Nightshift on the Pleasure Hotline
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Workplace,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Harry Henderson is desperate for a job. Any job. This Nightshift job was not what he was looking for, but it was a job none the less. Now he had to become an expert on lubrication and moisturizers. At least he wasn't the condom expert.

The simple fact was I had been unemployed for almost a year and I was right on the edge of desperation. I had already been rejected politely by a half-dozen human resource persons in that bored, totally disinterested attitude I had come to recognize so well.

This company on my list was located in the old "garment district" and looked very discouraging from the outside. It was called Customer Outreach Corporation and the gold lettering on the door proclaimed,

"Give COC a chance".

The receptionist was a nicely stacked blonde with a pair of howitzer shells sticking out prominently over the top of the counter. The teasingly curled wisps of hair that dangled on the edge of her face swung in a tantalizing rhythm as she gave me the spiel she must have repeated a dozen times today already.

I was quite overqualified for the job.

It was basically a telephone response line to clarify certain product issues and help the customer achieve the results guaranteed by the advertising. Their primary client was a Pharmaceutical company that had a number of "over the counter" products as well as their prescription drugs. The guidelines I was issued assured me that the response line would be only for the non-prescription items and no medical knowledge would be required.

I was really surprised that after a brief testing period, I was accepted into the ranks of "COC" approved employees. I was required to fill out a number of forms including ones that confirmed I was in agreement with assignment to the "nightshift" which ran from 8 PM to 4 AM and might include Saturdays or Sundays on a rotational basis. I was so desperate for a job I would have signed anything except a confession to murdering my wife or being a terrorist. Not being married, the first one was a moot point in any regard.

Monica the receptionist pointed out the places to sign everything and she kept leaning over my shoulder to show me the spot. Each time, her luscious boobs brushed my ear or my arm with a delightful touch that caused a 5-alarm erection in the middle of my crotch.

I could see her glancing at it every now and then and she even giggled once when it jumped unexpectedly with her pretty head almost in my lap. I was somewhat uncomfortable but reluctant to move because her nicely-rounded hip was also pressing into my arm at the same time.

I managed to get her card and she wrote her "home number" on the back in case I had any questions I "needed to clear up" without delay. When she handed me the card, she held the back of my hand with her other hand and squeezed it with unmistakable intent.

I was scheduled to begin the next evening promptly at 8PM.

My supervisor was a middle-aged woman in her late 30s or early 40s with the name of Penny. She seemed aggravated that I was a male and I noticed that most of the other phone persons were female ranging in age from the teens to the 60s. Penny had her hair up in a severe bun and wore the ugliest glasses I have ever seen in my entire life. But when she bent over the copy machine, her ass was a perfect heart-shape and I had no doubt at all she was very fit for a woman of her age. She caught me looking at her ass and gave me a look that promised nothing but trouble. I quickly pretended to have something in my eye and smiled apologetically at her.

There were one or two other males in the cubicle divided room and they both nodded at me like fellow travelers in a pussy dominated world.

"Pay attention, Henderson, remember you are on probation for the first month."

I wondered why she insisted on calling me by my last name instead of Harry but I guess it was her way of showing her control over the less important people working under her.

"Sorry, Ms. Peabody, I was really listening to your every word."

In all honesty, I was daydreaming about taking her glasses off, letting her hair flow free, and shoving my cock right down to the root deep into her pretty heart-shaped ass. The way she looked at me, it was almost like she read my dirty mind and wanted to make me pay for it.

"I am assigning you to the "Lubrication and Moisturizers" desk. It is pretty simple to handle. There are only 14 products total and all you have to do is follow the guide sheet and ask the questions politely and with some degree of authority in your voice. The guide sheet will direct you to the correct product to recommend and you can move on to the next customer. Do not engage in unnecessary conversation and stay focused."

"Yes, sir! I mean Ma'am, I got it, stay focused and no dawdling."

He sat down at the desk, adjusted the headphones and smiled at the redhead across from him giving him a bird's eye view of her pink panties with a completely innocent look on her pretty face.

He hadn't even started yet and he was already sporting a sizable hard-on that would not go down. He saw the light blink on his console.

My very first call as a "COC" man.

"Oh, thank goodness, it is so good to talk to a human being instead of the stupid computer. I am having a problem with the new "Tingling Sensation" jelly that I purchased last week. Can you help me and tell me if I am using it correctly?"

"Certainly. My name is Harry and I will be your lubrication and moisturizer advice specialist this evening. Can you tell me in your own words what is your exact problem?"

"Hi, Harry, my name is Linda and I am so disgusted. I followed the directions right to the letter and it is just not working right."

"Did you make sure it was at room temperature?"

"Yes, I did and I even held the bottle between my legs for a long time to make sure it was not cold or anything."

"I see, well, that sounds like it would work. Did you apply the jelly both inside and right on the top of your vaginal slit?"

"Yes, I did Harry. I put a really big gob right up inside my pussy and made sure both of my lips were completely covered."

"Did you get any tingle at all?"

"Well, of course, I got a lot of tingling when I put it on, but I think it was more from my fingers rubbing so hard. I didn't get any special tingle when I started to use my "Big Boy". Just the usual ordinary orgasm I get whenever I have a little "do it yourself" party."

"Let me have the factory and the lot number from the item, Linda"

By this time, my hand had wandered down to my hard-on and the redhead was looking at me with a very knowing look on her pretty face.

"Do you still have the product there with you, Linda?"

"Yes, I do, Harry. Do I get a refund?"

"Well, first, let's try it again to make sure the item is defective."

"Ok, what should I do?"

"Well, first, Linda, I want you to position a mirror so you can see exactly the area of operations. Next, spread your lips open a bit and see if there is any lubrication remaining. Now, take a generous smear on your fingers and run them up inside your slit and stroke your pussy with your eyes closed."

"I am doing just like you said Harry, when do I know I have done it enough?"

The redhead had scooted her chair closer and I could see her fingers right in the middle of her pink panties as she listened in on my conversation. I could see they were already damp and she was breathing rapidly like she was running up a staircase. Her ass was bouncing a bit on her swivel chair and she looked at me with a naughty glint in her pretty blue eyes.

"Are you starting to get wet down there yet, Linda?"

"Yes, Harry, I am leaking something fierce. It feels so good but I have not started to tingle yet. Do you think it is something wrong with me?"

"No, Linda, not at all. Just move your fingers back to your little brown eye and see if it is pulsating yet. Once it starts to pulsate you can insert your "Big Boy" but not all the way inside as yet."

"Oh, Harry, I am starting to tingle now. Oh my God, Harry, I am starting to cum. I can't stop it. Oh, that's good. Oh, yes. Can I put it all the way in yet, Harry?

"Yes, slide it in all the way and start to move it in and out nice and slow. When you have it all the way inside, tap it with your fingers and put some more of the lubrication around the edges."

"Yes, Harry, I did it. I am tingling all over now. I can't stop the tingles. It is not just my pussy; it is my ass now too. I am tapping it now, Harry. Ahh! I am tingling and spurting now as well, Harry. Its working, Harry. It is so good. I am going to buy some more tomorrow."

"That was very well done, Linda. I am going to send you a complimentary sample of our "Midnight Vibrations" formula.


"Yes, Linda?"

"Can you deliver it to me personally? You have my address and phone number. I want to make sure it works right and I want an expert like you to give me your frank opinion."

I arranged to give her some personal training on Friday night and she gave me the highest score for customer satisfaction on the hotline.

My redheaded co-worker, whose name was Sue, held up her fingers to show me she had a successful foray into her own bush and I smiled my appreciation for her interest and support. We later managed to find time for product research in the break-room.

The very first night, I managed to satisfy 22 customers and a co-worker. It was a nice kick-off to my new employment on the "Pleasure Hotline".

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