Dad's Loose Shorts
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Cheating, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, First, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Dad lays around the house wearing very loose shorts. His daughters are able to see up the leg and his privates and want a much closer hands on look. His wife sees what he is teaching them but why is she ignoring it? What is she up to that she can't condemn her husband's actions?

This is a corrected copy of Chapter 1. Changed mix cases to first person case, added quotations where needed and corrected spelling and words missing.

I always made sure my cock and balls were visible up the leg hole of my shorts as I sat in front of my kids with my legs spread wide, casually watching television. I made sure I had a pair of shorts that had leg openings where one could see up the opening.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see my girls looking at my cock and giggle.

My wife was upstairs in the Study where she was working on a novel she has been wanting to write for a long time. I liked that because it gave me the opportunity to have my fun with the girls.

The next night the girls wanted to sit with me while they watched TV. They got on the couch with one on each side of me. I put my arms around both and held them to me.

They both had one of their hands laying on the bare part of my thigh which gave me a little thrill. I noticed my cock was starting to swell very slowly. The head was just barely poking out the end of my shorts.

The girls also noticed it and were very curious. Sasha who was on my left side had reached up to scratch her nose then she laid her hand right on top of my cock.

Now I had a decision to make. Do I make her move her hand or do I let it stay on top of my cock. Against my better judgement I left her hand where it was.

Sasha very slowly let her hand slide up and down the length of my cock. I sighed when she did that. She noticed it and also that I didn't fuss at her so she kept her hand where it was.

Now I was hard and my cock wanted to rise up out of those shorts but Sasha's hand kept it where it was. She could feel my hardness throbbing and she wondered what she should do next.

I also wondered what was on her mind. I just sat there watching TV and watched her out of the corner of my eye.

She raised her hand off my cock and poked her sister then pointed to my cock.

Margie then reached over and laid her hand on my cock. I could hear a little gasp out of her as she moved her hand along the length of my cock but I kept my eyes on the TV.

Sasha noticed that now that my cock was hard the head was sticking out of the end of my shorts. She pointed to it and her sister nodded her head. Sasha was always the bold one who would try different things just to see if she could get away with them. She decided this time she was going for broke.

While Margie continued to slide her hand back and forth Sasha put her hand right on the head of my cock and closed her fingers around it.

Hoo boy that made it throb even more and sent a thrill up my cock and through my body.

Now again I had to decide. Do I make them stop as a father should, or do I allow them to continue to give me pleasure?

I figured my wife was upstairs writing her novel and wouldn't know so what the hell and left their hands where they were.

Sasha squeezed it a couple of times and she could tell it was throbbing at her manipulations. She took her hand off my cock head when suddenly another hand wrapped around it and was squeezing it. I knew it was Margie this time.

Sasha was now sliding her hand back on forth over the length of my cock. They both were highly excited at this new found toy. Hah they were excited, I was almost ready to blow my cookies.

Margie released the head of my cock and Sasha again wrapped her fingers around it. Margie got more bold by sliding her hand along the length of my cock pushing the material of my shorts upward. This exposed all of my cock.

Now Margie is sliding her hand in both directions on my bare cock. Sasha's hand was on the head of my cock rubbing around and around on it.

That did it. I blew a big wad of cum out of my cock and on Sasha's hand that was cupping the head. She not only had a hand full of cum she removed it and put her sisters hand over the head to catch the other spurts of cum coming out of me. Now they both had a hand full of cum.

The two girls examined the contents in their hands. They looked at it closely, then tried to smell it. Then Sasha being the bold one licked some of it with her tongue. She nodded to Margie so she licked some of the cum on her hand. They looked at each other, smiled and both licked their hands clean.

Wow! I didn't know what to say then. I finally asked them "what were you doing?" as if I didn't know.

Sasha said, "I'm sorry daddy we won't do it again. Please don't punish us."

I said, "no I am not going to punish you. I just want to know what you were thinking?"

Sasha said, "we learned about cum at school and heard it tasted good. We just had to find out. We knew it was daring and were hoping mom would not come in here but we just had to find out. When I tasted it I could tell it was good so then Margie and I decided we would lick it all down and swallow it."

I said, "so what is the verdict on my cum?"

Sasha said, "it tastes real good and I hope I can have more."

Margie said, "the same with me. It was delicious and I hope I can get more too."

I said, "and what do you think will happen to all three of us if your mom finds out?"

Sasha said, "oh please dad, don't tell mom. We don't want to get into trouble or even make trouble for you. We promise it will be just our secret if you promise to let us eat more of your cum."

I now had another decision to make. Do I end this now and prevent further problems, especially my going to jail or do I allow them to continue to stroke my cock now and then and let them eat my cum?

Sasha said, "please daddy let us do it one more time? Pleeeaaaasssseeee?"

Oh why is it that little girls who whine at daddy always get their way. I pulled the leg of my shorts a little higher so more of my cock would be free.

Sasha began jacking my cock. Then Margie stroked it. I said, "get ready it's about to blow."

Sasha put her hand over the head of my cock and caught the first spurts of my cum with her left hand.

Then Margie put her hand up to catch the rest of it as Sasha kept pumping with her other hand.

Now with a cock sticking straight up, two little hands full of cum and one hand still pumping out more cum, my wife walks in.

"Well isn't this cozy. Are you girls having a good time?"

Sasha said, "Yeah mommy, we jacked his thing up and down and this stuff came out of it. We were just tasting it to see what it tasted liked."

"What does it taste like?"

Sasha said, "sorta like tapioca, mommy. It's really good. Daddy can we have some more?"

I said, "let's wait until we finish this conversation."

Millie said, "I don't want to talk about it right now. I just came down here to get a drink. I have all this stuff in my head for my novel. I am almost finished and I don't want to lose it by talking about what is going on here. We will discuss it later." She then went to the kitchen, got her drink and went back upstairs.

I said, "wow I thought sure she would blow up and put us all in the dog house."

Sasha said, "Yeah me too. She saw all the cum on our hands and didn't say anything about it. I wonder if that means it's ok for us to do this?"

I said, "I'm not sure but since she didn't make us stop. Go ahead and finish eating the cum on your hands."

Thinking to myself I wonder why she was so calm about this. There must be more to this. I wonder if she is hiding something that puts her in the position of not complaining? I suppose it will come out sooner or later.

Sasha said, "can we jerk it again and get some more cum to eat?"

I said, "oh what the heck, let's do it."

I had not lowered the leg of my shorts so my cock was still right out in the open. Sasha took it in her hand and began stroking it. She did it awhile then let Margie stroke it.

They changed off a couple of times then I said "ok get ready girls."

Sasha had a hold of it so she began jerking it up and down real fast and I went off. Some cum shot up in the air and hit her in the face. She aimed it at Margie and the second blast hit her face. Then it went to the oozing stage so they both got cum on their hands. She let Margie pump the rest of the cum out of me until it quit oozing.

They began by licking the cum off their hands. I told them to go look in the mirror so they could see the cum on their faces. They went into the bathroom and looked and shrieked then giggled. They used their fingers to wipe the cum off their faces then eat it.

They came back in the living room and sat next to me.

Sasha said, "ok daddy we want to try the blow job. Please?"

I said, "you can try it but I don't know how much cum I have left."

She said, "that's ok we just want to practice getting it in our mouth and practice how to do it."

I said, "let's be quiet so your mother doesn't get suspicious and come back downstairs."

Sasha said, "we'll be quiet as a mouse."

I showed them both how to lick around the head and just under the head at what looks like a cap. That is one sensitive spot. Now lick around that area. You can also slide your tongue down one side of it and back up the other side then go back to the top. You can let it slide into your mouth as far as you think you can. If you get the gagging effect then just stop and swallow and take a deep breath. You can wait until it gagging effect settles then move farther down. You don't have to go all the way down your first time. You can do it gradually each time you suck it."

Sasha tried it first. She began by licking around the head but she was more interested in getting my cock in her mouth. She opened wide and put her lips on the head. Then she moved down a little.

She backed off and said, "so far so good." Then put my cock back in her mouth and she slid down further this time. She stopped and looked up at me.

I said, "swallow and breathe through your nose." She swallowed then moved down another inch. She swallowed again and went down to where I was just barely touching her throat. She looked up at me and smiled as much as she could with a cock in her mouth.

She took my cock out of her mouth and said, "did I do it ok daddy? Did it feel good?"

I said, "you did it just perfect and yes it really felt good especially when it touched your throat."

"Now Margie you try it."

She moved in and put her lips on the head. "Like this?"

I said, "yes now slowly slide down on it until you have to stop. Like I told Sasha breathe through your nose and swallow as often as you have to and that will help avoid the gagging. If you want you can back off and wait a bit then go down on it again."

She slowly slid down and got about two inches in her. She looked up at me and I smiled.

"That feels real good Margie. Keep going."

She was happy to hear that so she went down some more. It took her two more swallows to get down to her throat. She teased me by poking her throat with my cock. I moaned and that made her smile.

I said, "I am close to cumming. When I do you take a shot then let Sasha put it in her mouth for the second shot."

She teased me some more by pushing her throat against my cock. She couldn't get it inside her throat but the opening against my cock was enough to make me explode. I shot a big load in her mouth. I then pulled out and let Sasha put it in her mouth just in time for the second shot and she got a mouth full.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and let the rest of my cum shoot on both their faces. I put about three spurts on each face. It was funny watching my cum run down their face to their chins then drip on their body.

They both held my cum in their mouth so they could taste it. They swirled their tongues around the mixture. I told them when they were ready they could swallow it. Margie got cute and began gargling with it. So Sasha had to do it too. They started giggling as they both swallowed my cum.

I asked, "so how was it? Good, bad, or so so?"

Sasha said, "oh it was real good. I think I'm going to like sucking cock."

Margie said, "I thought it was cool when I teased your cock and you shot off in my mouth. That was a strange feeling but I loved it. I think I like sucking cock too."

I said, "well maybe now you two can suck my cock instead of just giving me a hand job. You can get my cum directly into your mouth instead of having to lick it off your hands."

Sasha said, oh boy that is super. "Now when do we learn to fuck?"

I said, "I told you we will have to wait and see how your mother plays this. Let me handle that. Now go get your faces cleaned up."

They headed to the bathroom and got all the cum off their faces mostly by wiping it with their fingers and eating it. Then they washed their hands and faces so they would be clean in case mom came downstairs again.

I pulled the leg of my shorts back down and went in and washed off my cock. I went back in the living room and watched more TV with the girls curled up on each side of me.

The next day Millie and Arlene from next door decided to go shopping and have lunch. Millie said, "we will be gone most of the day."

I said, "what about our talk?"

She said, "we'll talk later but see if you can keep from fucking them while I'm gone."

"Geeze Millie, I don't intend to fuck them."

"Well we know how one thing leads to another. Who was it that enticed me to jack them off then the next thing I knew he was inside my 14 year old pussy and the first shot out of his cock got me pregnant?"

"uhhh, hmmmm, gee I wonder who that pervert was?"

"Yeah right you cuntfucker. We'll discuss it tonight." She then left.

I figured there was nothing else to do and I was too tired to do yard work so I sat on the couch and flipped on the TV.

I relaxed on the couch watching some mindless program when the doorbell rang. Sasha ran to get it. It was Arlene's two daughters.

Sasha said, "daddy this is Aquarius. She's 15 and Moonbeam is 14." I thought what weird names to put on innocent girls. Parents must be hippies or something.

I said, "I'm glad to meet you. Those are long names."

Aqua said, "that's ok they call us Aqua and Moon or Moonie for short. You can too if you want."

I said, "ok that might be easier. I remember the days when those words were very popular."

She said, "yeah. Mom and dad met at Woodstock where she got pregnant with me. They used to live in a commune but then after dad got higher in the company we had to move to a house. So we moved here."

I knew they moved in and I haven't met them but Millie has. Hmmm wonder why my wife likes Arlene? Guess I'll learn eventually.

I said, "welcome to the neighborhood. Since you have become acquainted with my daughters, make yourself at home."

"Gee thanks."

The girls laid on the floor with my girls. They were facing the TV and their legs were pointed toward me. These girls were absolutely gorgeous for their ages. They are the kind that can make your mouth water and your cock get hard. I looked down and WHOA ... neither girl had panties on. Well my daughters were not wearing any either.

Here I am staring at four luscious teen pussies. Every time they moved a little those little pussies would wink at me. Needless to say I got a raging hard on. I had to be careful with these shorts or the head of my cock might stick out where they could see it as if I didn't want that to happen.

Sasha looked over at me and she looked up the leg of my shorts and giggled. Then Margie looked and she giggled too. The two girls were curious what my two were giggling about. Sasha pointed to me. They both looked and saw my hard cock in the leg of my shorts. They giggled and immediately crawled over to me and got a close look. What a bold move for two young girls.

I know as a father I should put an end to this and go to my room. I wasn't sure what else to do since they were on their knees and their faces were staring right up the leg of my shorts at my mostly covered cock. I figured I'd just sit there and see where this goes.

Looking at those two girls staring at my cock caused the head of my cock to slowly creep further and further out of my shorts to where it was finally exposed.

Aqua looked at Sasha and Margie and both nodded their heads. Then Aqua laid her fingers on the head of my cock. OH GOD, it shot electricity right up my cock through my body and into my brain. My cock then started throbbing. The girls all just giggled.

Sasha reached over and pulled my shorts up and let my whole cock spring up to full attention.

The two girls said, "WOW!"

Aqua said, "that is bigger than my dad's."

I said, "have both of you seen your dad's cock?"

She said, "Oh yes he lets us see it and play with it."

I said, "and how do you play with it?"

Aqua said, "sometimes we jack it and make him cum and other times we will suck it until he cums."

Playing innocent I said, "wow that is neat. What other things do you do with it?"

Aqua said, "sometimes he fucks both of us. We really like it when he does that. He likes to fuck and cum in us then we eat the cum out of each other's pussies."

I said, what does your mom think about you fucking your dad?"

She said, "oh she doesn't mind at all. She's usually upstairs fucking our two brothers. Sometimes our brothers fuck my sister and me."

I'm sitting here listening to this and finding it hard to believe. These girls are fucking their dad while mom is fucking their brothers. Now that is a truly open family if I ever saw one. Hearing that my cock got much harder.

Aqua said, "you really have a problem with that hard on. Let me fix it." Then she put her warm mouth on my cock and took it almost to her throat. Wow, I can't believe this girl is doing this to a near stranger.

I said, "that really feels great. I love it. But what would your mom or dad say if they knew you were sucking my cock?"

She said, "I don't think they will complain one bit because my dad has been fucking your wife."

"WHOA HOLD ON HERE. You say my wife is fucking your dad? How long has this been going on?"

Aqua said, "oh crap I thought you knew. I've let the cat out of the bag. I'll be in deep shit when I get home now."

I thought about this a few minutes and now I know why Millie didn't blow up over what our girls and I did. She probably needed a day to talk to Arlene about it before we had our discussion. I think I'll just play dumb and see where Millie takes this when we have our talk.

I said, Aqua I'll make a deal with you. Would you like it if I never said a word to your parents about you even seeing my cock or that I know your daddy fucks you and also fucks my wife?"

She said, "that would be nice if you didn't tell on us. He warned us about talking about his fucking us cause he might go to jail. As close as we have been to Sasha and Margie we figured you were safe to talk to. So what is the deal?"

I said, "would you and Moonie fuck me?"

She said, "that would be a good idea, then my dad can't fuss at us and your wife can't fuss at you. Sounds like a win win, don't you?"

"I think so. Margie go get two towels and bring them out here."

"Dad, do you think you should do this before we have our talk with mom?"

"Hey I promised her I would not fuck you two but nothing was said about these two. Now that we know what she is doing I am more determined to fuck these girls."

Sasha said, "Right on dad. We wanna watch you fuck them with that big cock so we'll know what it will be like when you finally get to fuck us."

When she brought the towels I laid one on the floor then had Aqua lay on it. This will keep the cum stains off the carpet. She pulled her dress high. Since she had no panties on she was in full view of me and my approaching cock.

She said, "please take it easy cause yours is bigger than my daddy's."

I said, "don't worry I will go slow but know that your pussy will stretch to let it in. It just will be tight for the first few minutes."

She said, "ok."

I told Sasha and Margie, "get on each side of us and watch my cock going in and out of Aqua. I said this is what will happen when I finally do it to you two."

She was already wet from feeling my cock and talking about sex so I was able to slide inside her with ease. I went in just two inches and waited.

She said, "wow that is big but it doesn't hurt."

So I pushed on in and went all the way. I could tell she was experienced as she didn't wince when I hit her cervix and every bit of my cock went inside her pussy.

I said, "everything ok?"

She said, "Yes gosh it sure makes you feel full like you stuck a log in there but I really like it I feel so full. Now I know I have been really fucked."

I began by pulling out then ramming it back in her. For some reason I wasn't interested in her having a climax. I just wanted to fuck this young pussy. I fucked her hard. I was surprised to hear her say, "oh yes it feels so good, fuck me hard". I did, I poked at her cervix and made her wince but she kept begging for more. It was such a tight fit that I unloaded like a fire hose shooting my cum into her wild writhing pussy.

She was clinging to me and begging me not to stop. I kept fucking for all I was worth. She raised and bent her legs where her knees were almost to her face that let me get deeper into her. She began to shake, shutter and bouncing up to meet my thrusts. She's moaning "Fuck me oh yes fuck me".

"Yeah daddy fuck her fuck that pussy." That put me over the edge and I let my second load go. She went into her climax. She was still shaking all over and moaning "oh fuck" as my cock continued to ooze cum into her...

Sasha said, "look Margie dad's cum is leaking out around his cock. Isn't that cool?" Margie just smiled.

Finally Aqua relaxed and let her legs down. I could not believe the fucking this girl gave me and she had one heck of a climax to boot. I just laid there enjoying my cock still inside her.

Her eyes were still shut like she was in dreamland. She had her arms around my neck and pulled me to her and gave me a wet kiss. The next thing I know her tongue is inside my mouth.

She opened her eyes and looked into mine. In a soft voice she said, "I have never been fucked like that before. Even my daddy doesn't fuck me that good. Please, when I need a good fuck can I come over here and let you fuck me? Please?"

I said, "sure you can come over any time you need a good fucking."

She smiled then looked at Moonie. "You gotta fuck him Moonie. You will never regret it."

My cock shriveled up and fell out of her and I rolled over on my back. She turned toward me and began sucking my cock getting all of my cum and her juices in her mouth. Moonie was licking our juices out of Aqua's pussy. My girls were sitting there stunned. Their eye were wide open watching this whole scene.

Aqua sat up and told Moonie to lay down. It's time for you to fuck this big cock.

I said, "I'll have to wait a few minutes to let my cock recharge then I'll do Moonie."

Moonie took my cock and began sucking on it. She got it all the way in her mouth then began trying to stick it down her throat. That encouraged my cock to work to a hard status. She worked her lips and tongue on my cock and finally it was hard. Then she pushed her mouth further on my cock and it went into her throat. She's still working all her throat and mouth muscles and I went off big time shooting a good load of cum down her 14 year old throat. My gosh, what a feeling. I could hardly believe this little girl could do that. She can suck my cock any time.

She didn't quit. She kept sucking my cock to make sure it remained hard. When she was satisfied it would stay hard she said, "It's time to fuck."

She laid down, pulled me down on top of her and she guided my cock in to her pussy. She was sopping wet with excitement by sucking my cock. She was kinda proud of getting that big thing down her throat and was now waiting for it to impale and fill her pussy. I eased inside her a little ways.

I said, "are you ok Moonie?"

She said, "I'm fine. Now shove that log in me and fuck me like it was the last fuck you'll ever get."

I thought wow, this girl is asking for it. OK no easy stuff so I shoved it in clear to her cervix. This girl is well experienced because she never winced.

She said, "hot dam that feels good. You are right Aqua it sure fills you up."

I began pounding right off. You can tell she is getting into it. She locked her arms around my neck. She pulled her legs up so they were close to her head. She wanted every inch of my cock.

She is a little smaller than Aqua being a year younger but she took almost all of it. I don't know why but I have the feeling this girl is more experienced than her older sister or she just takes fucking more serious. I had an idea. I stopped with my cock up against her cervix.

"She said, what did you stop for?"

I said, "relax your muscles. I want to try something." She did and I pushed against her cervix. Then I pushed more. Suddenly the lips opened up and I was able to slide my cock inside her cervix. Her eyes flew wide open.

"WOW Aqua he went through my cervix and is in my womb just like daddy does. Oh that feels so good. Fuck my womb fuck me more. I want your cum in my womb."

Aqua just smiled but my two girls were wide eyed not quite understanding what this meant. They couldn't believe what she was saying.

I began fucking her cervix entrance with short strokes then I began a full pussy fuck ending each stroke inside her womb. She is trembling, rocking and bouncing and nearing her climax.

She was getting close to delirious. "Fuck my pussy, fuck my womb, fuck me hard, shoot your cum in my womb." She tightens her hold on my neck then wraps her legs around me pulling me to her. She is bouncing up to me harder than I am pounding down on her. Her mind is gone and her body has taken control of her, trembling and begging for more fucking. She's murmuring, "fuck fuck fuck fuck" with every stroke.

It was too much and I said "here I come Mooney."

She said, "me too, fuck me hard." and she had a mind blowing climax while I was pumping a load of cum into her womb and flooding her entire pussy canal.

I started to lay on top of her but she said, "NO don't stop. Keep fucking me please." Oh wow but at least I was still hard so I kept on stroking.

"oh yeah I want more of your cum keep fucking me with that big cock." Then she went into her second climax and squeezing her muscles around my cock.

I unloaded more cum into her but this time it just oozed in rather than shooting in. I felt her turn loose like she fell apart. Her legs came down and she passed out. I almost did but I barely had enough energy to roll off her.

Aqua went down and began cleaning out her pussy of my cum and Moonie's +*juices. Then she moved over and cleaned off my cock.

After a few minutes Moonie woke up. "Wow what a ride. Aqua is right that is the best fuck I have ever had. You are way better than my dad or grandpa.

I looked at her and she blushed and said, "oh no I let the cat out."

I said, don't worry, I promise not to tell anyone, not even your parents that I know you fuck your dad and grandpa or your brothers. That was our deal, remember?"

She said, "oh yeah. Gosh I appreciate that. Can I come with Aqua when I need a good fucking too? No one has fucked us like you have. Most times they just fuck us until they cum then leave us without our having a climax."

I said, 'yes you both can come over any time. But since your parents don't know about it we have to be careful that we don't get caught."

Moonie said, "we promise not to say anything. Since your wife is fucking our dad maybe we could get our mom to fuck you then no one can tell on anyone about all this fucking."

I said, "ahhh you two are devious aren't you?"

She said, "well that would make it easier for us to come over and fuck you."

I said, "yes it would make it easier. We will just have to see how it plays out. Maybe when my wife and I have our talk tonight we can bring this out about her, your dad and brothers. Then we can go from there.

She said, "ok we'll wait until you tell us it's ok."

I said, "I have one more question. Since you girls fuck everyone in your family do you know other girls who love fucking or who may be fucking their family?"

Aqua said, "I know two girls. I don't know if they are fucking their parents or not but they are fucking the dad and boys of their neighbors."

"How did they end up fucking the boy's dad?"

"He caught them fucking in the boy's bedroom. He knew their mother would ground them for life if she found out so they made a deal to fuck him for his silence."

I said, "that's a bit risky but it's good for him. Any more girls?"

"I know another girl who said she has been fucking her dad ever since he got her hole open enough for him to get inside her. He also fucks her best friend who stays at their house a lot because her mother is always fucking bums that she can't stand. She said she likes fucking but is afraid her mom might make her fuck those bums for money and she doesn't want to.

I said, "wow. Have they ever been to your house and fucked your dad?"

She said, "no but we've fucked her dad and we watch him fuck her and her girlfriend. He loves cumming in us and watch it ooze out of our pussies."

I said, "that must be some fun times over there."

She said, "oh it is cause we all like fucking and he likes fucking all of us. Sometimes I think he likes fucking that girl and us more than fucking his daughter. But then she said he fucks her every night at bedtime."

I said, "maybe sometime you can bring the two girls over here and we'll see what happens."

Aqua said, "I know what will happen. You will fuck both of them and if you fuck them like you fucked us they will have a fucking they'll remember the rest of their life."

I said, "Thanks for that but it depends on whether they want to be fucked by me or not. But I bet the truth is you really want to watch them fuck, don't you?"

She said, "yeah we love watching people fuck. One time her dad's brother came over and he fucked both of the girls while the dad fucked both of us. Then the brother fucked Moonie and I while their dad fucked the other two. That was a fun day. It was funny. While we were being fucked we were watching the other two girls get fucked. That helped to get us off quicker."

I said, "wow you girls really do love fucking."

"We just love fucking. We are not happy unless we have a cock buried in our pussies. It's that simple."

I said, "how interesting. I'm living next door to two nymphomaniacs. You girls better get cleaned up before your mom and Millie get back."

Moonie and Aqua went to the bathroom to clean out their pussies so it wouldn't leak as they walked around since they didn't have any panties to catch my cum. They thanked me for the best fuck they have ever had and then they went home.

I was still sitting on the couch. Sasha and Margie sat on each side of me.

Sasha said, "gee dad I'm surprised you did that with those girls. We have been playing together for awhile. I knew they fucked their brothers but I never knew they fucked their dad. I was more shocked they did it with you. But now we both sure do know what fucking is. I can't wait to try it too."

I said, "well now that your mom has caught us with you eating my cum we better wait until we have our talk tonight. Maybe I can work out a plan with her to let me teach you two all about it. We now have a bargaining chip since we know that she is fucking Mark and their brothers. But we must not tell her I fucked Aqua and Moonie until after this is all settled. OK?"

They both agreed they would keep quiet.

Millie and Arlene went to the Mall. They milled around window shopping. They decided to eat lunch. They didn't want to eat in the common area so they left and went to a small restaurant where they could get a booth so they could talk.

Millie said, "you won't believe this. I was writing on my novel and decided I wanted a drink. I went downstairs heading for the kitchen. I went through the living room and what do you think I saw?"

"What what, don't keep me in suspense."

"Our two girls were sitting on each side of Fred, one had her hand on his cock jacking it and both girls had cum all over their hands."

"Wow. What did you do?"

"I made my presence known and they were like deer caught in the headlights. They feared that Armagedden had just arrived. I told them I had these ideas in my head for my book and I didn't want to lose those thought by talking about this so I got my drink and went back upstairs. I know I should have confronted the whole situation right then and there but I couldn't because of what I have been doing."

"So you let them sit there with cum on them and holding his cock?"

"Yes you can say that. But I also had to think about the fact that I have been fucking your husband and sons without Fred's knowledge. So would I make things worse for them, for me or for all of us? So I put it off. That's why I called you last night and asked you to go shopping today. I just needed to talk."

Arlene said, "yeah I can see that. He is going to want to know why you are not totally upset and not going to send him to prison. So what do you think you should do?"

"Well he hasn't had them give him a blow job or fucked them yet so it's not a major crime other than the jacking off and them eating his cum. How do I compare that with my fucking Mark and your sons and eating their cum?"

"You have a big decision ahead of you. Do you put a total stop to it and hope he never finds out about you, Mark and the boys? What if you put a stop to it then he does find out about you then what?"

Millie said, "what about your two girls? Do they know about sex and are they doing anything with Mark or the boys?"

Arlene said, "considering what you are facing maybe it will help. Yes, the boys have been fucking the girls for about 2 years. Mark has been fucking both the girls for about a year. You already know that I am fucking our two sons. So for us it evens out."

Millie said, "yes I knew you were fucking the boys but holy cow I never would have suspected he was fucking the girls. But then I guess I shouldn't be surprised. It stands to reason if you were fucking the boys then why couldn't he fuck the girls?"

Arlene smiled, "well at least I have the girls to give me some relief. Keeping three men satisfied can wear a girl down. But with the three of them also fucking the girls it does break it up some."

"Yes but then I'm fucking those three plus Fred gives me four cocks to handle."

"Look Millie, there are girls who would kill to have four cocks available to them. Be thankful for what you have."

"So you think I should let Fred fuck the girls?"

"Why not? What you are doing is illegal, not only fucking another woman's husband but fucking under aged boys."

"You have me there so I guess that's what I'll do. I wonder if I should go ahead and admit I am fucking Mark? If I tell him that then will he want to fuck you in return?"

Arlene said, "hey I wouldn't mind that. You have a hunk for a husband and it would be a fair trade, wouldn't it?"

"Yeah you are right. So if I tell him I can let him know you will fuck him too?"

"Why not?"

"What if he wants to fuck your two girls as well?"

"Honey at this stage of the game is it really going to matter who is fucking who around here?" They both broke into giggles.

"No. Let's see four guys and six females. Keeping all these men satisfied we all may spend more time on our backs than doing anything else. Come to think of it if Mark and Fred fuck the young ones more often that will give you and I a break."

Arlene said, "As long as they give us climaxes once in awhile it won't be all bad."

Millie said, "well Fred has given me a climax every time we have made love. He doesn't cheat me on that score. Although some days we just like a good hot hard fucking."

Arlene said, "viva the hot hard fucking. I get a mixture of fucking and lovemaking so it balances out for me."

"Well I guess that settles it. "I'll let Fred take their cherries then he can fuck all three of us. If he finds out about Mark then I won't fuss if he wants to fuck you and your girls. In fact maybe I will encourage it."

Arlene said, "I hate to tell you this but I think I will enjoy fucking Fred."

Millie said, "hah you might get more than you bargained for."

"What do you mean?"

"Fred is a bit larger than normal so it might be a tight fit."

"Wow. How long is he, a whopping eight inches?"

"Nope, bigger."

"ok nine inches."


"Millie come on don't keep me in suspense."

"Arlene if he stick his cock in you he will tickle your belly button from the inside."

Arlene just gasped. "You're kidding?"

"No I am not kidding. If you fuck him you are going to know your were fucked royally."

"Oh God, you have been holding out on me. Go home and send him over here right now. I have craved for years to have a big cock. There is nothing like a huge cock to fill you up. I haven't had one since I fucked the horse cock Ralph in high school."

"Well we have to have our discussion first about him and our girls. I suspect he will want to fuck those super tight pussies first."

Arlene said, "yeah I remember my first time when I was tight. I was really too young to be fucking but I really wanted to try it. My boyfriend made two tries before he finally got it in me. Then once he fucked me he dumped me and bragged about it around school, the bastard. It was shortly after that I hooked up with Ralph and got my pussy stretched to oblivion. I'm glad I didn't marry him but I did date him for awhile. I'll never forget that fucking with his gigantic cock. But I had fun telling the other girls they could have their egotistical wimpy weenie jock cocks because I had a real man."

Millie laughed and said, "same with me."

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