After the Fact
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Tear Jerker, Cheating, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Voyeurism,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man falls in love the perfect woman, only to find a she had kept a terrible secret from him.

"Who am I?" It's a question that's important because you are interested in my story. But I'm not what makes the story interesting. The truth is, I'm nobody. I'm not rich, not great looking, there's no talent that makes me extraordinary and I don't sweep women off their feet. I'm just an average guy with an average life.

The only thing that makes me special is my daughter. To say she's the light of my life would be an understatement. Her smile lights up the room. Her enthusiasm is beyond contagious. The way she sees the world makes me understand how important it is to live my life the right way. She can bring this 35 year-old man to tears just by saying "I love you, daddy."

So why am I sitting in a bar alone on a Friday night when I should be with her? That's the real reason you should be interested in the story.

I've heard people say that life changes in an instant. We live on such a narrow edge, that the slightest breath can cause us to spiral uncontrollably.

I was 27 and living an ordinary life when I met Katie. She was a few years older than me and had been a little more adventurous in her life. She was an attractive blonde with a quirky personality. I think the thing that I appreciated the most was her sense of humor. It was fun-loving with just a touch of cynicism. We quickly became friends.

We stayed close for a few months, watching each other go through one bad relationship after another. Finally it seemed like a good idea to take a look at each other. It only took three dates for us to take things to the next level.

We went to my place after dinner, then straight to my room. Neither of us spoke, we just knew it was what we both wanted. I found out quickly she liked to be in charge and was quite aggressive.

She kissed me lustfully, her tongue searching for mine. I was surprised when she moved her lips to my neck and began lightly biting up and down the side. Her hand unbuckled my belt and reach into my pants. Without any preamble, she began jerking me off while moving her mouth to my chest. When my shirt prevented her from going lower, she dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth.

I groaned with pleasure. She took several inches of my very hard prick into her mouth and used her hand to cover the rest. I could feel her tongue swirling side to side across the underside of my shaft while she moved her mouth up and down. It had been a while since I had been intimate with someone, so it couldn't have been more than a few minutes before I could feel myself reach the point of no return.

I warned her, "Katie, I'm cumming."

She pulled back and stroked me quickly while using her other hand to catch my sperm. I guess you could say that it was a metaphor for our entire relationship. Big build up, not such a great finish. The eventual sex between us was good, but not great. When we finished I could sense that even though we both enjoyed ourselves, there was something missing. We were friends and probably shouldn't have crossed that line.

We kept dating for a little over a month, when we both came to the conclusion that we just weren't compatible. It wasn't a horrible breakup, just a parting of the ways. Two weeks later she called to ask if I'd stop by. When I got to the door, she greeted me nervously.

"Could you please sit down, John, we need to talk."

I thought that she wanted to give it another shot. Since I was still fond of her, I was prepared to say yes, if we could just take it slower this time. Instead she said the words that shook me to my core.

"I'm pregnant."

And life spirals...

"But ... But you said that you couldn't get pregnant!" I said, stunned. We hadn't bothered with birth control because neither of us was promiscuous and she had a medical condition that prevented pregnancy. Her doctor had said she wouldn't be able to conceive even if she underwent treatment.

"I know what my doctor said, but I'm pregnant. There hasn't been anyone else; it's yours. What are we going to do?"

My head spun. The thought that maybe she would have an abortion so I could get off the hook flashed unbidden through my mind. I was immediately ashamed. I have always wanted children and there was no way I could ask for something like that. Luckily, she couldn't either.

We talked about what to do for weeks. Finally we agreed to do our best to make things work between us. We went through months of couples counseling and I moved in to help support and take care of her.

Danielle was born shortly thereafter and I couldn't have been happier. She was perfect. Because the doctors did a C-Section delivery, she was born looking the way she would for her entire childhood. Her pictures from 3 months to 7 years looked just like the same person, only bigger.

The first 6 months were the happiest of my life. I had never been around babies, so didn't know what to expect. They depend on you for everything; food, protection, comfort and affection. She would look at me like I was her entire world. Love isn't something you talk about or plan, it is just a given. The bond we forged was far stronger than anything I could have imagined.

Unfortunately, her mother and I weren't so lucky. It turned out our original decision to break up had been the correct one. There was no hope for us. Too different, too stubborn and painfully unhappy with each other. After helping her raise Danielle for 6 months, she asked me to move out and part of me was relieved. I was crushed to be leaving my baby girl, to have no more nights tucking her in or stopping by to kiss her head in the middle of the night, but she was right; it was time to go.

Things were strained, but we managed to get along well enough, until we had to go to court. Once the lawyers got involved, we went from not getting along, to us actively hating each other. It didn't happen overnight, but it took a depressingly short period of time. I don't know if it was the stress of not having control over our own fate, or if it was just having to talk through third parties, but neither of us came out ahead. We argued, threatened each other and were consumed with each of us wondering what the other would do next to be spiteful.

Sometimes I felt like I was losing my mind. I disagreed with most of the things she did, from daycare to her dating life. We even used our daughter as a weapon against each other. To this day the pain of that is as clear in my mind as any other memory.

I made it through three years of living week to week, just waiting for my time with Dani. We did everything she could want. I tried not to spoil her, but I wanted to experience everything through her eyes. Truth be told, I also was a little afraid of her not having the same kind of memories with me that she did with her mother. One of the biggest downsides of being a single father is the jealousy you feel toward the other parent.

Just after she turned four, I met Jenny. It was pure dumb luck. I had a small company that coordinated private parties. We provided the event planning, entertainment and catering. It wasn't making me rich, but it was a fun job and I enjoyed it. I was hosting a company dinner party for a friend named Kathy. During the party she introduced me to her daughter Jenny who had just flown in from New York to visit.

Jenny was twenty-five years old and had been a professional dancer for almost a decade. Unfortunately she told me she had to give it up because of a string of injuries that left her with a number of knee surgeries, making any career in dancing impossible. She came to spend time with her mom while she figured out what to do with her life.

I found out we had a great deal in common. Talking with her was like hanging out with someone I'd known for years. However, while I found her very attractive, I also believed in the axiom that you don't mess around with clients' daughters, so was content to make small talk. Usually I was nervous around women I was that attracted to, but I guess my feelings that nothing could happen allowed me to relax and be myself. We talked for over an hour and I was enchanted. At the end of the night I felt a pang of regret when I had to go home by myself.

Two days later my cell phone rang. I didn't recognize the number, so hoped it might be a potential client. "Hello," I said pleasantly.

"Hi, it's Jenny. I was wondering if you were busy tonight. I don't know anyone here, but I wanted to see the city. Would you be interested in showing me around?"

I tried to sound nonchalant, but probably failed miserably. My stomach was doing cartwheels. "Sure, I'd love to. What do you want to do?"

"Surprise me."

"That's a dangerous dare for someone in my line of business," I said with a chuckle.

The moment I hung up the phone, the wheels started turning. Working in the entertainment business, I'd made great contacts all over the city. I made several calls and came up with what I thought would be the perfect date.

When I showed up at her mom's place to pick her up, I was floored. She was beautiful at the party, but I underestimated just how beautiful. When she was made up to go out on the town, she was an angel. Long curly black hair, brown eyes, beautiful lips that curled at the ends into just the hint of a smirk and freckles. I'm not saying she should have been a model; it was more like the girl next door kind of attractiveness. She was definitely the most beautiful woman I'd ever been out with.

We went to the art museum, then to the ballet. It must have been amusing for her. I don't know anything about art and even less about the ballet so she spent the bulk of the date explaining things to me. I wasn't sure if I was endearing or annoying, but she seemed to enjoy educating me about culture.

The ballet was particularly great. She intently watched everything, her eyes sparkling. I thought about how much she must have wished she was in the company. I watched her face as the show went on. At times she looked quite emotional, making me wonder how it would feel to be great at what you do, only to be forced to give it up. I had an overwhelming desire to put my arm around her. Not in a calculating way, but just to comfort her. Instead I settled for holding her hand.

After the show we went out to dinner. It was the kind of restaurant that I normally couldn't have afforded. Thankfully, bartering had become part of my life, and I found I was quite talented at it. All it took was a promise to do a favor for the manager, and voila ... it was suddenly very affordable. Over the course of the dinner I found that she was even better company than I had first thought.

She was smart, had a razor sharp wit and wicked sense of humor. Our conversation went from politics to our favorite game shows seamlessly. When I talked to her about my daughter, she eagerly listened and asked a number of questions. It really had an impact on me because most people just nod and patiently try to humor you despite their lack of real interest.

We finished the date by making out in the front seat of my car like teenagers. She had the softest lips I've ever kissed. I tried to keep control of the situation, not wanting her to think it was just physical for me. When we finally said goodnight, I drove home wondering what I could possibly do to top it.

Turns out I didn't have to be worried. Jenny was just as comfortable going out for pizza and catching a band as she was hobnobbing with the rich and famous. I was relieved because that wasn't the kind of lifestyle that interested me. I'm a hamburger kind of guy. Steak and lobster is cool once in a while, but trying to pretend you are something you're not is a bad way to start a relationship.

A couple weeks and a half-dozen dates later, we went out for dinner and dancing. I had been dreading it since the first date. I was definitely no Fred Astaire and was afraid she was going to take one look at me on the dance floor and change her mind about me.

It quickly became a non-issue. She was so graceful that I actually didn't feel like a complete fool. We wheeled around the dance floor like we'd been doing it for years. Every man in the bar must have been envious of me. She looked amazing and the way she moved was breathtaking.

I've always loved talented women. Musicians, artists and especially dancers have always affected me differently than most women. There is an elegance to their movements that goes far beyond sensuality. As the night wore on I took almost as much pleasure in watching Jenny dance as I did by dancing with her. I felt an uncomfortable feeling in my gut and realized I was falling for her faster than I thought was possible.

Afterward we went to my place. She sat down on the living room couch and I put on some music. I touched her face with my hand, tilting it slightly so I could kiss her. She closed her eyes and let me take control. As our lips met, her mouth opened and I could feel her tongue softly enter my mouth. After a few seconds, I dropped my lips to her neck and began nibbling up and down the side. I moved to the front and let my tongue slowly trace from the top of her chest up to her chin, then back to those wonderful lips.

I was going slowly, wanting to be patient and let things build. I moved my hands to her blouse and began unbuttoning it starting from the top. When I reached the bottom, I stopped kissing her to watch as I slid it off her shoulders.

She had small breasts like most dancers. I unclasped the bra in front and moved it away. I loved her breasts. There is no hint of sagging, she has the most perfect pink nipples that were erect and her areolas are about the size of a silver dollar. They look a little large because of the size of the breasts, but I found them to be very sexy.

I guess I was a little too intent on the view because she startled me by saying, "They don't bite, but you can." I looked back at her face to see her grinning; her dimples making her look even more precious.

I lowered my face and took a nipple into my mouth. As I nibbled lightly, she moaned and I felt the urge to be more aggressive. I pulled her tightly to me, increasing my aggression with her breasts. After a short time I stopped and suggested we move upstairs. To my delight she eagerly agreed.

Once in my bedroom, I had her stand at the foot of the bed while I unbuttoned her jeans. I pulled them down her legs, dragging her red panties with them. I got a surprise when I noticed that as they moved down her hips, no pubic hair appeared. When her pussy finally came into view I couldn't help grinning at the sight.

"Do you like it," she couldn't help but notice my smile.

"All the better to eat you, my dear," I joked.

"Promises, promises."

My hands were shaking as I pushed her to a sitting position on the bed. I already felt so strongly about her; I wanted this to be great. I pushed her legs apart and tentatively kissed my way up her thigh.

She put her hands on the back of my head; letting me know I was on the right track. I finally let myself make contact with her labia. I began licking around her lips, trying to find the spots that I'd need to remember later. When I felt like she was ready, I urged her down until she was lying on the bed with her legs off of the end. I put one leg on my shoulder and attacked her clit enthusiastically. I could feel her juices already flowing.

The movement of her hips against my face signaled her arousal, so without removing my mouth I took a finger and slid it back and forth across her lips. After making sure she was wet enough, I sank it all the way into her with one, smooth motion. She moaned louder and lifted her hips off of the bed, encouraging me to penetrate her faster, this time while sucking on her clit. I could feel her legs quiver and felt pride in my ability to drive this beautiful woman so wild. I added a second finger and softly turned my hand as they pushed into her. The noises she made changed to short, uncontrolled bursts and I suspected she was close.

After a few more seconds she cried, "Yes John, yes!" and pulled my face hard against her while thrusting her hips wildly. I removed my fingers and stuck my tongue as far as I could into her opening of her pussy, savoring the way she shook as I touched different spots inside of her.

When she finished cumming, I moved up her body, dragging my tongue softly all the way. When I reached her face, she didn't hesitate to kiss me deeply. I began moving my cock up and down her now drenched pussy, searching for the entrance.

She tried to stop me, "Isn't it your turn now?" She was smiling, which gave me the feeling she was very proud of her oral skills. I couldn't wait to find out later, but right now I just wanted to be inside her.

I caressed her cheek, "Trust me Jen, this is what I want."

I lodged the head inside her, but she put out her hands to stop me from entering further. When I gave her a questioning look, she wrapped her legs behind me and slowly pulled me inside of her. It was the single most erotic feeling I've ever had. She was tight, warm and unbelievably wet. I suddenly wished I would have let her go down on me. I hadn't had sex in a long time and didn't want to disappoint her.

I moved slowly, getting used to how she felt and how she responded. As I felt more comfortable, I began kissing her and rotating my hips trying to touch every inch of her. She rocked her hips up to meet my thrusts, making me feel like she was fucking me, even though I was on top. I returned my mouth to her breasts, trying to find a way to return the sensations I was feeling.

I reached behind one of her legs and brought it up high, allowing me to penetrate slightly deeper. Although I know I'm not hung in a way that women tell their friends about, I was just right for Jenny. I heard her moan when I finally got all the way inside of her. Her pussy gripped me snugly, accentuated by the contractions her muscles made. Again I reflected on how perfect everything seemed to be between us. My random thought almost betrayed me as I felt myself reach the edge of an orgasm.

I stopped moving and put my head down between her breasts. "Jenny, we need to change positions or this is going to be over way too quickly," hoping she'd understand.

She didn't say a word, but slid out from under me. I got onto my back in the middle of the bed as she kneeled beside me. She gave me a couple seconds to gain control again as she lazily dragged her tongue over my stomach, then down my leg. When she made the return trip up, she took my cock into her mouth for just a second, nibbling on the head. She looked up at me and flashed me a nasty smile that made me realize the adventures were just starting. I had no doubt that she was going to challenge me constantly.

She straightened up and swung one leg over to straddle me, taking me by the shaft and rubbing it slowly back and forth across her opening. I grabbed the sheets with both hands and squeezed as the sensation made me want to thrust hard into her. She took her time, teasing me as she slowly lowered herself. She let the head and about a couple of inches slide inside of her then smiled as she raised herself up and almost off, then slid down just a bit further.

I took the opportunity to admire the rest of her body. She had slim hips with an even slimmer waist. Her shape was more that of a college cheerleader than an adult woman, but it was beautiful. Her heritage blessed her with naturally darker skin, so there were no tan lines, just a smooth, light brown that covered her whole body. I thought she was an incredibly beautiful woman. I couldn't imagine how she could possibly be sexier.

She let go of me with her hand and leaned forward across my body. As she licked and bit at my chest, she continued moving her hips, pushing me inside her. She would go halfway down my shaft and then, on the next thrust, would only go an inch. After several minutes of this maddening teasing, I grabbed her hips and tried to push myself deeper.

She had a mischievous look in her eyes and said, "No way, I'm in charge now." She just moved further forward and prevented me from getting what I wanted. Jenny kept up her teasing for several long minutes, her coy smile letting me know that she was enjoying my torture. Finally she took pity on me and pulled my head forward to kiss me as she slid down hard and drove me all the way into her. She leaned back again and drove herself down onto me faster and harder, causing me to believe she was heading for another orgasm. There was no doubt I was almost there.

I tried to think of baseball, politics, or anything else that would keep me from finishing and ending the incredible moment. It wasn't easy, she had a way of rotating her hips as she was also raising and lowering them that felt like nothing I'd ever experienced. Suddenly she pushed down hard on me and leaned further back. She squeezed my hands tightly as I felt her whole body shake in a powerful orgasm. She made a noise that was somewhere between a moan and a squeal. I couldn't suppress a smile. It seemed like there wasn't anything about her that I didn't find enchanting.

After taking a second to bask in her pleasure, she turned her attention back to me. She got a determined look in her eye and started raising herself almost the entire length of my shaft, then dropping down hard. It started slowly, but gained speed on every thrust. After only another minute I warned her that I was close.

"It's all right. I want you to cum inside me."

Panic set in because I knew what a huge risk that could be. "No, I can't," I cried, putting my hands on her hips, and trying to move her off of me.

She looked into my eyes and saw that I was serious. I had already told her how Dani had been completely unexpected and she must have realized why I was alarmed. Without another word she moved off of me, slid down and took me deeply into her mouth. She furiously pumped my cock with her fist as she kept sucking on the head.

I arched my back as my hands clenched so hard I could feel my nails dig into my own skin. She had me feeling as aroused as I could ever remember. Her mouth felt incredible. "I'm cumming Jen," I groaned.

She turned her eyes up to meet mine and let another couple of inches slide into her mouth. As I came, she never moved, swallowing deeply several times. When she knew I was through, she slid up my body, dragging her breasts against my skin. She kissed me and tried to slide her tongue into my mouth. I hesitated because I had never kissed a girl right after that before.

After a moment I decided my concerns were irrelevant, so kissed her back. She kept moving her hips back and forth, dragging the lips of her pussy against my sensitive shaft while kissing me. Abruptly she pulled her knees to either side of my chest, sat back on my stomach and put her hands on her hips.

"So was it good for you?"

I laughed so hard I almost hurt myself.

We dated exclusively and very seriously from that night on. A few weeks later I anxiously got my daughter ready as I prepared her to meet Jenny. As much as I liked her, there was no future for us if she and Dani didn't take to each other quickly. My daughter was my life and I made no secret of it.

Thankfully, it wasn't an issue. It took about 5 minutes to see how well they clicked. Jenny loved to run her fingers through Danielle's hair while they talked. I could tell that my daughter really enjoyed her affection and the way Jenny read to her like she had been doing it all her life. Before the night was over, she even showed Danielle how a ballerina danced.

It was absolutely perfect. I was pretty sure that Jenny was already in love with me and I had no doubt that I felt the same for her. The way she acted toward Danielle just made me feel more strongly about her. At the end of the night she said her goodbyes and left with a hug for each of us. I took Dani upstairs to get ready for bed. When I finished reading her bedtime story, she got a very serious look on her face.

"Daddy, are you going to marry Jenny?"

I smiled and said, "I hope so sweetie."

"Good!" she replied enthusiastically.

Life can be wonderful...

It was four months later when I got the call. It was Katie and I could tell she'd been crying. She just said, "We need to talk."

I didn't like her tone, so I was out of the house before thinking to ask if she meant immediately.

When I arrived at her house, she informed me that she hadn't been feeling well. She went to her doctor and the tests came back that morning. Pituitary cancer, advanced stages, no cure.

I was speechless. Over the last year, things had gotten somewhat better between us. She and I stopped arguing so much, which helped us stop questioning each other's motives. Once that happened, the hatred of our past faded. Now it was easy to put my negative feelings aside, realizing my daughter was going to lose her mother.

"I don't know what to say," I stammered. "I'm so sorry. Is there anything I can do?"

"Yes, you need to take Danielle now. I'm going to be too sick to take care of her very soon and she needs to get used to being with you all the time. She's all I'm leaving behind and I want her to be happy."

I could only nod my head as the tears welled up in my eyes.

3 Months later she was gone. Danielle was devastated. She couldn't understand why and I couldn't explain it. It took months to see her return to her old self. I felt so helpless.

Jenny understood the situation with Danielle and spent as much time with her as possible. They grew very close and I could tell there was a bond growing that eased my daughter's pain. I don't know how I would have made it through that time without her help.

I waited six months to propose, out of respect to my daughter. I was afraid she would think I was trying to replace her mom. When I finally was sure the time was right, I asked Dani first, to make sure there wouldn't be any problems. She seemed very happy about it, anxious for something positive to look forward to.

The first thing to do was get the ring. I know in this day and age men are supposed to let the woman pick out the ring so she can get exactly what she wants, but I'm old-fashioned. I wanted to surprise her with a ring and I wanted it to be one she would love.

I found out early in the relationship that Jenny had a thing for yellow roses. She couldn't get enough of them. Over the months I surprised her with bouquets, figurines and even a professional painting done by a friend. Surprisingly she never seemed to tire of the gesture. It became kind of a game between us for me to find new ways to surprise her.

I talked to an artist I had worked with in the past and had him put together a design that we both thought was exceptional. I had the number for a jeweler who owned his own shop. When he got married a couple years earlier, I had to step in at the last second and fix a mess another company had created. He was so happy that he promised to do anything he could to make it up to me. After walking me through my options, he agreed to give me a break on the price so I could afford it. He beat me up badly for future favors, but it all worked out.

Then next thing was to work out a plan. I thought about a public proposal, but couldn't figure out how to do it right, so decided it would be best to do it in private. I wanted to somehow include Danielle. I had read that kids sometimes feel helpless when their parents remarry. Since they have no say in the decision, they can resent the spouse. I decided to ask her to help, both because I thought Jenny would love it and to make her feel more involved. She was very excited to be my co-conspirator.

I took Jenny out to see a concert pianist who was touring the states. He was in town for one night only and I was able to score very good seats. It was an amazing experience for both of us. We came home to find a candlelight dinner consisting of smoked salmon from her favorite seafood restaurant and a great variety of side dishes all hand-picked by an excellent local chef.

Jenny seemed thrilled with everything. We ate and talked until we couldn't finish another bite. I excused myself for a moment and found Danielle upstairs with Tammy, the next-door neighbor's daughter who watched her for me sometimes. I told her it was time for Dani to help me, so she could go home. Tammy smiled happily and wished me luck. I took a very excited Danielle downstairs to the dinning room.

Jenny jumped up to hug her and began telling her the details of our wonderful night. I distracted her for a moment and winked at Dani. She pulled the small box out of her pocket.

"Jenny," she said shyly, "Me and my daddy wanted you to have this."

I beamed with pride. She said it perfectly; just the way we had rehearsed it.

Jenny's hands shook as she took the box from Danielle's hand. She opened it and found a ring that someone like me shouldn't have been able to afford. An ornately crafted silver band with a stalk running all the way around and opening into a beautiful yellow rose (with the biggest diamond I could afford on top). I took it from the case and put it on her finger.

"Jenny, would you marry me?"

She cried "Yes!" as she hugged me. Danielle grabbed her leg, demanding not to be left out.

I was so happy everything went as planned. I was even happier I had the foresight to set up a video camera on top of the fridge to catch the whole thing.

We had an amazing honeymoon. Her mom watched Dani for a week while we flew to New York. She introduced me to all her old friends and made me feel like royalty. We stayed in a great hotel and spent every night having insanely passionate sex. By the end of the week I was actually glad to go home where I could get a little rest. She was insatiable.

When we got back we settled into a great rhythm. Jenny got a job as a secretary for a construction company. It wasn't her dream job, but paid well and the hours allowed her the freedom to spend a lot of time with both Dani and me. Everything just flowed without either of us having to work at it. We shared many interests, so it was rare that either of us had to talk the other into doing anything.

We set up special dates so each of us could try new things. The rules were the person owning the date got to do whatever they wanted and the other had to go along with no complaints. If it wasn't enjoyable you didn't have to repeat it, but there was no turning one down without at least trying. Her dates were very interesting. She knew how to have a great time doing something unexpected. I'm not sure how much she liked my outings, but she was always a good sport and made me feel like it was important to her.

The sex was amazing. I never dreamed of finding a woman who could shock me in the bedroom. There was almost nothing I could think of that she wasn't eager to try. My favorite was the candy cane incident.

When I was a kid, I read a story in Penthouse about a guy using a candy cane for foreplay with his girlfriend. Afterwards he went down on her and he claimed it was the most amazing oral sex she ever had.

I surprised Jenny one night with a regular sized candy cane (about 6" long and kind of thin). We laid down some towels to keep from making our bed sticky forever. After teasing her by running it over the lips of her pussy for several minutes, I gently pushed it inside her. I began a soft fucking motion with it as I licked and nibbled her thighs, first one, than the other. After working her into a frenzy, I finally obeyed her pleas and began licking her lightly from her clit down to the edge of the treat that I was still fucking her with.

As her excitement continued to build, I decided to tease her just a little more. I pulled it out and showed the mostly melted candy cane to her while luxuriously licking one side. Then I gently pushed it into her mouth and let her enjoy it while I worked on her now remarkably sweet pussy.

The sensation was remarkable because instead of trying to find ways to please her, I was licking and sucking wildly because it was so enjoyable for me. It probably wasn't the best technique I'd ever used, but the effect was undeniable. She had a huge orgasm and told me she'd find a way to pay me back. After not talking about it again for a couple of months, the topic resurfaced on Christmas. She gave me her nastiest smile as I opened one of her presents ... a 10 inch long candy cane that was about an inch wide.

We did things like that constantly for close to two years. About two months before our second anniversary, something changed. I don't know why, but we fell out of rhythm. When I was in the mood, she wasn't and vice versa. If I was having a good day, she had a bad one at work. When she wanted to go out, I was tired. It wasn't that we fought or had severe drama; we just couldn't get on the same page.

Being a guy, I guess I underestimated the impact on her. To me it was an inconvenience, but I think she felt it more deeply. She might have even feared we were growing apart, but she wouldn't say anything to me. When we did try to talk about it, nothing seemed to get settled. We both tried to fix the problems, but things always seemed to get in the way.

A few weeks before our anniversary, she got a call from her friend Megan. She was one of Jenny's NY friends I met during our honeymoon. Megan moved to town after our first anniversary and they resumed their close friendship immediately. I never really cared for her because she gave me the impression I wasn't welcome when they went out. It wasn't bad enough to complain about to Jenny, but we didn't seem to click at all. I took it as an opportunity to let Jenny have a slice of her old life. She could go do things with Megan, allowing me to have some time to do things just for me. I also liked the chance to have some alone time with Danielle. She was so close with her step-mother that I welcomed the chance to keep part of her just to myself.

One of Megan's oldest girlfriends was getting married in New Orleans. Since she didn't have a guy to take she asked if Jenny would like to go. I didn't have any objection, so they planned a trip leaving late Thursday night and coming back late Sunday night. After she left I was surprised at how empty the bed felt for the first time in two years.

Jenny didn't call me all weekend, which seemed unusual for her. I wasn't too worried about it since I knew there was a lot going on with the rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party, then the wedding Sunday afternoon. There were also a lot of shopping things planned for the women who hadn't been together in years. I thought about calling her to say hi, but didn't want to interrupt.

I found that three days without her made a big impact on me. I really missed her, despite the problems of the last couple of months. In the three years I had known her, we had done everything together. By Sunday morning I couldn't wait to see her. I resolved to find a way to fix things immediately no matter what. Even though I wasn't worried about our rough patch, I felt like it was eating at her. I swore to make it my priority to alleviate her concerns. Next to Danielle, I loved Jenny more than anything and just wanted her to be happy.

I got a message from her early Sunday afternoon telling me she was catching an earlier flight. Instead of getting home around midnight, she would be back at 7:00. I didn't get to talk to her because the call came in while Dani and I were out. We decided to have a big surprise for her, decorating the whole living room and getting her a cake. I left Dani with the sitter and headed to the airport. Jen called me on my cell to tell me she'd be waiting for me in front of one of the terminals.

When I saw her out front waiting, I had to do a double take. She looked terrible. Her hair was a mess, she looked tired and her eyes were red and swollen like she'd been crying. I stopped the car and jumped out, very concerned. She ran to me without saying a word and hugged me tightly, starting to cry again.

I gently pushed her back to look at her face. "Jenny, what's wrong?"

She paused and looked down. After a moment she muttered "Megan and I had a terrible fight. I came back by myself. The whole weekend was a disaster."

I could see her shoulder's heave as she tried to stop crying. I knew we had to get out of there before I got towed, so I steered her to the car. I threw her bags into the back and got on the highway. She leaned against me and I could still feel her crying softly on my shoulder. I made it to a fast food place and pulled into the parking lot.

I turned her toward me, "Do you want to tell me what happened?"

"No, I don't want to talk about it. Please, can we just go home?"

I wanted to help, but didn't want to push her to talk if she wasn't ready. "Well, we can if you want, but Dani's waiting for us with a surprise for you. If you show up like this I'm afraid she's going to be really disappointed. We worked on it all day for you."

She looked at me with an expression I couldn't read. Without another word she put her arms around my neck and pulled me tightly against her. "Can we just sit here a minute? I missed you so much. I promise to get it together so we can go. I just want you to hold me. I love you more than anything." She kissed my cheek softly and rested her head against my shoulder again.

I was sad her homecoming had been ruined, but to her credit she did compose herself. We went home and she was properly 'surprised' by the work Dani and I had done. All three of us spent the rest of the night hugging and talking. It was subdued, but we were so glad to have her back it didn't matter.

After we put Danielle to bed, I hoped to find a way to get Jenny in a better mood, but she was exhausted. She went straight to bed and asked me to come hold her. The fight with Megan must have been really bad. As she fell asleep in my arms I felt like a kink had again been thrown into my plan to fix our problems.

It turned out to be just the opposite. Jenny was really down all week, but bounced back the next weekend. I hadn't pushed her for sex because she was so unhappy, but she knocked my socks off Saturday night with the most amazing sex I'd seen in months. She was so energized and eager to please me that I felt like I wasn't doing my part.

That seemed to be the end of our troubles. For the next six months things were great and she was the perfect wife. For my part I tried my best to make her feel as loved as she was making me feel. Our caring about each other put all the troubles behind us and we regained our rhythm.

So now you're saying to yourself, "Everything's perfect, how'd you get here?" Well, that's easy. I'm a pervert.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not into anything gross. I don't get off on looking at sick or twisted pictures. It's just that despite the fact I have a wonderful wife who fulfills every sexual fantasy I ever had, I like checking out adult Web sites from time to time. It's harmless and I figured it was better to occasionally get off looking at a pretty girl than constructing some fantasy about someone I knew. Fantasies seemed more like doing something that could undermine my marriage.

I don't do it a lot, maybe a few times a month. My favorites are the amateur sites. Nothing turns me off more than a professional stripper with tens of thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery pretending to enjoy herself. I'll take the women whose boyfriends talk them into taping their sex, Girls Gone Wild, or my favorite, the bachelorette party videos. You've seen them; drunken girls deciding to jump a bunch of male strippers, even though it's being taped and the room is full of people. It's so depraved it's impossible to stop watching.

One Friday night almost six months after our second anniversary, Jenny took Dani out to see a movie. While they were gone, I was goofing around on my computer. I checked my email and saw a new message. It simply said "The best party video ever!" At first I thought it was spam, but the address was from a hotmail account, so I opened the message.

Instead of a link or advertisement, it said "John, I know you like these. This is one you'll never believe!" and had a URL. I was perplexed. Who the hell would send me a message like that? They knew me well enough to know what Web sites I enjoyed, but I had no idea who the address belonged to. I decided to check it out.

A site popped up that advertised great videos of women fucking strippers. There were 3 sample videos. I loaded the first and it was pretty typical. The second was a little hotter, but still hadn't lived up to the praise. Then I clicked on the third. I waited for 5, maybe 10 seconds and then the video opened. It was about 45 seconds long. At about the 20 second mark, it focused on an attractive male stripper who looked to be college aged. He was banging some impossibly hot brunette from behind while she was going down on the woman in front of her.

"Son of a bitch!" I said, shocked. The girl getting her pussy eaten was Jenny's friend, Megan. She was beautiful with long blonde hair and nice medium sized tits. I couldn't see anything else because the woman in front of her was in the way.

"Damn," I muttered. I wasn't sure if I should enjoy this or not. Although she was beautiful, I didn't want to see one of Jenny's friends naked. That kind of image could lead to bad things. On the other hand, it was impossible to tear my eyes from the screen; the scene was incredibly erotic.

Suddenly the cameraman walked to the side of the threesome and the bottom fell out of my world. "Jenny!" I cried as I felt like I was going to pass out.

Life is a hateful, vindictive bitch...

I had never dreamed of dealing with so many emotions at once. I was angry, jealous and crushed along with a hundred other emotions I couldn't even identify. I had to be sure, so I clicked on the link again. It came up the same as before. When the cameraman moved to the side, there was my wife, plain as day, going down on her friend while being fucked by a stripper ... in front of 40 or 50 women and on video.

With shaking hands, I whipped out my credit card and bought a 30-day trial. It took a minute to find the full video, but I did. I recognized the room from the sample. I looked on feeling utterly sick to my stomach as I watched. The camera panned around to a lot of different people getting naked or fucking, but I didn't see Jen or Megan. Finally I did catch a glimpse of Jenny sitting at a table, shooing away the stripper with an embarrassed look on her face.

When she appeared again 5 minutes later, she was laying on the stage and Megan had her tongue stuck in my wife's pussy. Jenny was wearing a skirt and her panties were still on. Megan was holding the material to the side with one hand while moving her face up and down, pushing her tongue in and out of my wife's sensitive lips.

Jen had her blouse partially unbuttoned and was massaging her breasts as she was obviously closing in on an orgasm. I had learned since our first night together that oral sex was her weakness. I could make her orgasm virtually every time, as long as I was patient and built her up to it.

As Megan kept working on her, the same stripper who I saw fucking her in the sample walked over and casually began hitting Jenny on the lips with his cock. I noticed with some dismay that it was pretty big. It wasn't porn star big, but definitely seemed bigger than me.

When she didn't take him into her mouth right away, in some bizarre denial of reality I hoped she would get up and walk away. Her hips began bouncing in the throes of an orgasm. Megan kept working her over as she basked in the sensation.

I saw the stripper say something to her. I couldn't hear it over the music, but it didn't matter because it was easy to read his lips. I was utterly shocked to see him mouth "Come on Jenny, please."

Holy Fuck! How the hell did he know her name? a voice screamed in my head.

Seconds later she turned to the stripper and willingly took his cock into her mouth. After a few seconds of sucking on him, he grabbed the back of her head and started face fucking her. The camera stopped jumping around, I guess because that was the hottest action in the room.

Jenny started moving her hips wildly again. I couldn't believe she was having another orgasm so quickly. This time Megan stopped and said something to the stripper who got up and moved beside her. She inched aside so he could get between Jenny's legs. Megan took his cock in her hand and rubbed it up and down my wife's slit. He got the tip in and then waited. She said something to Jenny who shook her head 'no'. Megan leaned closer and talked insistently, then began French-kissing her and massaging her breasts. Jenny put her legs behind him and pulled him in ... just like she did with me.

He moved his hips forward, driving himself inside her as she reacted with obvious pleasure. The stripper began moving his hips from side to side, trying to find the sensitive areas of her sex. When she arched up off the stage, putting her hands over her face in ecstasy, he pulled out of her and quickly turned her over.

Once Jenny was on her knees, Megan slid down in front of her and pulled my wife's face to her exposed pussy. When Jenny hesitated, the stripper drove into her harder, causing her head to roll forward as the pleasure seemed to increase. Finally, she lowered her face to Megan's crotch obediently. The guy was now crashing into her very hard, forcing her to grab Megan's hips to steady herself. The action continued for another twenty seconds, then the camera cut away to another couple. I fast forwarded through the rest, but Jenny wasn't on the video after that.

When it ended, I checked to make sure there were no other videos of the party and then tried to get myself together. I looked at the file; it was listed by the date, 10/23/04. I looked at the calendar on my computer and confirmed that it was the weekend that Jenny went to New Orleans. I sat there for at least fifteen minutes staring at the screen. I had never felt so lost in my life.

I heard a car in the driveway and jumped up to look through the window. It was the girls. Watching Jenny step from the car laughing without a care in the world hit my like a punch to the gut. Anger replaced my sadness and my entire body trembled from the adrenaline. Quickly I went back to the computer and started the video again. I moved it forward to about where I saw the action and was rewarded with just the right moment. I hit pause and went to the living room.

They walked in laughing. Danielle ran to me and jumped into my arms. I held her tightly, knowing I was about to shatter her world, possibly forever. She sensed something because she immediately asked me what was wrong. I couldn't look at her face as I firmly told her to go upstairs to her room and close the door. She looked upset, but obeyed me.

Jenny was very alarmed. She probably thought there had been a death in the family or something. I didn't say a word, but walked back into the study.

She followed me demanding, "John, will you tell me what the hell is going on?"

When we reached the computer, I grabbed her shoulders with both hands and turned her to face it. I took no pleasure in seeing all the color drain from her face as she saw a perfect still of herself being fucked from behind while going down on Megan. There was no response from her for several moments. I saw her shoulders move several times before I was able to hear her sob.

Quietly she spoke without turning, "John, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me."

I tried to keep my rapidly building anger in check. "Was it just the one time?" Already knowing the answer.

She looked at the floor. "No, it happened the night before. Then again at the party."

"With Megan and the stripper?"

She nodded, her eyes never leaving her feet.

"What about the next day? Whose bed did you sleep in after the party?" It was only a guess, but I was pretty sure it was a good one. She didn't answer me, she just cried louder.

"Well that's just fucking great. I bring you into my house, tell my daughter to trust you and you turn out to be ... this?" I hissed, pointing at the screen. "Was it good? Did you cum better than with me? How did that big dick feel poking up inside you? Was it worth the end of our marriage?"

She cried louder and still hadn't looked at me. It didn't matter. My anger was out of control and I wasn't in the mood to feel pity.

"This is how it's going to be, you good for nothing slut. You have five minutes to have your stuff packed and be out of my house. When I get to five minutes and one-second, if you're not out the door, this video gets sent to your family, then your friends and then your work. Once you leave, you are never to contact me again. Our lawyers can do the talking."

I could see her flinch as she took each word like it was a punch.

I heard her say between sobs, "What about Danielle?"

That broke the dam. "Don't you ever say my daughter's name again, you whore!" I yelled. "When you are gone, I'll tell her as nicely as possible what a piece of trash you really are. You chose your party friends over us. You are never to contact her again or I'll get a restraining order and have you arrested."

She finally turned to me with a look of utter pain, "You can't do that! She's like my own daughter. I've helped raise her."

I had already thought of that. "Well since we never got around to getting adoption papers drawn up, you have no fucking rights at all. I guess you weren't thinking about her when you had your tongue stuck up Megan's pussy." I saw her cringe at the reference. I knew I was too loud, but I couldn't stop myself.

"Please don't do this to me, to us. I'm begging you to give me a chance to explain. It's been six months and I've done everything I could to make it up to you."

I had finally reached the point where I couldn't stay that angry and started to calm down a little, which let me regain my control. "So because you lied to me for six months and I didn't find out until now, I'm supposed to give you a pass? How do I know how often it's happened? Why would I trust a lying whore in the first place? Even if I did trust you, I don't give a shit. You fucked them, you made your choice." Then I began counting out loud, "One, two, three, four..."

"Please John, I'm so sorry. I'll do anything for another chance. Please don't do this."

"Ten, eleven, twelve..." I started to think she wasn't taking me seriously, so I sat down at the computer and pulled up my email account. I addressed a new message to both of her parents and sister Nicole, then typed, 'The truth about your daughter, ' into the message field. Finally I clicked on <attach files>. I didn't even look over my shoulder as I continued counting, "twenty-two, twenty-three..."

With a frustrated cry she fled the room and ran upstairs. I waited a minute to stop myself from falling apart and then followed. I stopped at the top of the stairs, just out of sight and listened to her frantic packing. I checked my watch and saw the time to be around three minutes. Then I heard something that made my heart break.

"Jenny, where are you going?" Danielle had come out of her room to see her step-mother packing in a panic while crying loudly.

"I'm sorry baby; I have to go to Aunt Nicole's house for a while. I did something very bad and hurt your daddy. It's all my fault, not his."

I thought I had reached the limit of the pain I could feel until I heard Dani say through her tears. "Did you say you're sorry? If you say you're sorry he has to forgive you. Please don't go."

My anger drained completely as I sank to the floor and cried openly. I forgot all about the watch.

Jenny spoke again, "It's too late for that. I'm so sorry, sometimes grown-ups do things that are so bad that saying 'I'm sorry' isn't enough."

Dani wasn't giving up, "But I don't want you to go. Don't you love me anymore?"

I was actually kind of proud when Jenny dropped her suitcase and stopped crying for a moment, her only concern being for Danielle. "I love you more than anything. I love you this much," and moved her arms all the way apart. "I have to go now, but you be brave. Maybe someday your daddy can forgive me. But you always remember that this is my fault, not his. He loves you more than anything. I wish I could explain, but I have to go."

I couldn't take it anymore so I stumbled to the bottom of the stairs and called out, "Four forty-one, forty-two, forty-three..."

I heard more rushed talking, then the sound of someone coming down the stairs fast. Jenny passed me, then paused and turned. "John, I don't blame you for this. I know I deserve it. I'm so sorry I hurt you. I'll love you forever."

"Four fifty-five, fifty-six..." She turned and lunged for the door. When it closed behind her, I went up the stairs to comfort my little angel. I couldn't even focus on the pain I was feeling, I knew what I had done had ripped the heart right out of my little girl. My anger at Jenny gave me no cure for my self-recrimination. I ran up the stairs to try and fix the unfixable.

Life has spiraled beyond repair...

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