The Wooing of a London Soubrette
Chapter 1

"Well at least it's better than that place in Innsbruck," Grace said matter-of-factly as she peered into one of the bare cupboards. "That place was absolutely awful."

Sandy sniffed the stuffy room as the cupboard swung open and was grateful when Grace closed it again; it was musty and stunk. "Yeah, OK, we had to share a bed, but that wasn't too bad. My feet don't smell that badly!"

"It wasn't sharing with you that I didn't like," Grace muttered. "I actually quite liked that. It was sharing with the cockroaches that I hated."

"Yeah, but they left after a few days."

"I know, they couldn't stand the smell of your feet." Grace teased and smiled at Sandy who put her giant rucksack on the table and pulled out some teabags from a side pocket.

"Drink, my dear Gracie?"

"Lovely," replied the nineteen-year-old who had opened the fridge and quickly closed it again when she smelt the inside. "What did Ronnie and Reggie have to say?"

Sandy grinned, and giggled. "Neville and Jack, you mean," she told her, in her soft Danish accent. "Twenty-five pounds a week, I paid for five weeks up front while you were messing about in town."

"I was getting some essentials," Grace corrected her abruptly and then asked, "I meant about the parlour." She took the black tea from her friend who raised an eyebrow.

Sandy grinned. "They said they'd give us a go in a couple of days' time. Boris had already spoken to him a few weeks ago and said we were pretty good."

Grace smiled. "Ahh, Boris. The hairiest man I have ever met!"

"And weirdest," Sandy moaned.

"He has some unusual tastes," Grace admitted. "But then I don't mind if he wants us to do that to him. I gotta pee somewhere!" Sandy winced as Grace reminded her of the kinkier side to one of their previous hosts. "And he knows everyone."

"True, he has good contacts all over Europe," Sandy mused.

Grace nodded. "I think we've met most of them. Thank God for him knowing Ronnie and Reggie!". Grace was acutely aware that their cash reserves were getting lower than she would have liked and they did need to start earning soon, but Sandy detected another reason for the smirk.

"You're getting desperate, how long without sex?"

Grace shook her shoulder-length hair back and put a bobble in it while contemplating the question. "Six days, not since Daniel in Madrid. If you don't count the blowjob the lorry driver got for the lift."

Sandy gave her friend a wry smile, they had both enjoyed the attentions of Daniel who was particularly attracted to Sandy, but Madrid was not the city of sordid opportunities they had hoped for and after spending two weeks doing restaurant work and getting paid very little, they decided to cut their losses and crossed Spain to a small port on the Northern coast to catch a ferry to Plymouth. "A week," Sandy teased. "That's almost celibate for you!"

Grace spluttered and sat down in one the rickety chairs around a scratched dining table. "Hang on, you're calling me and you're the one who's had hundreds of partners! And I'm sure it was your turn to pay for the ride."

Sandy spluttered. "No. I paid to get us into Spain. And he wanted it up the backside. You try doing that while he is driving, there just isn't 'nough room in the cab for that!"

Grace hummed as Sandy took a seat opposite and looked around the kitchen. The flat was dated, it was the ground floor of a three-storey house. The landlord had told them that the upper floor was vacant but the middle floor was occupied with some Eastern Europeans, although he rarely saw them and they just dropped off their rent money at his office once a week.

The area itself wasn't bad, located a brisk twenty minute walk from the wilds of Soho, the houses in the immediate vicinity looked, by and large, well maintained and lived in. At the end of the street, the big detached house had fallen down and there was now a pile of rubble on some waste ground that was once a large expansive garden, and the pub a few doors down from their flat was boarded up, but it on the whole, the neighbourhood wasn't too shabby. They had certainly lived in far worse in the previous eighteen months.

"It's not too bad, I suppose. It'll be home soon enough," Grace admitted and took a long slurp of her hot drink. "Also I really need you shave me tonight."

Sandy gave Grace her familiar smile. "Of course, love."

"It rubbed a bit on the boat coming over. And I could hardly ask you to do it in the hostel."

"What with that gal?"

"Yeah, she was freaky, but it is very uncomfortable."

"You could be more natural. As nature intended."

Grace stared at her friend and shook her head. "I know you like the more natural look but I am fed up cleaning men's spunk from my pubes when they want to come over my cunt. It's just messy."

Sandy gave her friend a wide grin. She knew exactly what Grace meant, although it had been months since she had permitted a partner to have sex with her without a condom.

Grace liked being bare "down there," because she thought it looked nicer and said it felt better; she was lying if she said it was for practical reasons!

Grace lay with a towel underneath her as the well-dressed Sandy liberally applied some shaving foam to her nether regions. "I could do this to you, you know," Grace offered.

"No I like my trimmed pussy," Sandy replied and picked up Grace's razor, dragging over the stubble. "I am very attached to playing with it when I am bored." Grace took a breath every time Sandy went near her labia but she needn't have worried. Sandy had been doing this three or four times a week for months, and had not cut her yet, but she was still nervous.

She finished and dowsed Grace's nether regions with some warm water to wash away any foam residue.

"Still look likes too much effort," Sandy moaned, ignoring the small fact that it was her that kept Grace's pussy shaved, and put the bowl on the side. Grace motioned the Danish teenager, to join her on the bed and threw the towel on the floor.

Grace was naked but Sandy had been trying on a dress she had bought that day when Grace had knocked on her door with the shaving foam, razor and a pleading look. It was a white figure-hugging, very short dress that displayed Sandy's large breasts wonderfully and had sent Grace's pulse racing the moment she saw it.

Grace was used to seeing Sandy naked and even though she considered herself "straight" she was still very fond of the odd fumble with her best friend from time to time. Six days was a long time for her to go without some sort of sexual attention!

"Thank you," Grace whispered as Sandy lay down on the bed. Sandy knew immediately what Grace would want and as Grace leaned in to kiss the staunchly independent girl, she ruffled her hands through Grace's long hair. Sandy closed her eyes as their tongues met, and they began kissing and fondling each other.

"Hang on," Sandy said and sat up, slipping the dress over her head and returned her attention to Grace, who had been enjoying stroking the smooth, tort fabric over her, but was more than satisfied with the bare skin that replaced it.

Sandy pushed her tongue deeper into Grace's willing mouth and stroked her face. Their bodies, pushed up against each other on the single bed, glided as Grace ground her torso against Sandy's, their nipples rubbing against each other.

Grace rubbed the flanks and the torso of her bisexual lover. The firm body of Sandy felt like heaven to her, it always did, and she squirmed as Sandy moved her hands from Grace's hair to the freshly shaven mons; Grace instantly parted her legs with a smile.

Sandy broke from the kissing and peered into Grace's eyes. She slipped her finger alongside Grace's slit and her thumb touched her clit, which sent a shiver of arousal through the young lady.

Sandy noted the sigh and slid two fingers along her labia and into her soaking wet pussy that eagerly accepted the older girl's finger. Grace moaned and started kissing Sandy again. Deep waves of pleasure shot through the English girl as Sandy pushed her fingers in and out of the drenched cunt.

Sandy smiled at the writhing girl; she had met many girls during her travels but had never met anyone as sexual as herself, until she met Grace. Grace loved sex, and made no secret of it, but she was also a good, loyal friend that shared many interests with her. She was perfect.

Grace had her eyes closed, was mewing, sighing and groaning as Sandy lovingly probed her moist hole. "Spread your legs wide," Sandy told her and Grace did so immediately, holding onto the backs of her thighs as Sandy withdrew her fingers. Sandy scooted down the bed, lifted her thighs and peered between her legs. Grace was hairless and whatever Sandy had said about having a bald cunt, she liked the feeling of going down on Grace when she was completely shaved.

Sandy gently prised open Grace's lips and her tongue reached out and flicked her clitoris. Grace flinched and cried. Sandy knew what Grace liked and pushed her tongue as far into the hole as she could.

Grace began to rock against the bed, humping her friend's mouth as Sandy lapped at the walls of her opening. Grace cried out as Sandy got more frenzied in her oral assault of her genitals and her Danish friend knew that she was approaching a climax.

Grace's breathing quickened and she moaned and groaned louder and louder. Grace arched her back and gave an instinctive, passionate cry.

Sandy maintained her pace, sucking and licking the bucking girl as she rode the crest of her orgasm, and then Sandy moved up her slit to her clitoris. They had done this many times, and Sandy ran a finger down and into Grace's hole. She then withdrew it and positioned it over Grace's bud.

Grace shrieked with joy as Sandy slid the lubricated finger into her ass and began sucking on her pearl. She bucked and writhed as Sandy expertly brought her to a second orgasm in minutes, and then a third.

"Your turn," Grace muttered with closed eyes and Sandy jumped up and presented her own moist slit to her friend.

Sandy was used to having Grace underneath her, it was one of their favourite positions and Sandy groaned loudly as Grace touched her engorged clitoris.

It didn't take long for Sandy to come, and then she started encircling Grace's clit with her thumb as Grace ate her out again. Her body convulsed and twitched as Grace confidently lapped her friend's cunt to orgasm and when they were too tired to continue, got into bed cuddling.

Grace and Sandy were kindred spirits and experienced lovers, but they were also the only friends or family each other acknowledged that they had.

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