Stone Inc
Chapter 1

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, First, Oral Sex, Workplace, School,

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ben Stone has just turned sixteen, the age when Stone males are considered men. He is the ninth generation of the Stone family to join the family company and starts to learn the secrets and benefits of being a Stone.

"So what do you have planned for this weekend?" Ben's father asked out of the blue on the Wednesday before the Labour Day weekend.

Ben was so shocked on several fronts that he didn't know how to answer the simple question. First of all, his dad rarely spoke to him at the breakfast table, and if he did, it usually was to inform him he would be either home late or out of town. Usually, his head was buried in the business section of the morning newspaper while sipping on his coffee as Ben ate a bowl of cereal.

Secondly, for his dad to actually express any interest in his life, other than to make sure Ben's grades were meeting his high expectations, was rare to say the least. The last time he did was a couple of weeks ago to inquire if Ben needed anything for school before he started grade eleven in high school. Ben had long gotten used to being alone in the house after school and on weekends. He had never known his mother; his dad only saying that she had died in a car accident soon after Ben was born. When he started high school, Ben's father had decreed that Ben no longer needed a caretaker and could fend for himself after school.

So Ben wasn't quick on his response to the question as he looked at the back of the paper his dad's head was still behind. The expected frown on his dad's face when he bent the paper down to look at him was missing and replaced with a mild inquisitive look which puzzled Ben even more.

"I didn't have much planned, maybe go to the mall for some last minute school shopping," Ben told him.

"Well, tomorrow is your birthday, we'll go down to the license office and you can write your driver's test," his dad said. "I've signed you up for driving lessons as well. Tomorrow night we'll go out to dinner to celebrate. Sound good?"

"Fine with me," Ben replied.

"Friday I'll take you into work since you haven't been down there in a while," his dad continued. "Holly wants to see you and introduce you to Veronica, the woman handling your trust fund from your grandparents."

"Sounds good, I haven't been down there in months," Ben agreed.

"Make sure your good suit still fits for Thursday night and you have another one for Friday," the elder Stone instructed. "If not, go to the mall and get a couple and put them on this."

His dad slid over a MasterCard with his name on it.

"It has a five thousand dollar limit for emergencies but don't go on a spending spree as Veronica and Holly will let me know if you buy anything unnecessary," cautioned his dad. "Ok, I'll be home late tonight so grab a pizza or something."

Ben nodded as his dad got up and went off to work. As his day progressed, he wondered about his dad's behavior at breakfast. He had never expressed an interest in the personal side of Ben's life before. Even the licence stuff was handled with the handbook appearing on the table two weeks ago with a note for him to study it for the upcoming test. For his dad want to spend a lot of time with him was so out of character it had him puzzling over why the sudden concern.

After working out and showering, Ben tried out his suit and found it tight and the pants too short as he had a growth spurt over the summer. He was now over six feet and a hundred and eighty-five pounds, his summer weight lifting regiment helping to bulk him up significantly. He took after his dad, the same dark hair and wide shoulders along with the height, as his dad was six foot three.

He walked to a nearby mall and, with the help of a sales associate, picked out a decent black suit as well as a grey one for the office trip. A couple shirts, ties, black socks and a new pair of dress shoes brought the total to close to eight hundred dollars with taxes. He handed over the credit card and signed the slip. After thanking the man for his help, he left the men's store and walked around the mall.

Ben picked up some paper, binders and some pens from the office supply before grabbing a burger from the A&W booth at the mall's food court. As per usual, he scoped out the girls as they wandered by or sat down to eat lunch. Some went to the same high school as he did; in fact he saw a few of the popular crowd from his grade, all of them starting grade eleven next Tuesday after the holiday on Monday.

He saw Laura Vanderbeek and Peggy Watson hanging out with a pair of jocks Brad Thistle and Lance Atwood but didn't see the girl he most wanted to look at, Madison Isler. Ben particularly enjoyed watching Madison, as she was a very pretty girl that was very tall and slim, at least five nine or five ten, with long black hair and a beautiful smile. Unlike some of the other girls, she wasn't a stuck-up bitch, but the group made sure she only associated with them. He looked around the different food booths but didn't see her in any of the lines which was a disappointment as he had a crush on her from the first day of grade nine. Of course he had done nothing about it as he was quiet and shy as well as being friends with some of the geeks and nerds. While Ben didn't classify himself as one, he was smart and sometimes got branded as one, even though he dressed in the latest fashions and lived in a very well off neighbourhood.

After he finished his lunch, he wandered around for another hour, picking up a couple tee shirts and jeans while continuing to gaze at the multitude of girls, either in packs or with their mothers and other siblings. Brad and Lance gave him scowls the one time he passed the group, but Ben was happy to note that he was the same height or maybe even a bit taller than both of them. He looked them in the eye without feeling the least bit intimidated.

"Was that Ben Stone?" he heard Peggy ask the group. "When did he get to be so big?"

"He must be using roids," Lance said dismissively. "No one puts on that much weight in a couple months."

Ben ignored the comments as he knew he had put in the effort every morning in their weight room and every night on the stationary bike. He was in the best shape of his life; too bad he didn't have much inclination to go out for sports if he had to deal with the likes of those two morons.

He walked home and hung up his new suits, including the new shirts to air them out and get rid of the wrinkles. The rest of the new clothes went into the washer.

While waiting for it to finish, he worked on organizing his binders for school. He had math and English in the morning and then history and biology in the afternoon, five days a week. It didn't take him long to have everything ready to go so he played some games on his computer until it was time to order a pizza. Ben watched a movie while eating and then reread the driver's handbook before heading to bed, his dad still not home.

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