Sex Brat
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, ft/ft, Mult, Consensual, Science Fiction, Robot, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, School,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When Kimberly finds out that her best friend has a real live artificial sexbot, the teenage girl desperately tries to talk her parents into buying one for her. Of course, things aren't always as they seem and Kim soon discovers that not all robots are created equal.

"You guys are going to a party?" I looked between my mom and dad, suspiciously. "And you're asking me if I want to go too?"

"You like parties, don't you, Kimberly?" Dad asked with a smile and it had been ten years since he'd known what I liked.

For my last birthday, my fourteenth, he'd given me some kind of Tickle-Me-Cabbage-Patch-Barbie-Doll thing. I hadn't talked to him for a week after that bad joke.

"I guess," I cautiously replied. "What kinda party is it?"

"It's a fund raiser, Kim," Mom said. "It'll be good for your daddy's career if we all go."

"Daddy's career?" I hated both of those words, believe me.

I wasn't a little girl anymore, for one thing. I was a full grown woman! Mostly. And my dad's so-called career had ruined my life more often than not, as it came well before anything I might have been doing for his attention. He'd missed my first dance recital, my figure skating contest when I'd won second place in the whole city, and my first big school play. I'd been Juliet in 'Romeo and Juliet' and Daddy had been in Cleveland or someplace, making another dollar so we could get a bigger, better microwave.

But he'd seen the video Mom had made ... Whoopee!

"See, my boss is taking a job with another company next month and his boss," Dad explained eagerly, "is going to decide who gets promoted."

"You're having a fund raiser to make money to bribe your boss?" I asked, being deliberately silly, but it made as much sense as what my parents were saying.

"What?" Dad narrowed his eyes and looked to my mom for help. He needed a translator.

"Be nice, Kimberly." Mom gave me a look and unlike my dad, she was fluent in Kim Speak. "This party is important to one of the men your father works for, and so it's important to us."

"It'll be fun," Dad offered. "I promise. There's going to be dinner and dancing, live music and games, I think."

"What's it for?" I wondered. "A charity thing?"

"Sickle Cell Anemia," Dad said.

"Oh." I narrowed my eyes because I'd heard of that just a couple weeks before in my health class and for once I could show off a little. "The guy your boss works for is black?"

"Kim," Mom said, and I shrugged. Like I was just asking, you know?

"As a matter of fact..." Dad said.

"So what's the fund raising thing then? Charging to get in?" I asked, because sometimes people just can't get to the point. Especially my parents.

"Oh!" Mom smiled, but it seemed kind of forced, I thought. "What they're going to do is have a little escort auction."

"An escort auction?" I stabbed at a potato, since we were having dinner. "What? Like selling people?"

"Just for fun," Dad said. "What they're doing is auctioning off volunteers, single young women, and men too, I guess, to the highest bidder and..."

"It's like a date," Mom suggested. "You're old enough now, it'll be fun to meet a boy and just have fun with him. Won't it?"

"Some boy is gonna pay for a date with me?" I stared at my mom. "I asked you last month if I could go to the movies with Eric, remember? You said no cause I'm too little!"

"Kim, that was different," her voice took on a tone of annoyance. "This auction date is only for the evening, only at the party. Your father and I will be there, so..."

"So you can watch me?" I asked. "So you can make sure I don't have any fun?"

"Kimberly," Dad sighed. "Your mom only wants what's best for you. We both do."

"You're such a bunch of hypocrites!" I shook my head. "God!"

"Kimberly," Mom warned me.

"So I'm old enough to go on a date as long as it's good for Dad's career?" I snorted. "But if it's just to have some fun with my friends, I gotta stay home?"

"Kimberly Rose! Get back here!" Mom demanded, but I was already halfway to my room. When I got there I slammed the door, just to make sure they knew I was unhappy.

"What's wrong with you?" Theresa asked me five minutes later, so I told her everything.

"I hate my parents," I finished, laying on my bed and sorta propping my EyePhod against my smallish boobs. They weren't good for much else yet really and I kept waiting for them to grow.

"That sounds totally weird," she said. My best friend had decided to paint her toenails and it annoyed me. Her phone sat flat on her bed so I kind of looked up my Theresa's nose as she leaned over it.

"All they care about is my dad's stupid job," I said with a frown. "It's like they want me to be a prostitute or something."

"Ha!" She grinned. "That would be cool."

"Yeah!" I grinned too. "Except they'd totally freak if a boy even looked at me funny."

"But they're gonna sell you, right?" Theresa asked. "That auction thing? How's that work?"

"I dunno," I said. "Like whoever buys me gets to sit with me all night and tell me dumb jokes, probably. Dad said there's gonna be dancing and a band and stuff, but who knows?"

"It sounds weird," my friend repeated. Her dark hair had come loose and she disappeared for a second as she leaned back to fix it. "But if your dad gets that new job or whatever..."

"What?" I asked.

"He'll make more money, right?" Theresa reappeared and now she juggled her phone, making me a feel sea sick. "Tell him to get you a robot if you do it."

"What?" I made a face.

"Yeah, I swear," she said. "That's like how I get what I want. You gotta make deals with them."

"He won't get me a robot!" I laughed. "I wanted one for my birthday and he totally blew me off."

"It sucks to be you!" The girl giggled and I hated her sometimes, even if she was my best friend. "I can't live without mine."

"What's your robot doing?" I asked. Theresa's robot was still pretty brand new, but she acted like she'd had him forever.

"My homework." She flipped her phone around so I could see him sitting at her desk. "He did my algebra in like two minutes. Now he's doing my English."

"He is?" I glanced at my own homework, still sitting untouched in my book bag on the floor. "How'd you get him to do that?"

"I downloaded a homework hack. It's quality," she said, lowering her voice. "I got even better ones too!"

"Like what?" I bit my lip.

"Like ... you know." She stuck her tongue out at me, nodding slowly.

"No way!" I blinked at her and Theresa giggled.

"There's like this triple-x warez site for bots. They got all kinds of weird stuff," she told me. "Melanie showed it to me, but you gotta like have a password to get the cool downloads."

"A password?" I asked and I didn't know anything about robots or computers or any of that junk. I hated my computer, she was a total bitch.

"Or a credit card," she said. "But you can go to chat rooms and guys will give you passwords if you just talk to them and stuff."

"What chat rooms?" I wondered, because the ones I went to had pimply faced boys trying to be cool. They sucked mostly.

"The warez chatroom," Theresa explained. "They're supposed to be talking about computer stuff, but if you're a girl...

"Yeah." I shrugged, knowing what guys were like.

"So you just fool around until you get a guy to give you a password," she said with a grin. "They're pretty cool usually."

"They are?" I shifted slightly and my phone fell down. "Sorry."

"You just gotta make sure the guy's serious," she told me once I fixed my phone. "Most guys don't have any passwords, so you gotta like hunt one down."

"Heh! Then what?" I asked. "Just ask him for his password?"

"Yeah, but you know, you gotta like flirt and kinda show him your tits or whatever first," Theresa said with a giggle and I stared at her.

"You showed some guy your tits?" I asked.

"Well, yeah!" She shrugged like it was no big deal. "Anyway, he just wanted me to watch him jerk off mostly."

"What?" I gasped.

"What?" She scrunched up her nose. "You've never seen a guy play with his dick?"

"No!" I swallowed hard and felt my face turning red.

"It's kinda fun," Theresa said. "But anyway, after that this guy gave me the password, so I got some crazy bot hacks now!"

"Like what?" I wondered.

"Um..." Theresa looked off to the side for a second and then leaned close to her phone and whispered, "He licks my pussy now."

"What?" I bet my eyes bugged out of my head and Theresa laughed.

"I swear! He does it, like every night before I go to sleep!" She nodded. "He's really good at it too."

"You liar!" I said, but I knew she was telling the truth. "When did you get that?"

"Like a week ago," she told me. "I got one so he'd lick my butt too, except it crashed him so I had to take it out."

"Your butt?" I grinned at her and figured she had to be joking, but probably not.

"I'm gonna get a better one," she sighed, sounding like she really wanted her butt licked for some reason.

"You had it a week?" I frowned. "And you didn't tell me?"

"I'm telling you now, ain't I?" Theresa made an apologetic face. "Stay over Friday and I'll let you try it."

"You will?" I pinched my lips because I'd heard stuff before from girls at school or whatever, like getting your pussy licked was supposed to be really, really great.

"Yeah!" Theresa promised. "That's not the best part though..."

"What do you mean?" I asked, feeling my heart thump.

"You gotta promise not to tell anybody," she said. "Like swear to die, Kimmy!"

"I swear, I won't tell," I agreed quickly.


"Or I hope I like die horribly," I promised, crossing my heart and sticking out my tongue. "Okay? What? I won't tell anybody!"

"Okay," Theresa said. "But I'm serious."

"Me too!" I said, feeling pretty impatient by then. "So tell me what's the best part already!"

"Wellll..." She giggled and made me wait five more seconds. "I got the code to unlock his cock too!"

"No way!" I stared at her.

"Yeah way!" She nodded. "I got all the options too, like everything. It ain't one of those shareware hacks so you get like half a hard-on and it says buy the rest of the program..."

"Does it work?" I asked her, having only sort of an idea what she might be talking about.

"Oh yeah!" she said seriously. "All the time! We totally fuck!"

"Uh!" I dropped my jaw and stared at her.

"It hurt before, but now..." Theresa giggled. "That's why I had to get that pussy licker hack."

"Why?" I breathed.

"Cause! It makes it easier to fuck him! Duh!" She rolled her eyes and I just stared at the girl.

"You're not a..." I lowered my voice, " ... not a virgin anymore?"

"Nope!" Theresa smiled. "And it didn't cost me a dime!"

I knew male robots weren't fully functional unless you paid for it and Theresa had a minister for a dad, so there's no way he would ever give his fourteen-year-old daughter a sex machine! Theresa's robot had parental locks and all that stuff, I knew, because all she'd ever did was complain about having a PG-13 rated robot. Now she was telling me she had an X rated one! A real live artificial SexBot all her own!

"Does it feel good?" I asked, knowing it had to be a dumb question.

"Oh yeah!" Theresa said. "He's big too!"

"How big?" I asked. "Can I see it?"

"Ummm..." Theresa looked around. "Maybe. My parents are home though, I don't wanna get busted. Friday you can see it."

"Just really quick," I whined. "Please? Treece! Pretty please?"

"Kay," she said with another giggle and she loved to show off. "Hold on ... Hey, Berto Boy! You write that sonnet thing yet?"

"I've just finished, Theresa. Would you like to hear it?" her robot responded off camera.

He sounded kind of Spanish, which was why Theresa had named him Berto Boy! with the exclamation point. That and Berto Boy! was like her favorite singer in the world and Spanish too, obviously. A lot of girls liked him, but I'd heard he might be gay, except I wouldn't say that to Theresa!

"Nah, come here," she said and turned her phone so I could see the robot getting up.

He looked big and cute, like a regular person almost, except his eyes were all silver. Theresa could have gotten them changed so they looked real, but she thought his eyes were kind of cool. I thought they were kind of freaky, since there weren't any pupils or anything. If I got a robot, when I got one, he'd definitely have real eyes ... except maybe not a real color. Like pink maybe, or violet, that would be sort of wicked.

"Stand right there ... Yeah ... Um, unzip your pants."

"Oh crap!" I laughed, staring as the robot started doing it.

"Wait til you see this!" Theresa giggled. "Take out your dick, Berto Boy! I wanna show it to my friend."

"Alright, Theresa," he replied almost happily, if you could call it that. Robots were pretty much happy to do anything though.

"Jesus!" I gasped and then covered my mouth as all of a sudden there was like a six inch penis hanging out of the robot's trousers.

"Wait, you gotta see this!" my best friend whispered. "Make it hard for me, Berto Boy!"

"Okay, Theresa," he agreed and the robot wrapped his right fist around his dick and started pulling on it like he was milking a cow or something.

"He ain't gotta do that, but it looks cooler than just a big, you know, sproing!" Theresa giggled and so did I, but mostly I just felt my tummy churn when that dick started getting longer and fatter as if by magic.

"God!" I breathed. "How big is that?"

"Eight and a half inches exactly!" she said. "I measured it like six times already!"

"That's huge!" I said, thinking there was no way it would ever fit inside a girl like Theresa, or me for that matter.

The robot continued stroking his cock and you wouldn't know it wasn't real, or at least I wouldn't. I'd never seen a hard dick before in my life! Not like that, you know? I got spam in my email like everyone else, but this! Wow! It was right there on my phone and I felt so jealous I wanted to puke, except I felt way too excited to do that!

"It gets wet and everything," Theresa said, zooming in on the smooth swollen head so I could see the clear fluid leaking out of it.

"What is that stuff?" I asked her.

"Supposed to be like pre-cum stuff," she said. "The robot makes it, I dunno. He makes his own sperm too!"

"He does?" I swallowed hard.

"Not real sperm though." Theresa shrugged so the camera went up and down and then centered back on her robot's dick. "But I can like buy real sperm and put it in him, if I wanted to."

"Really?" I found myself breathing in time with the robot's hand as it moved slowly back and forth along the dark shaft.

It looked totally lifelike too, the way most robots do. His dick had veins and big hairy balls and everything, and now he was jerking off. It was crazy sexy and the tightness in my tummy had moved lower, getting way down deep between my thighs and I kicked my feet without thinking about it. My nipples itched too, like I really needed a scratch or just a pinch, or a bite ... Yeah. Like somebody biting my nipples would be awesome right then.

"You wanna see him cum?" Theresa asked and I nodded quickly.

"Yeah! Let me see!" I breathed.

"Kay, hold on ... It gets kinda messy," she told me. "I gotta get a cup."

"A cup?" I asked, but Theresa was moving around and I guess she had one handy or something.

"I got one I keep my rubber bands and stuff in," she said and it appeared in her hand as she sat down on the bed. She held it right underneath the robot's huge cock while he jerked off.

"He's gonna cum in the cup?" I asked, even though it was obvious.

"Oh yeah!" Theresa agreed. "I used a towel before, but that stuff is pretty good, so..."

"What do you mean?" I asked. I'd started rubbing my pussy through my jeans, I couldn't help it. I was so hot down there and so wet too, it felt like I'd sat down in a tub of melted butter.

"I mean it tastes good," Theresa explained. "I swear, you'll see. Hurry up and cum Berto Boy! but not too much, okay? We gotta save some for later."

"Okay, Theresa," the robot's disembodied voice replied cheerfully. "I'm going to cum soon ... Oh yeah, baby ... You're so hot, Theresa!"

"No sound effects, Berto Boy!" she said and I laughed.

"Sure, Theresa," the robot said and then all we could hear was the soft fwap-wap-wapping sound of his hand stroking his cock.

"He gets really noisy if I want him too," she said. "But I gotta program some better ones for him. Maybe you can help me think of some."

"Oh. Sure," I nodded, but mostly I was busy thinking about how my pussy felt like it was on fire.

"Yeah!" Theresa said. "There it is! Don't spill any Berto Boy!"

The robot's cock seemed to pulsate, sorta, like I could see it contract and spasm and jets of creamy synthetic semen were shooting into the cup Theresa held for him. I know she told him not to cum too much, but God! It looked like a lot of it to me as the first half dozen spurts were really strong, then they grew gradually weaker. After a minute or so there wasn't anything left but a dribble of cum sort of clinging to the head of his dick.

"Mmmm ... Shluuurp!"

I about lost it totally when I realized that my best friend had just leaned forward and sucked the cum from her robot's cock! I mean, she put her lips on him, around him even, and used her tongue and everything!

"Oh God!" I gasped, bouncing my ass off my bed. "I can't believe you did that!"

"It's so yummy!" Theresa giggled and turned her camera so I could see her licking her lips. "What's up with you? Are you jilling off?"

"Huh? No! Sorta maybe," I panted.

"You slut!" She laughed. "Getting off on my robot's dick, huh? Hold on ... I gotta get rid of the evidence. Put your dick away, Berto Boy! and go recharge or something."

"Alright, Theresa," he agreed.

"What are you..." I stared as the camera all of a sudden showed like a quarter of the cup filled with semen. It looked whitish grey, sort of, and thick and gluey as my friend swished it around.

"It's all protein!" she said and then she drank it!

She just poured that stuff into her open mouth and even though Theresa held her phone like totally the wrong way, I could still see it! My best friend was eating sperm, swallowing noisily, and even licking the cup clean afterwards!

"That stuff is seriously good, Kimmy," she told me and then burped and giggled. "Did you cum?"

"I don't know," I barely said. "I don't ... think ... so."

"If you did you'd know," she said with a knowing nod. "You will Friday, I swear! I'm gonna watch you go insane, girl!"

"Oh God!" I closed my eyes trying to imagine doing stuff like Theresa did with her robot. She fucked him!

"Theresa?" her mom's voice sounded muffled. I heard some knocking and then Theresa's camera got all jiggly and disconnected without even a goodbye.

I hoped she wasn't gonna get in trouble and most likely Theresa wouldn't, unless her mom found that spermy cup! That made me frown, because if my friend got busted I wouldn't be able to go to her house Friday! That would totally suck! Oh man, I really hoped Theresa wasn't in trouble. I wanted to get my pussy licked bad! I wanted to try fucking too. God! That had to be crazy good! But what if it hurt? I was a total virgin!

She'd been right about cumming too, I knew that. Theresa always knew more about sex and stuff than I did, probably because her dad was a minister, like I said. I'd never cum in my life, not yet, but I could get close, I thought. I could get it so my pussy felt really good. My tits too, like aching and hot, and my tummy would tremble, you know, on the inside. All I needed was something to push me over the edge, but I didn't know what. A thought or a touch, maybe just a word whispered in my ear would do it. A robot would do it for sure!

I needed something as I lay naked on my bed, having undressed as fast as I could after Theresa had hung up her phone. My door was locked and anyway, I knew my parents wouldn't bother me. Mom would let me sulk and Dad wouldn't have a clue what to say, so he'd avoid me completely. I didn't care. I stretched out on my bed totally naked and just touched myself everywhere. Sex. God! I didn't know why I liked thinking about that stuff, but I did.

I liked to play with my boobs, my nipples mostly, and pretend someone else was doing it. They weren't really big or anything, but my nipples were puffy and pink and they felt so good when I pinched them just right. I pulled them, like hard too, so that my breasts were pulled out in soft, pale cones and that made my pussy itch.

So, I'd have to let go of my tits, one of them anyway, and slide my fingers over my flat tummy, down to the soft sorta fatty place above my slit. It was soft and round and I didn't know why it felt good to touch myself there. I mean, it wasn't anything but the place between my tummy and my pussy, but it felt so nice to rub. And then I could feel my hair, just some peach fuzz really. I didn't even get hair under my arms or anything yet and the hair on my pussy was just a little bush of blonde right at the top of my slit mostly.

I liked to play with my pubic hair, which is weird, yeah. I mean, I liked to do stuff like comb it with my hair brush and wish I had more. I didn't want like a big hairy cunt or whatever, but some more hair would be cool. I'd like to trim it into a heart maybe, or something cool like that. Something kinda sexy that nobody would know about except me and my boyfriend, even though I didn't have one yet.

He'd play with my pussy and tell me it looked pretty. Kissing it maybe and pinching my pussy lips so he could pull them apart. They liked to stick together for some reason and I wasn't very big down there. My slit was short and narrow and deep, like if I didn't play with myself? My pussy just looked like a crease between my legs. Everything would be tucked nice and tight inside, until I played with it. Until I worked my fingers up and down my slit, licking them to get it wet a little. I'd dig my thin lips out and split them with my fingers.

"Hmmm..." I sighed, and my clitoris had grown hard.

She peeked out of her hood and she'd just learned that trick. I'd felt her buzzing before sometimes, but I never knew what it was until Theresa told me and then showed me hers. Her clit was longer than mine, but still pretty small and pink. My clitoris seemed tiny and I could cover it with my thumb, sorta pressing down on it and rubbing it around slowly. That felt way good and if I was ever gonna cum, I figured it would probably be while I was doing that.

But like I said, I could only get so far and then those good feelings would just ... fizzle. Not go away, but not get any better either, you know? It totally frustrated me sometimes, but even then I had to admit it felt good anyway. I just wished I could have felt what Theresa was always telling me about. She said she went sorta crazy when she had an orgasm. Like it was the rapture and Jesus had come to take her home, but I didn't know about that stuff. My parents weren't ever much for church or anything. I wanted to cum so bad and it felt so close, but...

I seriously needed a robot!

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