Brian Naked in School
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by jamesbreitbart

Monday, August 22, 2005

It all started when I heard my name called down to the principal's office in first period, along with David's and 14 other names, two guys and two girls for each class. That could only mean one thing; we had been selected for The Program.

I couldn't believe my bad luck. If I was running around school naked, people would be sure to see all my scars. I'd be the laughingstock of the whole school, and someone might call social services. If that happened, Ray would be pissed. I guess I have to tell you that Ray is my mom's pimp, and the same goes for David. Sometimes he has us 'work' for him too, when he gets a client that's into that sort of thing, and he always has a mean temper. The last time a social worker got called was after he broke David's arm in seventh grade. That time he took a hot iron to David's back.

When I got to the office, David and a couple of other kids were already there. I recognized my friend Connor's sister Eileen. The other kids had started to strip, but David looked pissed. "I thought my mom sent in a form that said I didn't have to do that," he said, staying just calm enough not to get written up for insubordination.

"Actually," Mrs. Estep said, "you forged a form, just like you've forged every other signature that we sent back since you were in 5th grade. I wanted to let it slide, but the school's NIS Program Coordinator went back through your records until we found an authentic sample. So now you're stuck with The Program, and you'll need to get another physical."

"There's no way in hell I'm getting naked in here!" David shouted. The school resource officer moved in on him, I guess to forcibly strip him. David just punched him and ran down the hallway. The resource officer chased after him and Mrs. Estep slowly regained her composure as the rest of this week's victims filed into the room.

When she could speak again, Mrs. Estep began handing out the dreaded Program Pamphlets. They come with a picture of a couple of naked kids on the front and tell us all the rules about being in The Program. "Alright, now as you all know, you're required to remain naked except for shoes and socks for all school activities this week," she said, "We have selected two girls and two boys from each grade, in order to get everyone who's signed up through in decently warm weather. You are expected to partner with one of the students from your grade and support each other through the week, although I guess we have an odd number of freshmen."

"Don't worry," Eileen said, "We'll all watch out for one another. Lynx stick together!" Eileen is a cheerleader, and very big on school spirit. She really shouldn't have much trouble being naked, since cheerleaders do all their routines topless to begin with. Mrs. Estep continued talking about the rules of The Program while we all stripped. I was the last one finished; by the time I pulled my boxers down my hands were shaking. Eileen noticed the scar on my stomach, but didn't say anything.

"Why don't you all take a few minutes to get acquainted with your partners," Mrs. Estep said. I reluctantly introduced myself to the two freshmen girls. Their names were Kati Hutt and Brenda Tarr. I didn't know either of them from middle school. Brenda was excited to be doing The Program, but Katie was a little nervous. She had just moved here from Texas, where public nudity of all kinds is illegal.

"The biggest audience I've ever been naked in front of before is my family," she said, "I tried to get them not to sign me up when we moved, but they said it would help me make friends. How am I supposed to make friends when everyone's trying to feel me up?" She was talking really fast, and her face was getting red. I told her I was nervous too, which was true, even if I didn't get into the details. That seemed to calm her down a little, and she started talking to Brenda about clothes. I didn't have much to contribute to that conversation, but I pretended to be interested so I wouldn't have to talk to anybody else. Finally, Mrs. Estep released us and I trudged down the hall.

One of the other Program participants caught up to me on the way to class. "I'm Sherry," she said, "You have first lunch, don't you?"


"Cool, so does Rick. Why don't you eat with us today?"

"Sure, thanks." I managed a weak smile. I usually eat lunch with Connor and David, but I didn't think he'd be back.

I opened the door to the classroom, to an immediate burst of laughter. Mr. Chenault did his best to quiet the class down while I made my way to my seat. Thank God I'd sat at the back of class. Mr. Chenault didn't call on me at all, and once the novelty had worn off people stopped turning around to look at me.

It was a different story in the hallway. It was only the second week of school, so naked kids were still a big deal, especially to the freshmen. I got a bunch of 'Reasonable Requests, ' that's this thing in The Program were people can make you do poses or let them touch you. The only thing that's off limits, at least at Lincoln, is genital contact or penetration. I hated it when people touched me, it brought back a lot of memories I'd rather not have.

My next class was gym. The rules of The Program meant that I'd be showering and changing with the girls. Of course, the rules of The Program also meant I didn't have anything to change into, so I just sat on the bench while a bunch of girls felt me up. They were really disappointed that I didn't respond. The last thing in the world I needed was somebody figuring that out. I told them I was just nervous, and I think that satisfied them.

We played volleyball in gym, so I got a lot of smart remarks about my junk flopping around. When gym class ended, I hit the girls' showers. I normally never shower after gym, neither do most guys who aren't into the whole public nudity thing, but I'm pretty sure it's required of Program students. I had to borrow shampoo from somebody; that was really embarrassing. Of course I didn't have a towel, so I had to walk out wet, and my shoes and socks were soaked.

I made it through the hallways to third period. Fortunately, no one noticed my scars. I couldn't tell if it was because they were more focused on my junk or because they were more focused on David. By then, the story of what he'd done in the principal's office had spread around school, and been heavily embellished. Everyone knew that I hung out with him, and I had so many people ask me if it was true that he'd pulled a gun or jumped out the window that the people making requests couldn't get through, which was fine by me.

I got to class late, and had to sit in the front row. I didn't even get to sit next to Connor. I could feel the eyes of the whole class on me while Mrs. Pullen droned on about the rise of agriculture. Finally, the bell rang for lunch. I was sure that everyone would be staring at me, but at least I was exempt from requests. I told Connor who I was sitting with and he decided to sit with us. I guess sitting with a bunch of naked people beats sitting alone. It turned out that Kati had our lunch too. We rescued her from a bunch of creeps and showed her to our table.

Rick and Sherry were surprisingly chipper. They both knew Connor, I guess through Eileen.

"So how has your first day been so far?" asked Rick.

"It's sucked ass," I responded, "I keep getting people try to feel me up and shit, and that's on top of David."

"If you don't mind my asking, what's his deal?"

"He just doesn't like being naked in front of people."

"I guess that would be kind of hard to deal with if you aren't used to it," Sherry said, "I go naked around my house and outside a lot, and I'm on the cheerleading squad, so the only thing that's really new to me is the requests."

That must be how she knew Eileen. Rick was a junior, so they probably knew each other from classes. Sherry went on about her experiences. She actually was having kind of a hard time dealing with the requests, but she managed to stay upbeat and chipper throughout it. I wish I could do that, maybe it's something they teach cheerleaders. David was always really good at keeping cool unless he loses his temper. He actually hung out with the popular kids sometimes, and people wondered why he stuck around me. Connor and David are pretty much my only friends.

"If you don't mind my asking," Rick said, "where'd you get that scar on your stomach?" I panicked a bit, but managed to recover.

"Uh ... it's a long story."

I must have blushed, because everybody looked at me funny. Fortunately, some of David's friends showed up. I didn't really know their names, but it was a blonde girl and an Asian guy.

"What the hell's up with David?" the guy said.

"I dunno," I lied.

"That's really not like him. I figured you might know something about it. Aren't you guys neighbors or something?"

"Sort of."

The girl spoke up, "You know, I've never been to his house. He must live way out..." They walked off, and I resumed the conversation. I made sure to talk about stuff that had nothing to do with The Program for the rest of lunch.

"So why'd you move here?" I asked Katie.

"My dad's a software engineer and he got a job with Microsoft," she responded.

"Really, my Dad works there too," Connor said.

"How does he like it?"

"OK, he gets stock options and they're pretty flexible with time off, so he can watch my sister cheerleading."

They started talking about computers and kept at it until some guys came up to our table. They looked like trouble, big, rich, and sneering. One of them looked Sherry. "I've got a reasonable request."

"You can't make them during lunch," she responded forcefully. The gang didn't move.

"She means back off," Connor clarified.

"Nobody asked for your opinion, you fucking gook." The ringleader spat back. From there it devolved into a general argument. I tried to stick up for Connor, and got called a faggot for my troubles. I couldn't tell if he had picked up on something or if that was just what he called everyone who got in his way, so I quickly sat back down. The bell rang before it turned physical. It was lucky David wasn't there. The last thing he needed was a fight with these guys, they seemed like the type he was always trying to impress.

I hurried down the hallway towards history class. Nobody made any requests, between the incident at lunch and whatever they had heard about this morning, they might have been afraid of me. My shoes were still wet, and they were really starting to bother me. I briefly considered taking them off, but then I'd be completely naked, and I didn't think I could handle that. I got back to class and took my old seat. There were only 45 minutes to the last class of the day. Of course, the clock seemed to slow down every time I looked at it.

Finally, the bell rang and I headed to biology. I got a couple of requests along the way, both from girls who wanted me to pose for them. It felt so embarrassing to be up there on display.

When I got to class, there was a single stool at the front of the classroom. Mrs. Geis asked me to sit on it. I immediately knew that whatever she had in mind wasn't going to be good. Larry Oquendo sat down right in front of me. I tried to avoid looking at him; I was terrified that I'd get an erection if I did.

Mrs. Geis began the class by announcing that I was going to serve as a live demonstration for the anatomy portion of the class. The rest of the class buzzed with excitement, but I couldn't suppress an audible groan. Mrs. Geis shot me a dirty look and had me stretch my arm out. Using a ruler, she pointed out the bones in my arm. Then she had me flex and pointed to my triceps and biceps. Then she ran the ruler down my torso and leg, naming the muscle groups as she went. If Larry were doing that to me, it would have been erotic. I immediately had to suppress that thought. Mrs. Geis had me turn around to show my gluteus maximus, and then told me to take off my shoes and socks, kneel on top of the stool, and flex my feet forward so she could point out my Achilles tendon. I was completely naked, but I didn't even care by that point.

Then Mrs. Geis had the class come up and feel my muscles, to get "personally familiar" with them. I didn't see why they couldn't get familiar with their own muscles at home. I felt my cock twitch when Larry took his turn. Fortunately, he didn't notice. He didn't seem to be enjoying the experience any more than I was, and only stayed as long as he had to. Neither did Connor, he didn't even actually touch me, he just waved his hands so it looked like it. I noticed most of the girls lingered a lot longer, and the exercise took up the whole class period.

When the bell rang I practically ran out to the front entrance where my clothes were waiting for me. My walk home is about two hours, because I go to school in a different catchment area. It's not really that bad. It's a scenic walk, we go past Lake Union and the Space Needle, and usually I'm with David, so I have someone to talk to. I got my clothes out of the box they were stored in and hurriedly pulled them on. I didn't bother with my shoes and socks; they were still wet, and I didn't feel like I needed them now that I was decently dressed.

Connor was waiting for Eileen. She usually drove him to school

"Are you alright," I asked, referring to the incident at lunch.

"Yeah, that's actually gotten better now, there seem to be more Asians here than in middle school, and Eileen's friends watch out for me. I'm more worried about you. You seem like you've had a terrible time."

"Yeah, but there's really nothing we can do about it."

"By the way, what is the deal with that scar?"

"Never mind." I turned to walk home. Just then, Eileen sauntered out. It was obvious that she had had sex at least once that day. Girls weren't technically entitled to ask for 'relief' at the beginning of class, but a lot of teachers let them anyway, and Eileen would have no trouble getting someone to give it to her.

She turned to me "you need a ride?"

"No thanks," I called back. To be honest, I'd much rather be walking across the city than be home. Actually, I'd much rather be just about anywhere than home. I stuffed my shoes in my backpack and kept going. I didn't realize how rough going barefoot would be on my feet. After about an hour, I stopped in a park to put my shoes back on. They had mostly dried out. I decided to hang around the park for a bit, there wasn't any point in hurrying home.

I left the park when I noticed a cop looking at me. I looked at my wallet to see if I had any money. I figured I could get something to eat, maybe sleep on a park bench and deal with home tomorrow. I'd had 20 dollars that I'd made mowing lawns over the summer, but there wasn't any left. Mom must have stolen it.

I got home about an hour later. Ray was waiting for me, and he was pissed.

"Where the fuck is your little friend?" he yelled, "he came through here yelling some shit about the army, and ran off!"

"We got picked to do this naked program..." I tried to explain, but Ray wasn't having any of it. He punched me in the face, knocking me over. I could feel blood trickling down my face, and Ray kicked me a couple of times while cussing me out. I didn't move until I heard the door slam, then I ran up to my room and sobbed into my pillow. I kept crying until Ray came back. He had a client, apparently he'd asked for David, but he still hadn't shown up.

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