My Former Succubus
Chapter 1: My Pet, the Former Succubus

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Romantic, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Magic, Science Fiction, Humor, Paranormal, Genie, Group Sex, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Lactation, Cream Pie, Body Modification, sci-fi adult story,sci-fi sex story,adult science fiction story

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: My Pet, the Former Succubus - College geek, Josh, returns to his room to find his equally geeky roommate entertaining an unusual guest.

My roommate Martin and I are geeks. Neither of us had girlfriends, until somehow, Martin was able to score the beautiful Kelly Stein. He had dated Kelly for a couple of weeks. To be honest, there was not a night that I didn't dream of her beautiful, blond hair, flying around her head, as she was riding me to climax. To say I was jealous, was to say the Sahara was hot and dry. I had had a thing for Kelly since freshman year, so I wasn't thrilled that my roommate was at the right place at the right time to ease her latest romantic disappointment and somehow curry enough favor for her to go out with him.

Then, as abruptly as it started, it ended. To any objective party, Martin was simply Kelly's "rebound guy". To Martin, he had lost the great love of his life. He became moribund and moody for the next week. Then he decided to put his kind of geekiness to use.

Every geek has their own particular brand of geeky genius. For me it is technology with expertise in biometrics and computers (you know; programming, hardware, peripherals, etc). I'm also a fairly accomplished hypnotist. I know what you are thinking. No, I didn't use it to control women into getting me laid (you never have the kind of time required to condition someone that way without additional equipment, like the kind I'm working on). I was lucky to have found a few girls who were turned on enough by it and their submissive nature to put out. Of course they did not want to have any kind of relationship with me (because I am a geek after all).

As for Martin's geekiness, he was always the kid you worried about thinking he was an illusionist and jumping off of a roof. For all of his occult geekiness, he had spent a lot of money on all kinds of spell books. While I did not believe in any of that crap, I still found all of it to be quite creepy. "Note to self: Find a less creepy geek roommate for next term," I had thought at the time.

Martin tried all kinds of love spells, potions and philters in his attempt to make Kelly fall back in love with him, but nothing worked. It seemed that almost half the ingredients were indigenous to other continents and almost the other half involved extinct animals or plants. His attempts to substitute other ingredients met with colossal failure ("Damn Wikipedia!" I heard him cry at least once).

Martin got more and more depressed until he did something incredibly stupid, which affected both of our lives.

When I came back to our room after my last class Friday afternoon, I heard some groaning on the other side of the door. I decided that the noise was likely the latest failure of a love elixir gone wrong (I had spent two hours with Martin, watching him puke his guts out over the past weekend).

When I opened the door, the lights were off. it was fairly dark, because the shade was pulled down. It also smelled like something had been burning. When I threw the light switch, I saw Martin lying in the center of the room having sex with Kelly. When I looked closely, I realized that it was not Kelly. While her face was all Kelly, her much taller, shapelier, bustier body was akin to the porn that filled my lonely nights.

"Shit! This is impossible!" I thought, as I saw my paler looking than usual roommate lying under the impossibly beautiful woman.

Then I noticed the outline of a pentagram drawn on the floor. While I was no expert in the occult like my roommate, I had played enough D&D to know what a summoning circle was. I also knew enough to know that it was a bad thing for a spell caster to go inside the pentagram, once something had been summoned. My guess is the bozo summoned a succubus, he let himself get tricked into the pentagram and now the creature was sucking the life force from his body. I shook my head in amazement, but as a scientist, I now had empirical evidence that demons existed. Now I needed to figure out how to tackle the problem.

I had a few options. I could end my life, but get a lot of fun by stepping in to join them. I could just leave the room and my roommate to his deserved fate. With his erratic behavior of the past couple of weeks, I probably could have sold a suicide theory. After a half a dozen counseling sessions I would get a 4.0 grade for all my classes and I could spend my time on perfecting my VR Hypnosis technology (later I found that the whole 4.0 thing was urban legend, so I was glad I did not opt for that. Besides, I didn't want the bonehead to die).

I figured I'd get to test my VR equipment on a (somewhat) live subject. So I carefully walked around the pentagram, grabbed the helmet. I made sure that the battery pack was fully charged and that the Wi-Fi connection was responding. They were. I resolved to get the attention of, distract and then trick the lovely thing that was killing my roommate, "Hello 'Miss Hell Spawn' or whatever your name is."

"Silence mortal! Can't you see I'm working here?"

"Looks like you're playing with a corpse."

"I'm not dead, " groaned Martin.

"You're not fooling anyone," I responded cheekily.

"He's not dead. He's resting He's shagged out from a prolonged fuck," laughed the succubus, as she seemed to follow my lead.

'Wow! a succubus with a sense of humor and that gets Python. You don't see that every day, ' I thought. "Well don't you want some fresh meat?" I grinned.

"Well now that you mention it, this piece is somewhat gnawed to the bone. Tell you what, let me finish with this one and then you can visit me in this perfectly innocent, innocuous pentagram and I'll make your wishes come true."

"Nope. Sorry. Not interested."

Now I had the demon's attention. She stood up from my roommate's wizened form and stared at me. "Come on, I must have something you want." She started changing into many of today's biggest stars including into Angelina, Meghan, January, Halle and Lucy the lovely Asian.

"Perhaps you would prefer something older," she said. Soon, actresses from the 60's through the 80's started to appear, starting with Ursula the Bond girl, into other beauties of the era, including all five of TV "Angels", among others, finally ending with Bo, the perfect 10.

"Or maybe something a bit more classic?" The likenesses of a score of old time actresses starting with Harlow eventually hitting on stars like Ingrid, Elizabeth, Sophia, before settling on Marilyn.

"Or something from the world of music?" she said in Marilyn's trademark breathy voice. About a score of music stars including Sarah V. through Petula, Donna the disco queen, Olivia, Dolly, before ending with the likes of Beyonce, J-Lo, and Britney.

"If you haven't figured it out yet, I can be anybody. Anybody you want. I can even be her," she smiled as she turned into Bebe Neuwirth. I looked questioningly at the last choice. "I did that because I'm sometimes called..."

"Yeah, I get it. Where's Frasier when you need him?" I laughed.

"Apparently not selling his soul. Have you seen his last two sitcoms?" she asked.

"I know, totally unwatchable, right?" I agreed.

"You know, you're OK for a mortal," she smiled before turning her form back into "Porn Star Kelly".

"Thanks! You're not so bad for a spawn of hell."

"We prefer to be called 'succubi'," she said sounding somewhat put out.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to offend such a lovely lady."

"Thanks! I haven't been called a lovely lady in a few hundred years," she beamed.

"Just speaking the truth," I smiled.

"So we are at an impasse?"

"It appears so."

"You know, since I like you, I don't have to kill you."

"I'm touched by your tenderness," I laughed.

"Yeah, we succubi are known for our tenderness," she cracked up and surprisingly, I joined her. When we both stopped laughing, she observed, "You know, I really do like you. I've never met a mortal like you before. I wish you could be my Master, but since you didn't summon me..." she said, as her voice kind of died off in apparent disappointment.

"I know. I like you too. It's just that it would be crazy to trust you."

She sighed. "It's times like these that I wish I didn't have to be an evil demon, though I do like the sex part," she grinned.

"You think?" I laughed.

"I bet you'd like it too," she smiled.

"I'm sure I would," I said before baiting my trap. "You know, I do have an idea that might give us both what we want," I said, banking on the demon's interest in pop culture. This would hopefully make what I had planned a lot easier.

OK, what do you propose?" she asked.

"Here," I smiled, as I tossed her the VR helmet.

"Cool! Is this what I think it is?"

"Yep. Cutting edge VR equipment, I'm developing."

"I love this stuff!"

"I'd think that you would find it unnecessary," I said, somewhat confused.


"You already can shape shift or do illusions ... I forget which."

"Actually I can do both. Still, it's fun to see other people morph for a change. It gets so tedious when you're the only one who can," she complained.

"Well, wear the helmet for an hour and let me know what you think. If you like it, please just give me a good time and let me live."

The succubus sighed, "Well, that's more than fair. I didn't want to kill you anyway, remember? If you do good enough work, I might hire you to do some work for me. The job does not pay much, but the fringe benefits are quite good, or at least so I'm told," she leered.

"Good. I'd love to help you."

"I'm sure you would," she smiled, before looking down at the pale, enraptured form on the ground. "What about him?" she asked.

"Just leave him the way he is. Hasn't your mother ever told you that you should always leave the table a little bit hungry?"

"Nope. My mother was a glutton ... you know 'Seven Deadly Sins' and all. Still, I see the advantage of that adage; though your flesh looks especially sweet."

"That's the nicest thing a succubus has ever said to me," I said, actually beginning to really like her. I almost felt guilty for what would happen next.

I sat at the computer as she put the helmet on, then she gave me the thumbs up. I tried her with a game I designed and programmed (a first person shooter).

"How do I shoot?" she asked.

"You can do it several ways, but the most fun is to blink your eyes to fire and move your head to aim."

"Ooooh! That's so kewl!" she enthused.

After a moment, she sighed. "Not too comfortable standing here."

"Here," I said, after I stood up, pulled Martin's desk chair close to the pentagram and kicked it in, before returning to my chair.

"Thanks sweetie. This is much better," she cooed.

While she played the shooter, my modified helmet used high sensitivity scanners to sense her emotions from her skin temperature changes. This allowed me to mimic a brain scan, so I could get an approximate mapping of her brain. As the game progressed, she was actually doing a really good job playing, as she got through the first four levels successfully. After about fifteen minutes later, she got to the stage that would change everything if it worked.

"Whoa! That spiral is so cool! Totally psychedelic! What do I do here?" she asked.

"Look deeply into the spiral. There's a probe that will look like a dot buried somewhere in there. You need to blow it up with your torpedo."

"How do I fire that?"

"Just squeeze your left or right hand when you see the dot. it will launch it. You only have two torpedoes;. One for each hand. If you fire both and miss, you lose the game, so make sure before you fire."

"Copy that!" she said, scarily sounding like Jack Bauer.

I saw her biometrics and was surprised how human they looked. Her pleasure centers which had been maxing out were showing signs of reducing. She seemed to becoming much more relaxed. Maybe this would work after all. It was almost time to take this to the next level.

"Are you sure there is a dot?" she slurred.

"Yes. You must not be looking closely enough. Try to look as deeply into the spiral as you can."

"OK ... this is hard!" she sighed.

"Just relax and let it happen. If you look closely enough the dot will come to you," I said soothingly.

"M'kay," she said mindlessly.

Pretty soon she stopped complaining about the dot or saying anything for that matter. I waited another ten minutes before breaking the silence. "You're so tired of your job because you work so hard and it's always the same."

"So tired," she moaned in agreement.

"You always feel so much stress."

"Much stresssss..."

"This nice spiral is helping you relax. It feels good to relax."

"Good to relax..."

"The spiral is taking away your stress. You don't have to think."

"Mmmm hmmm,"

"You love the spiral. It makes you so happy."

"Soooo haaappy."

"You love the spiral."

"Love spiral."

"This is my spiral. Isn't it nice that I share it with you?"


"Aren't I nice for sharing?"


"So I'm nice."

"mmmm hmmm."

"Since I'm nice, you like me."

"Like you."

"Since I'm nice and you like me, you trust me."

"Nice ... like ... trust ... you."

"Since you feel that way about me, you know I want what's best for you..."


"It would be much better for me to think for you ... easier."

"Better ... easy..."

I went on programming her for another hour. I was able to get deeper than I ever had before into a person's psyche (well OK ... I guess she's not technically a person). Now it was time to give her the dot. "OK, the probe, which will look like a dot, is about to appear. It contains you're evil demonic personae, in other words, your 'Demon Soul'. By destroying it, you will win the game and become an empty shell, other than the nice personality you were displaying earlier. You want to win the game?"

"Yessss ... love to winnnn."

"Good. Remember, to win, you will need to destroy the dot. You'll need to destroy your 'Demon Soul' by blowing up the dot."

"I will."

"There's your dot, point blank! It's impossible to miss! Fire!"


"You hit it squarely. The dot and everything in it, was obliterated. What was in the dot?"

"My 'Demon Soul'."

"Since your 'Demon Soul' was in the dot, it was destroyed. Since it was destroyed, it's no longer in you."

"Mmmm hmmm..."

"So you're no longer a demon, though you have all of your powers and abilities."


"Do you know what you are now?"


"Do you want to know what you are?"


"You trust me so you know what I'm telling you is true."

"Trust you ... True..."

About half-an-hour later, I walked into the pentagram and I had sex with my succubus. Technically, she was more of a "sex genie" than a succubus, First, I sat in the chair and had "Porn Star Kelly" ride us to nirvana. Then, I took her in her natural form, with her cute tail, tiny wings and fangs. "Oh! Master! Thank you for letting me serve you!" she cried, as I lay on top of her, pounding her from behind.

I really loved fucking her in her natural form and her natural bright pink color. This seemed to please her to no end. Her fangs, kept away from my flesh, but she used her tail in all kinds of interesting and arousing ways. Her pussy was the hottest, moistest, yet tightest pussy imaginable. I took her every which way. The amazing thing was she actually stopped it, when she sensed my body weakening.

For now, she was stuck in the pentagram until I could wake Martin up. As Martin had summoned her, only he could free her. If she had killed him, she would have just returned to the plane she came from. I finally got him to a state of semi consciousness. In this disoriented state, it was easy to manipulate him. "Martin say, 'I release you, succubus from your prison'."

"I release you, succubus from your prison," he slurred before drifting back into a deep sleep.

My succubus squealed happily as we climbed on to my bed. I started to get amorous, until she reminded me that I was not superhuman, like my new pet (as she liked to refer to herself as). I guess I needed some rest and was contented to pillow my head on her massive breasts. After a little while, I felt better. I deeply kissed her and she sighed into my mouth. When I broke the kiss, I went back down where I just had been and started to suck on the nipple of one of her large, bright pink breasts. Soon, I was rewarded with a sweet fluid that seemed to revive me. She began to sweetly stroke my head, as she sighed with her eyes closed and her fangs showing in her sweet smile. "Thank you master. This feels so nice," she cooed.

I smiled up at her, enjoying the intimacy. "Anytime. It's really nice for me too," I paused before I thought of something. "So, what's your 'true name'?"

"Bethelilayha, master."

"I'll call You Elizabeth or Beth for short, OK?"

"Oh thank you Master for giving me a name!" she cried.

I was amused at her enthusiasm. Then she said something that somewhat broke my heart.

"Master, demons are not supposed to love, but I really liked you the moment we met. I wanted to love you, though. Now that you've fixed me, I can love you the way you deserved to be loved!"

"You mean you wanted this to happen?"

"Not necessarily like this, but I wanted to love you. My nature was holding me back, but I really did. When I was a demon, I had a number of cruel masters. Succubi are pain sluts, so this normally is a good thing. But with you I felt differently. You treated me like I was ... a person. That made me yearn for the time when I was human. I really liked you and I knew you would be kind to me, so I let you hypnotize me. Since you hypnotized me, I couldn't be held responsible for any of my actions that were 'undemonic'. The fact that you were able to make me destroy my old sense of identity and demonic soul made this much better than I could have hoped for. Now I can love and serve you like I am a real person. Now, I'm completely yours!" she exulted.

I almost wanted to cry. I thought I was being so clever, but she could have short-circuited my plans from the start. We really did have a great rapport from the moment we met. I have never met a woman who could make me laugh the way she had. She also liked to game (another first for me). She was bright, witty and everything I wanted in a lover. Well, I decided that if there was any of that left, I could really fall for her. Then she said something that told me that I would.

"Darling Master ... after your nap, could we play a game later?"

I couldn't believe how much that turned me on. "Who needs a nap?" I grinned as I climbed on top of her, and captured her mouth with mine.

Soon, my tongue began to duel with her long, large, forked one. Her long, iridescent, black hair framed our faces. I positioned my cock at the entrance to her exotic pussy and entered her. When I did this, her fluids gushed around my shaft, as she immediately came. She moaned her climax into my mouth, as I reached my hand under her and grabbed her ass, feeling her tail wind around her waist over my hand, to get to my balls. Soon I felt them being caressed. As I heard her coo and moan, I realized that while I was making love to a demon body, she was no longer a demon. She was a woman in love. She was in love with me!

We continued to explore each other's bodies like this for a while.

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