Watching Julie: the Missing Years
Chapter 1: Girls At Home Are Hard To Get (Naked, That Is)

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Mult, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Girls At Home Are Hard To Get (Naked, That Is) - A "Watching Julie" reader asked me, "What about the missing years? Did David have a sister? How come he wasn't interested in his mom?" This story isn't a sequel and there's no need to read "Watching Julie" first, although I hope you will read it. They're separate stories and this one fills in some blanks, that's all. It's pretty short, to boot.

I mean, it wasn't any surprise, really, that I was looking at possibilities close by. Every kid has at least one "girl" at home, right? It's his mother. In my family, where I was the middle child, there were two: my mother and my older sister, Magdalena. Then me, then my younger brother. Three kids in all.

Me and my friends were hot and horny all the time--like that's a surprise with teenage boys in the last year of junior high school. It's no secret that almost anything could set us off. We had hopes and we looked for targets wherever we could find them. We also had very little success.

"Get out of here, creep! Get out! Take off!"

I'd thought I was hidden but apparently I wasn't. Magdalena was on her feet now, holding her top against her breasts. Beside her, Nancy was grinning.

"I mean it, David! Now! Get away from us!"

I still didn't move.

"Now, creep, or I'll tell Mom."

Crap. That was no good. I slid backwards, pushing with my hands, down the grassy hillside above our campsite. I didn't stand up until I was below the top of the little ridge, the one that separated me from my sister and her friend sunning on the other slope. Hell. I'd known she and Nancy were going to sunbathe topless. I knew it. Now I'd have to find another way.


The truth is, aside from the encounters me and Jim had with Jim's sister, Kathy, that I told you about in "Watching Julie," I hadn't done all that well so far. There was Carolyn, sure, but that was sort of a glimpse, nothing serious, and it came after a pretty long campaign of looking. Also, things were a little complicated with Carolyn because we had become pretty good friends, even if we weren't actual buddies. In some ways that made it better, because Carolyn was nice about the whole thing even if she wasn't particularly interested in going any further. Honestly, I think that was for the best.

Carolyn was the one who pointed out Margery to me.

"David, who are you taking to the Valentine's Day dance?"

Carolyn smiled as she sipped her Coke.

"Dunno. Would you like to go?"

I wasn't sure if this was breaking the "friends only" rule, but I thought I'd give it a shot.

Carolyn put her Coke-frozen hand on top of mine. I jumped.

"That's sweet, David. But..." She sighed. "I have to visit my grandmother that weekend. Mom says Grandma's doing poorly and we need to see as much of her as we can."

Carolyn sighed again. Slurped her Coke.

"I love Grandma. Only I hate to see her in so much pain. Her headaches are killing her."

I didn't know what to say to that, so I kept quiet.

We worked on our Cokes for a while. Carolyn's mom came to the screen door to check on what her daughter and her daughter's "friend" were doing, I guess, but nothing was going on.

"How about Margery, David?"

I looked at Carolyn.


"Yeah. She likes you, you know."

"Huh? Sure. Is that why she's always wisecracking around me?"

Then the penny dropped. I'm slow sometimes. I remembered Kathy, Jim's sister, and the way she used sarcasm to mask her feelings.

Carolyn raised her eyebrows.


Anyway, long story short, I took Margery to the dance. Dad drove the two of us, him in front of course, us in the back. Through the rain, going and coming.

Saying goodnight was pretty awkward. You'd think after fooling around with Kathy I was pretty sure of myself. Uh uh. Didn't work that way. My stomach was upset when I walked Margery up to her door. I knew Dad was watching from the car and I felt the pressure. I mean, I had nowhere to put my hands. I wanted to kiss her but I was afraid. Yeah, chicken. What if she said no? Worse yet, what if she laughed? It's complicated. Anyway, I stood there, kind of shifting from foot to foot, and finally pulled myself together enough to smile and thank Margery for the evening.

Dad said I'd been a real gentleman, but I think maybe he was disappointed. That made two of us.

The good news is the date was the start of something, even if it was a little slow in coming. It wasn't super cool to go places by bicycle, but biking beat the hell out of being driven by Mom or Dad, so that's what we did. We found a little place in the hillside park near my house where we thought we wouldn't be disturbed. The sky was clear, the moon was full and Margery seemed to like my kisses. Things were off to a great start, I thought.

I didn't know how much time we had but, I knew enough by now not to rush. Margery murmured when I brushed the back of her neck with my fingertips. She giggled when I rubbed behind her ear and traced her earlobe. I felt her shiver.


"Want me to stop?"

She turned her head and moved close. Her lips touched mine.


Her lips were warm and soft and parted. I nuzzled her and felt her tongue come out to play, and mine met hers.

My heart was beating faster and I was breathing harder when we broke apart. Margery didn't move back. Her smile gave me the answer I was hoping for, and I moved my free hand to her breast.


That sounded like "Yes" to me, and her movement to put her breast into my hand confirmed it. When she drew back for a moment to open her bra, her breast warm and smooth and firm against my palm was the most marvelous thing I could have imagined.

Margery's kisses grew urgent, so after a minute or two my hand stroked down her flank to her hip. Was she really going to let me keep going? This was nearing new territory for me.

Her lips, warm and soft and now wet in their possession of mine, did more than encourage me. They insisted. Margery's free hand wasn't going anywhere interesting, at least not yet, but I was too caught up in my own explorations to worry about that. My hand was under her skirt now, her legs parted a little, her thigh warm above her stocking. Later, I would understand why a little skin revealed to sight or touch after clothing could be more arousing than bare skin alone, but that was later.

Right then I was entranced. Uncertain, too, but I moved my hand up a little, and as I did so I felt more than heard Margery draw a sharp breath. Two things happened at once, only one of which I understood the significance of right then. That was the vehicle drawing up to the curb below us. Cops can't be ignored.

"Do you live here?"

He left "kid" unspoken, but I heard it.

"Yes, down the hill."

"There's no staying in the park after dark."

"Yes, officer."

That was that.

It took me days before I realized the meaning of the that second thing: the heavy breathing and gasps that weren't mine that night.

Lessons once learned are the key to future marvels. We found our way to many of them using our hands and our lips and our mouths, and including sunbathing in the nude. Not in the park, that was a key lesson, but in a sunny glen in the hills behind my house.

A lazy afternoon, picnic eaten, tummies full, we were soaking up the sun, me kind of behind Margery. Looking at her butt in front of me I was erect, even if I wasn't touching her at all. I scooted forward, my cock pointing at the sky, my legs open to either side of her, until I was right behind her. Contact. As I pressed myself against the small of her back and my hands went around her to cup her breasts, I erupted.


Margery twisted away from me and stood up, her hands behind her testing the sticky substance on her lower back. Her lips twisted and she didn't look happy.

"Christ! What is that? Give me a napkin, anything, quick!"

I handed her an extra napkin. This wasn't going well.

After she'd finished wiping my stuff off her back, Margery reached for her t-shirt and pulled it on over her head. She gestured at my shrunken cock.

"You'd better clean yourself up, too."

That was the last thing she said to me that afternoon.

OK, another lesson learned: Don't surprise her.

I know I promised not to skip the parts of the story that make me look like a fool, so I won't. Despite earlier setbacks with Magdalena, I persisted. I mean, why go outside the house when there are possibilities right in your lap? Not that I had much of a lap in those days. My hard-on usually took up most of the space.

When we were little, it wasn't any big deal for Mom and Dad and Magda and me to swim nude, at least not until Magdalena reached puberty. The skinnydipping stopped pretty quick for all of us after Magda complained a couple of times to Mom. Or so I thought. For us, maybe, but not for Mom or Dad.

The first time it happened was a Friday night. Mom and Dad often had the Thompsons over for dinner and a swim on the weekend. Magda and I were there for dinner, sure, but there wasn't much interesting going on.

My pattern was pretty constant: dinner, which was usually burgers or hot dogs, some TV, and off to bed while the grown-ups continued their visit. I didn't even think very much about it when Alexandra Thompson, their daughter, came over, which she did now and then. Magda and I knew her; Alexandra had been our regular babysitter when we were little and Alexandra was in high school. It was Magda who had to stay with me, much to her displeasure, after Alexandra went off to college.

I'm not sure how old I was when I realized that my parents liked to fool around, but I know it was about the time of my run-in with Mr. Biederman and his bucket and the games with Kathy.

"Bye, Mom, Bye, Dad."

"Bye, sweetie."

"Bye, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, Bye, Alexandra."

Magda slammed the door behind her as she headed over to Nancy's house for the night.

"David, you may be excused."

I was fidgeting, as per usual. Dessert hadn't been that interesting. I mean, berry pie? Yuck! Cherry, sure, but that other stuff? Uh uh. Anyway, escape was good.

"Thank you."

With that I was off to the den to watch TV, and afterwards up to my room to read a little and lights out. That had been my routine before, but it won't be a surprise that things were changing. Yup, the usual signals: erections first, funny feeling all over, and before too long, coming, and cum, and rubbing and more cum and all the rest of it. Ditto for my buddies. Ditto for the girls, too, except the cum part, perhaps, but we didn't know anything about that until Jim's sister Kathy enlightened us. That's another story. But it does answer the question of how old I was: old enough to care and to do something about it, even if I didn't yet have anyone to do it with. Yet.

Anyway, it was warm that night and I was restless. I was about to apply my usual remedy when I heard voices, not too loud, from the garden. Pool water sloshing. That wasn't a surprise, my folks and the Thompsons often swam after dinner. Magda and I got to join them for a little while some evenings, but usually they shooed us off saying this was for grownups.

I lay in bed for a bit, stroking myself slowly, trying to decide was it worth it to get up and find someplace to see what was going on. Hearing someone cry out decided me. I mean, I wasn't a total naif. I read a lot even if I hadn't seen all that many pictures or really any movies at all, and I was pretty sure what that cry meant. So I went to see.

One look and I was spurting all over the family room carpet.

Mom and Mrs. Thompson were lying on their sides on the grass, Mom holding Mrs. Thompson's left breast in her hand while they watched Dad and Mr. Thompson fuck Alexandra. Actually, I wasn't entirely sure who was fucking whom, because even if Alexandra had Dad behind her holding her hips while he pumped, and Alexandra's father was sliding his cock in and out of her mouth, the way Alexandra wriggled at one end and sucked and slurped at the other made me wonder who had the upper hand. In any event they'd been going at it for a bit, for as I watched the inevitable happened. Dad stayed in her while he came, I could see him freeze and flex, while Alexandra's dad pulled out and stroked himself and splattered Alexandra's face.

I wondered whose cry I'd heard earlier. It must have been Mom or Mrs. Thompson, seeing as how Alexandra's mouth had been full.

Teenage boys are quick. And irrepressible, too, I'm happy to add. As I hardened again I grabbed the hand lotion Mom kept on the bookcase and squirted it on my palm. I wondered once again why Mom kept hand lotion there, but only for a second until I turned back to watch my folks and the Thompsons. I don't know, call me strange, or worse, if you like, but the hottest thing that happened next was Mr. Thompson licking his cum off of his daughter's face. By the time he finished I'd sprayed the family room carpet again.

After a couple of minutes the men and Alexandra hopped in the pool to wash off. Mom and Mrs.Thompson didn't move, I couldn't figure out why, until Alexandra boosted herself out of the pool and sauntered over to them. The ladies rolled apart, and I was hard again for a third time as I watched Alexandra lie down between them and Mrs. Thompson scooted down and shifted over her daughter's legs. Mom raised herself on one elbow to watch as Mrs. Thompson settled herself between her daughter's thighs. As Mrs. Thompson ate her, Alexandra's hands went to her breasts and she squirmed and squirmed and cried out again.

I came a third time, barely a dribble, my cock sore enough despite the lotion earlier that I called it a night and headed to my room, my head full of images. It wasn't making much sense yet, beyond the obvious, but I figured this wasn't the first time they all had fooled around together and probably wouldn't be the last, so I'd have to adjust my schedule accordingly.

My chance came only a couple of weeks later. Another visit by the Thompsons, this time without Alexandra, and it was all I could do not to rush to bed after dinner. I didn't want Mom and Dad to suspect anything. It was going to be interesting tonight. In fact, I was torn a little between trying once more to see what I could see of Magdalena, since Nancy was staying overnight, or keeping an eye on Mom and Dad and the Thompsons. In the end, I figured I'd have better luck with the Thompsons and the pool.

The girls were staying up, to my dismay, but there was nothing to do for it except to head up to bed at my usual time. I must have dozed, because when I heard the splashing it seemed really late. I moved quickly to my secondary lookout, the upstairs office, in time to see Magdalena and Nancy boost themselves out of the pool and say their good-nights to the adults.

OK, I thought to myself, coast will be clear shortly. I wasn't prepared to hear whispers from the stairs, and I had only a second to get down behind the loveseat in the corner before the girls entered the office, wrapped in their towels. I'm surprised they couldn't hear my heart beating.

"What do you think?"

I was pretty sure Magda and Nancy couldn't see me where I was. Unfortunately, I couldn't see what was going on by the pool. I couldn't even see the girls at first so I wasn't sure who was speaking until I heard the reply.

"Let's wait. Watch Mom and Dad."


When I heard a rustle and a giggle, I inched to the end of the loveseat and looked. The two of them were standing side-by-side, wrapped in a single towel. They weren't doing anything except watching. It didn't matter that I couldn't see outside. Magdalena's commentary was enough.


"Look at him!"

Who, I wondered.

"Nancy, did you see that?"


"My dad, over there, with Mrs. Thompson."

OK, got it.

"Oh my god."

Maybe I wouldn't need to see for myself after all.

"Magda, look what he's doing! He's feeding himself to her. And she's taking all of it!"

A rustle.

"Hey, Magda, what?"

"Nothing, sweetie. Just making you a little more comfortable."

"By taking my top off?"

"Ssh, Nancy. Keep watching. What's my dad doing now?"


"What's that mean?"

"My nipple."

"You like that, huh?"

"Magda, stop it."

"Tell me what he's doing, Nancy."

"My god. He's fucking her. Her face, I mean."


"Mmh. Stop a second, Magda, and watch."

I couldn't watch our parents and their friends but I could see Magda behind Nancy at the window, Magda's hands apparently encircling Nancy's torso. Even if I couldn't quite figure out where Magda's hands were exactly I could make a pretty good guess, and I was stroking myself.

"Magda, he's coming!"

I heard Magda, I think, gasp.

"God, that's hot. All over her face, too."

I throbbed and spurted.

"OK, Magda, your turn. This way."

Mumbles. Maybe a kiss or two, I couldn't tell.

"Rub your thumbs there, Nancy, OK?"

More kissing sounds.

"Oh, yeah. Like that."


"Nancy, look there now. It's Mom."

"Whoa, girl. Mr. Thompson's big!"

"Yeah, he knows what to do with it, too. You should have seen him last time with Alexandra."

"Alexandra? You're kidding, right?"

"Uh uh."

Another rustle.

"Let me, Nancy."

"Yeah, Magda, like that."


Heavy breathing.

"Stop. I want to watch them, Magda, really."

"Someday I want to learn how to do that. She's swallowed him. Think Mom would teach me, Nancy?"

I heard someone giggle but I couldn't pay attention right then. I climaxed a second time.

"Come on, Nancy, let's get out of here before they're back inside."

I waited until I was sure the girls had gone, and when I poked my head slowly out into the hall Magda's door was closed. I could hear giggling and laughing, so I headed for my room as fast as I could go.

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