The Boys at John's House
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Gay, CrossDressing, MaleDom, Humiliation, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, Oriental Male, Hispanic Male,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - John is a middle-age Black man with a large appetite for pretty boy fuck toys. To satisfy his craving, John opens his home to any john he can find. (I'm thinking seriously about making this a shared universe, so if anyone would like to join the group fuck, let me know. For anyone who cares, chapter 128 is where the 'shared universe' idea starts. DSS)

John's House

The big difference between me, and the rest of the douche bags who were flipping real estate in the 80s and 90s, was that I knew when to get out. I flipped myself into a million dollar estate in a rich suburb, paid it off without worrying about the ethics, and diversified a few million in investments between gold, oil, rice and porn. You know - the stuff that the world will never stop using.

When the bottom fell out of the market and Wall Street crashed, I was playing golf at a resort in Aruba.

I have a nice life - mostly because I'm not too greedy. I have a few hobbies - golf, photography - and I like to go places with pretty boys lying on beaches and beyond that, I don't need much.

I have a staff of three to run my estate. Juan is my driver/assistant/gopher. Ivan cooks, cleans and sews. Yann does the grounds and routine maintenance. The house could sleep 25 comfortably and 50 if people don't mind sharing, but there's only us four living here. The few times I had guests or threw a party, the boys contracted whatever we need.

Yes, 'the boys'. I made it clear when I hired them that I no intention of ever doing a minute's worth of useful work again in life - and since I have too much money for one man to spend, I can get away with that - but they were getting the jobs because they were young, pretty and willing to do almost anything to live in this house. As such, the deal is this: so long as the place is clean, the grounds are kept up, I get where I need to be on time and my meals are hot and ready when I am, they can pretty much do what they want.

So we're as much a family as Boss and staff. They play and fight like brothers and I watch from afar like a loving father. They have the run of the place, for the most part. I sleep on the third floor, east side suite; they have rooms on the second floor plus a fully furnished den and computer lab dedicated for their use. The kitchen, dining room, and the other basic stuff was located on the in a sort of circular cul-de-sac between the 'east wing' and the 'formal' areas. The west side of the house mirrored the east, but we used it twice a year, maybe.

Juan's the only one who actually works hard most days. He's the one who spends most of his time doing whatever I want to do. Of course, since I play a lot of golf, it means he gets to hang out at the clubhouse and drink martinis, so 'work' is a relative term.

I had a good life. I had Maslov covered. Then something happened.

Yann got a boyfriend. A serious one.

Now, it's not that I begrudged the boy his happiness and I had no problem watching four pretty young boys hanging around my pool in speedos. But it kind of reminded me that I'd never found anyone.

I'm not what you'd call handsome. My best asset is my fat wallet. I'm not ugly; in fact I'm hardly noticeable. Just another forty-something, bald, black guy in a sea of them. I try to stay fit enough to carry my own clubs and I've managed to avoid hypertension, diabetes and the rest of the middle-age medical dramas. So I'm not bad, overall.

But boys like the ones I'd hired never looked twice at me unless I was picking up the check. And I just cannot justify paying for tail. My left hand and my porn collection were free. And a deal I did a decade or so back, keep a couple boxes of free porn appearing in my mail about once a week. Still, watching Yann and Sean frolic reminded me how long it'd been since I'd had an actual lover.

So I started dating. Well, I signed up for a dating service. But they all seemed to be gold-diggers. The hook-up sites were sleazy. And, the longer I thought about it, the more I didn't like either option. I didn't want one partner for the rest of my life, but I also didn't want disposable lovers. I wanted two or three guys I could depend on. A bit of variety, but not a nameless horde. A stable of studs. A harem.

Once the idea struck me, I could not shake it.

I had the space. Even without opening the west wing of the house, the second floor east wasn't completely in use. Without re-modeling, there were eight unused guest rooms available. If I put two studs in each, I had space for sixteen - way more than I was likely to find!

I could afford it. I had the space. My only other consideration was what the boys would think. They'd be taking care of the whole 'stud farm'.

It was mid May and the temperature was already over 85 most days. After they'd finished their morning chores, all three of the boys could be found in the pool. I put on my suit and a robe and joined them.

Juan was on a lawn chair wearing an almost legal piece of string as he maintained his already perfect Puerto Rican bronze tan. Ivan was swimming laps, his dark hair always a striking contrast to his pale blue eyes and fair skin. Yann sat in the shade, reading the morning news. He was also fair-skinned, but with reddish-brown hair and a faint accent that at times seemed to shift from French to Welsh. They were all in model-quality physical form, all between 5-foot-5 and 5-foot-7 - making them a few inches shorter than me - and all 23 years old.

I whistled loudly to get their attention and they stopped what they were doing. "I got something I want to run past you boys. Could be some big changes around here."

"Oh my God, you're getting married!" Ivan laughed as he got out of the pool.

We all laughed. That was the running joke.

I shrugged, though, "Well, technically no, but..."

Their laughter sort of faded out. "What does that mean?" Juan asked.

I laughed at their reactions. "It's a historic reference. I have not met someone." They all seemed to relax. "What? You guys don't want me to settle down, have a wife and kids and be happy?"

"Well," Yann started slowly, glancing at the other two. "It's not that, really."

"Of course we want you to be happy, Papi!" Juan interjected. "If you've found a woman, we'll all be very happy. Won't we?" The others quickly agreed.

I looked at them. They began to fidget. The longer I looked, the guiltier they acted. It was very amusing.

"We really would be happy for you." Ivan offered. "We would just miss it being just us around here."

"Just us 'Johns'." Yann chuckled, but it was self-conscious.

Another household joke. My name was John and by pure coincidence, all of my boys were named some variant of 'John' too.

I kept waiting. They didn't try to keep secrets often, but I hated not knowing what was going on in my own house. They looked at each other.

"It's not a big deal." Juan sighed. "We just love our little playboy mansion the way it is. Just us. We don't want to share you with anyone else."

"It took us long enough to stop fussing among ourselves." Ivan added.

"But if you brought a woman home, we'd get used to it." Yann finished.

"You guys don't have to worry." I chuckled. "I wouldn't cut your expense accounts." I started to go on, but three offended looks stopped me.

"You didn't buy us!" Ivan snapped. "We just like you."

"A lot." Juan added. "A whole lot." He blushed a bit. "Probably too much, but doesn't matter. So who's this woman and when's she moving in?"

"Ok, first off there is no woman." I clarified. "I was kidding. I am bringing someone into the house, but not for a while yet. Now, what are you three talking about?"

They exchanged another round of looks. "Ok." Ivan was usually the boldest of them. "It's kind of stupid, but, well, we sort of crush on you."

"On me?" The confusion must have been clear on my face. "I've seen the guys you boys date. None of you have a crush on me."

"Oh please!" Yann sighed. "If you weren't straight, I'd dump Sean in a heartbeat."

"Whoa! Wait! You'd drop that chocolate bunny for me?" That was hard enough to believe. "And who the hell said I was straight?"

They looked at each other with the same surprise I was feeling.

"Oh no." Juan actually took his sunglasses off. "Do not tell me you are gay! All this time, and you haven't made a pass at even one of us? No. Sorry. Not buying it."

"Hey, come on! I'm an asshole, not stupid. Sexual harassment suits exists."

"Oh. My. God." Yann gaped at me. "Seriously?"

"Why do you think I hired a bunch of PYTs to run my house? You guys think I sit here and watch you swim 'cause I need a tan?"

"So what?" Ivan threw his hands up. "Were we too subtle?"

"About what?"

"About all of us wanting to jump your bones, Papi!" Juan laughed. "How could you have missed it?"

I shook my head. "I don't know what you guys are talking about. Believe me, if I had thought I could take any one of you to bed and not been sued, I'd've..." We all stared at each other for a minute.

I leaned back and thought for a minute. I hadn't included these boys in my plan. I'd figured they'd still be running the house. But if they were included, I didn't want them worked to the bone and too tired to play. And I definitely wanted to play with them. The thought of it was giving me wood.

"Were you serious about breaking up with Sean?" I asked Yann.

"Absolutely! Especially now - he and I meet because he wanted to know more about you."

"Me? Look, I want you guys because you're all hot. But I already spend money on you, so you don't need to screw me to get it. So what gives?"

"Well, you are generous for a start." Ivan answered. "Plus you're funny, smart, sexy..."

"Very." Yann moved to sit next to me. "I love it when you lounge around in those house pants of yours."

Juan and Ivan got up and sat next to me as well. "You have a nice smile." Juan said. "And a huge package."

"What's not to love?" Ivan laughed.

"I'm an asshole. I have no ethics, I don't give a fuck about anybody I don't know, and even then, I only care if there's something in it for me."

"I don't care 'bout your other boys," Yann sang, "just be good to me."

I shook my head again. "I'll be damned. Well that changes my plans."

"What were you planning?"

"A harem." I snorted. "I wanted to fill the second floor with pretty little fuck toys. I figured you guys wouldn't want to be part of that."

"So do we have to audition for this harem?" Juan asked as he stood up. He all but ripped off his speedos. "Please tell me I qualify."

The boy was hung. Right in front of my face, his semi-hard cock was swelling. My mouth was actually watering to suck it. "I'd say you're in." I managed.

"Well if that's all we have to do... !" Ivan and Yann both followed suit and a couple seconds later both of them were presenting juicy man meat for my approval.

"Yeah, you guys too." I was past full hard and into throbbing.

"Do we get to see you, Papi?" Juan asked, pulling my robe belt.

"I -"

They coaxed me up, and pulled off my robe and swim trunks. My dripping erection stood up against my stomach. It was nice to see that with all of us erect, I was the biggest both in length and in width. I was almost twice as big as the boys.

"Oh. My. God." Yann dropped slowly to his knees. "I will do anything you want if you promise to fuck me with that."

"Yeah?" My heart was pounding out of my chest. "So if I told you to suck -" I didn't even finish the thought before Yann had his mouth wrapped around my dick. "Oh hell!" I groaned as my eyes fell shut.

A moment later, someone was kissing me and fingers were parting my butt cheeks. Then a tongue began stroking my anus. The kisser's hands began teasing my nipples. My hands moved from one head to the next. I moaned a lot; so did they.

It had been too long since I'd had sexual contact with another person. I couldn't remember the last time I got blown. I went off like a firecracker after what felt like a minute and a half. Yann swallowed.

I was hard again before he stopped.

The tongue in my ass stopped as well. "Don't bogart! My turn!" He said, but I was too distracted to recognize the voice.

A new mouth began licking and sucking. The kisser pulled away from me and I opened my eyes in time to see Ivan's smiling face replaced by Yann's. He kissed me and I could taste the briny rich flavor of my own jizz. I moaned some more. Then Ivan began tongue fucking me and I began moaning a lot more.

Since I came so embarrassingly quickly the first time, I was hoping to hold out a respectable amount of time this round. No such luck. Every time I tried to pull myself back, I remembered it was the three of them and that thought nearly pushed me over. I managed maybe five minutes before my balls boiled over and I coated Juan's mouth with a load of jizz.

The boys switched again. This time I knew Ivan was sucking me, Juan was kissing me and Yann was cleaning my ass. It took a whole two minutes for Ivan to get me up, but I still didn't last more than about five minutes.

I kissed Ivan then stopped the boys before they could try another round. "Ok, ok! You're all in!" I collapsed into the nearest chair. "Let me recover for a minute."

I heard a distant giggle.

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