Let's Do It Like That
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Gang Bang, White Couple, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I'm a girl but my three best friends growing up were all boys. Things changed when we were all fourteen and we found so many new things to occupy our minds…and our bodies.

I've grown up with three friends from since our first years in elementary school: Danny, Steve and JR. We've all been pals right up to when this all took place, when we were all fourteen.

We'd hung out together, up in one of our rooms, playing games, talking about school, parents, other kids, just stuff in general. We were now going to be entering high school in the fall, a big change for us all.

Other changes had been happening as well. I was getting breasts, for one.

Did I say I was a girl? Sorry, I'm Angie and I've always been kind of a tomboy though these days it's pretty easy to figure out that I'm a girl.

That started when I just turned twelve, some of the girls I knew were already a year or two into bras but, for me, my nipples just started getting sensitive, sore sometimes. Then around them, it began to swell and I knew that that I would be getting boobs just like every other girl there is.

The first few months, especially when they felt sore and tender, I kind of hated that it was happening. But, after that, when I looked at myself in the mirror, I was really getting to like being a girl. Even my periods, when they started, made me different from the three guys I hung with, though that subject was never brought up.

By the time I was fourteen, well, there was no hiding it, for sure. My bras were A-cup but I was mushrooming out of them and had to go into B's. And, in front of my mirror, well, I looked pretty good, hardly a tomboy anymore.

My breasts were nice and round and firm, my nipples always seemed hard, and, down below, I was growing some fine, curly blond hair.

I was a blond, anyway, my mom came from a Norwegian family, so I also had light skin. After my pubic hair began to thicken, I started shaving it along with my underarm hair which had also started. All those things that girls go through entering puberty.

There were changes with the boys, too. They voices cracked sometimes and they began having hair under their arms as well. And, they had little jokes that sometimes I figured out, sometimes I didn't.

We were like a group of boys so our language got a little earthy at times with one or the other calling one of the group a prick or an asshole or bastard. But, none ever called me bitch or whore. It's not that they thought I'd cream one of them, it was more that they were knowing now that I was different and they were respecting that.

There was even one pushing and shoving match one morning at Steve's house when we all got to roughhousing in a pile and I was pretty sure there were some deliberate gropes of my boobs. I wasn't pissed, I actually thought it was funny and, well, a little sexy, too. I didn't exactly mind that I was becoming different from my buddies.

But, it all really changed on June seventh that year. We were up in JR's room that afternoon and he said, "Hey guys, I found a great website, come look," and he turned on his laptop and began typing in some stuff.

"Watch this."

On the screen was a porn site and he started one, saying, "You gotta see this one. It's so hot," and it began in a room, a bedroom, not unlike the one we were in and there were three guys and a girl, all naked, they were fooling around with her as she played with all their dicks.

You may not believe it but I'd never seen porn before and sat there quite amazed and rather aroused, watching as they played around with each other on the screen. The girl was on one guy's lap, I think like screwing, and she was playing with the other boys' dicks, finally taking one in her mouth as her free hand dropped down between her legs to rub her pussy. She was rubbing mostly over the top part which I thought was interesting, I'd only put my finger inside mostly to get off.

"Watch what they do, look, look," JR said and the boys all gathered around the girl and started beating-off over her. She had her hand down between her legs rubbing off and one by one, each guy shot his cum on her boobs and face.

Then, JR looked at me and said, "I was watching this the other day with Carl Spelling and Joe Dabney and, Angie, you wouldn't believe it. They both said they'd give anything to do that to you," and he laughed followed by Steve and Danny. But I didn't laugh. It was the strongest thing yet that made me realize I was no longer just one of the buds. No, I was a girl.

"Sorry, Angie, geez, did I piss you off?" JR asked.

"No, I guess not. But there's no way I'd let them do that. I don't care what Joe and Carl might want. That's sure not gonna happen," I told them and that seemed to be the end of that. We watched a few more videos and they were pretty hot, some of them, but some were really awful, just so fake with women who were too old to be doing this with huge, inflated fake boobs and guys covered with tattoos who looked really over the hill.

But, as I walked home, it was only two blocks, I couldn't help replaying the video in my mind, three guys, naked guys, all jacking-off on the girl.

I had seen a few pictures of naked boys and men but the video was the first I'd ever seen of their dicks waving around, bobbing back and forth and the cum, well, that was so cool. I just couldn't get that out of my head. I just kept seeing them shoot their cum over and over.

It was in my mind all through dinner and watching television later, all I could think about was those three guys getting off on the girl. So, I got up, said goodnight to the parents and went up and started up my computer.

I typed in the web address and there it was. I got the video on and sat there in my pajamas with my hand under the elastic rubbing as I watched.

I had fingered myself before, quite a few times and it always felt good, even sometimes, really good. But, now rubbing, it felt different this time as I watched the three boys and the girl.

The video started out with them all naked in the room with one boy sitting down as she comes up to him, turns as he spreads his knees apart, and she sits back on his lap very slowly, moving forward and back, obviously putting his dick inside, as he shoves his hips forward.

Then the other two come up to her as she's moving on top of the guy's lap and she takes both dicks in her hand, pulling one nearer as her lips slide over it. She's sucking him as he stands there.

I slid a finger inside me, trying to make it feel like I was the girl sitting on the boy's lap and even pursed my lips imitating, as best I could, the sucking she was doing. I could feel my heart thudding as I moved my finger back and forth, watching as the girl began rocking up and down on the boy in the chair. She took turns sucking the other two and then, through my headphones, I heard the boy under her groan and I knew he had to be cumming in her.

I was panting now, watching her get up off the boy as now she sat down in the chair, leaning back as all three gathered around her masturbating over her, laughing as she fingered herself.

My fingers were making me feel lots better than they normally do, it always feels good, this was getting really good, I was panting and my nipples felt tingly. Something was happening and it was different.

One of the boys started shooting globs of his cum onto the girl and that's when I felt myself just kind of melt inside as my body started to jerk and shudder. Then I was just flooded over with warmth and the smoothest feelings of pleasure imaginable. I just sat there, stunned, my body overwhelmed.

I knew what it was, it had to be, no wonder girls talk about it so much. I thought the good feelings I'd been having were orgasms. Oh, no, not even close. This had to be the real thing. Then I realized I was covered with perspiration.

My parents virtually never came in my room when the door was closed so I pulled off my pajamas to help me cool down. I felt wonderful and wanted to do it again so I watched the same video six times, it was only about thirteen minutes long and I had three orgasms before I turned off the computer and fell into bed exhausted.

But before I fell asleep, I thought about that video and the girl in it and the fun she seemed to be having. And I thought about the new, wild feelings I had just discovered, orgasms, those wonderful, mysterious explosions that are the reward for being female.

I usually dream about two or three nights a week and that night I had a dream, a long, drawn-out fantasy of me and JR, Steve and Danny having sex, each boy gleefully fucking me one after the other as I kept having these wonderful new orgasms over and over.

When I woke up the next morning I was surprised I was naked, I don't ever sleep that way, but I decided that I liked being that way and haven't worn pajamas since. And it makes it easier to have fun in bed which I did before I got up.

After breakfast, I texted Danny asking him, "Member da video with the girl N 3boys? Still wanna do it? U, me, JR, Steve?"

Almost without delay, my screen read, "YESYESYESYES."

"B OVR UR house haf hour. K?"


Well, that looked pretty affirmative so I went and showered and put on a teeshirt and short-shorts with no panties. Angie was a girl today, a full-fledged girl, I thought, as I headed out the door knowing it would be an exciting day indeed.

Did I have some idea just where all this might go?

I was on the pill. My mom did that when I went in the sixth grade, not long after I'd started having periods. So, that was a green-light if things went further than my buds shooting their cum all over me. All over my naked body.

Those words, when I thought them, ran a shiver right down my middle ending between my legs.

I tromped up the front stairs as usual and the door swung open and there they were, all three, grinning like they'd won the lottery. Maybe they had?

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