Dragon Mage
Chapter 1

Class was just about to let out for the day, and James was bored out of his mind. The only thing he had to look forward to that day was going home and playing his Xbox. James was six foot-two, at one hundred eighty pounds. Being as tall as he was and weighing so little he was rather skinny. It also made him the butt of many of the jokes made by the popular kids. This left him dateless on Friday night. James hadn't ever had a girlfriend, much less been on a date, James was what people called a loser.

With all the crazy things that kept happening around him, James tended to keep to himself. Once, when he got really angry at his mom his hands caught on fire. He still didn't know how it had happened.

Sitting in his class, he was looking around when he saw the girl of his dreams sitting in her seat at the front. Karen McMorgan, to James, was the most perfect strawberry blonde that had ever existed. She stood about five feet six inches tall, with double 'D' cups and the most perfect ass he ever saw on a girl. The only problem was she that didn't know he even existed. James had been infatuated with her since the first time he'd ever seen her. They had just started junior high school, and she had been in his homeroom class. The moment he saw her he knew that she was meant to be his.

James was still day dreaming about Karen, when all of a sudden he heard someone clear their throat. Looking up, he saw his teacher looking at him.

"So, Mister Forester, do you have the answer to the problem on the board?" asked Mrs. Fleming, his algebra I teacher.

James looked at the problem. He realized that they had been going over something new, and he hadn't been paying attention. Not wanting to draw any more attention to himself James always down played his intelligence. James had what is commonly known as a photo graphic memory. Having read the book James, probably knew the subject better than the teacher.

"No, Ma'am," he replied.

"Very well, see me after school is out," said Mrs. Fleming.

"Just my luck," thought James.

Now he would have to walk home. Because he would have to serve a detention, after school, he would miss the school bus. He didn't have any other way to get home, as his mother would still be at work.

His dad had left the family when he was a baby. He didn't really know much about his dad, since his mom didn't talk about him very much. All he knew was that his mother was still very angry at the fact that she was fooled by him, as badly as she had been. She had thought that he was the perfect candidate to be her husband, and the father of her children. When she told him she was pregnant, she suddenly she found that she had been living in 'her own little dream world.' His leaving had really cut her very deeply.

She hadn't been very trusting, since then. James had even heard her crying, late at night, when she thought he was asleep. James loved his mother very much, and appreciated all that she sacrificed for him. After his father left, his mother had taken on two jobs. She had wanted to provide a better life for her child, so she had gone to school as well. She'd done all this, while taking care of him, too. He hated to admit it, but he'd been somewhat of a pain in the ass as a little kid. He was always getting into trouble, and his mother would be right there to help get him back out again. She never seemed to give up on him, and was always holding out the hope that he would get his act together, and straighten out to become the man she knew he was capable of being.

James' mom started her day just like she always did with a quick shower and a cup of coffee. Sandra Forester was a real looker. She stood around five foot-six at one hundred thirty pounds, with quite a sizable bust line. (36DD) While she was in the shower she would usually finger herself to get off, so she could relieve the stress of her constant horniness. She did it in the shower so that James wouldn't hear her, so she could keep it from him. She had a very high sex drive, but didn't want to keep bringing strange men home. She usually had a lot of guys hitting on her during her work day, but she didn't feel any kind of attraction to any of them. After her shower, she usually had a cup of coffee while preparing for work.

James' mom worked as an accountant, and made a fairly decent salary. She usually left the house around 7:00 AM. This morning, she was a little late leaving, because she just couldn't seem to get over her horniness. As a result, she failed to notice the strange man standing on the corner, staring at her house. She was in a rush to get to work because she was late. She almost wrecked a couple of times before she got there. Once again she missed the same strange man, now standing outside her office staring at her, as she entered the office building where she worked.

After James got out of detention he started walking home. As he was walking he was thinking about Karen, the girl of his dreams. He was so infatuated with her. She was everything that he wasn't. He wanted to be able to have someone like her, to deserve someone like her. He was so lost in thought, that he didn't notice the man that was following him. When James got home, he went up to his room. He decided to go ahead and get his homework out of the way, so he would have more time to play his favorite games on the Xbox before dinner. His homework usually only took about an hour and a half to complete. When he was done, he started to game with his friends, out in cyberspace. This was what he was doing when his mom stuck her head in his room when she got home.

"Have you got your homework done?" she asked him.

"Yes, Mom. I did it right when I got home from school," James replied.

"Good. Dinner will be done in about thirty minutes," she said.

After she left the room, James went back to gaming until dinner was done. James and his mother had no idea that while this conversation was going on, the man, who had followed both James and his mom around today, was standing outside the house. He was chanting in an ancient language, which hadn't been heard on Earth for thousands of years. When this strange man was done with the chant, individual portals with a linked destination opened, next to both James and his mother. They were both sucked in, and disappeared.

After the portal drew them both into itself, it started the process of making the occupants compatible with the world that was their destination. The portal gave them knowledge of the spoken languages, extant, and repaired any injuries, aliments, and diseases that were afflicting them.

James awoke.

He was lying in a wide open field, next to his mother. Immediately, James crawled over to his mother and shook her awake.

His mother looked up at him and asked, "Where are we? I don't recognize anything around here!"

"I don't know. I just woke up a few seconds ago, myself. But, wherever we are, we need to find some sort of shelter before nightfall," replied James.

As they made ready to leave the spot where they had awakened, James noticed they didn't have any food with them, either.

He commented on this to his mother, saying, "We will have to find something to eat if we don't want to starve out here, before we find shelter."

"Well, which way should we go?" asked his mom.

James didn't know why, but he was feeling some sort of a pull coming from the west, and said s much to his mother.

"I don't know why, but I get the feeling that we should head west."

"Well, that direction is as good as any, I suppose."

They started out in the direction that James' 'pull' had indicated. After walking for a while, James noticed that he wasn't as winded as he should have been. He mentioned this to his mother.

"Mom, I don't know about you; but I'm not feeling as tired as I should, after walking as far as we have already come."

"Now that you mention it; I have noticed that all the aches and pains, which have been plaguing me for so long, are not there anymore."

"I wonder what could have happened to cause this."

"I don't know, but I am very grateful for whatever it was," said James.

They had been traveling for several hours, when they found some berries that they recognized from home, as well as some walnut trees. They spent the next few minutes eating the berries, and filling their pockets with all the nuts they could carry. While doing this, James' mom realized that they had not had water, or anything else to drink, since they had arrived in this strange world. She commented on this to James.

"We haven't had anything to drink in a while. Maybe we should see if we can find a river or somewhere we can find some water."

Knowing that they wouldn't survive long on just what they would be able to drink at the river, James started thinking about how they could carry more water with them. It took most of the afternoon before they finally heard what sounded like a river.

"Do you hear that?" James asked his mom.

"Yes, it sounds like it is coming from over in that direction, over there," replied his mom.

They turned, and started towards the direction of the sound of the river. As they got closer to the river, they heard another sound coming from the same direction. This new sound seemed to be a woman singing. Whoever it was that was singing, was very good. Not wanting to startle whoever it was, they hid behind some bushes, to see if they could spot her. What they saw was the most beautiful redheaded girl that either of them has ever seen. She looked to be very fit at about five foot-nine roughly one hundred fifty pounds, with a rather large bust. She was in the water, naked, taking a bath.

Embarrassed and feeling slightly guilty James turned around to give the girl some privacy and asked his mom to talk to her. His mom walked cautiously toward the river and cleared her throat. As she did so, the girl taking a bath turned around suddenly, covering herself as best as she could.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you, me and my son were just looking for some water," said James' mother

"Your son?" the girl asked.

"I don't see anyone else, here so where is he?"

"He is waiting just beyond the bushes. We didn't want to alarm you any more than necessary, so he waited for me to introduce myself. He wanted to make sure to give you some privacy, since you are taking a bath," replied James' mother. After a short pause she added "My name is Sandra, by the way."

"Oh, sorry. My name is Elizabeth McGillis. It's nice to meet you. You can call me Beth, everyone else does. I live not far from here. Give me just a minute to get dressed, and we can call your son over."

As Beth was getting dressed, Sandra noticed a tattoo of a dragon on her shoulder blade.

"I noticed you have a tattoo on your shoulder. It is very beautiful."

Beth turned to look at her as if she should know what the tattoo signified.

"Yes, it is very beautiful. Do you not know what it means?"

"No, should I? We are not from around here; actually, we are from pretty far away," Sandra said.

Beth finished dressing, and they called James down so he could be allowed to drink and bathe.

As Beth got her first glimpse of James, she could feel something happening to her. It was almost like the sensation that she'd had, the first time she'd seen her dragon. Beth could feel her consciousness being pulled by some unknown force. It was almost as though she was bonding with her dragon, again; but that was not possible! She had already bonded to a dragon, so she shouldn't be feeling this sensation now. Beth frantically searched her memory for any reason that she should be feeling this now. That was when she realized what it had to be ... but, that was impossible! She swore this would never happen to her, and for over three hundred cycles it hadn't ... so, why now?

As James got closer she fell to one knee, saying, "My Lord, I pledge myself to your service! I have been waiting for you all of my life!"

James and his mother were completely shocked by what had just transpired.

James asked, "Why do you call me that and why have you been waiting for me?"

"My Lord you must first accept me, or reject me, before I can answer your questions."

"Why do I have to do either, I don't even know you."

"I'm sorry, My Lord, but the ritual has already been started. It must be completed, soon, or my life is forfeit."

James was taken aback by this news. What was he supposed to do? He couldn't just let her die because of his ignorance, could he?

Turning back to her James said "If that is the case, then I accept you, for I cannot let you die because of my lack of knowledge,"

With his acceptance the ritual was complete. When the ritual was completed a beam of light shot out from her heart to James' heart joining their hearts for all time. James suddenly felt an intense heat engulfing his body. The heat continues to grow until James felt he may not survive. Then, all of a sudden, the heat dissipated as the beam of light vanished.

Once James was able to collect himself, he turned to Beth and asked, "What was that?"

Beth looked at him in bewilderment then asked "How do you not know what that was? No one on all of Draconia is that naïve!"

"What do you mean Draconia? Aren't we still on Earth?" James asked.

Beth responded "Earth? I have never heard of such a place in all of my three hundred cycles."

James looks at his mother with utter disbelief written on his face. Sandra finally spoke after a long silence

"What do you mean three hundred cycles? There is no way that you can be that old. I mean look at you, you can't be more than sixteen at the most,"

"Of course I look young all Mages do," Beth replied.

"Mage what is a Mage?" asked James.

"How can you not know what Mages are? They have been around since the dawn of time? Everyone knows that if you need help you can always turn to a Mage to help them. How is it that you don't know this? You know what? It will be quicker if I just read your mind and find out what is going on here."

James didn't know what she was planning on doing but for some unknown reason he felt that he could trust her.

Beth approached him getting almost close enough to kiss him then leaned forward pressing her forehead against his and concentrated on his mind. It took some time but Beth was finally able to use the bond that had formed between them to see into his mind and to see what his life had been, up until that point. She was also able to determine that this mother and son were not from Draconia, at all. Hell they weren't even from this dimension! They were from some place called Earth.

After what seemed like hours but in reality was only a few minutes, Beth pull back from his mind and removed her forehead from his. As she pulled back she looked into his eyes and all of a sudden kissed him. Not knowing what else to do James kissed her back, the kiss went on for several minutes before they broke apart.

"Why did you kiss me?" James asked.

Beth replied "Since you are to be my mate I thought it only appropriate that we should kiss."

"What is this about the two of you being mates?" Sandra asked.

"Let's start back to my house and I will answer your questions along the way," Beth answered. "After looking into James' mind, I now know why the two of you don't know what is going on. I will try to explain.

"First you are no longer on the world you know as Earth. You are on the world of Draconia in the dimension of dragons.

"Second I am what is known as a Dragon Mage. We are mages who have been destined since birth to bond with a dragon. Our dragons are born at the same moment we are and will be drawn to us on our 13th birthday. Dragon Mages are far more powerful than other types of mages and have certain abilities that they don't.

"Third, James and I are now what is known as a 'bonded pair.' It is something that happens to mages, when they meet the person they are destined to be with for the rest of their lives. The problem is, this is supposed to only happen to mages of the same type, which would mean that James would have to be a Dragon Mage himself for the bond to happen. But you don't have dragons in your world so I don't know how he could be."

"If you are a Dragon Mage where is your dragon?" Sandra asked.

They suddenly heard a voice say "I am right here."

James and Sandra turned and saw the biggest blackest creature they have ever seen in their lives right in front of their eyes. It looked to be twenty feet high, and nearly a hundred feet long. Its scales were midnight black. Its wings were the kind you would see on a bat. It had spikes jutting out of its back. It was altogether the scariest thing either of them had ever seen.

"Where did you come from?" Sandra squeaked.

"Dragons are one of the very few creatures able to walk the astral plane, and we can appear and disappear at will. This way we can be with our mages when needed," the dragon replied.

At this point Beth spoke up and said "I would like to introduce you to Brightflame. She is my dragon, and the other half of my soul."

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Brightflame," James and his mother said almost in unison.

"There is no need to be so formal. After all we are family now," Brightflame said.

James turned to Beth and said, "You say that I am a Dragon Mage, but how can you be sure? Is it just because of the bond, or is there something else?"

Beth thought for a moment before she replied.

"It's the bond, for sure; but, it is also more than that. When I look at you I just know that you are a Dragon Mage. I don't know how I know, but I do."

"If that is the case then shouldn't I have a dragon as well?"

"You most certainly should! But for some reason, you don't. That, too, feels right. I just can't explain it any better than that," Beth answered.

"Can you tell us about the tattoo on your back it is very beautiful?" Sandra asked trying to change the subject.

"Let me show it to you again. This time pay close attention to it. Watch what happens to it," Beth said.

She slowly turned around, lifting her blouse for them to see the tattoo. Both James and Sandra looked closely at the tattoo. At first they didn't see anything happening. Then suddenly the tattoo shimmered, as if it was made of gemstones.

"What happened to it?" Sandra asked.

"The dragon that marked me is nearby, so the tattoo shines more brightly," said Beth.

They walked the rest of the way in silence. When they finally made it back to Beth's home James spoke.

"We have been walking for more than twelve hours since we arrived here in this world. Why has it not gotten dark yet?"

"Draconia has two small suns. They rotate with the planet. One light, one dark, each gives of different kinds of light. The sun on the light side gives off good nurturing light. The sun on the dark side gives of light that is poisonous to those on the light side. We on the light side don't have a night. While those that live on the dark side don't have a day. The sun on our side of the world is known as κομιστής της ζωής. (Bringer of life) The sun on the dark side is known as κομιστής του θανάτου. (Bringer of death)"

"How can you sleep if it is always light, outside?" Sandra asked.

"We cover the windows with very thick curtains that block out most if not all of the light," Beth said.

"Isn't that pretty inconvenient?" James asked.

"I have never really thought about it. It is just the way things have always been," Beth replied

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