The Garbage Man
Chapter 1


The most unbelievable things are rationalized with the simplest of reasons; and revenge is as simple as they come.


That's what people will believe about it. That It was just two gangs having it out over turf. Throw around a few flags and broken 40's and no one will look much further.

Hell, the first patrol car didn't even stop. It circled the block. Twenty minutes later the corner of Lexington and 14th was flashing red and blue. Three patrol cars and a detective unit arrived on the scene.

I'm shocked. They actually put some effort into this one. Not that it will do them much good. The scene was too perfect.

Last night, every violent sexual offender in Red Anchor walked out of their houses and hovels, purchased colors, and executed each other gangland style.

The Police are overworked and tend to use Occam's Razor to slice their paperwork. The number of violent crimes has doubled here in the last three months.

Even the best boys in blue are starting to drown in the number of new cases.

The worst simply tilt another glass bottle underneath their ruddy noses.

Incompetence is disgusting and unprofessional, but I shouldn't complain. The worse they are at their job the easier it is to do mine.

My name is Dan, just Dan and I am a Garbage man, and today is payday.

It was a long week. The coffee at the Maple and 16th Village Inn is terrible, horrible swill barely fit for human consumption. I had 4 cups.

In walked a pair of nervous eyes attached to a sweaty face with a half hearted smile.

Ahh another satisfied customer.

The man looked in his mid forties, with mousy features and a hairline long since receding.

He took a folded manila envelope out of his pocket and placed it underneath the napkin in front of me. His eyes looked to mine for some acknowledgement. I took another sip out of my cup and waved him off with a yawn.

He looked as if he was about to say something. My body language should have told him that was a bad idea. He walked casually out to the parking lot and got into a green SAAB. The driver looked every bit the epitome of a Mary Kay lady, pink blazer and all.

The cash in the envelope smelled slightly of frosting. I wonder how many bake sales it took for the PTA to meet my fee.

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