Chapter 1: Questions

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: Questions - Steve the stud gets results.

Sis had been down for a few days since her fourteenth birthday. She'd taken her CAP test of course, and she hadn't liked the result: 4.8. She was already resigned to scoring less than 6.5, so she wasn't surprised at not making sponsor. What annoyed her was that she hadn't even made 5.0, and Ann, her best friend, had already got herself a 5.1. She'd really wanted to beat Ann's score. Mainly for the chance to tease her, I think.

She'd been snappy ever since, so I'd been avoiding her as much as possible. That evening I was hiding in my room, working on my computer. No, not porn, school work. I only allowed myself to look at porn -- "research for if I'm extracted" -- after I'd done that day's homework.

There was a knock on my door, and Danni called, "Can I come in, Steve?"

"Sure, Danni." Don't ever try to call her 'Dan', she'll make sure you sing soprano for days afterwards. And if you call her 'Danielle', it'll be for weeks. Only Mum was ever allowed to call her that, and even then, not very often.

She came in and sat on my bed. I spun round in my computer chair and faced her, waiting for her to start. We both have brown eyes and light brown hair. I keep mine pretty short, while she has hers longer, about shoulder length. Her breasts weren't as well-developed as some of her friends, Ann for one, but her shape was filling out nicely. She was showing off her legs and flat stomach in a dark blue micro-skirt and a cut-off white T-shirt with, "You suck. I swallow." across her tits -- typical for a potential concubine. Female potential concubine that is, I was in my usual full length T-shirt and jeans.

"You're a guy," she said.

I couldn't resist, "No officer. I deny it all. I wasn't there at the time whatever it was didn't happen."

Danni glared at me, "This is serious, Steve."

"Sorry, Sis. Yes, I'll admit to being a guy."

"What are guys like?" she asked. "At pickups, I mean. I don't want to let a guy do stuff to me and then leave me behind. I don't mind doing things if he takes me, but if he's gonna leave me behind, then I really want to know first. How do I tell?"

Well. There was a question and a half. Of course, when she was still thirteen, she'd had a chance of going as Dad's dependant if he'd been picked as a concubine. We'd even signed some legal papers so she could have gone with me, if I'd been selected. But that was in the past. She'd turned fourteen now, so she didn't count as a dependant any more. How could she tell if a guy was playing it straight, or if he just wanted a free fuck? It isn't so bad for us non-sponsor men. We have a slim chance of being picked, but I'd be happy being test driven by half a dozen women and then left behind. I could understand Sis' point that it wouldn't be so easy for a girl. I was pretty sure she was still a virgin, which would make it even more difficult for her.

"Yeah, I can see that would be a real bummer, Sis. Doing ... whatever, and him leaving you behind." I was careful how I phrased that. We hadn't discussed sex much between us, so I wasn't sure how she would react to more explicit descriptions.

I took a bit of time to think. "Most guys are OK. There's sort of an implied contract there, if you let them do stuff, then they'll take you as their concubine. Provided you don't make a complete mess of it, of course."

She reacted to that, "I can do OK," then blushed at what she'd said.

I pretended not to notice her reaction and went on, "Most guys, most of the time, are going to honour that contract." That sparked a thought, "Actually, that's a good idea. If you speak out loud then there will likely be a Confederacy recording of what you said. That might help. At the very least he's going to think twice about dumping you. Some guys aren't OK, so there really aren't any hundred percent guarantees I'm afraid, even with a good CAP score. Look at Wayne for instance."

Sis grimaced, "Ugh. Never in a million years."

Almost everyone in school wondered how Wayne had ever managed to scrape a 6.5 CAP score. It was a big puzzle; the guy was a complete plonker. None of the girls I'd talked to would even consider going with him. He was probably going to have to fool a couple of women who didn't know him, or find two who were really desperate to get off Earth.

I told Sis, "You'll basically have to trust your instinct. If he feels wrong, then don't take the risk. Now, some guys, a lot of guys probably, will do silly things at pickups, just because they've got the chance. Stuff like, 'Show me your tits, Mrs. Cooper, ' for example." Mrs. Cooper taught us English, and she had the world's most awesome pair of bazongas.

Danni nodded at that. "Yeah, I can see a lot of guys going wild over her. But that isn't going to happen to me, is it? I won't have a queue to look at mine."

"No, probably not, nice though they no doubt are." I wasn't kidding her, they were nice. A bit on the small side, but definitely nice. They still had that tight, teenage shape. I'd gotten the occasional glimpse as we went in and out of the bathroom we shared.

Getting back to the main subject, I carried on, "What Mrs. Cooper will do is help you sort out the ones who just want a look at her, and the ones who want to go further. You'll probably be able to tell which guys are really serious about actually taking her, and which just want the bragging rights without filling one of their slots. So you could keep an eye out for how the sponsors are treating the other women. If he test-drives a whole bunch of women, probably best to avoid him, unless he has a really high score. You can always ask to look at his CAP card, so you can check."

"What if he won't show me?"

"Then that tells you something about him," I told her. "If I were you, I'd say 'no' to a guy like that." Sis nodded in agreement. "If the guy just tries out a few women, then he's probably not looking to put one over on you. If he's good he'll be up-front about things. Something like, 'There are three of you, and I'll take the two who give me the best blowjobs.' That's not a guarantee, but at least he's being straight about what he's offering."

She nodded, "That wouldn't be as bad as just being left. At least I'd know what the deal was in advance."

"Yeah. You can always ask the guy what the deal is, like I said with speaking the contract out loud. You don't know him and he doesn't know you. Get all the cards out onto the table, so everyone knows what's what." I had another thought, "That also gives you a chance to talk to him a bit. Even a short conversation might help. Something a bit more substantial than, 'Drop your knickers and bend over.' It should help you suss him out better."

"That's part of the problem," Sis pointed out. "There might be a load of strangers I know nothing about. At least with the guys from school I know something about them. I already have a fair idea of who I'd want to go with, and who I wouldn't."

"Don't forget the teachers as well. I wouldn't say no if Ms. Chung asked me."

"In your dreams, Bro. I think there would be a queue for her almost as long as the queue for Mrs. Cooper's boobs. And it wouldn't just be the boys."

Sadly, she was probably right.

We managed to find four seats together: Dad, Mum, Danni and I. We were lucky, since there was a big crowd in the school hall. Post-Swarm, people made sure to attend events like this, just in case the Confederacy arrived to make a pickup. Pre-Swarm, a school concert would only have had a fraction as many people attending. There weren't many large events round town, so everyone tried to make the most of whatever opportunities there were.

While the performers were setting up on the stage, I had a look around to see who else was there. Ms. Chung was sitting next to a woman I hadn't seen before: European, age about twenty-five or so, with short blonde hair. Looked to me like a probable pre-pack. I'm sure a lot of people had done the same; it would obviously make sense if you were hoping for a Confederacy extraction. I couldn't see Mrs. Cooper, but perhaps she was helping with things behind the scenes. I suspected all the teachers were around somewhere. Frankie, one of the sponsor level girls, was sitting two rows in front of us -- I recognised her long red hair. As far as I knew, she hadn't picked a boy for her harem yet. My problem was that there were so few female sponsors, and so many of us low CAP boys. I knew my chances weren't at all good if there was a pickup. Danni had a far better shot at going than I did.

"So Sis," I asked, "see any sponsors you fancy?"

"Barry's here, and I saw Ravinder's dad so he likely is as well. I haven't seen John, but he said he was going to come, so he's probably around somewhere."

"John R, John L or John K?"

"Oh, John R of course," she said, looking at me as if I should have known already. "John K is taking his sister and Chloe, I asked him. John L is creepy, I wouldn't want him as my sponsor."

That made sense. John Lancaster was one of the Goth crowd, and worked hard at being creepy. "What about the teachers?" I reminded her.

"Hmmm, Mr. Ross is OK, but a bit boring. Mr. Mason is nice, though he's married, so one of his slots has likely gone already. There's a rumour that he's also taking some girl who lives next door to him, so both his slots might be filled. I don't think he scored a seven or higher."

"Mr. Ross might be safer for you. He's married to another guy, so you might not get bothered too much."

"And what if I want to be bothered, Bro?"

She did have a point there.

Just then the concert started and put a stop to any further conversation. The choir sounded pretty good to my ears, though some people in the orchestra needed to practice more. They were all playing enthusiastically enough; it was their skill that was lacking. We all applauded anyway at the interval.

After the applause died down we were just about to head out for a necessary break, when a big man in a green uniform walked onto the stage and announced, "Ladies and Gentlemen, my apologies for the interruption. I am Lieutenant David Harlow of the Confederacy Space Marines, and we are here to perform an extraction."

Woo hoo! An extraction! Result! It was rather a let-down that the first thing the lieutenant did was to send most of us out to use the toilets, where we'd been heading anyway, while they rearranged the hall. The interdiction field they'd set up was a big one, large enough to enclose all the main school buildings. I was sure a lot of people would be grateful for the lieutenant's thoughtfulness before the evening was over. He'd probably done this sort of thing many times before, so he knew the pitfalls.

While we were washing our hands, I asked Dad, "Are you going to try?"

He shook his head. "No, Steve. Your mother can't go, and Danni's fourteen now, so I'm not going to bother."

Mum had some problems after Danni was born, so she couldn't have any more kids. It was something even Confederacy medicine couldn't fix, so she was stuck on Earth. Like the rest of us, Dad wasn't a sponsor, so he couldn't take either me or Danni. If this had happened before Danni's birthday, then I was sure that he would have tried, on the off-chance he could have taken Sis as a dependant. I was sad that he was staying, but there was no real chance of us both being picked by the same sponsor. Either way, we'd be apart if I got lucky and someone took me. He loved Mum and didn't want to leave her. "OK, Dad. I understand," I assured him.

Sis was looking a bit teary-eyed when we met back up, so she and Mum had probably been having a similar conversation in the Ladies. There were a couple of Confederacy Marines at the entrance to the Hall, separating out the non-participants and dependants. Those guys are huge. You don't realise how big two metres really is until you see it in the flesh, and there's a lot of flesh to see. They aren't stick-thin like high-jumpers, they're very solidly built with lots of muscles. We hugged goodbye as Mum and Dad left for one of the classrooms. They would be helping look after the under fourteens whose parents were in the main hall trying to be picked up. Mum and Sis were crying, though I managed not to. This might be the last time Mum and Dad would see me in person, and I didn't want them to remember me crying.

Inside the hall they had stacked most of the chairs away, and set up some tables in the middle. Us single concubines gathered over on the left side: girls and women towards the front, boys and men further back. The married couples who were trying to get picked together were on the other side at the back. The concubines already in pre-packs waited near the front, just below the stage. Some of the Marines herded us into our areas. They made it very clear that the sexes had to stay inside their assigned areas; coloured lines on the floor marked the boundaries. You only stepped out if a sponsor wanted you for a test drive. The sponsors gathered up on the stage for their CAP card readers and a quick briefing from Lieutenant Harlow.

One of the Marines, he had three stripes so I suppose he was a sergeant, told us, "All potential concubines, if you aren't already naked, then strip now. Just keep your CAP card with you. This is an order."

I started undressing.

Predictably, there was a rush of sponsors, the boys anyway, to where Mrs. Cooper was stripping. I didn't get to see anything interesting because the crowd blocked my view. She was the only concubine in the melee as the other women and girls had moved away from her. Anyone else standing near her wasn't going to get noticed at all. I wondered what was going on in the crush...

PFC Kate Vickers received an alert over her AI link, «Private, there's a problem in the unselected females area. The lieutenant wants it sorted out.»

«Yes, Sergeant. I'll see to it.»

As soon as she got close, Kate could see the scrum of sponsor boys round one of the women. She easily made her way through the crowd and saw the source of the problem. The AI notified her, «This is Mrs. Elaine Cooper, an English teacher at the school.»

Kate wondered how on earth could she ever teach boys anything? Every boy in her classes would be thinking of something other than the lesson. That also explained the scrum round her now -- they had a chance to make their classroom fantasies come true.

"Stand back boys," Kate ordered. "You can't all fuck her at once." Mrs. Cooper was beginning to look worried; moving back the crowd helped her to relax a bit. Kate turned to the teacher, "You look like you could do with some protection?"

"Yes please," Mrs. Cooper replied. "I don't want to have all of them test driving me."

"Do you mind taking on a few of them?"

"No, that's fair, provided they're serious about selecting me. There are too many here for me to go with them all. A small group would be fine."

"OK, you pick out as many as you can handle, and I'll get rid of the rest." Kate had been in similar situations before. The easiest way to deal with it was to let the concubine cut the number of sponsors down to something she could cope with.

"Yes, I can do that," Elaine agreed. She knew most of the boys in the crowd, and she could see some she wouldn't mind having as her sponsor.

Kate turned to the boys. "There are too many of you to all take a test drive, so Mrs. Cooper is going to pick a few of you. She picks you, not the other way around. Those she picks get to test drive her, the rest of you go and find yourselves some other concubines."

"But we're the sponsors," one boy complained. "We get to choose, not her. She's just a concubine."

"You haven't been paying attention in class, have you?" Kate told him, sharply. "Every concubine gets to say 'yes' or 'no' before the AI registers her as yours. If she's going to say 'no' to you anyway, then you're better off not wasting your time here."

Elaine broke in, "I won't ever agree to be your concubine, Wayne, so you may as well leave now." She addressed the wider group, "I'll pick four of you to test drive me, and the rest of you will have to find someone else. There are too many of you for you all to do what you want." There was some grumbling among the boys, but most of them could see the sense in what she said. Even naked, she was still a teacher, and could project her authority. "OK, I'll pick Martin, John Riley, Ravinder and Nick," pointing out four of the boys in the crowd. "The rest of you will have to go. Sorry boys." She smiled regretfully at the others.

Most of them did get the message and leave, though a few hung around to ogle. Stupid of them, Kate thought, the sensible ones would get first pick of the other concubines. The one who had complained, Wayne, was among those who stayed.

Elaine asked Kate, "Can you record agreements, before I become a concubine?"

"Sure. The AI hears everything," the big Marine assured her.

"Does my sponsor have to stick to the agreement?"

"Provided it doesn't go against Confederacy Law he has to. You can't give him orders, for instance."

Elaine nodded and turned to the four waiting boys. "OK, I've got two conditions. First, you don't let Wayne touch me. Ever. He can't lay a finger on me, and you won't loan me to him, give me to him or trade me to him. Agreed?" There was a chorus of yes's from the boys. Wayne was not generally popular except within his own small coterie who, apart from himself, were all below the 6.5 CAP cutoff.

"Second condition. Once we get on the ship, whichever one of you takes me is going to have a lot of his friends asking for a crack at me. That's understandable, but I don't want to play hostess for a gang-bang. One or two at a time is reasonable. I don't want to have to take on ten of your mates at a party. OK?" Again four more yes's.

"The AI says it is prepared to enforce those two conditions," Kate confirmed.

Elaine turned back to the four expectant boys and took control of the situation, "You can start by fondling my breasts. Martin first."

When the scrum round Mrs. Cooper cleared, I could see she had a female Marine standing guard by her, and four guys waiting for their test drives. Lucky bastards.

Looking at the other naked girls, I had to laugh. One of the Goth girls, Nat, hadn't dyed her pubes. Everything else was black: hair, lipstick, nipples, eye-liner, nail-varnish (toe-nails included) but not her pubes. They were just a boring mousey brown. She'd have done better to have shaved them off. I'd never been able to discover whether she was a Natalie or a Natasha; she only ever answered to 'Nat'. I wasn't in with the Goths so I couldn't ask her directly, she'd have just glared at me. John L was talking with her, and as I looked she knelt down and started sucking him.

Seeing that gave me one of my ideas, something to help Sis. I went over to find Eric, and dragged him, reluctantly, to the edge of the crowd of naked boys. For some reason he'd been trying to hide in the middle of the bunch. Stupid of him, how was he going to get picked if he was standing where the sponsors couldn't see him? When we got to the boundary between us and the girls, I stopped and waved to get Danni's attention. She didn't notice at first, but her friend Ann did, and pointed me out to her.

Watching the two of them walking towards me, I was able to confirm that I'd been right about Danni's tits; very nice for a fourteen-year-old. I told her, "Sis, you need to advertise. Something to make you stand out from the crowd. You owe Eric here, so give him a blowjob out front, where the sponsors can see you."

Danni did indeed owe Eric. Last term, she'd led him on, and when he'd gathered his courage to ask her out, she had turned him down flat, very publicly. It got a two-day laugh from her friends. She felt really bad about it afterwards, and spent a week crying herself to sleep each night. Once I found out what she'd done, I gave her a piece of my mind as well. Blowing Eric would be a twofer. She could both say sorry to him, in public, and advertise her talents to sponsors as well.

All four of us stayed within the boundaries the Marines had set for us. We moved to the front, where Danni would be more visible. She knelt, right at the edge of the girls' area, while Eric stood just inside the boys' area. One of the Marines did wander over to check, but seemed content when I explained the idea of advertising. He even helped keep back the crowd of boys who gathered behind Eric to watch and shout encouragement. I didn't mind that, the commotion attracted some of the sponsors, who came over to see what was happening.

It worked! After Sis had finished off Eric, Mr. Mason came over to see her. That rumour about him having filled his second slot must have been wrong. He took her out into the middle and checked her card while they talked. She sucked him, licked his wife for a bit and they all three went off together. She grinned at me, and gave me a thumbs-up as she left. Result!

Ann had stayed nearby, watching Danni. When she saw that Sis had got herself selected, she asked, "Can I blow you, Steve? I need to advertise as well."

Well, I wasn't going to turn down an offer like that, was I? Ann was taller and darker than Danni, her hair a much deeper brown, almost black, and her skin was closer to the Mediterranean look. She'd started puberty before Sis, so she was more advanced, with bigger boobs and more pussy hair, which she kept neatly trimmed. I think most girls did that these days, if they didn't shave it completely. You never knew when the Confederacy might arrive.

I stood where Eric had been, while Ann knelt in Danni's place. The Marine hung around while we performed for the crowd. I was stiff already of course. She licked me, and then took the head into her mouth. She couldn't deepthroat me, so she was jacking the base of my shaft with her right hand. Her mouth was warm and wet round the end of my prick, and I could feel her tongue licking the underside, up near the tip where it feels really good. I reached down so I could tweak her nipple. I'm afraid that I was so aroused with all the stuff I'd been seeing, that I got too excited too quickly, and didn't really allow her enough time to show off her skills properly. I gave her a quick warning, and shot my cum down her throat. She swallowed it all, apart from a few stray drops, which she wiped back into her mouth with a finger. She licked me clean, and then giggled, "I was going to zip you back up."

I laughed with her, "Well, at least the thought was there."

Ravinder walked over and interrupted us. The last I'd seen of him, he'd been one of the four lucky bastards lined up to test drive Mrs. Cooper. Obviously that hadn't worked out for him. He wanted to talk to Ann of course, not to me. He took her out into the middle, where she sucked him briefly and then laid back on one of the tables while he fucked her. That probably meant she'd already lost her cherry. I didn't think Ravinder was the kind of guy to take her virginity in public and in a rushed situation like this. He'd been on Danni's list, and I agreed with her assessment of him -- he would probably make a good sponsor. It was a good sign for Ann as well, because I was pretty sure that if he fucked her, then he'd take her. Judging by her blowjob, there was no way she'd be a dead fuck.

I was right. After he came in her, they went off together. Ann waved and blew me a kiss. Another result! I was really on a roll today.

I needed some recovery time before another advertising demonstration, so I went to sit on the floor at the back of the group for a quick rest and recuperation. There were some of the male teachers back there trying to look inconspicuous: embarrassed and naked like the rest of us.

I could hear the boys at the front wolf-whistling. It sounded like more than just another blowjob, so I went up to have a look. At the front was John, John R that is, with Mrs. Cooper. She was just wearing a blouse, and judging by the way things were moving, she didn't have anything on under it. John announced, "This wasn't my idea, it was Elaine's idea. A lot of you guys will be going home tonight disappointed, so she wanted you all to have something good to remember."

She moved forward a couple of steps, smiled, and slowly took off her blouse. Ohmygod! We all thought we'd died and gone to heaven. She waggled her shoulders; she had the movement down perfectly. All of us were looking left and right, following them swing. She could have made a fortune as a hypnotist. Then she hefted them, one in each hand, lowering her head to lick her nipples in turn. I suspect that every man and boy in the group had a silly grin on his face. I saw that one of the Marines was smiling, so he obviously appreciated the show as well.

Somebody started clapping, and soon she was getting a big round of applause. She'd chosen to do this, and it was good of her to think of us, so she deserved our thanks. She smiled and waved us all goodbye, before following John off to where the Marines had set up the transporters. I didn't notice who he'd picked for his second concubine, I don't think any of us did.

I still had that silly smile left over from Mrs. Cooper's show, when Ms. Chung stopped in front of the crowd of us unselected males. She had three naked concubines with her: Laxmi, a pretty Indian girl who was seventeen, a year ahead of me; one of the school cooks, a big black woman carrying a fair amount of weight, but looking comfortable with it; and the thin blonde woman she'd been sitting next to earlier. Her small tits had puffy pink nipples, so the blonde was likely natural -- she'd shaved, so I couldn't check lower down. Seems I'd probably been right about the pre-pack.

It looked as if Ms. Chung was going for genetic diversity: she's Korean, and she'd picked an African, an Indian and a European. She was talking into a Bluetooth-type headset, probably a link to a Confederacy AI. "Mark Fletcher," she called and beckoned him forward. She took his CAP card, and put it into her card reader. Nodding, she returned his card and gestured for him to wait. "Shiv Argawal." That was two of the lucky bastards standing up there, smirking back at the rest of us. "Steve Rodway." Shit! She'd called me forward. Me! I got up there quickly and handed her my card. Yes, just like Mark and Shiv, I was smirking at the rest of the losers, standing where I'd been just seconds before.

Ms. Chung explained things to us, "I'll be taking one of you three with me. You will be doing test drives, but you won't fuck me today. Even the one I pick won't fuck me as much as you probably want to." That was fine by me. Once a year would be more than enough. If I was with her, then I was off Earth.

To start with she had the three of us take turns licking her pussy. She sat at the edge of a table and lifted her skirt. No knickers for Ms. Chung! As well as us three, the boys crowded behind the line were straining for a look at it. Like the rest of her, it was small, neat and well-groomed. Mark was first and, from the look on her face, it seemed he went at it too quickly for her liking. I didn't fancy his chances. Shiv had obviously noticed as well, he went in much more gently. I figured he would be my main rival. Then it was my turn. 'Slowly, slowly, ' I reminded myself as I knelt down to worship. I could see that she was already aroused from what Mark and Shiv had done; her clit had emerged from its sheath and her whole pussy was wet. I used my hands to slowly spread her pussy-lips and moved in. I alternated between licking her whole pussy and sucking her clit gently. It was just big enough that I could suck it and still use my tongue on its tip, the way Ann had used her tongue on me. It seemed like an age, but I don't think it was actually too long before she came. I could feel her muscles twitching and her hips gave a few thrusts. I looked up at her from between her thighs and pulled back from her pussy. She nodded to me and said, "Thanks, Steve."

The three of us waited for her decision. "Sorry Mark, you'll have to content yourself with the memory."

That didn't surprise me. So, it was me against Shiv.

She turned to her concubines, "Isabel, Laxmi, both of you get up on a table." It turned out that Isabel was the black cook. I still didn't know the name of Ms. Chung's third concubine, the one with the short blonde hair.

"Shiv, I want you to lick Laxmi. She's a virgin, so just use your tongue in her, no fingers. Steve, you fuck Isabel."

I went over to the black woman, who was laid back on the table, legs spread apart. She had one hand between her thighs, rubbing her pussy to get herself ready. "Hello, Isabel, I'm Steve. I assume you're not a virgin?"

"Not with twins I ain't," she assured me. "Just get on with it, Steve. With all this going on, I'm hot to trot."

She was. As I moved between her meaty thighs, she took hold of my dick and easily slid me into her juicy slot. I started thrusting slowly. She had a nice fat well-padded pussy. Useful for if I really wanted to pound her hard, though the school hall was neither the time nor the place for that. I wanted to impress Ms. Chung, and I didn't think that simply pounding would get me selected. Isabel was carrying a lot of fat, but it was solid and well-distributed. Her thighs were large, and from what I could see of her arse, it looked like it would be a real 'big black booty'. Unlike some fat women, she had a definite waist; no sign of a wobbly spare tyre there. The wobble was all higher up, on her chest. They'd slumped into her armpits, but they were probably bigger than Mrs. Cooper's. It was just that Mrs. Cooper's tits seemed to defy gravity, while I suppose her kids had inevitably had their effect on Isabel's. Her areolae were huge -- at least three inches across. I took one of her long nipples in my hand and started tweaking it as I simultaneously increased the rhythm of my thrusting. My other hand was down by where we were joined, my thumb on her clit. Hers wasn't the tightest pussy I've ever fucked, but I wasn't complaining. She was plenty enthusiastic. Even being fucked by an almost complete stranger, she wasn't holding herself back. I could hear her grunting and she was thrusting her hips back up at me.

Unfortunately Ms. Chung called a halt before either Isabel or I got off, though Isabel was close. She gave me a regretful smile as I apologised and withdrew from her. I had blown a load in Ann's mouth, so I wasn't ready to cum again yet. Shiv and I swapped, so it was my turn to lick Laxmi. "She stays a virgin, right?" I confirmed, and Ms. Chung nodded.

As I looked at her, could see Laxmi's embarrassment. "Sorry, we don't really have a choice here, Laxmi," I told her. I did manage to keep my eyes mostly on her face, though she did have a very nice firm pair of breasts just below it. I could see that her dark nipples were hard.

She nodded and smiled faintly, "It's OK, Steve." She was attractive, but from what I knew of her she wouldn't usually have allowed a boy to see her naked, let alone get anywhere near this far. She wasn't letting me do this because she wanted me to, but because she'd been ordered to. That took some of the pleasure out of it for me; a willing partner is a lot more fun. Still, neither of us had any option, so we had to go through with it.

I wanted to give her a little time to prepare, so I squatted down slowly in front of her shaved pussy. At first I just blew on it, to let her know I was there. I put my hands on her thighs, about half way along. I wasn't going to use my fingers inside her, so I thought it best to let her know my hands were safely out of the way. She was already wet from Shiv's attentions, so I just licked once around the outside of her pussy lips, before I let my tongue penetrate a short way. I started from the bottom and slowly licked my way up towards her clit. It was already half out, so I teased it a little, and then returned to the base of her slit to start the process again. Each time I spent a little more time on her clit, and a little less time travelling up towards it. She was beginning to move her hips a bit, so I quickly licked a finger and stroked it round the outside of her bumhole. Just tickling. I'd been told not to penetrate her, so I didn't. I think she enjoyed the finger, but she wasn't giving me much feedback. I concentrated on licking her clit, and just used my finger occasionally.

Laxmi was far too tense to have an orgasm. I could hear Isabel enjoying a noisy one next to her, just before Ms. Chung stopped things again. Damn! That probably meant Shiv had won this round, and I would be back with the unselected. Oh well, it had been good while it lasted.

Ms. Chung went into a huddled conference with her three concubines, including the one who hadn't been involved in the test drives. When she came towards us, I was ready for a disappointment.

"Congratulations, Steve, you're selected. Sorry, Shiv." He walked disconsolately back to join the crowd of boys.

Gob-smacked didn't begin to describe my feelings. I was in! I wanted to dance round the room, but managed to restrain myself to a big, big grin. Result! "Thank you, Ms. Chung."

"Call me Jun-Hee. This is Diane," indicating her third concubine. "She's my deputy, and will be in charge when I'm not around. You do what she says."

"Yes, M ... Jun-Hee. Hi, Diane," and I nodded to her. She smiled and nodded back.

"Isabel is mother," Jun-Hee continued. "She's in charge of looking after children. Laxmi will be making babies, and you, Steve, are our stud."

That made sense, though I hadn't quite figured out Diane's real role yet.

Jun-Hee was still talking, "As I said before, Steve, you won't fuck me as much as you probably want to. You likely won't fuck Diane at all. Apart from oral, Laxmi is off-limits to you for the moment, until I say otherwise. Isabel is available. In all cases, both of you have to agree. No means no, from either side. Understood?"

"Yes, Jun-Hee."

Later, I asked Isabel why they had picked me ahead of Shiv. She explained, "When you fucked me, you told me your name and then stuck it in. The other guy stuck it in and then told me his name."

Little Michelle was asleep in her cot, so Chelsea Salter was able to catch up on her reading. She needed to finish 'The Grapes of Wrath' for her English course, and now was as good a time as any. There wasn't anything worthwhile on the box tonight; a hundred channels, and all rubbish. Mr. Mason had texted to say he would be delayed, so she wasn't worried that he was behind schedule. Being late wasn't a problem; she lived next door and had in turn texted her parents to let them know about the change in plans.

She heard someone at the back door. That was unusual, normally the Masons returned through the front door. When she got to the kitchen, she saw it was Mr. Mason.

"Hello, Chelsea," he greeted her. "How's Michelle?"

"Hi, Mr. Mason. She's asleep, upstairs. She was well-behaved tonight, and got off to sleep quickly."

"Good. Are your parents next door? I need to see them quickly."

"Yes, they're both in tonight." Worried, she asked, "Why, is something wrong?"

"No, nothing's wrong, Chelsea," he reassured her, "just some news that they need to know. Can you go and get them please?"

"Sure, Mr. Mason." Chelsea quickly went next door to fetch her parents. When she returned with them, the news was obvious. Julie Mason was in a grey shift and flip-flops, carrying little Michelle, and a Confederacy Marine in full uniform had joined Ted Mason in the kitchen.

"You've been picked up!" Richard Salter said, unnecessarily.

"Yes," Ted confirmed. "And now's your chance to get picked up as well. However, there's a small complication."

Living next door to each other, the Salters and the Masons had come to an arrangement. Both the husbands were sponsors, with a pair of concubines apiece. They'd each picked their wives as their first choices. Richard didn't want to take Chelsea, his eighteen-year-old daughter, so Ted had agreed to take her as his second concubine. Richard hadn't yet selected his second.

"I've already accepted a second concubine from the pickup," Ted explained, "one of the girls from school, Danni Rodway. She's nice, you'll like her. You'll have to take Chelsea for the moment, and we can make the swap once we're both on board ship. I can't take her now, because she would put me over the limit. You've got the only spare slot for her."

Worried, Richard asked, "You're sure we'll be able to set up something later?" He didn't relish the prospect of incest with his daughter.

The Marine broke his silence, "Yes, you will. The AI is aware, and what Recruit Mason proposes is definitely allowed. Otherwise we can leave your daughter behind..."

"I'll take her," Richard said hastily. There was no way he was going to leave her for the Swarm. He would sort out the other problem later.

"Thanks, Dad," a relieved Chelsea said, and gave him a kiss.

"Right," the Marine interjected, before things got more serious between Chelsea and her father. "I need to make some other dependant pickups, so let's get moving." Turning to Chelsea and her mother, he told them, "You two don't have shifts, so you travel naked." They both started stripping as the big Marine led everyone into the back garden where the transporter was waiting.

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