The Confessions of a Vengeful Teenager
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Coercion, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Violent,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ezra hates his family and in his quest to hurt people, the arrogant teenager takes the virginity of his only friend.

Ezra looked around from his position in the undergrowth. The farm was silent and had been for the previous few minutes while he had been hiding in the brambles and ferns. The buildings were over half-a-mile from the main road, located at the end of a dirt track that crossed an open field, but Ezra needed to be certain no-one was in the vicinity. He had fought his way across the small wood that ran adjacent to the farm of his hated stepuncle, younger brother of his loathed stepfather. He brushed the dirt from his tracksuit trousers and picked up a small stone in his hand. He ran his fingers over its smoothness, rubbing the mud from it, and smiled, his eyes narrowing on the small outhouse in front of him. His heart was beating furiously, he was nervous, and even for Ezra who was used to doing such vandalism, he could feel the adrenaline pumping through his body. He took a deep breath, checked the track once more, steadied himself and threw it.

It arced perfectly in the air, and then the sound of the shattering of glass destroyed the silence. It was just a small window, but it made a considerable noise as the pieces fell to the ground and then shattered on the impact with the dusty floor, echoing in the small building.

Ezra froze, waiting. Waiting for the angry voice of his stepuncle, or the police sirens or the bellowing voice of a vigilante performing an act that the Daily Mail would call "a good deed." He was waiting for something to happen, but there was nothing. Silence, with the exception of a bird tweeting, returned.

He slowly picked up the thick branch he had carried from the wood and slowly walked over to the small building, watching the end of the track for any movement. He raised the stick, above his head, above the white garage doors of the brick built structure. He poked the first window that sat on top of the rotten door and pushed it all the way through the pane of glass.

It shattered, far louder than the first one, but Ezra didn't hesitate and hit the second, and the third and the fourth. He poked all remaining eleven of the glass panels through and looked back at the road. He could just about see a red, off-road vehicle in the distance, turning off the main road. Ezra swore and darted down in the undergrowth, throwing the stick across the road into the gutter. The wood was 200 metres away across the open field, and he hadn't let the animals out, or decimated their vegetable patch yet and kicked over the bottle of bleach he had left in the undergrowth and brought for that purpose; at least he could poison some of his uncle's land.

Ezra didn't hesitate. If he waited another twenty seconds the farmer would see him, but if he were lucky, he could be in the confines of the trees before his stepuncle would be close enough to notice a figure, let alone realise that it was his stepnephew. He jumped over a small gutter and dived into the corn that was growing. It was three feet high, and he felt relieved that it would shield him from being seen, but it also slowed him down.

He broke a path through the crop and dived into the trees, panting breathlessly. Ezra heard a bark and then another one. Was he being chased? He peered out of the dense foliage but saw that the red, off-road vehicle had just pulled in at the front of the house and not the side where the broken windows were; his deed had not been noticed and the dogs were nowhere to be seen. He was free!

Ezra took a deep breath and laughed. On the other side of the thick trees was the house of his extremely casual partner, and the thoughts of the beautiful charms of Bethany Jacobs brought a wry smile to his face.

He fought his way through the undergrowth until he reached a clearing where had taken the delightful Beth a few weeks ago and they had enjoyed a dirty afternoon frolicking in the secluded woods, and from there onto a public footpath that ran to the road opposite Beth's house.

Beth threw her arms around Ezra when she saw him at her door. She was not dressed and was wearing just a short nightie with an expectant smile. Big looping earrings and a garish necklace, the jewellery her mother strongly disapproved of as she said it made her daughter look common, adorned her teenage body.

"You've torn your tracksuit," she murmured, and Ezra looked down. There were scratches on his arms, and new holes throughout his clothing where he had fought his way through the forest, but Ezra had worn the tattiest clothes he possessed, expecting them to get torn by the brambles as he made a quick getaway.

"Ya fuckin' miles from owt," Ezra grumbled, and she smiled. "There's trees everywhere."

"I should be doing some revision," she muttered to Ezra, "but I have something awesome to you tell you. I did ring, but you weren't in. I came on today."

Ezra screwed up his face. "Came on? That's no sex, right?"

Beth sighed and pushed Ezra's shoulders playfully. "No silly, you can still get your rocks off. But it means I am not pregnant."

Ezra tried to recall what Beth was talking about and she had been talking incessantly about "being late" a few days previous but he had tuned out of her hysterical whitterings at the time. After all, if she were pregnant, then it was her responsibility. He had no intention of being a father at sixteen anyhow.

"Oh right," Ezra said dismissively. "But only if I want devil dick I s'pose"

Beth giggled; she always laughed at Ezra's choice of words and gave him a kiss. "Have you brought me anything?"

Ezra put his hand in his jacket pocket and pulled out a small, see-through bag, barely bigger than a ten-pence piece filled with a green, organic material and passed it to her. It was marijuana, and the tiny amount was still worth around ten pounds, although Ezra bought it for less from his dealer and sold it at a far higher price.

"I've only got a tenner," Beth told him and passed it over from the table on the side. Ezra smiled, Beth always believed the price he told her and, at the moment, thought that the street value of the low-grade narcotics that he was selling was about three times higher than it actually was.

Ezra deliberately forced a smile unconvincingly. "Well, it should be thirty," Ezra lied and stared at her eyes. She blinked and bit her lip.

"Can't you just collect that when I have it?" Beth asked. "I am working in the Summer at the supermarket. I'll pay you in a week or two."

Ezra took a deep breath and waved his arms. "What about the forty you already in for, eh?"

She put her arms around him and looked up. "Or would you accept a blow job as payment?"

Ezra grinned, this is what he had expected, and what he had done so many times in the past with Beth. He nodded. "Oh yeah, one of your blow jobs would be mint."

Beth sank down on her knees and undid Ezra's shorts, pushing him up against the cold wall. He wasn't wearing any underwear, but his crotch was sweaty and disgusting. She recoiled the moment she touched his slimy cock but Ezra just looked her expectantly.

She squirmed and poked her tongue out so it just touched the tip of Ezra's erect dick. His loins were reeking of sweat; it was a hot day, and he had run most of the three miles from his house, and hadn't had a shower that morning, but this was the price of the weed she wanted. Ezra looked at her hesitant face, but he knew she would do it no matter what state his manhood was in because she wanted to skin up in the garden after he left.

She put a fist at the base of his thick cock and wrapped her mouth around the tip, gently suckling it to fill it with blood. It reached its full seven inches and Ezra groaned: Beth knew how to go down on a guy.

Beth rolled her tongue around Ezra's glans, and he shuddered. Ezra placed his hands on the back of Beth's head, thrusting his member into her mouth as far as it would go.

Beth was used to Ezra and adjusted herself: she had mastered the gag reflex two years ago and just used her tongue to flick his oversized schlong as his cock was rammed down her throat. He grabbed hold of the back of Beth's head and rammed her face against his crotch, fucking it with as much vigour as he could get away with.

Ezra grunted as Beth's hands and mouth massaged his cock. His member twitched energetically. With a silent sigh, he felt the point of no return and held on to his orgasm, squeezing his muscles, desperate to retain his eruption to intensify the orgasm as much as he could manage to.

He emitted a growl and a whimper. His buttocks were clenched as hard as they could. He was holding on, but it was no use. Beth knew what he was doing and gave the tip of his cock a powerful suck, and he erupted, pumping his load into Beth's mouth and she allowed it to roll down her throat.

Ezra opened his eyes, Beth was smiling at him. He knew she always got a guilty pleasure when a guy came with her, but gently cleaned him up with her lips and grinned.

She was gently fondling his legs and his globes, but Ezra sighed and pulled his tracksuit up as she moved away. He would still leak some juices, and it would show through his tracksuit as he had gone commando, but he didn't care. "That was sweet," Ezra complimented and kissed her on the cheek.

"Yeah, and thanks for the weed."

Ezra nodded and showed himself out. Ezra certainly liked Beth, but she was nothing compared to Lydia, his only friend from primary school. Lydia was as close a friend as he had, the only person he knew who wanted and liked being in his company.

Lydia gave him time and kindness, and was the only person in Cheshire that he cared about. He knew that she disapproved of his lifestyle, but she still liked spending time with him and never lectured him too much on it.

Ezra seriously thought about stopping off to see Lydia, she lived not far from Bethany, but as he looked down at his ripped tracksuit and sweaty body, and decided to see her another day. He did not think she would appreciate him looking like a tramp, although she would probably say nothing about it. With as much trepidation as he could muster, he set off home, via the local newsagents.

Michael threw open the lounge door and came face-to-face with his stepson. The stocky boy barely acknowledged the existence of the balding gentleman and was busy flicking through a stolen soft-porn magazine, instead of doing his revision.

"Oi," Michael shouted. "Ezra."

Ezra feigned deafness, even though his stepfather was just a few feet away and opened a page discussing the sexual shenanigans of the latest scantily-clad model when it was ripped from him.

"Ezra, I've just found these on my garden path," he shouted and thrusted a few cigarette butts, rolled from cigarette papers into Ezra's face. "They are drugs."

Ezra grinned. "They look like your fags," he responded immediately.

"They are drugs, smell them," he roared.

"Probably," he replied nonchalantly. "Give me my mag back!"

Michael puffed out dangerously and looked at the scruffy boy. "I will not have you smoking drugs on my property," he yelled and Ezra stood up to match his stepfather in height.

"I am not smoking drugs on your property," Ezra shouted back, mimicking his stepfather's voice. "Beth is doing drugs on your property. Now give me my mag back."

A quiet voice in the corner of the room spoke up. "And you are doing Beth, aren't you?"

"Who said that?" Ezra asked and sneered at his stepsister, dutifully reading her homework from school. "'Cos I don't think it is any of your business."

"I'm talking to you," Michael thundered. "If you want to do drugs then you can get out of this house. I won't have them under my roof."

"Fucks sake, I am not doing drugs," Ezra shouted and leaned into his stepfather's personal space to intimidate him. "Now get off my fucking case."

Michael sighed for a moment, sent Maria, his daughter out of the room, and then grabbed Ezra by his T-shirt as he went to sit back down with his snatched magazine. "You ever speak to me like that, and you'll be living on the streets, you hear?"

Ezra groaned and threw his hands forwards to break the hold on his shirt. Michael's face was red and angry, and he swore at his stepson before leaving the room.

Ezra Strickland hated his family; he really hated his family. How dare they accuse him of smoking drugs? He might have supplied her with the drugs, but he wasn't going to smoke the profits, was he? Did his stepfather know nothing about business?

"More drink?" Lydia asked, and Ezra nodded gratefully. He was already arranging to meet his classmate when his mother overheard and unexpectedly offered to drive him up to her house. They arrived in time to share a small lunch with the Adamses. She wanted to talk to Lydia's mother about looking after their house while away the following month, and arrange a stall at the village fair, while Ezra just wanted to spend time with his friend.

Lydia pushed her red hair out of her face and gave Ezra a warm smile. She had a cute face and an inviting demeanour about her and Ezra watched as she poured some orange squash from the jug and into his cup. She looked exceedingly pretty in her summer dress, while Ezra looked scruffy in his football shorts and a faded T-shirt, but she had never castigated him for his choice of clothing.

They were sat at the end of the garden on a large blanket while their mothers' chatted on the patio. "Last exam tomorrow," Lydia said as Ezra took a gulp of the drink. "I think I've done enough revision, but I am never sure. I think I'm alright so far so I should be OK, but I don't know. Well you don't know, do you? Not until the results, but I think I'll get B's at least and that's OK, I think although I could do with A's really," Lydia whittered speedily and Ezra did his best not to laugh.

"Ah well, I got all D's I reckon. I've got nothing more than that. But then I've not done any revision all holiday."

"It's study leave, not holiday, as I keep telling you," Lydia replied and stared at Ezra with her soft brown eyes.

"Yeah well. No fucker will be going into their final exam having done nothing but screwing around all month! No revision at all," Ezra boasted

"Apart from today?" Ezra peered at Lydia with a confused expression, and she gave a titter. "I thought you were coming around to revise?" Lydia asked, and Ezra grinned.

"Well I was hoping to beat you on your PlayStation," Ezra confessed, and Lydia shook her head.

"I got revision to do. It'll do you good to do some. I've tried to get you to do some all break."

"Yeah well..."

"Master Strickland. I promise, you do three hours of revision with me, and I'll load it up and beat you," she promised.

"How about I play while you revise," he offered cheekily and Lydia shook her head.

"No," she replied firmly and Ezra groaned. He had brought his books with him to allay any suspicions his mother had but had no intention of actually opening them. Lydia just smiled at Ezra as he sighed. "For me? You'll thank me for it in the end. I promise." Ezra picked up his juice and Lydia fished around inside her summer dress. "Look, I meant to show you" she cooed and pointed Ezra towards her bosom. She held out a small necklace for him to look at. "I wear it every day when I am not at school."

Ezra smiled. "Good. It suits you."

"It is lovely, I never really got to thank you on the day, I've hardly seen you since, so thank you. It really was too much."

"Well, it's not every day your friend turns sixteen is it?"

Lydia flashed her warm smile at her companion. "Can you remember your sixteenth?"

Ezra laughed. "Oh yeah, I got pissed and then arrested," Ezra replied in a deadpan voice. "And a night in the cells. And a day in court. And so many lectures from everyone."

"Well you will go stealing cars," Lydia told him. "I did warn you that night." Ezra groaned, and Lydia raised her eyebrows. "Well you and Beth and Jimmy turning up in a nicked motor and asking me to go for a spin. I tried to talk you out of it, but you wouldn't listen."

"Yes I know," Ezra snapped and then apologised. "It wasn't my proudest moment. I nearly spent Christmas in prison for that."

Lydia touched him on his arm and smiled at him. "Well don't do it again," she told him gently, and picked up a book and passed it over to him. "A few hours entertainment for you. And you can't get nicked for that."

Ezra groaned, but Lydia flashed her smile and he opened it at the first page and started reading.

"And put your pens down please," yelled a teacher at the front of the examination hall. Ezra snorted. He had finished an hour into the exam and had taken to stroking himself through his tracksuit trousers, even flashing himself to an ex-girlfriend who was sitting directly opposite him. He got a scowl in return; Ezra didn't do splitting up very well and she was the latest in a long line of young ladies who wanted nothing to do with him after a tumultuous few dates.

"You're a sick bastard," Trudi shouted as Ezra sauntered down the steps.

Ezra turned and smiled. "And why would that be, my favourite cocksucker?"

Trudi ignored the snide comment. "I saw you flashing your dick at me in the exam. You're a fucking freak, Ezra!"

"Me?" Ezra shouted as most of the assembled year group stopped to listen; Ezra was normally entertaining if nothing else. "Perhaps you want it baby, It been awhile, Trudi? I know what you like. Little slut always sucking cock or getting fucked. Yo get fucked by Jimmy last week in Maths Room, I saw ya."

Trudi went red, and Ezra pushed his tracksuit trousers down and waved his semi-erect cock in front of her. "Look, Trudi. Look at it. You want it babe, don't you? It makes you horny!" Ezra teased in a patronising voice. "And bigger than Jimmy's."

Trudi snarled and pushed past him, and the giggling group of exam students. "Yeah whatever! Freak! You think I wanna suck your cock again. It's mingin'"

"You know, you sucked cock better than just about anyone else. You must have had so much practice!" Ezra yelled, his sizeable manhood still poking out of his trousers and Trudi gave him a hand signal amid a chorus of laughter, as she stormed towards the school exit.

Ezra grinned and returned his penis to his trousers. He didn't wear underwear, not with his tracksuits and got a few glances from some of the girls, but he wanted to create some mischief or just relax, not seduce some inexperienced ugly girl from his year.

Ezra scanned the assembled masses for Jimmy or Frankie or even Lydia, but they were nowhere to be seen. He did wonder if they would turn up, but they would have been in the other hall and probably didn't wait around. He picked up his bag and sauntered out of the school gates, stopping once to kick a Year 7 boy who appeared lost into the flower beds.

Ezra hated his school, his classmates, his town and his family. He hated everything. And it made him angry.

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