The Raven
Chapter 1

Caution: This Suspense Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Horror, Paranormal, Slow, Caution, Violent, Transformation,

Desc: Suspense Sex Story: Chapter 1 - He travelled to many places, used many names and even went to different times. There was something that he always did though. It was 'The Price' that would be extracted, he still did not know what to call it. It/She knew him well, would take many forms, but with each kill, it would take the form of a Raven. This life had started long ago. When his family had been killed, he swore an oath to have revenge. It/She heard him, comforted him and gave him what he most desired.

Jock, for he was Jock today, was a big man, a very large man. In the few visits and weekends he had spent there, many of the women had noticed him. He became the fantasy lover of girls, young and old alike. Even some married women would imagine him taking them to bed.

There was only one lass he had an interest in though. Her father was paying him a 'pretty penny' to return her to him, to return her safely. A firebrand preacher had seduced her away from the only home she had ever known. Her father cared little on how, where or what was to be done to get her back, but he wanted to ensure the preacher was made to pay for his new acquisition. Jock was more than happy to make him pay.

He considered that such revenge was a 'dish best savored cold'. There would be no emotion, no involvement, directly, but the preacher would never again be a bother. The man would be his own ruin.

Jock had planned for this several weeks now. He arrived on a Friday night, took a room at the same inn and always had dinner at 1 or 2 local pubs. On Sunday he would go, no one knew where, but when he would return the next week, one woman or another swore he had spent those missing days with her. It became quite the gossip around town.

Christa, by this time was becoming aware she was there for only one thing, and that he was getting tired of her. She had heard him commenting to one of the Elders that he needed some fresh meat and to find a new bed for Crista before getting rid of her body. The preacher was, if anything, a very methodical man.

Sunday morning when she went out to the privy, a hand was covering her small mouth, and a raspy voice said, "Your father has not forgotten you lass. I will take you back, if you want. Perhaps I have been mistaken, perhaps that man inside is everything you desire, or deserve; if so I will take my leave."

Soon young Christa was pulling his hand, leading him away as fast as she could run. Jock had to laugh. All of them were so quick to listen to and run away with the new lover, but in time could only hope they might find their way back home. A few of them, he had to admit, never made it back. He could or would not keep them, but usually found gold was a kinder bed than the warm one they provided.

Christa's father had paid what Jock had asked for. In doing so, she would be returned, in the same condition she was in when he would rescue her. He had few rules and even less morals but he was a man of his word. It was only those misers, those who lied and tried to break the deals they made who he would make sorry. Jacob not only met his price but paid in advance.

He would take some pleasure in seeing to it that the preacher would dearly pay for his lusts. Perhaps that entire congregation.

By Sunday's eve, He and Christa were safe. Away in another town by the river. They had ridden three exchanges of horse and a final carriage ride. Jock knew that even if a trail had been found, no one would imagine a 'lady' would ride a horse, not through this country. Jock had also set several 'Red Herrings' for the preacher to find. By that evening five elders were suspect, he had not given the girl to any of then, and Hellfire and Brimstone would not be the only punishment the man would receive when he found out who it was.

Jock's disappearance was not unusual. When he returned the next Friday again, it was as usual, a customary thing. What was not was the three men who approached him at dinner and began asking him about the girl. When he ignored them, one man acted to strike him with a sword. He did not even draw it from its sheath when he fell to the ground dead. The other two men soon followed. Jock continued with his dinner. When the constable arrived, every one at the pub told the same story, slightly varied as to let the truth of the matter be known. Nothing sounded rehearsed. Jock had made many friends at the pub. Over the months of his visits, he had purchased far more for the men than they had for him. That investment now paid off. The look on his face hurried the constable's verdict that the killing had been justified and took the bodies away. The rounds of drink Jock bought soon had the desired effect as the preacher and church elders entered the pub. Jock did not have to say a word.

More than 15 men stood up and prepared to deal with these intruders. After all they had no right here, no one here followed his ravings and certainly they had no business bothering one of their own, Jock.

As the men retreated, Jock was still eating. He never looked up, but a smile came to his face. He never stopped the drinks that night. Most would be concerned that going back to their room would be a dangerous thing to do. Jock asked his new drinking fellows about that. It sparked the next series of events. Many men went to Jock's room at the inn. They found the innkeeper beaten, He pointed upstairs. When his wife and daughters came out, with their blouse and dresses torn, the men became enraged.

No worm for a man was going to harm the good folks of this town. Inside Jock's room five or six men were having some fun with the serving girl; with her clothes strewn about and the lowered breeches of some of the men, there was no doubt what was going on. None of the men left the room alive. When the door to the preacher house was forced open, two more local girls were being attended to. What transpired must have been the will of God, since no man had seen such savagery since the time of the Inquisition.

There was never any further trouble in the town. The 2 or 3 known followers still not in 'gaol'(Jail), left town that night.

When Jock returned to Christa, she was well scrubbed, wearing new clothes and he was tempted to make an exception to his rules, only tempted.

A dark shape flew over the inn where Christa had been at. The villagers knew the sign and none had dared to anger this man, let alone disturb the young lady.

Jacob was informed that there would be no further trouble from the preacher. Christa looked much better than she had when Jock found her. Jacob, even wanted Jock to stay a while, he thought Jock would make a fine son-in-law. If he only knew what those villages suspected.

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