don't care whose cock it is as long as they are getting fucked. So I am going to give you just what you want ... what you need, but you need to tell me how bad you need it slut."

The shock of her father telling her to beg for his cock left her temporarily speechless. Whether she begged for his cock or not it was clear he was about to rape his own daughter. There was no doubt about that.

"Either you start begging or I am going to force my fucking cock into your slut ass without any lube." He growled.

He positioned himself so that the tip of his cock was poised to enter her. He rubbed it up and down her slick slit as it further parted her lips. The cold look in her father's eyes said more than his words had the capacity to. She knew that he was dead serious. It was a struggle for her to force the words out.

"I ... I need your cock inside me." She managed to spit the distasteful words out. "I need you to fuck me like the slut I am."

He grinned triumphantly as he began to push into her slowly. The pressure he applied to her hymen made it rip apart slowly. The painful tearing made the poor girl cry out. It took him close to a minute to finally pierce it completely. Once the head of his cock popped through the membrane he gave a quick thrust to bury himself completely inside her newly deflowered pussy.

He kept his thrusts slow and deliberate. He could tell she was getting absolutely no joy from it all. Yet, he did not seem to care. He was so fixated solely on his own pleasure. He continued to plunge his cock deep inside her as he started to lower his head to her chest. His lips locked around her turgid nipple and the sucking began. His teeth held her nipple in place as his tongue fluttered against it. The sensation was more than she could bear. Alexandria began to squirm beneath him. The feeling his mouth had caused terrified her. While her mind was filled with fear, anger and hate, her body knew only the pleasure it felt. The pleasure her own father was providing.

Her wetness proved that his touch was having a tremendous effect on her. He took sick joy in feeling her body's detached reactions. Even if her brain refused to accept the fact that her father's skilled touch was making her feel good, her body could not lie. His pace remained slow and deliberate as he worked his bloated shaft in and out of her tight snatch. His mouth released one nipple only to take the other in his mouth. He gave it the same treatment as he had given the first. After a couple of minutes, his lips left her breast and moved to her neck. The gentleness he used in his thrusts masked his intent. He kissed and nibbled at the flesh as he started into another humiliating speech.

"Little miss innocent is getting wet all over her daddy's big hard cock isn't she. You love having your father's fat cock buried in your little cunt. Don't you? Come on slut; tell your daddy how you love being fucked by him." He demanded.

When Alexandria did not answer instantly, his fingers caught both of her nipples and crushed them in his grasp. He continued to pinch and yank them until he could compel her to speak. Tears welled up in her eyes as she tried hard to remain silent. The fact that her body reacted to him had been humiliating enough for her. This new degradation had brought her to an all-time low.

The only words that came out slipped out in broken sobs. "I love how you fuck me."

The words tasted like poison as she spit them out. It hurt her much more than she had expected to. This was not what she wanted. Unlike most of the girls she knew, she was determined to remain a virgin until her wedding day. She wanted to save herself for that special moment. Now all of that was a distant memory. She had been defiled. There was no turning back from this. Every sexual situation she would ever find herself in from that moment on would echo back to this moment whether she wanted it to or not.

Edmond reveled in the moment. He knew that the depraved act he was in the middle of committing would forever change her as well as their relationship. He felt that all women on a very basic level were whores. Their behavior was programmed into them in the womb and that they were conditioned to spread their legs for whatever man showed them the most interest. He was determined to make sure that his daughter was not one of those mindless sluts that used their twat as a way to hold power over any man, that is, until they found one who could offer more.

He started slamming his cock into her with all of his might. His frenzied pace was impossible to brace herself for. Each time he forced his way completely inside she let out a loud grunt. The head of his stiff cock pounded into her cervix with every stroke. It would clearly leave a painful reminder of this night for days to come. He lowered his head toward her breast, catching her nipple between his teeth and nipping at it as his lips closed around it. She whimpered and flinched each time he would bite down a little harder on it. Between nips he would suck like a baby trying to get their mother's milk flowing. His other hand moved to the opposite breast as he kneaded it roughly.

He finally spit out her nipple and stared down into her horrified face. The grin that he displayed frightened her deeply. "Get ready slut. Daddy's going to fill your fucking cunt with cum and you are going to love every last second of it."

His hips slammed into her as he drove his cock in deep. He sat up, giving himself the perfect opportunity to slip his hand down to her crotch once again. His thumb crushed her clit beneath it as he started to rub it hard and fast. He knew that the last few thrusts before he came would be enough to stimulate her into another orgasm. In his eyes once he came inside her she would be marked as his whore. If she managed to climax while he was raping her virgin snatch, it would just be a sign that he was right all along about her filthy ways.

He growled with delight as he felt her muscles clench around him as she tried to stave off the forthcoming orgasm. The angle he entered her was causing his fat cock to rub just the right way against her G spot. It was a nightmare she would be forced to relive for the rest of her life. Her body began to shudder as her chest heaved. She was being pulled into a massive climax just as he gave his final thrust. Warm jets of his thick semen flooded into her womb and filled her tight pussy to the point that it leaked out around him as her muscles flexed. Her body twitched for several seconds as she sobbed. She had surrendered all hope. Her body as well as her mind would never be the same now. She belonged to him.

He stared at Alexandria as she lay there crying. Without offering even a word of comfort, he withdrew from her used cunt and wiped his cock on her mound. His gaze traveled down between her legs where the slightly pink tinted fluids leaked from her abused hole. He shook his head as he looked at her broken body.

"Get your slut ass cleaned up and these sheets changed. You may be a filthy fucking whore but I will not have you living like a god damn pig." He cruelly remarked before climbing off the bed. He moved the obstacle in front of the door aside and left without saying another word to her that night.

The moment that Edmond entered his room he began to reflect on what had just occurred. The faint sounds of his anguished daughter's sobs penetrated the walls. It did not seem to bother him in the least. He was proud of his actions. In his twisted mind he had done a good deed not only for her but also the countless men he knew she would use for her own gain. This way he would keep them all from getting hurt by her treacherous ways. This was only going to be the beginning of his reeducation of her. In the morning, the real training will begin.

While her father gloated in his room she lay sobbing uncontrollably in her disheveled bed. It was still a shock that her father could callously rob her of her innocents and show no signs of remorse for his actions. Her chance to give the ultimate gift to her husband when she became a bride was stolen from her with one swift move. She forced herself to get up and strip her bed. As she moved, she could feel his seed trickling from her. The fear set in that it would take hold inside her. The thought of carrying her father's offspring renewed the fears. She did her best to get her bed made. Soon after she showered, trying to wash the shame and pain the night had caused.

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