Corporate Assets (or Welcome to L.A.)
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Coercion, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, BDSM, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Gang Bang, White Female, Hispanic Male, Hispanic Female, Anal Sex, Workplace,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A bitchy corporate climber gets a lesson in manners courtesy of the people she has abused who hire a group to abuse her in very creative ways. Multiple male gang bang, forced lesbian action, oral and anal.

To say that Sandra was not popular in the office was an understatement. She was hated, despised. But she was also feared. She had worked her way up in the corporation by knowing how to get rid of people who stood in her way. She had learned that people needed to be put in their place. She had fired more secretaries than anyone in the history of the company. She had gotten rid of more co-workers than most companies hire. She specialized in making things so unpleasant that few could stand up to it. Secretaries were reduced to tears after a session with Sandra. Co-workers exploded in rage at her treatment. Employees would go to their bosses to complain, but nothing ever happened to Sandra, because Sandra was efficient. Sandra made money for the company and as long as she did that she was protected.

At 38, Sandra considered herself a success. She was the Vice President of Marketing for a large real estate development corporation. She had a house in the hills outside Los Angeles. She went to Europe every year on vacation. She drove a new Mercedes. Her light brown, almost blonde, hair was styled by the same stylist who did Linda Evans. Sandra was well known among the exclusive stores which line Rodeo Drive.

This is what Sandra was thinking as she looked through a brochure for cosmetic surgery. She was proud of her large breasts, but they might be in need of some help. She hadn't been able to keep up her regime of exercise and her stomach was bigger than she liked. Her hips had begun to spread, making her dresses tight. In fact her big ass had become something of a topic of conversation around the office. She was considering whether to have liposuction to take care of these small imperfections when she looked up and saw her secretary, Sheila. Sheila was 23 and bright. A recent college graduate, the attractive woman was popular with her co-workers. All of this counted against her as far as Sandra was concerned. If there were fatal sins in Sandra's eyes, they were being too bright, too attractive and, worst yet, too popular. Just seeing Sheila's youth and beauty set Sandra off. She called for Sheila to come into her office and shut the door.

"I think you may be the worst secretary I've ever had," screamed Sandra. "I've tried to work with you. I've given you every chance and you always screw things up!"

Sheila had heard about this little play. Sandra would call in her secretary and berate her for 30 minutes a day. Sheila had only started to work so she hadn't really seen Sandra in action. Sandra began shrieking at Sheila. Suddenly no part of Sheila's life was immune from Sandra's stinging criticism. Sheila was too slow with her work; she was sloppy; she didn't dress good enough; she spent too much time gossiping; she spent too much time socializing with her co-workers after hours. The tongue lashing was vicious. It started with a memo that Sandra had dictated. Sheila had gotten it word for word. Now Sandra was claiming it was all wrong.

"I've had enough of your incompetence. Get out of my sight. I'll call personnel and order your final check. I want you out of the office in 5 minutes or I'm calling security," ranted Sandra.

Sheila was shocked. She had expected the yelling but not to be fired just when she had bought a new car. She had even asked Sandra if she was pleased with Sheila's work. Sandra knew Sheila had bought the car on Sandra's assurance that everything was fine.

"But what about my car payments and my new apartment? What about my bills?" asked Sheila in disbelief.

"That's your problem," sneered Sandra. "You should have done a better job, then you wouldn't be losing this one."

Sheila broke into tears and fled the office. She ran into the stairwell and sobbed. Others in the office had noticed her as she ran covering her face. They joined her in the stairwell.

"So she got you too?" asked Cindy, another secretary.

"Look it's not you, it's her," consoled Tim. "She sick and cruel."

"I wish there was something that we could do to teach her a lesson," said Amy.

"Well maybe there is," said Bob. "I think we've all had enough of this bitch. And I think I know how to even the score."

"What are you talking about?" they all asked at the same time.

Bob smiled," I know a few people from my days in construction who might be willing to settle this debt for us."

With that Bob left the group and returned to his office. Within the hour he had made a number of phone calls. At lunch the others in the office stopped by to find him smiling.

"What are you smiling about?" they wanted to know.

"Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies," is all Bob would say.

Sandra finished up some last minutes details on a campaign she was supervising as five o'clock rolled around. She was pleased with the campaign. She was more pleased to have gotten rid of that simpering idiot Sheila. Maybe the next secretary would have some brains, but Sandra doubted it. The next one would not be as good looking as Sheila. That was the problem with these young girls, Sandra decided. They only worried about their looks. Well, she had outlasted them all. No bimbo was going to get her goat. The same for those asshole men who were always trying to get her to sleep with them. Fuck them all, she thought as she packed up her briefcase and locked her office door. She always locked her door, because she knew that others in the office would go through her files looking for something to damage her. She was too smart for that cheap shit.

She took the elevator down to the lobby and then took another elevator to the parking garage. She was thinking about her newly won personal parking space as she made her way across the garage. There were lots of people trying to get one, but she had beaten them all. She would always be smarter and tougher than "them" and if they tried to fuck with her, they'd be sorry. As she turned the corner near her parking slot, she saw that a beat-up white van was stopped in the aisle. Its hood was up and two men were bent over the engine. The van was directly behind Sandra's Mercedes.

"Get that hunk of junk out of the way. I'm in a hurry," she yelled at the two men.

They turned to look at her. One was tall and skinny, the other was short and stocky. Both wore dirty jeans and T-shirts. Neither said anything or made a move. Sandra strode up to them,

"Didn't you hear me? I have an appointment. A very important appointment. Move it you assholes!"

Suddenly she was grabbed from behind. A rough hand was clapped over her mouth. She was turned and thrown down on the trunk of her car. She dropped her briefcase. Swiftly, before she could even think. Her hands were roughly pulled behind her back. She felt rough cord being used to tie her hands. Something was slipped over her eyes. The rough hand was removed, but as she opened her mouth to yell a gag was stuffed in it. Her legs were lifted off the ground and her ankles were tied. She felt something come near her right ear.

"Yeah, you got a real important appointment, with us," said a raspy male voice.

Sandra was lifted by several hands. She felt herself being loaded into the van. It smelled of gasoline and sweat. The side door slid shut. The engine roared to life and the van jerked forward. She was thrown from side to side as the van made the sharp turns in the parking garage. Then a bum and a smooth road meaning they had left the garage. Sandra tried to scream through her gag. She fought against the cords that bound her hands and feet. It was no use, she was tied up like a sheep for slaughter.

ASounds like our friend don't like our accommodations," said a male voice.

"Well, we'll just have to make it up to her later," laughed another voice.

The drive lasted for 30 minutes or so. Sandra had no idea where she was or where they were taking her. She could tell there on a freeway but then traffic seemed to get thinner as they drove. Then she felt the van pull onto rough gravel. They were no longer on pavement. They came to a stop. She heard the doors of the van open. Then she was dragged across the floor of the van. Hands grabbed her shoulders and legs. She was carried across an open area, it was very quiet, though she could hear the roar of traffic in the distance. She felt herself being carried up a flight of stairs. She had the impression that they had entered a building. She was carried a bit farther. Suddenly they stopped.

"Is everything ready?" she heard a man's voice ask.

"Everything is all set," came a reply from a woman.

She heard a door being opened and she was carried through a doorway. She heard the door being closed. She was laid on the floor. It felt like carpet against her hands. Suddenly she was picked up again and placed standing up. From behind, her blindfold was removed. She shook her head and blinked her eyes. The light hurt. When she could finally open her eyes she saw three men and a woman. There were the two men she had seen at the garage and a third one, well-built and swarthy. He too wore jeans and a t-shirt. The woman looked Hispanic. She was maybe Sandra's age, but heavier. She wore a cheap white blouse and a dark skirt.

"Welcome to school, senora," said the woman. "We're your new teachers. We've been hired to teach you a lesson."

"We have all the credentials we need," said the swarthy man. "This class will go on for as long as we want. Don't forget that. We decide when class is over. You do as your told and you maybe graduate."

At this all four of them laughed. Sandra desperately looked around her only to find an empty room that smelled of new paint. It looked like an office or maybe an apartment. The woman approached Sandra and opened her jacket.

"Oh, look it's from Rodeo Drive. Muy bonita," she said. "We wouldn't want nothing to happen to such nice clothes, so let's take them off before they get dirty."

She began to unbutton Sandra's blouse. Sandra tried to pull away.

"Now that's not nice, chiquita," said the woman.

The thin man and the stocky man (who Sandra now thought of as Skinny and Stocky) grabbed Sandra's arms. The woman now unbuttoned Sandra's silk blouse. She grabbed Sandra's tits through her bra.

"Muy grande", purred the woman.

She then undid the waistband of Sandra's skirt. She let the skirt fall to the ground.

"Untie her hands so I can get these off," said the woman to Skinny.

Sandra felt her arms being pulled back and the cords being undone. The woman pulled the jacket and the blouse off Sandra. She reached around and undid Sandra's bra. The woman's face was right next to Sandra's.

"We're going to be very good friends, mi linda," said the woman as she smiled. Sandra could smell the woman's cheap perfume mixed with liquor and cigarette smoke.

Sandra's heavy tits sagged as they were released from her bra. Her hands were again tied behind her back. The woman knelt in front of Sandra and began to pull down her pantyhose, exposing the dark brown hair of Sandra's pussy.

"Mira, she's not a real blonde," laughed the woman.

She quickly untied Sandra's ankles and removed the hose and skirt. Sandra's shoes had been lost along the way. The support her hose had given her stomach and her ass were gone and they drooped a bit.

"Now you don't look so high and mighty," the woman said. "Looks to me like you got a peter- belly. You know what a peter-belly is don't you?" The woman was rubbing Sandra's belly. " It's what you get from too much fucking. You been fucking too much? Well you're really gonna have one when this is over."

All of them laughed. She went around behind Sandra. The woman reached out and grabbed Sandra's ass cheeks. She spread them apart.

"You got a lot of cushion back here," she said. "Yeah, a nice fat ass. Plenty to work with."

Sandra was terrified, she didn't know what to do. Tied up, stripped naked and forced to be humiliated by these filthy peasants. She glared at them, even though she was unable to speak.

"You go first, Maria, she's all yours," said Stocky.

"Now, I'm going to take off your gag," said Maria. "You cooperate and everything will be okay. There's nobody around to hear you, so screaming will just make it tougher on you."

She removed the gag.

"Now look, stop this and I won't call the..." started Sandra.

Before she could finish Maria had slapped her face.

"I told you to do as your told, bitch, and I mean it," said Maria.

Sandra's cheek felt hot where Maria's hand had struck her.

"I'm the teacher and if I get mad, it will be mucho malo for you," sneered Maria. "So you better be nice to me."

She made a signal and the men forced Sandra to lie on her back. Maria now stood over Sandra with her feet on either side of Sandra's head. Maria began to hike her skirt around her hips. As the skirt went higher it exposed fleshy thighs and a tattooed heart. Maria was wearing no panties and soon her pussy was in view. A thick mat of dark hair covered it.

"Your first lesson is that you should be nice to other women," smiled Maria.

She lowered herself with her pussy directly over Sandra's face. Sandra turned her head away. Maria reached out and took Sandra's head in her hands.

"You're gonna lick some pussy, puta, one way or the other," said Maria.

She forced her pussy against Sandra face. The pussy lips were against Sandra's tightly closed lips. Maria began to rub her pussy along Sandra's face. Sandra felt the warmth and could smell the odor of the other woman's pussy.

"Get to licking, bitch, " said Maria.

Still Sandra refused.

"Okay, if that's the way you want it," said Maria as she stood up.

She walked over to a bag which lay on the ground, her skirt still pulled up around her waist. Her large fleshy ass exposed.

"Turn her over," Maria said to the men.

Sandra was grabbed and turned over on her face. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain on her ass and she heard a slap of leather against flesh. Sandra cried out in pain. Again came the leather against her defenseless ass cheeks. After 5 lashes, Maria came around in front of Sandra.

"I can do this all day, can you?" she asked. "Now are you ready to do what I tell you?"

Sandra could only weakly nod her head against the carpet. Hands turned Sandra over on her back. The carpet made the welts on her ass sting.

"I won't just take," said Maria. "I'll give you something too. Like I said mujeres should be good to each other."

This time she straddled Sandra's head facing her feet. She again lowered her pussy onto Sandra's face. Sandra felt her legs being spread. Then there was the warm sensation as Maria's tongue rubbed against Sandra's clit. Sandra gasped and as she did Maria pressed her pussy harder against Sandra's lips. Sandra rubbed her lips against Maria's pussy. Maria buried her tongue in Sandra's cunt. Sandra tentatively pushed her tongue against Maria's large clit.

"That's it, chiquita," she heard Maria say.

Maria stepped up her cunt lapping. Sandra became bolder and pushed her tongue into Maria's wet pussy. Maria rubbed her pussy juice all over Sandra lips and chin. Sandra's hips began to move in response to Maria ministrations. Suddenly Maria stopped and stood up.

"Not yet, chiquita, you have a long way to come across before you get a reward," said Maria.

The three men had watched all of this with great attention.

"Now comes our fun", said Skinny.

They all laughed.

"It's time to play Wheel of Fortune. Maria you be Vanna," he said.

Maria reached into the bag and withdrew three slips of paper. Each man took one.

"You know what they're doing?" Maria asked Sandra. "They're drawing to see who gets to fuck you where. One gets your mouth, one gets your sweet pussy and the other gets that big ass of yours."

The men unfolded the paper they held. They compared them and smiled.

"Good job, Maria," Skinny said. "Looks like you matched up everything real good."

"Well," said Stocky, "I've got that big mouth of hers so I go first."

The two other men stood Sandra on her feet. Stocky laughed as he reached out to grab her tits. He pinched her large dark nipples.

"I like big tits and big nipples and you got 'em both. I like the way they sag, don't change a thing."

From behind one of the men grabbed her shoulders and forced her to kneel. Stocky now stood in front of her. His fly was directly level with her face.

"Time to get to work", he said.

He unzipped his pants and unbuckled his belt. He unbuttoned his dirty jeans and slid them down. As he did his hard cock sprang out, almost hitting Sandra in the face. He stroked his cock and then removed his t-shirt.

"You got some serious cock sucking to do," Stocky said.

He continued to jack his cock. His body was covered with thick curly hair and his cock had hair on almost half its length.

"Open up, bitch," he said. "We hear you like to use your mouth on other people. Here's your chance."

Sandra refused to do as she was told. His cock was not that long but it was thick. The head was red as it emerged from the uncircumcised foreskin. He put the head of his cock against her lips and moved his hips forward. She tried to turn her face away but Maria came behind her and held her head in place. The man ran his cock head over her lips.

"Last chance to be a nice girl," he said.

He held his cock with one hand and with the other he reached out and pinched closed her nose. Sandra gasped for breath and as she did Stocky shoved the head of his engorged cock into her mouth.

"You take good care of my cock. If I feel any teeth, I'll knock all of yours out."

He let go of his cock and put both hands on her head.

"Like the taste? Kinda like caviar, ain't it?" He laughed. "I ain't had a good blow job in a week so I've saved all my cum to fill up your stomach. Think of this as a catered lunch."

He then began to push the full length of his cock into the mouth of his unwilling victim. Soon it was entirely buried between her lips. Then it filled Sandra's throat. She couldn't breathe. She was being suffocated by his cock! The pubic hair scraped her nose and his heavy balls rested on her chin. He then began to move his cock in and out. Sandra gasped for breath around the cock. It filled Sandra's mouth and made her jaws ache when he put all of it in her. He held her head and began to fuck her mouth roughly.

"That's it bitch, suck it. Run that sharp tongue of yours around the head."

"Mira, you can see the outline of your cock down her throat!" said Maria as she rubbed Sandra's cock filled throat.

Faster and faster he forced his cock in and out of mouth. She could barely breathe when the cock filled her throat. He smelled like he hadn't had a bath in weeks. The smell of his cock almost overpowered her. She felt faint. She could see that skin of his cock glistened as it slid out of her mouth. The methodical, brutal rape of her mouth went on for what seemed an eternity. The room was quiet. Sandra could hear the slurping sound of his cock sliding into her mouth.

"Looks like we found a use for that smart mouth of yours. You suck cock real good. Maybe this could be a career move for you", he said sarcastically.

To emphasize his feelings he shoved his cock deep into her throat as he wrapped his fingers in her light hair. Sandra heard a strange clicking sound but it was soon drowned out by his grunts. They began to come closer together.

"Dinner is about to be served, bitch," he growled.

His pace was faster and harder. He slammed his cock into her mouth and down her throat. Sandra thought he would pull her hair out by the roots. Then he let out a groan. Suddenly her mouth was filled with his hot salty cum. He let out a sharp yelp. Wave after wave filled her mouth. She couldn't breathe. She tried not to swallow it but it was just too much. She could feel some of it leaking out of her mouth and running down her face. He seemed to have gallons of cum.

"Suck all of it. Hot cream sauce just for you, cunt" he yelled as he jerked his hips against her face.

Then she felt a slight softening and the flow of cum began to subside. Stocky let go of her hair and used one hand to stroked his cock to get the last bit of cum into her mouth.

"Good to the last drop," he laughed.

Sandra heard that clicking sound again. As the man pulled his now limp cock from her mouth, she saw that Maria had a camera.

"Just a few snapshots for your resume", she laughed. "And ready in just sixty seconds."

Sandra slumped back on her heels as Stocky released her head. She could taste the cum on her lips and felt it on her chin.

"Looks like it's my turn," said Skinny. "I think I'll let her do most of the work, she likes to be in charge of everything," he said with a sneer.

Maria took a rag and wiped the cum off Sandra's face and tits.

"Look what nice pictures you make," said Maria as she held photos in front of Sandra's face.

The photo showed Sandra with her lips wrapped around the hairy shaft of Stocky's cock. Her eyes were closed. Another showed Sandra with her cheeks puffed out as the entire length of the cock was in her mouth. Another clearly showed the hard cock filling her throat and Sandra's eyes wide in fear. The final shot showed Sandra looking at the camera as the deflated cock was being pulled from her mouth. Cum was dripping off her chin.

Suddenly, Skinny grabbed her nipples roughly and pulled her up to her feet. He led her to the middle of the room. He pulled his t-shirt over his head. He quickly undid his pants and pulled them off. Sandra couldn't help but look at his cock. It was a long thin cock, perhaps 10 inches long. He had almost no hair anywhere on his body, including around his cock. He suddenly reached down between her legs and shoved his finger into her pussy.

"Good, still nice and wet. I think you must like this."

It was true in spite of the abuse Sandra pussy was hot and dripping. Skinny roughly moved his fingers in and out of her pussy.

"Got to inspect the real estate first, " he said.

He then lay down on his back. His long obscene cock sticking straight up. Maria grabbed Sandra's shoulders and walked her toward the grinning rapist.

"Climb on for the ride. Next stop Cocksville," he grinned.

Sandra stepped over his body and stood above him, looking down he stroked his flaming cock. He too was uncircumcised. She felt Maria push her down.

"Take the executive elevator down," said Maria.

Sandra had to move her feet outward to balance herself. This caused her to spread her legs as she was forced down. The man reached up and guided her pussy down to his waiting cock. Sandra felt the head of the cock touch her pussy lips. She tried to stand up but Maria continued to force her lower. Then the head was in her pussy. The lower she was shoved, the deeper the cock went in her. It seemed to reach to her stomach. Finally her ass was resting on the hips of the smiling man. She felt like a pole had been shoved up her pussy. Never had such a long cock been inside her. Maria let her go and Sandra fell back slightly. Her hands, still tied behind her, felt the bony knees of the man.

"I told you, you was gonna do the work. So get to fucking, bitch."

He reached out and grabbed her nipples. He pinched her now erect nipples between thumb and forefinger. Pain shot through her.

"Slide that high priced cunt up and down my cock. Now," he growled threateningly.

Sandra raised herself slightly. The pain in her belly eased as she lifted herself off the rigid cock. She continued to raise up and she felt the cock sliding out of her. Then only the head was in her. She then began to slowly lower herself. When the cock was in as deep as she wanted it to be she started to raise up again.

"Not quite. We want to be sure you've reached your full potential," said the man as he reached out and grabbed her by the hips.

He pulled her down until the full length of his cock with buried deep in her pussy. The pain shot through her again.

"Maybe she needs some professional training," he said to Maria.

Maria grabbed Sandra's arms and began to lift her. Then Maria shoved her down, impaling her on the hard cock. Sandra gasped as her ass came down on the man. Again Maria lifted her, and again slammed her upon that shaft of meat. Over and over, she rose and fell.

"Just think of exercise class," said Maria. "Up and down. Only problem is this exercise gives up a belly, instead of helping you lose it."

The sharp pain became a dull ache in her pussy. Then Maria moved to get the camera.

"Smile for the annual report, senorita" she said as she began shooting pictures of Sandra being fucked in this brutal manner.

"Okay, time for a change," said Skinny.

Sandra was lifted off of him and laid on her back.

"Please, my hands," she began as her full weight has pressed against her bound hands.

"Oh did we hurt you?" said Maria. "The way you hurt other people we thought you liked it".

Maria and the third man grabbed Sandra's ankles and lifted them as they spread her legs. Skinny was stroking his cock, now slick with her pussy juice. He knelt between her legs and put his cock against her pussy.

"You never can depend on other people to do it right," he said. "Always got to do it yourself. Right?"

With that he slammed the entire length of his cock into her exposed pussy. Sandra gasped. He pulled it out, except for the head and slammed it home again. In and out he went. In spite of the pain Sandra had begun to respond on the most basic level. Her clit was being rubbed and no matter that it was rape, her body responded. She looked down between her legs and watched with fascination as that long cock slid in and out of her pussy. It was almost, she thought, like watching someone else being fucked. Maria and the man pulled Sandra's legs toward her head so that her feet were almost directly above her face. She heard someone moan, then realized it was her.

"So you like this fucking exercise, chiquita?" asked Maria. "It don't take no fancy equipment neither."

Sandra then saw Stocky standing above her. He was still naked and his cock had come back to life. He knelt beside her head.

"Mind if I give her something to do with her mouth?" he asked the man who was pounding her pussy.

Skinny merely grunted and continued his rapid fucking. Sandra felt her head being turned to the side. She was now staring directly at Stocky's hard on. The man pushed his cock head against her lips, she opened her mouth. He shoved the length into her.

"Now you got the hang of it," he said.

Now she was being fucked in the mouth and the pussy. Her body was writhing. Heat was building up between her legs. The long thin cock whipped in and out of her pussy, while the short thick cock filled her mouth. Her mewing barely escaped around the cock as it was pulled from her mouth. She was losing consciousness, overcome by the twin sensations. Then the slamming of her pussy picked up speed. As if giving a signal, so did the cock between her lips. Maria had released her leg and now had the camera.

"This will be really nice, kind of showing all your talents," she said.

Together the two cocks filled Sandra. Then the grunting grew louder, she felt Skinny's hot cum filling her pussy. It was followed almost immediately by Stocky's cum splashing into her mouth. She must have fainted because the next thing she knew someone was poring water on her face. "Now that's what I call really getting into it," said Maria.

"But you ain't through yet, mi bonita."

Skinny and Stocky picked her up by the arms. Maria again held up the photos. One showed Sandra being impaled on Skinny's cock. Another showed Sandra's mouth filled with cock while another was buried in her pussy.

"You have a real talent, chiquita," said Maria. "Maybe we take you down to Mexico and get rich off you."

They all laughed. Sandra was walked into another room. The room was empty except for a roll of carpet that had not been laid. The third man (who Sandra called in her mind, Swarthy) was there. Maria walked over to him and began to undo his jeans. Swarthy took off his t-shirt. Maria began to pull down his pants.

"Now, you will see something. A real corporate asset," smiled Maria.

Sandra's eyes grew wide with fright as his cock was exposed. It was the biggest one she had ever seen. It was a long as Skinny's and as thick as Stocky's. Sandra began to twist and turn, trying to get away from the men holding her and that gigantic cock.

"I don't think she likes your friend," said Maria.

"Please, please don't put that in me," Sandra began to plead. "I'll do anything you want, but don't do that to me. I've learned my lesson."

Swarthy made no reply, but Maria bent down to open a small bag that lay at their feet. She took out a bottle of golden colored liquid.

"We know you're watching your weight," Maria said, "so we're going to use peanut oil; Less calories."

She smiled and opened the top of the bottled and poured some of the oil into her hand. Sandra jerked and tried to pull away, but the men held her. Sandra was moved and thrown, face down, over the roll of carpet. Skinny came around by her head and held her hips. Stocky grabbed her ankles and spread them. She felt hands pull her fleshy ass cheeks apart. The air flowed against her exposed anus.

"No, no, please," she cried. She heard Maria say,

"You better relax, chiquita, 'cause if you fight this take-over, it might rip your prime asset in two."

Sandra felt something warm being poured between her ass cheeks.

"This is like a down payment. To help pave the way for the real pay off," said Maria.

The oil ran down over Sandra's asshole and then to her pussy. Now Maria was rubbing a finger around inside Sandra's asshole. Sandra tried to squirm away but Skinny held her firm.

"So you like calling people assholes?", asked Skinny. "Well now you're gonna get to see what a real asshole is for, you snotty bitch."

One of Maria's fingers slipped into Sandra's virgin ass, then two. The pain was worse than being fucked.

"Stop, you're killing me!" she cried.

Then Maria forced a third finger into Sandra.

"This is just the exploration. The real drilling is about to begin," said Maria.

Then Maria's fingers were pulled from Sandra's ass. The pain subsided. Skinny grabbed a handful of Sandra's hair and raised her head. She could see Swarthy standing in front of her. Maria was pouring oil onto his enormous cock.

"I don't think it's very nice to call people assholes," said Swarthy. "I think after today, you will think assholes are something to be fucked, not something you call people."

Maria went up and down the throbbing cock until its entire length was slick with oil. Her fingers couldn't close around the girth of his tool. Maria slowly massaged Swarthy's balls which dangled below his cock. She knelt beside it and kissed the head of the cock. She winked at Sandra.

"We've went to all this trouble to put on this demonstration just for you and you don't even appreciate it. That's not very nice", Swarthy purred. "Where are you manners? I think you need a lesson in manners."

Swarthy and Maria moved out of sight. Sandra felt her fleshy ass cheeks being pulled apart. Then she felt something being pressed against the ring of her anus. More pressure. She realized it was the head of that enormous cock. She struggled desperately.

"No, no, not in my ass!" she cried.

She knew that cock would kill her. The pressure increased and was followed by a shock of pain that ripped through her entire being. A hot flash radiated from her ass. She screamed.

"I've only put the head in you," she heard Maria say. "There's lots more to go."

Skinny stopped holding her shoulders. Sandra looked over her shoulder to see Swarthy's leering face.

"All of it goes right up your ass," he hissed. "Ten inches of cock up your shit chute. You'll never want it any other way after this."

She heard the camera click away.

"This is for all those people you called assholes and treated like shit. Just imagine that they're all right here and they're watching as I shove all of my cock into your fat ass," said her sodomizer. "Shake that ass so that our studio audience knows you like it."

He began pushing again. Sandra lost her breath as she felt more of the cock go into her ass. Then the pushing stopped. The cock was pulled out a bit. Then it went in, deeper this time. In, then out, then in deeper. Time stood still. Then Maria appeared in front and raised Sandra's head to show her the photos. Sandra suddenly saw what was happening. She saw the huge cock gleaming with oil. Her large ass was slick with the same oil. She saw five inches, half of the cock, embedded in her ass. Swarthy began to slowly work more and more into her asshole. She felt her ass cheeks quiver as Swarthy slapped them.

"Move that fat ass for me, you whore!" he yelled. He was grunting from the effort, but soon, there was a pause. Maria returned with more photos. Sandra automatically looked up. Just as Swarthy had promised, Sandra now had ten inches of cock stuffed up her ass. His cock was totally buried in her bowels. One photo from above showed his dark cock filling her white ass. Another, taken from below and through his legs, showed his huge balls pressed against her empty pussy. Sandra began sobbing. She sobbed for the pain and for the humiliation.

"It's too late for tears," said Maria as she yanked back Sandra's head with a handful of hair. "You earned being butt fucked and now, comes the graduation ceremony."

With that Swarthy began to withdraw his cock from Sandra's ass. Slowly he pulled back until only a few inches remained. Then he slowly started to fill her again with his male hardness. Sandra no longer really felt it; Only the dull ache and the pressure. The cock began to move in and out slowly. Filling her, then withdrawing. Again and again the cock sawed into her ass. Swarthy smacked her jowly ass cheeks until they were red. Sandra lost track of time. It might have been minutes or hours that she lay there being fucked in the ass. The head of that giant cock deep inside her. Her asshole distended by the log of flesh that was jammed in her. She felt the oil drip onto her pussy which still leaked cum from its fucking. She felt his balls smack against her pussy. Sandra's head was jerked up by Skinny. His thin cock was erect again.

"Just one last taste," he said as he put his cock into Sandra's mouth.

After a few lunges, he withdrew. Sandra's head was jerked up again to find Stocky's cock waiting for her mouth.

"Never can get too much of a good thing," he said as he filled her mouth with his cock.

He forced it in as far as it would go and held it there. Then he pulled his cock out. Maria appeared in front of Sandra,

"Don't want you to get bored," she said as she raised her skirt.

Someone held Sandra's head up as Maria turned around to expose her large ass. She pulled apart her ass cheeks and then pressed her asshole against Sandra upturned face.

"Put your tongue up by ass, chiquita," ordered Maria.

Sandra pushed her tongue into the other woman's brown hole. Maria ground her ass against Sandra's face. Then Maria pulled away, turned around and pressed her pussy against Sandra's lips. Sandra pushed her tongue into Maria's cunt. As the cock pushed into her ass, she pushed her tongue into Maria. Maria held Sandra's head firmly in her hands. She leaned back and rocked her hips against Sandra's face. Sandra concentrated on pussy licking to try and ignore the ass-fucking that was being inflicted on her. Maria groaned, Swarthy grunted as they each used Sandra to achieve their pleasure. She was there only to serve them. One had her pussy shoved in Sandra's face, the other had his cock shoved up her ass. Then came the inevitable climax. The grunting, followed by the faster pace. Maria ground her cunt against Sandra's lips with abandon.

"Si, si ... pela me, chiquita," moaned Maria.

She let out a cry as she came. From behind Swarthy yelled, he forced Sandra down against the unyielding roll of carpet beneath her. Then Sandra felt warm cum filling her bowels. The cum acted liked a soothing balm to her ravaged ass. Maria let go of Sandra's head. Then the pressure began to subside in Sandra's ass. She felt the cock being withdrawn. Finally there was a loud wet sucking sound as Swarthy pulled his cock from her cum-filled ass. He rubbed his semi-limp cock in the crack of Sandra's ass, smearing it with the last of his cum. Sandra lay limply over the roll of carpet. Her ass was filled with Swarthy's cum. She could feel it running down her crack to her pussy. She felt as if she had been torn apart. Maria lifted Sandra's head.

"You see chiquita, you learned something today. Maybe you even like it this way now, yes?" laughed Maria.

Sandra felt cum running down the inside of her thighs. Maria began stuffing a rag into Sandra's asshole. She stuffed another in her pussy.

"We don't want you dripping all over this new carpet," laughed Maria.

Maria pulled Sandra into a standing position. She led the dazed Sandra into an unfinished bathroom. Maria untied Sandra's hands.

"Get in the tub," ordered Maria. Sandra stepped in. "Now lie down," said Maria.

Sandra lay down in the tub.

"Time for clean up," said Maria and she turned on the shower full force.

The cold water struck Sandra in the face. She gasped. "Here wipe yourself off with this," said Maria as she tossed Sandra a threadbare towel.

Sandra did as she was told. Maria cut off the water and gave Sandra another towel to dry off with. Then she began to put on Sandra's blouse. Sandra neither helped nor resisted. Then Maria slipped on Sandra's skirt. Sandra's blouse stuck to her still wet body and Maria couldn't resist one last mauling of Sandra's tits.

"I think maybe we should do this again sometime. Just you and me," she purred into Sandra's ear.

The three men had put on their clothes and now entered the room. Skinny pulled Sandra's hands behind her back and tied them.

"You got an awful nice pussy between those legs, shame to let it go to waste," he said. Stocky put on the blindfold and the gag. "You can suck cock with the best of them, maybe I tell the guys on the crew about you. There's only 20 of them," he laughed.

"Remember what I told you about people and assholes," whispered Swarthy. "People are for talking to, assholes are for having cocks stuck in 'em."

They guided Sandra out of the room and down the stairs and then onto the floor of the van. Sandra hardly noticed any of this. Soon they were back in the garage. The van stopped in back of Sandra's car. She was taken out of the van. Her blindfold and gag removed, her hands were untied.

"Now maybe you have learned something," said Maria. "You can't just fuck over people like they was nothing."

Sandra started to say something, but Maria held up her hand.

"Don't say nothing, just remember what we say to you," said Maria. "And just in case you forget here's something to remind you."

She handed Sandra some of the photos. One showed Sandra as she was sucking a cock and being fucked in the pussy. Another showed her licking Maria's pussy as a huge cock was being shoved up Sandra's ass.

"If that's not enough, then maybe we come back for more lessons. I know lots of tricks. I might even do it for free next time," laughed Maria.

She got into the van and blew Sandra a kiss. The van pulled away, leaving Sandra leaning against the trunk of her car.

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