Thanks, Son
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I visited my son at his new home and met a few of his new neighbors, Linda, Dottie and Lindsey, who had extended a warm welcome to him and, now, to me.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   White Couple   Oral Sex   Petting   Sex Toys  

Paul Akers is a divorced father of two: a daughter, Melanie, who lives in Wisconsin, and a son, Jason, who has a home in a suburb of Chicago. He lives in Cleveland so he does visit each of them at times, they're both grown, he's fifty-one, after all, and Melanie's twenty-five and Jason is twenty-seven.

Paul is still working, of course, still has some years before retirement, and currently has five weeks of vacation which he always spends visiting his children.

This time, he went to see Jason, who'd wanted him to come for a prolonged visit, so he made it for two weeks. His son said he'd made some friends in his neighborhood and that he wanted his father to meet them. He's in a new home, one that he bought since his dad had last visited, so they were both doubly looking forward to the visit.

Paul finished up early on a Friday to begin driving and got there about seven o'clock that evening.

Jason eagerly answered the door and threw a hug around his dad, helping him in with his suitcase and showing him back to his room.

"How was the drive, typical Friday commute?" Jason asked.

"Nah, not bad, really, one tie-up for a bit but otherwise, sailed right through. Now, show me around, this looks nice."

So, Jason began a room-by-room tour for his father, telling him how good mortgage rates were right now, that he'd gotten a really good deal on this house right before it was scheduled for foreclosure.

When they hit the kitchen, Jason fixed them each a sandwich, he was not much of a cook, it seemed, and poured each of them a glass of red wine, a Merlot from Washington State. Then they continued the tour and finally settled in the den with the rest of the bottle of wine.

"So you really did well, Jason, very well, indeed. Nice house and it looks like a nice neighborhood."

"Very nice, I've already made some friends and you'll get to meet them. In fact, tomorrow, you're invited next door for supper, I'll be in Chicago at a meeting that I just couldn't get out of."

"Oh, are your next-door neighbors nice?"

"She, Dad, her name is Linda Jameson. I've gotten to know her pretty well, her husband was in the service, one of those who didn't come home. But, she's not wrapped up in all that, I really think you'll like her. I like her a lot."

"Well, I'll need to do a little wine shopping and get some flowers. This, now, isn't like a date, right?" Paul asked wondering to himself of his son might just be playing matchmaker.

"Oh, no, it's just that we've become friends and when she heard that I couldn't be home tomorrow night, she offered to feed my poor, starving father."

"Well, that's certainly an act of kindness," he told his son and they went on to other things, catching each other up on jobs and news of extended family and such.

Paul did pop out the next afternoon to buy two bottles of wine, a Cab and a Pinot Grigio, to be ready for whatever Mrs. Jameson would be serving and made certain he had the white nicely chilled.

He also bought a pretty flower arrangement to thank her for her effort to please a total stranger reminding him of the Tennessee WIlliams' line about 'the kindness of strangers.'

He was due at six and dressed in a nice, casual polo shirt and chinos, took the wine and flowers and went next door and rang the bell.

There are things that Paul doesn't know about Linda Jameson, nor about his son, Jason, nor about the two of them together. Now, you're thinking there may be more to this than meets the eye and you would be so right.

Linda Jameson is forty-two and has been widowed for just over five years so the feelings of loss have lessened, though, we all know they truly never go away. But she has tried hard to live her life more fully, especially after the handsome young man bought the house next door.

She'd seen him out in the driveway, only a week or so after he'd moved in, he was carrying in groceries so she decided to go and introduce herself.

They seemed to hit it off right away, even though she was fifteen years older, they both felt like they'd known each other for ages.

She invited him to supper a few nights from then, a Friday, and made a nice but not too fancy meal. They had a fun time, laughing, telling stories from their growing up, just having a great time.

Then, at the end of the evening, he was telling her how nice everything was, that he wanted to take her out for dinner to repay her since he was less than a stellar chef, and, at the door, they embraced in a nice hug. Except for one thing ... they kissed. Not exactly on purpose, neither of them thought about it beforehand, it just happened between two people who were getting to like one another.

The kiss ended as they stood there, looking rather puzzled at each other, both having feelings they were surprised by, then each head leaned forward and their lips met once again, opened and they kissed rather more passionately.

This time, when they parted, Linda said, "Whew, um, that was unexpected. But nice. I hope you're not put off."

And Jason surprised himself, saying, "Not put off at all, Linda, especially if another kiss is available."

He was rather taken by his new neighbor. She was tall and slender, really quite well put-together, with dark hair past her shoulders and dark eyes that seemed to sparkle and gleam.

So, she leaned forward once again and they began a kiss that said a lot. As her tongue probed his mouth, she was being overcome by feelings that hadn't been there in a long time. She'd dated some but not really seriously, really hadn't had sex since before she'd suddenly become single again.

His hand was up touching her cheek as he put his tongue inside her mouth and she began sucking on it. Yes, she had found out in high school what sucking on a boy's tongue telegraphed and it always seemed to go directly to the boy's pants.

The kiss became a third and a fourth, when she, rather breathlessly, asked if he really had to leave quite then and when he said no, she led him right into the small living room where they began using the sofa like a couple of high school kids making out before Mom and Dad got home.

She reached down, took his hand and placed it on her breast as they were kissing and they both knew then that he wouldn't be going home for a while. It was actually three o'clock in the afternoon on Saturday when he went back across their lawns to his own house.

Paul and Linda had become lovers, just like that ... sudden, passionate, amazing to them both. They knew, at least for now, it wasn't love, no, but it was certainly passionate. They both had needs and desires that came together that first night and fused into a pool of molten lava.

Linda Jameson had always been aware of her strong sexual desires ever since they began. But now, entering her forties, well, she even surprised herself these days, shopping online for new sex toys, hardly believing the almost infinite variety of ways there were these days to stimulate oneself.

And now, she had a man next door, a young and vigorous man, one who was just as sexually hungry as she. And now, she was answering her door to let in his father. She and her new neighbor had some interesting discussions about Jason's father. It seems that the son had even suggested that she compare the older Akers with the younger if she felt so inclined and when she opened the door, she became so inclined.

"Paul, yes, come in, Jason's told me so much about you. Oh, and wine, flowers. Aren't you sweet. Now I see where Jason get's it from," she said making him wonder exactly what their relationship might be, exactly.

"Oh, they're nothing, it's what I smell cooking that's really something."

"Chicken Marsala, it's my Italian grandmother's recipe. Let's open the white, it's Italian, just perfect," she said and he followed a very pretty lady back to her kitchen where the aromas were even more wonderful.

When the wine was poured, she brought out their plates to her dining room and she put them down, then went over to him and put her arms around him and gave him quite a nice kiss.

"An old Italian custom of thanking the cook. I hope you didn't mind?"

"Oh, not at all, Linda, but I'm the one who should, rather than the cook," and he took her back and kissed her, this time into her open mouth as she sucked his tongue.

He, of course, was a bit surprised at her eagerness, pleasantly surprised, and they broke off their kiss to sit and have a lovely meal together as they enjoyed the rest of the wine.

Their talk was mostly general, though she'd made a few references to Jason that seemed a little more than just neighbors, but they went on, throughly enjoying one another's company.

After he'd helped take the dishes to the kitchen, they took their wine into her living room where she sat on the sofa and patted the place next to her.

"I've been wondering, Paul, if Jason has told you anything about our relationship?"

Well, now he was wondering just what might be going on with his son and this lovely woman.

"No, he hasn't. Perhaps you will."

"I will. Soon after we met, well, let's say, things rather warmed up between us, we were both by ourselves, and, as will happen, we began having quite wonderful sex together."

She paused, so Paul put in, "I can understand why he would want that."

She smiled and went on, "It's not anything serious, pretty much physical though we are quite fond of each other. So, there's nothing to prevent either one of us from having other relationships. In fact, he suggested that I seduce you."

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