Mommy's Boy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, mt/mt, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Spanking, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Is Mommy's Boy too old to have his mother bathe him? Is Cindy going to be Willy's girlfriend? Is Mommy's Boy ever going to get laid?

Willy was known as Mommy's Boy to his mother and enough of his friend's had heard Betty Brown call him by that name to use it to tease Willy to no end. Betty had started calling Willy Mommy's Boy when he was eight, right after Mr. Brown had left town with his secretary. That left Betty alone working as many hours as the Brady Diner could give her to support Willy and herself. Betty was a nice looking woman in her early twenties at that time with a trim and firm body. Between her many hours working at the diner and caring for little Willy she didn't have time to date anyone even though several young men had asked her out.

That's when Betty Brown started insisting on helping her son with his evening bath each night. Eight year old Willy didn't mind at all. He felt good spending the extra time with his mother as she bathed him before bedtime, using a big warm towel to dry him off before helping him into his pajamas.

The evening bathing ritual went on for years just as did the taunting from his classmates. "Hey Mommy's Boy. Is it time for you to go home yet?" "Mommy's Boy, did your mother dress you this morning?"

As he got older, into his early teens the taunting never abated. If anything it got worse. "Hey Mommy's Boy do you have to wear a skirt around the house?" That one always brought a loud laugh from anyone close enough to hear the teasing.

When Willy was twelve or thirteen he had admitted to his mother that his so called friend's were constantly teasing him about being 'Mommy's Boy'. Betty threatened to call all the boy's mothers to tattle on them. Willy was appalled. "Oh no Mother. Don't do that. It will only make it worse. Please don't." Willy had wished that he had kept his mouth shut.

Betty finally reluctantly agreed to leave well enough alone. He was in high school now. Only a few of his old friends were in his classes and the kids he was meeting now called him Willy and did not know that he was also known as Mommy's Boy.

Willy turned fourteen during his freshman year in high school. Fewer and fewer of his peers were calling him by his onerous nickname. Most everyone now called him Willy or just Will.

Of course his mother still called him Mommy's Boy at home even though Willy insisted that he was too old to be called that. "Nonsense. No matter how old you get you will still be Mommy's Boy."

There was something worse that he didn't want anyone to know about. He was fourteen and his mother still bathed him every evening. Several times he had told his mother that he was too old for her to see him naked.

Betty laughed at that. He was her son. It was her job to bathe the boy and teach him to be a man. When he was younger Willy thought nothing about standing naked in the tub, the water at his ankles, while his mother used a soapy sponge to wash him all over.

As Willy got older he was embarrassed standing nude in front of Betty while she prattled on about how her day had gone as she sponged soap on the boy before rinsing his body with the detachable shower head.

As Will became a young teen his penis started to get hard while his mother attended him. It was very embarrassing. Betty laughed, although her face was flushed, as she told her son. "It's only natural Willy. Boys get erections. It's nothing to be ashamed of."

The night of his fourteenth birthday Betty introduced something new to the nightly ritual. She had always included his penis as she washed the boy but now she saved that part of him for last.

After soaping his penis with the big sponge she wrapped her hand around his slippery member and began stroking him. "How does this feel Mommy's Boy?"

Willy was getting week kneed. He had touched himself there a couple of times but this was different. His mother's hand sliding across his soapy dick felt better than anything else he could think of. He said nothing but groaned softly.

Betty smiled. That was a good enough answer for her. She removed her hand to rub the soap bar directly on the boy's hard on, then continued masturbating him with her hand.

"Mommy's Boy's, mother is going to make him feel so good." She softly said to the boy as she continued to rub the boy's hard cock. It had been years since Betty had touched a cock. Now, here she was jerking her fourteen years old son's hard prick.

Willy's legs were trembling as he neared his first climax. Spurt! Spurt! Betty aimed her boy's prick away from her enjoying the sight of his cum shooting out from his cock and into the bath water with a series of small splashes.

Before rinsing him off Betty stole a quick lick on the palm of her hand to taste the young boy's spend. As she used the shower nozzle to rinse the satiated boy's body she giggle as she told him. "Did Mommy make Willy's willy feel good?" The boy only nodded his head. Maybe his mother bathing him wasn't such a bad idea!

Around the same time that Betty began masturbating Willy in the bathtub she changed the way she dressed during 'bath time'. She no longer wore her work outfit while scrubbing the teen's body. She began taking her own bath earlier in the evening changing into one of her many short nightgowns.

Willy never had to be asked twice to take his bath since Betty had started stroking his penis for him. When she started wearing her nightgown he became erect even before he stripped himself for her. He could tell that his mother was naked under her nightgown.

The nightgown was not flimsy enough to see through but he could make out the outline of her smallish breasts as the bathroom light backlit her outfit. He had never seen a naked woman, not even in a magazine which his mother would not approve of, but he could see the faint darker shadow between her legs which hinted at a very hairy pussy.

By the time Willy's fifteenth birthday came around Willy estimated that his mother had masturbated him to an orgasm three hundred and sixty five times. He no longer cared that she called him Mommy's Boy. He bet none of his schoolmates got jerked off by their moms. You guys don't know what you are missing!

When his mother came into the living room on the evening of his fifteenth birthday she shut off the television and announced. "Time for your bath Willy."

Willy looked over at his still trim mother seeing that she had on a new pink nightgown. It was of a silky thinner material than her other ones. He could see his mother's breasts clearly through the material. He could even see that her nipples were standing out from her orange sized breasts rubbing against the thin material of the nightgown. Her pubic hair was also clearly visible through the bottom of the night gown which was so short that Willy knew if she bent over her ass and pussy would be on display to him.

Willy's pecker was hard before he made it to the tub. He disrobed as his mother watched. His erection was impressive for such a young man, Betty couldn't help but notice. When she had previously complimented on the size of his manhood Willy had confessed that when he took a shower after gym class he had noticed that only one other boy had a longer cock, but Willy's was twice as thick. As thick as an adult's cock. He had measured it at an impressive seven and a half inches.

Betty drooled as she bathed the boy. She loved Willy's big penis. Her pussy was more than a little damp. She was washing his ankles with the big sponge knowing that bending to do so brought the hem of her nightgown halfway up her back exposing her bare ass to the boy.

Willy didn't miss it. The sight of his mother's naked bottom brought a drop of precum to the pee hole of his prick. He wished he could see her pussy also. He had never seen it before and wanted to see that hidden treasure badly.

She sponged her son's body as before ending with his hard cock. After soaping and stroking the boy's erection she used the shower head to rinse him off. What is going on? No hand job from Mother?

She could see how disappointed her son was so she told him. "Don't worry Mommy's Boy. For your birthday present I have a new way to milk you." She had always called her jerking him off 'milking his penis'.

When his young prick was free of soap Betty, using both hands on Willy's hips, moved his body to face her. She breathed deeply as her son's cock pivoted to point at her face only inches away. She smelled nothing but the hint of soap.

With her hands still on Willy's hips she pulled him closer opening her mouth to accept his cock. She hadn't had a cock in her mouth in over seven years. Her scoundrel of a husband had always told her how good of a cocksucker she was. She enjoyed and missed having a cock in her mouth.

Betty tasted her son's cock slowly and deliberately not missing an inch of his seven and a half inch length. Her pussy spasmed as she started licking, sucking and kissing the boy's smooth cock flesh. She knew that if he could refrain from cumming too soon she would have a good orgasm herself. Better than when she used her fingers on her pussy which she had been doing every night since she stared masturbating Willy.

Willy had never felt anything so wonderful as what his mother was doing to him. As good as her wet mouth felt on his cock, the sight of it pushing in and out of her lips intensified the erotic feeling. He would have cum already but the experience was so good that he forced himself to hold back his cum to prolong the feeling of his mother's hot mouth.

Betty was moaning loudly around his thick shaft, her cunt cumming again as she pulled Willy's cock as deep as she could into her mouth letting the cockhead penetrate her tight throat. Willy could hold back no longer. Spurt His cock spurted once down her throat before Betty pulled his cock from her throat to let him finish in her mouth so that she could get a good taste of his teenage cum. When he was done with his orgasm Betty let his cock free from her mouth and told him. "That's called a blow job Willy. Happy Birthday Mommy's Boy.

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