A Mages Chronicle

Welcome, fair reader to the story of my life. Perhaps I should introduce myself first. My name is Michael Walker, but you can just call me Mike, everyone else does.

This journal which you have stumbled across is a chronicle of my adventures and the events that changed me from a normal teenager into a super powerful Magic user who can do pretty much whatever the hell he likes.

This story isn't quite the usual fare, I won't spin you a tale of how I was bullied as a child or am some kind of poor orphan. No, my life was fairly typical. I'm the middle of three kids in a fairy average family. I wasn't bullied and nor am I any kind of saint who would wield any power benevolently.

I'm just your average kid.

Or I was.

Until one day everything changed.

You see on this day I received...

Wait, why should I spoil the surprise? Read on and find out just how I became one of the most powerful people in the world.

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