Joey and Susan Naked in School
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Tear Jerker, First, Masturbation, Size, School, Nudism,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I think others have tried transposing Karen Wagner's Naked in School idea to a British setting but Iam not sure. This is my attempt. Joey is a bit like one of my other characters but much more so. Intelectual but socially inept. Susan privilige, beautiful, bright, but damaged. They are thrown together by the program. Can they support one another through it.


The new school term had just started and this would be its first full week and I was not looking forward to catching the bus today. My name is Joey Smith, pretty ordinary hu! Well that sums me up; I'm pretty average all round. Average height about five eight or nine, average looking, nobody would pick me out in a crowd or even notice I was there. I wish I could say average build, but if skinny was average then that would be me. In fact there are only three things about me that are not average the first is my brain. I stand out in any class because in some of them I know more than they guy or the gal who is teaching it.

If I don't finish up as the male dux of the school* that would be the local shock of the decade. Of course that does not necessarily endear me to my fellow pupils. The second thing that isn't average is my mouth, I should learn to keep it shut sometimes, but my smart ass brain sometimes runs away with it even to the extent of pointing out to a teacher he has got something wrong. Needless to say that does not endear me to members of the staff.

Now the last thing that is not average about me is my dick. The average dick is about five to seven inches long when fully erect. I may be average height, less than average build, but my dick when fully erect, which it is a lot of the time (because I have a dirty mind and fantasize about girls a lot) is about eight and a half inches long and quite thick to boot.

Now you might be thinking at this point that you would like to have a dick that size and that it would be something to be proud of. Uh! Uh! If like me you have never been with a girl and you fantasize a lot about them in class because you don't need to pay attention to what the teacher is saying, because academically you are away ahead of the game, then having a monster like that at full mast at the end of a lesson can be a constant source of embarrassment.

Most guys swing their rucksack at least halfway onto their shoulders as they leave the class, me, I carry mine in front of me to hide the monster that is tenting my pants. Okay, you might think, if you are so smart, why you don't stop fantasizing long enough before the lesson ends so that the monster might subside a bit before you have to leave. Come on guys, do you keep track of the time when you have a dream that you have just got the most beautiful or even the most haughty and stuck up girl in the class naked and your dick is pounding into her pussy and she is begging for more? Of course you don't and the bell for the end of the lesson comes as a bit of a shock.

Anyway to get back to me not looking forward to the school starting back after the weekend, there are two reasons for this. A large lout from the sixth form and a member of the rugby club was pointing out my deficiencies in front of a small crowd of my fellow pupils. He was decrying my build, my lack of muscular structure, my lack of social knowhow, and the fact that I blushed if a girl even looked my way. All of this was perfectly true so I should just have ignored it but I didn't.

As I said, however, my brain often takes over and causes me to run off at the mouth as it did on this occasion. It saw its chance as a group of teachers appeared on the scene heading for their cars which were parked nearby within the school grounds

I looked at his far from handsome face, sort of bug eyed and rather thick rubber lips and inspiration struck and I remembered a quip from somewhere so I responded to his taunts.

"Who are you to decry me Frank?" I asked him. "If my dog had a face like yours I would shave the hair around its ass and teach it to walk backwards"

Then have delivered that immortal line I made a quick exit stage left as the saying goes. Now he is just waiting his chance to catch me alone and then I will get a thumping

The second reason I am not looking forward to school this week is that I am now in my fourth year and studying for my standard grades. It is not the exams that are bothering me; I will ace those easily enough. My worry is about the recent school policy initiated two years ago by the headmaster; Mr Nicholas Devlin, Ma. Honours first class, PhD and an excellent mathematician into the bargain

He is a real brain, a first class organizer and great at managing and motivating his staff and parents to do his will. He is also a scourge of wrong doers who often think he has a magic eye for spotting their misdeeds since he seems to know about them almost before they have happened. Some smart ass pupil long ago said his name was misspelled and that the 'n' should have been dropped and the 'l' transposed so that it read devil and from then on he was known as 'Old Nick'.

But I am digressing. It is not only my mouth that my brain runs away with. Two years ago he imported a scheme that had been running in America to a now less than puritan Scotland and persuaded staff and parents to go with it. It was known as the Naked in School program. He did not get things all his own way though. He wanted to introduce it throughout the school with two pupils, a boy and a girl from each year going naked in school for a whole week.

He managed to persuade the staff but the parents voiced an objection and they won the day. They would accept the introduction of the program to the school but pupils should not be asked to participate in it until they reached their fourth year. The two from the fourth, the fifth and the sixth year would be asked to go naked in school in each week of the school year. As this was the first full week of term the next phase of the program would start today and if sod's law operated as it usually did, I would expect my name to be the first to pop out of the hat.

This would mean that for the next week I would be parading my skinny body around the school absolutely naked. I can hear the derision now. I would also have to give way to people who wanted to touch or examine any part of my anatomy as long as it was deemed a reasonable request. Right away I could see Frank making a reasonable request that might sound like it was, but which would be something else when he put it into action

Even more worrying, however, was my big sister's best friend. Now my sister is a wet dream walking. She is absolutely fabulous in every department gorgeous blonde hair, really pretty face, gorgeous tits a narrow waist a lovely ass, and long shapely legs and we get on pretty well. She knows if she has problems with her studies she can come to me and I will help her with them. It is probably because of her, I don't get bullied as much as I might have done because she once smacked a guy in her year when he was twisting my arm up my back for some reason I don't remember now. He knew better than to retaliate because not only is she very popular with her peers, she is also a black belt in Karate.

So why am I worried about her best friend. Well Sheila, my sister, walked into my room one day to ask me something and I was naked and thinking about wanking off so my cock was at full mast. She blushed and apologized but she was also impressed and later on she told me so and then I was the one who blushed. She also told her best friend Wendy about the size of my dick and although they never spread it around, Wendy often rags me about it and eggs me on to let her see it while my sister just laughs at her antics. Well today she could get her wish and knowing her I could guess what her reasonable request could be and her doing that to me in public would really be embarrassing. On the other hand it might also be thrilling.

Before I say anything else perhaps I should tell you something about my school since it got away with introducing this program. It did so because it operates in the private sector of Scottish Education. In other words it is fee paying so it has a great deal of leeway in the policies it can pursue. When the program was first introduced some parents objected to their children being expected to participate in it. The head master agreed that they had every right to object and to withdraw their children for his new program. Then he also told them that he was sure they could find other perfectly good schools in the area which did not and probably never would run such a program. Since our School had a fabulous education on offer, an excellent sporting record and a marvellous extracurricular activities program, most withdrew their objections. Old Nick was not to be trifled with.

My sister and I attended the school because the staff is given preferential rates and my mum is a teacher at the school. She teaches history and is also head of guidance, and is responsible for advising and counselling pupils. This was not needed in my case because I got a scholarship since I was a child prodigy. This did not mean that my parents got things Scot free. School uniforms were expensive and books as well as extracurricular activities had to be paid for. I was in the school orchestra and played the cello an instrument which was bought by them and upgraded when I was accepted for the orchestra.

I was spared the first of my fears for the day because mum informed my sister and me that she would give us a lift as she did not require to be in early that morning. This meant I would not encounter Frank in the confined space of the bus where I am sure he would have arranged to teach me a lesson without being observed by the driver. But my premonition regarding the program was confirmed when the loudspeaker system announced the candidates for the program that week beginning with the fourth years.

"Will Joseph Smith and Susan Carnegie-Smyth please report to the Headmaster's Office."

That did not make my day ant better, not only was I chosen for the program but I was being partnered with Susan Carnegie Hyphen Smyth. The name says it all

Somewhere back in her ancestry she would have been a plain Smith like me. Then somebody in their line made money and married a rich girl with the surname Carnegie and to give themselves more status they hyphenated the two and changed the Smith to Smyth thus emphasizing the 'I' sound. Susan was absolutely drop down dead gorgeous but was a right snooty bitch who would not give a nonentity and social outcast like me the time of day.

Despite the buddy system on which the two from each year group were supposed to give support to each other I could not see it happening in this case. If she even acknowledged my presence in any way I would be amazed. So as I made my way to the office, I felt pretty despondent about my lot. It was going to be a long and scary week.


With the start of the new school term, I was aware that my life was entering a new and critical phase. This year I would be sitting my standard grades the following year the Scottish Higher Grade exams and the year after that my English based A levels. The latter is due to the fact that I am studying at a private school in Scotland where we are encouraged to spend another year after the Highers to sit A Levels, especially if we want to have a try at getting into either Oxford or Cambridge. Since both my parents went to Oxford and met there they want me to try to follow in their footsteps and try for a place at that university.

I suppose I should tell you something about myself at this stage. I am a bright pupil and I work hard and get good grades. I don't think I am very popular with my peers and I am aware that there are several reasons for this, and not all them the fault of my fellow students. For a start I only have two real friends who have been my close companions since nursery school and who live in the same rich part of town that I do. I think that makes us seem stuck up and makes it look as if we don't want to associate with lesser mortals.

I have to take a good part of the blame for that. Until puberty struck we all went to the same Gymnastic class and had done so since we were tots. Of the three of us I was the one who showed real promise and the head coach took a special interest in me, giving me extra tuition in his own time and encouraging me to strive for higher standards. When my two friends dropped out after their thirteenth birthday he encouraged me to come back telling me that if I worked hard there would be a good chance I would make the Scottish Commonwealth Games team in two years time.

It was after this that things happened which drastically changed my life. I was never all that outgoing but the events which followed turned me into a near recluse. What I had not realized at the time was the fact that he was grooming me to be his plaything. In gymnastics there is a lot of touching by your coach as he tries to show you the ideal positions on the mat or the beam or some other piece of equipment. More and more I found that he was touching my breasts or running his hand across my pussy and once or twice I got a pleasant tingle in my groin when he did this.

Because I liked these feelings, I sometimes tried to move so that his hand would touch me in these places and looking back I now know he realized this. Then one weekend when he had gone with me to a competition at which my mother could not attend he said the hotel had made a mistake with our bookings and had put us in the same room and they were now fully booked. He said there were two single beds in the room and we could share. I believed him and trusted him so I agreed. That night when I got ready for bed I realised I had packed my short nightie. I was not unduly worried by this as leotards and tights did not hide much and showed off my legs which I felt were rather shapely and one of my best features. My breasts had not at that stage developed to their now ample levels,

II had been complaining during jouney the bus that my hamstrings felt a bit tight and when I was ready for bed he offered to massage them for me. He must have decided I was ready for the next step because from there his hands moved higher until on each pass they were making contact with the edges of my vagina and again started to provoke that nice feeling in me. When I did not complain he then began to rub my pussy and I gave a little moan.

"I think you like the nice feeling I am creating" he said, "If you shut your eyes relax I will make it feel even better and he did fingering me to my first ever orgasm. On the Saturday night after the first day of competition as I got ready for bed, he started to massage me again and this time moved quickly to my pussy then spreading my legs he started to lick it with his tongue and the sensations were amazing and I had an even more intense orgasm.

When it subsided he kissed and caressed me and was once more rubbing my pussy and this time he inserted his fingers inside me. I did not realize it at the time but because of my gymnastics my hymen had long gone and his fingers reached deep inside me and I experienced yet another orgasm. Before it had subsided he had shed the bottom of his pyjamas and his hard penis was pressing at the entrance to my hole. I was pretty moist by this time and he entered me easily but still taking his time to do so, There was not much pain and as he started to thrust in and out me again the wonderful feeling built up and when his cum spurted into me I experienced my third orgasm of the night.

I was naive about sex but I knew that a man spurting into me could make me pregnant and when I started to cry about his, he told me I had nothing to worry about as he undergone a vasectomy because his wife, who had now divorced him, had not wanted any more children. He told me this had to be our little secret, and since he knew I had liked what we had done, we could do it again without any worries"

This went on for the best part of a year but I felt guilty and worried about what I was doing even though I enjoyed it most of the time. As a result I stopped eating, I slept badly, I lost weight and my school work suffered. My history teacher, Mrs Smith who was also head of guidance noticed this first and she spoke to my mother and they decided something was going badly wrong in my life. Between them, they eventually persuaded me to tell them.

This set off a chain reaction because they called in the police and I was taken to hospital and examined and it was clear that I was sexually active. Not only that, as I had indulged in sex with my coach the night before, they were able to extract semen from me and more that had stained my panties afterwards This gave them perfect DNA samples and my coach was arrested for have sex with a minor.

Worse was to follow as they confiscated his computer, not only did it have thousands of Child porn images, it showed videos of me having sex with him but also showed him with several other young girls some of them team mates, along with others who were traced and added to the charges against him. I was devastated since I learnt that these images had been posted to his paedophile friends and were circulating all over the world. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and the thought of having to give evidence at his trial left me feeling suicidal.

Fortunately for all of us who would be in this situation our testimony was never needed, He had been charged and allowed bail, but he was a disgraced man facing a long jail sentence. He also knew what he was likely to encounter if he was jailed and there was a good chance that at some time in his sentence someone might get to him. He could not face that prospect and He was found hanging in his flat one morning by his cleaner.

The case gained widespread publicity, but fortunately none of us who had been his victims were identified, though as most of us had been gymnasts who were coached by him, there was a great deal of local speculation about which girls had been involved. For months I went about feeling that everyone must have known that I was one of them. I felt unclean and ashamed and was given psychological help and visited a psychologist once a week for several months.

This stopped when the psychologist asked me to try coping on my own for a period and I agreed. At this time Mrs Smith became my bulwark. She spent time with me whenever I felt I needed to talk to someone. I think one of the worst things I had to deal with was the fact that I had liked what he was doing to me and this had made me feel terribly guilty. It also made me afraid that I would become easy prey for someone else and so I decided I was never going to give any boy any encouragement if they tried to date me. So I kept my distance and seemed cold and aloof.

I also worried because I was now entering my fourth year and I knew I could be put into the program and this was making me feel ill. When I spoke to Mrs Smith about this she pointed out the aims of the program especially the ones about making us feel at home in our bodies and comfortable with our sexuality. She persuaded me it could be a beneficial exercise for me and if it worried me then perhaps the best thing to do we be to get it over as soon as possible.

I had two main objections to that, I had no control over when it would happen and no chance of determining who would be chosen to be my buddy or that he would be able to give me the support I needed. Mrs Smith said that this was not necessarily the case. She was on the panel which decided these things and that they were not done on a random basis. She said they actually tried to pair up people who would provide the kind of support each of them needed. They could also decide to put someone in the program sooner if it was felt it would help them to overcome specific problems with their body image.

"In your case, when you come back next year I could get you into the program early. And I have an ideal candidate to be your buddy because at the same time you could be a real help to him."

"In the state I am in I can't see myself being a help to anyone," I said sadly.

"Oh yes you can," she told me. "The boy I have in mind has severe issues about his body, he totally lacks confidence around girls and is embarrassed about a particular part of his anatomy as you will find out if you agree to be his support. Having to spend a week with one of the most beautiful girls in the school, having to support her and talk to her and having her support him could work wonders for his confidence."

"How can you be sure he has all these issues and that he will be good for me and that I might be good for him?" I asked.

A great big smile crossed her face and she said, "Because I am talking about my son alias the Brain. So you see just by agreeing to this you would already be helping someone; and that someone is me."

I gave a giggle at that because she had picked up on the fact that I felt I was too useless to be a help to anyone. It would also give me a chance to repay her for all the help she had given me."

"Would you tell him anything about me beforehand?" I asked,

"Not a word," she told me, "He would have to find that out for himself if you felt like telling him anything. However, I am a very perceptive teacher, and I know your reputation as Miss High and Mighty, a snobby bitch, and an ice maiden and I can imagine his reaction when he finds himself partnered with you. I might just give him the nudge needed to make him see you in a different light."

"How will you do that without telling him about my problems?"

"I know my son is highly intelligent and has a soft centre and is an empath. He will probably moan at me soon after he finds himself partnered with you and I will just say to him; "Don't judge a book by its covers. Susan has her own troubles and I think in this situation you could help her to come to terms with them. Besides she is probably thinking much the same as you right now.

I also know what his response will be. He will say to me 'Like what?' Then I will tell him she is probably thinking, 'the last thing I want to do at this time with the problems I have is to expose my body to all and sundry and who do I get to support me in this enterprise, an intellectual dweeb who cannot look at a girl far less talk to one like me who really needs his help.' I think that will get his brain working and his heart in tune with the situation and I think his support may well surprise you."

As I entered the school this morning, knowing what was coming, and heartened by her predictions I smiled as I heard from the loudspeakers, "Will Joseph Smith and Susan Carnegie-Smyth report to the headmaster's office. "That will start the tongues wagging," I thought with a giggle, "What an unlikely duo."

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