Gary & Ginger
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Petting, Pregnancy,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Gary (Just One Kiss, Gary's Girl) Returns once again. He's finally found a nice girl who doesn't have a brother, he's stood up to his mother and grandmother, and is ready to change his life. But now his cousins girlfriend wants him, everyone around him doubts his relationship with his new girl will work, and he keeps bumping into his ex best friend and his ex girlfriends. Will Gary finally find happiness?

Gary woke up the following morning in Ginger's room, in Ginger's bed and with his arms around Ginger. Ginger stirred in his arms when Gary shifted his body.

"Mmm, did I have the most wonderful dream or are you real?" Ginger purred.

Gary smiled and held her close. "It's real baby, it's all real."

Ginger snuggled up to him. "Don't tell me you have to go back to school today."

Gary laughed. "I actually had to be back yesterday, but you seduced me so what's a guy to do?"

Ginger giggled and kissed his neck. "I'll miss you so much."

"I'll miss you too baby."

Ginger looked up at him. "Does this mean we are ... you know ... together?"

Gary gulped. He wasn't sure. Yes, he really liked Ginger and they had just shared some mind blowing sex, but she was just so new. She had shown up just as he had his heart broken by Lila, the girl who dumped Gary to be with her own brother who had also been Gary's best friend. Gary wasn't sure how to feel about Ginger. He knew she was beautiful and very sweet and had an amazing body, but still...

"I'm not sure yet. I mean I like you a lot. I really do. I think you're great but I just broke up with Lila and-"

Ginger put her finger against Gary's lips to shush him. "Shh ... it's ok. I understand. I think I moved too fast. I'm sorry. I just couldn't help it. I've been secretly in love with you for so long."

Gary's heart raced when she said that.

"But if you need time, I'm willing to wait. I just need to know if you would even consider being with me." Ginger slowly removed her finger from Gary's lips and kissed him softly.

"Why would I not consider being with you?" Gary asked.

Ginger raised a brow. "Hmmm oh well ... because I'm basically an orphan, I don't come from money, I'm not a Republican, I'm an exotic dancer which is basically a stripper, I never finished college, I-"

This time Gary put his finger on Ginger's ruby lips. "You're also beautiful, you're fun, sexy, smart, and you know how to move that body better than anyone I know."

Gary kept his finger on her lips. Ginger parted her lips slightly and gently sucked on Gary's finger. Gary felt his cock begin to stir. Her mouth felt hot and wet.

"Bad girl," Gary whispered.

Ginger released his finger and kissed the tip of it. "Not so fast. We won't go there until we are officially together."

Gary smirked. "We're together. There. Now where were we?"

Ginger laughed. "You're so bad Gary. You better get ready to go back to school. Otherwise you might fail and your mom would be pissed off."

Gary sighed. "I really don't like that school you know."

"Why do you go then?" Ginger asked.

Gary shrugged. He turned on his back and looked up at the ceiling. "Because that's the school my mom graduated from and my grandmother too. So you know..."

"Why not just tell them you want to go to school here in town?"

"Because, you met them, you know how they can be."

"But you're an adult Gary. Don't let them run your life."

Gary turned his head to look at his redhead princess. "It's so easy to say baby, but there are certain things you can't avoid like my mom and grandmother. They are two feisty attorneys. They need me to join the clan too. My mom and grandmother run their own law firm and well they would like me to be the newest member so I'm stuck."

"Is law something you want to do?" Ginger asked.

"Yeah I do. Just didn't want to go to that school. I mean I had to make new friends. I decided to join a fraternity but I'm not happy at all. I have no real friends it seems."

Ginger frowned. "What about your buddy Ben. The guy you had me do a lap dance for?"

Gary cringed. "Oh him ... well ... let's just say he and I are not talking anymore."


Gary turned red. "You really want to know?"

Ginger nodded.

Gary took a deep breath. "Ben is the one that stole Lila away from me."

Ginger blinked. "I don't get it. How did he do that? Was he just being overprotective of his sister? Did he not trust you with her?"

Gary laughed. "I wish that was the case, baby. He's actually fucking her."

Ginger gasped. "What?"

Gary nodded. "Yup you heard me right. He's fucking her. They're lovers."

"You're lying," Ginger said. Her eyes widened.

"I wish I was."

Ginger exhaled. "Wow. Didn't think that existed."

"What? Incest?" Gary asked.


"Neither did I but I've seen it happen twice you know."

Ginger gasped again. "What?"

"Emma. Yeah you remember her."

Ginger nodded. "Yeah she brought her brother and he just freaked when I took off my top."

Gary scoffed. "Yeah. He freaked because he was only interested in seeing Emma's tits."

Ginger was trying to let all the information sink in. How could these girls have dumped sweet Gary for their own brothers? That was just wrong. That was ... intriguing ... but wrong!

"Yeah so are you sure you want to be with a guy who got dumped not once, but twice by two girls who decided their own brothers are better lovers?"

Ginger cupped Gary's face. "Yes I do. Don't ask me ever again because the answer will always be yes. I've loved you since I first met you so even with this information, you won't change my mind."

Gary moved his face to kiss Ginger's hand. "Thanks babe."

"Well, I hate the fact that you have to go, but I know you must," Ginger said sadly.

Gary nodded. "Yeah."

Ginger raised her body out of bed. She was completely nude. Her radiant body was turning Gary on.

"But before I go back, may I have another chance to be inside of that incredible body?"

Ginger turned her head. "If you want me, come get me."

Gary groaned and quickly raised himself up from the bed. Ginger pretended to run but Gary caught her. He held her in his arms. "You know, I think I might just grow to love you."

Ginger giggled. "I think you already 'grew' if you know what I mean." Ginger was referring to Gary's erection that pressed against her thigh.

"I'm serious," Gary said as he looked into her emerald green eyes.

Ginger's face became serious. "I want that, you know. I want you to love me. I hope you do someday."

Gary leaned down kissed her forehead. "I know I'll love you."

Ginger reached up to kiss Gary's lips. "I love you Gary," she whispered just before she gave him a long wet passionate kiss.

~Two months later~

"I can't believe you failed school! What are you trying to do to me Gary? Don't you understand that you have made me look bad for Dean Taylor? I recommended you to that school and you go and mess it all up!"

Gary sat at his mother's house. He had just gotten home from school in the middle of December and broke the news to his mother. Yes, he failed school and yes he did it on purpose, but she didn't need to know that. He knew she wouldn't care if he hated that school and all the people that went there. His frat friends were real tools always dissing him for being "different."

Gary liked rap music, they didn't. Gary wasn't into wearing Lacoste polo shirts, they were. Gary hated talking about money, they didn't. These guys liked to impress girls with money talk, Gary liked to impress girls by being funny. It was a different atmosphere and Gary had hated it.

"I'm sorry mom," Gary apologized.

Alicia rolled her eyes. "Look, I'll go talk to Dean Taylor and ask him-"

"No mom, don't. I'm not going back to that school ok?" Gary said firmly shocking his mother.

Alicia stood up and glared at Gary. "Wait until your grandmother finds out about this."

"I'm sure you can't wait to tell her so she can yell at me too huh?"

Alicia pursed her lips. "I hope you didn't fail school to come back and live here? You can't live with me and I'm not giving you any money either."

Gary shrugged. "Fine. I'll get me my own place then."

Alicia scoffed. "And how will you pay for that? Or don't tell me you're going to go live with that little girlfriend of yours?"

Gary sat back and calmly said, "If you mean Ginger, then yes, I might go live with her. I don't know yet."

Alicia shook her head. Her strawberry blonde hair was still up in a neat bun and she still wore her maroon colored pant suit. "You're wasting your life away Gary. How do you expect to become a successful attorney now?"

Gary crossed his arms and looked up at his mom. "Mom, I can go to school here in town. The school is just as good."

Alicia narrowed her eyes at him. "I think it's all about that girl isn't it? Every time you've come down here, you go to see her right away. Is she the reason you're throwing your life away?"

Gary stood up. He had enough of his mother insulting Ginger. "No, she's actually the reason my life is great now."

Alicia sighed. "Fine. Whatever. Obviously I can't talk to you like an adult. Waste your life away Gary."

"Thanks for believing in me mom," Gary said and left his mother's house. Once outside, he thought what the hell was he going to do next? He had no job and he was afraid to ask Ginger to let him live with her. After all they had only been together a little over two months. He'd come down two weekends a month to visit her. He was already in love with her. How could he not? She was so perfect for him.

He figured he'd go try to talk to Danny to see if he could stay there a few nights at least until he got a job. Sure, he had some money saved up that his estranged father would send him sometimes and from previous waiter jobs. He could live off of that for a while but he'd really like to use it to pay for school instead.

Gary drove off to Danny's apartment. Once there he knocked a few times on the door. He expected his cousin to open the door but instead it was Sally, Danny's girlfriend.

"Oh ... it's you. Is Danny here?" Gary asked.

Sally smirked. "No he's not." She stood at the door looking smug.

"Well can I come in and wait for him?" Gary asked politely.

Sally crossed her arms. Even though it was nearly twenty degrees outside, she wore short little blue cotton shorts and a black camisole top. Her blonde hair was up in a ponytail and she wore very little make up.

"You want to come in and warm up I suppose huh?"

Gary sighed. He didn't have time to be playing games. "Yeah. It's fucking cold out here." He dug his hands into the pocket of his jacket.

Sally looked at him up and down and stepped aside. "I guess you can come in."

Gary walked past her. Once inside, Gary welcomed the warm air from the heater. He removed his jacket and put it on the couch. Taking a seat, he looked up at Sally who stood near the door locking it.

"When do you expect Danny to come back?" He asked her.

She shrugged. "I don't know. He said he was going to go run some errands and go visit your grandmother. I heard she's pissed because you fucked up at school."

Gary glared at the blonde.

"Don't tell me you want to stay here?" She asked as she slowly approached him.

"That's none of your business," Gary shot back.

She laughed and evil laugh. "Oh but it is my business Gary. I'm Danny's girlfriend and I live here so if I don't want you here, then neither does he."

Gary frowned. "He's my cousin, family comes first."

Gary couldn't believe what a bitch Sally was. He never once did anything to her to make her be so rude to him.

"Yeah ... whatever you say Gary," Sally said and took a seat next to him. She sat next to him am little too close. Gary shifted slightly.

"What's the matter? Are you afraid of me?" Sally asked.

Gary nodded. "Why would I be?"

"Because you think I didn't notice you checking me out?"

Gary's eyes widened. "I wasn't checking you out!"

Sally giggled. "Oh sure ... yes, I believe you."

Gary began to feel uncomfortable. Was Sally hitting on him?

Suddenly he almost jumped up when he felt her hand on his thigh. "Honestly, Danny won't be back for hours. You care to stick around and keep me company?" She whispered.

Gary stood up fast. "Ok! Well just tell Danny I stopped by will you?" He nervously put his jacket back on and walked towards the door.


He heard her call him. Gary turned and Sally sat on the couch smiling deviously. "You can't deny it."

"Deny what?" Gary asked angrily.

"That you want me," Sally replied casually and slid down her camisole top revealing a nice pair of b cup sized breasts.

Gary shook his head. "Fucking psycho. Wait until I tell Danny his girlfriend is a fucking slut."

Sally narrowed her icy blue eyes at him. "I'm no more of a slut than that skank girlfriend of yours. So think about that."

Gary felt his anger rising. He'd had enough of Sally. "Yes, my girlfriend shows her breasts to men, but that's her job what's YOUR excuse?"

Sally's nostrils flared and she threw a couch pillow at Gary missing him completely. "Get the fuck out of here!"

"You don't have to tell me twice," Gary snapped and walked out slamming the door hard.

Sally sat on the couch fuming! How could Gary not want her? She was what most guys would consider hot with her long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and a body to die for. What the fuck was wrong with Gary?

She sighed and laid her head back. She still recalled the day she was hanging out with her friend Veronica at a nightclub. They were bored since all the guys hitting on them were such losers.

They were about to leave when Sally spotted Gary. He was Danny at the time. They were at the bar chatting away. Sally pointed Gary out to Veronica and Veronica rolled her eyes.

"I know that guy. His name is Gary. He's hot, but trust me, you don't want to get involved with him. I went out with him a few months ago. We went to hear some blues music and he saw his ex-girlfriend named Emma and after that, she was all he would talk about. Oh man talk about a let down. I was so bored I told him I'd call him but I never did."

"So he's single?" Sally asked her friend as she craned her neck to get a better look at Gary.

"Yeah I guess. I don't know. I don't care."

Sally bit on her lower lip and stood up. "I'd like to meet him. Introduce me?"

Veronica shrugged. "Oh god. Ok. I guess. Let's go."

They both headed down to the bar and once they approached Gary and Danny, Sally realized Gary was even hotter up close.

"Hi Gary," Veronica said nonchalantly.

Gary turned to see her and smiled. "Hey Veronica. How are you?"

"I'm good. This is my friend Sally," Veronica said introducing Sally.

Sally remembers blushing like crazy when Gary flashed her a smile. "Hi," she said shyly and extended her hand out to greet him.

Gary shook her hand politely. His hand was so warm! Just one simple touch had given Sally shivers.

"Nice to meet you," Gary said over the loud music. He turned to his cousin and introduced him. "Girls, this is Danny, my cousin. Danny, this is Veronica and," Gary eyed Sally making Sally squirm, "Sally." She loved how he said her name.

"Hey there," Danny shook the girls hands. His eyes were glued to Sally.

"Well I got to go to the bathroom, you all mingle I'll be back," Gary left.

Sally felt disappointed. She had secretly wanted to follow him to the bathroom and surprise him outside. Maybe take him right then and there in the hallway and let Gary violate her.

"So how do you know Gary?" Danny asked Veronica. His eyes always on Sally.

Veronica began to tell the story how she'd met Gary and Sally tuned her out. She kept looking towards the direction Gary was. He had come out of the bathroom but was on his cell phone. Sally wondered who he was talking to.

"Does Gary have a girlfriend?" Sally dared to ask Danny.

Danny frowned. "Yeah he does."

Veronica looked shocked. "Oh ... he got back with Emma?"

Danny laughed. "No Emma's with someone else ... you could say. His new girlfriend is Lila."

Sally felt very disappointed. Damnit! He had a girlfriend oh well she was just going to have to change Gary's mind that she was better for him than this Lila girl.

Once Gary got back Sally offered to go dancing. Gary agreed and so did Danny. They all headed out to the dance floor. Veronica was dancing on her own while Danny tried hard to get close to Sally and Gary seemed to be moving away from her. This went on for almost an hour. Finally, Sally had had enough. She asked the cousins to meet her and Veronica outside to hang out and talk.

Once outside, Sally pulled Veronica aside and had a serious chat with her friend. "Ok ... here's the deal. You flirt with the cousin and I'll talk to Gary."

Veronica nodded. "What if I want to talk to Gary did you not think of that?"

Sally frowned. "I thought you said you weren't into him."

Veronica grinned. "I'm not just wanted to see your reaction. Ok, I'll flirt with the cousin and you and Gary can have some alone time. Good luck trying to get with him. Once Gary is hung up on a girl he's really hung up."

Sally smiled proudly. "Yeah but I have the goods. I'm sure by the end of the night; I'll have Gary on my bed begging for more of me."

Veronica raised a brow. "You are bad."

Once the guys were outside, Veronica tried her hardest to flirt with Danny, but he wasn't having it. She saw the way he eyed Sally.

Meanwhile, Sally was trying her hardest to flirt with Gary. She ran her hands on his shirt and complimented his shirt. She kept getting closer to him and trying to whisper in his ear but nothing. By the end of the night, Sally was frustrated. She decided she'd give Gary her phone number so he could call her once he got bored with that Lila chick.

Gary took the business card from Sally and smiled. "Thanks babe, but I got to tell you, I have a girlfriend."

Sally shrugged. "Yeah I know but we can be friends right?"

Gary laughed. "Yeah sure."

Danny was disappointed that the blonde gave Gary her phone number. The girls always went after Gary, even Emma, who Danny had secretly crushed on. Now his current girlfriend Lila, wow she was a looker too.

After the nightclub, Sally waited for Gary to call her but he never did. It wasn't until a week later Sally saw a phone number she didn't know flash on her phone. Her heart pounded as she answered.

"Hello?" She said in her most sexy voice.


She licked her lips and smiled. "Hi. Who is this?" She asked pretending not to know it was Gary.

"This is Danny."

Her smile faded. "Who?"

"Danny. I'm Gary's cousin. We met the other night at the club."

Sally's face darkened. "Oh yes. Hi how are you?"

"I'm good. How have you been?"

What the fuck? Was this guy just calling to casually talk? "I've been good."


Ok this shit was getting boring. Sally was getting annoyed.

"I was wondering if you would like to go out sometime. You know maybe out to dinner or a movie?"

What the fuck? Sally was flabbergasted. "D-Did Gary give you my number?" She asked trying to control her anger.

She heard Danny snicker which only pissed her off more. "Yeah. Hope that's ok. He's got a lovely girlfriend so I told him I was really interested in you."

Sally cursed silently. Oh great! She'd wanted Gary and now only his big nosed cousin wanted her. Great! But then she figured what the heck. It wasn't like Danny was completely ugly. He looked like he came from a well off family too. Why not go out with him a few times and then slowly progress to lure Gary?

"Um ... yeah dinner and a movie sound great," Sally said in a fake cheerful voice.

"Great! How about Friday night?"

After her sixth date with Danny, Sally finally realized that Gary had already made up his mind. He loved that floozy Lila so much it was sickening. She figured she might as well stick it out with Danny and make Gary's life miserable since he never gave her the time of day. She wasn't used to men rejecting her.

She had it planned out to make Danny and Gary hate each other so that they don't talk and maybe then Gary would realize that she meant business. She enjoyed being rude to him and loved how angry he'd get and call her names. It was sort of a turn on for her. She loved it when he was all feisty with her. It only excited her and made her want him more. Convincing Danny to let her move in with him, was the best decision she ever made because she knew Gary would have to visit his cousin. So this was her way of getting to see him and show off her body to him as much as possible. She knew sooner or later Gary would give into her. She was going to make sure he did!

Gary arrived at Ginger's apartment late afternoon. The temperature had dropped. Gary shivered as he stood by Ginger's door knocking. He'd already called her to let her know he was coming over.

Ginger opened the door wearing only a white fluffy robe. Her red hair was pinned up. She smiled sweetly when she saw him.

"Come in," she said in a sultry voice.

Gary walked in. Before he could even take off his jacket Ginger jumped him. She started kissing his lips, his face, his neck. Gary fought to control his sexy girlfriend.

"Whoa! Not that I mind this welcome but slow down baby. I want to at least say hi first."

Ginger sighed. "Sorry. I just missed you so much. I was so happy when you called me and told me you were coming over!"

Gary looked saddened.

"What's wrong?" Ginger asked as she touched her lover's face.

"We got a problem."

Ginger listened.

"My mom is livid because I failed school and don't get me started on my grandmother. My cousin's girlfriend just finished hitting on me and right now I'm practically homeless."

Ginger blinked. "Whoa! Wait. Did you just say your cousin's girlfriend hit on you?"

Gary sighed. "That's the only thing heard?"

Ginger laughed. "No but sorry that is the one thing that really pissed me off."


"Don't be sorry. You need me to go have a cat fight I will."

"Don't be so sexy," Gary said in a deep voice and slid his hands down her back and placed them on her firm ass.

"I'm serious Gary. I don't want anyone hitting on my man."

"It's ok babe. I told her she was fucking psycho and that I'm going to tell Danny about her."

"Hope he believes you. Danny is a great guy he doesn't deserve to have a girlfriend that is dogging him."

Gary shrugged. "Well I'll tell him, if he doesn't believe me what can I do right?"

"And what do you mean you're homeless? What is this place?" She darted her eyes to their surroundings. You know you can stay here as long as you need to."

Gary was surprised. "You'd let me live with you? Really?"

"Of course I would. I love you."

Gary pulled her even closer to him. So close he could feel her warmth. "I love you so much." He kissed her gently on her sweet lips. His hands slowly crept down to her robe and he pulled it open. He stepped back slightly and stared at her gorgeous naked body underneath the robe.

"Ah ... I see someone was getting ready to seduce tonight."

Ginger blushed. "Maybe."

She bit her lower lip and slowly began to push Gary's jacked off his shoulders. Gary stood just letting her undress him. He figured she'd go for his shirt next but instead her eyes flashed pure love for him and she slowly got down on her knees.

Gary felt her start to unbuckle his pants and soon she'd taken his erect cock out of hi pants and had it in her warm mouth. Ginger's ruby lips wrapped all around Gary's cock. He looked down and watched them glide back and forth on his cock.

"Oh baby..." Gary groaned.

Ginger took his cock out of her mouth and ran her tongue lazily in circles on the head of his cock. Their eyes met for a moment. Gary watched Ginger's tongue get coated with his precum. She smiled and took him all in her mouth again. Gary held the back of her head and pulled her more. He began to thrust his hips and flex his body as he fucked her mouth. Ginger moaned into his cock loving his taste and couldn't wait to drink him up.

"Oh yes baby ... suck it. Make me cum ... oh fuck!" Gary cried out.

Her velvety mouth was pure heaven. Her tongue rolled back and forth while she still had him in her mouth. Gary's ball began to swell up as his orgasm started to form. Ginger felt him twitch in her mouth. This was her cue to take him out of her mouth. She released his cock between her lips and wrapped her hand around it. She began to jerk him off and opened up her mouth.

"I'm c-cumming!" Gary moaned in a shaky voice.

He stared in amazement how his first shot fell nicely on Ginger's tongue. She flinched a little at the first taste of her lover's seed. Then the second shot, third shot, fourth shot and fifth shot. The milky liquid all over Ginger's tongue. She rolled her tongue back and swallowed.

Gary sighed and felt his knees weaken. Ginger then took his cock back into her mouth and squeezed out the excess cum with her lips.

"Oh fuck!" Gary rasped.

He tossed his head back and closed his eyes as he listened to her slurping up the last of his juices. He stood feeling almost paralyzed. Ginger slowly stood back up and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Welcome home my love," she purred and held him in her arms.

Later that night, Gary and Ginger were laying in bed together after having made love two times in a row. Gary removed the condom and tied it up. He threw it at the trash can but missed.

"Obviously I wasn't good in basketball," he joked.

Ginger giggled and snuggled up next to her lover. "Oh but you have so many other talents," she teased.

Gary then heard his phone ring. He looked at the phone that was on the nightstand and saw Danny's phone number flashing. He groaned. He shouldn't have answered it but it was too late once he did.

"Yellow!" Gary answered in his usual style.

"Hey what the fuck is this shit you hitting on Sally?" Danny accused.

Gary raised his body up from the bed. He was shocked. "What?"

"I didn't whisper so I think you heard me," Danny shot back.

"Dude, she hit on ME!" Gary yelled.

Ginger frowned and sat up. She looked at Gary as he angrily spoke with his cousin.

"Yeah. You wish! Look, don't be coming around to my apartment anymore."

Danny was unbelievable. He'd rather believe some slut that his own cousin? "So it's like that huh?" Gary asked sadly.

"Yeah. Exactly like that. I can't believe you'd try to steal my girlfriend. You already have a stripper for a girlfriend isn't that enough?"

"Man ... fuck you!" Gary shouted into the phone and hung up on his cousin. He was fuming now!

"You ok?" Ginger asked him.

"Fuck! I can't believe that bitch told him that I was the one hitting on her! To top it all off Danny believes her!"

Ginger touched Gary's arm. "I'm sorry sweetie."

Gary took a few deep breaths and looked at his new love. "It's ok. I got you. That's all that matters. You know no matter how fucked up my life is, I realized you were always there to make me feel better. Even when I was just a customer, you always lit up my life you know that?"

Ginger kissed him. "I hope so. I hope I can do that for you always."

Gary held her. "Thank you for being there for me. You know it seems every day I fall more in love with you."

Ginger rested her head on his chest. She wanted to tell him that she loved him now more than she ever thought she would. It was scaring her a little but she wasn't going to tell him that. She'd just have to let nature take its course.

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