Hindsight 20/20 Book 1
Chapter 1

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Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a coming of age story for a man that has gone back 35 years in his life. We can see how he would live differently knowing now what he didn't know the first time. Some codes are listed but not a major theme of the story others could have been listed but were left out for the same reasons. Some chapters have no sex and some contain orgies. As in any long story there is not a constant chapter after chapter pattern. Thanks for reading.

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   ft/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Humor   School   Rags To Riches   DoOver   Time Travel   Oral Sex  

I felt myself falling, free falling from thousands of feet. I could not see the ground but I could feel the adrenalin flowing through my body as the fear built inside, knowing that the end was near. Then I woke up. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as I took deep breaths to try to regain some control of myself. I looked around the room and knew exactly where I was. I was in my room, but it was 1971. I had done what I thought or maybe dreamt was impossible. I had made the leap in time.

Late in high school, I had a very interesting teacher in Physics, Mr. Hunsaker. He taught all the things in the books but often would go off topic about less accepted and unproven theories like transcendental meditation, string theory and Quantum Physics. String theory was always something I thought was an interesting concept.

If you take your life from beginning to end and think of it as a string or a straight line it can represent time. You can stretch a string tight in a straight line between two tacks or it can have a curve like the one attached to a kite that holds it from flying away or you can drop it on the floor and it will land in a pile where it crosses over itself and over other people's strings.

The last case was the one that I felt was the most logical if there was a string theory that could be real. I started exploring this in high school and then continued the exploration in college with the help of some mind loosening substances. Most of the time, I felt like I couldn't feel or see another part of my string. However, every occasionally I could sense that I was coming up on an intersection, where my string crossed itself. At those points, I felt like I wanted to break free of this reality or path and make the leap to try to grasp onto the intersection and change over to another part of my string or thread.

If you look at good skiers, they are relaxed and go with the flow. Those that are beginners or scared, tend to snowplow. If you are relaxed but in control you can make it look easy when you do tricks and make the jumps, moguls, turns or stops. I had been working on understanding the feelings that I was having and I sensed when they got stronger and stronger until that point in time when the strings pieces were closest or touching. At that point, I usually found myself in a dream state, falling uncontrollably. I would wake up and be in my own time and then the feeling would go away. If I was awake, it would feel like I nodded off and then the feeling would go away as if the intersection was left in my rearview mirror.

Tonight, I again had the feeling for the first time in about nine months. I went out onto my porch after my family had gone to sleep and lit up a joint. I don't smoke every day or even every week but it does helps me relax. I tried mushrooms when I was in college and it freed my mind but made me too paranoid to relax. I sat on my deck, meditated, and felt the feeling get stronger and stronger. Finally, I let my mind take the leap and instead of feeling repelled like a magnet with the same pole, it felt reversed and it pulled me to the other string. I felt like I was falling like usual but this time I had bridged the gap.

I woke up and knew where I was and what year it was. I lived in Ft. Lauderdale for one year when I was in sixth grade and I was in my room. I also saw the moving boxes and figured we were either just moving in or getting ready to move out. After looking at the bare white walls, I knew we had just moved in, and it was June 1971.

My name is William Britton. Everyone calls me Britt. I am an only child. My parents just transferred to South Florida, so my dad (Michael) could come to manage the computer division of a big bank. My mother is a stay-at-home mom and looks after the house. I have jumped from being 45 back to being 10 years of age. I was not scared but I had to think through what was going to happen.

I pictured that when I made the leap that I had simply tied a knot and started another string or I may have created a fork in the old string. Otherwise, I thought that I would have to live the same life as I had experienced before. I could try to mirror that life but to be honest although I had enjoyed that path I was ready to try a different life experience.

In my old path, I had a wife, three kids, a dog, a cat, a house and a mortgage. I had put one child through college, had one in college and one ready to start. I had just spent over $120,000 on my oldest to get her through school and now all she wanted was a wedding so she could stay home and have babies while her husband worked as an office manager.

I was in sales my whole life. I started as a waiter, then bartender, stocks, medical devises and computer software. I was good at what I did but there was always some type of cycle. Sales were up then down. Layoffs, new bosses, lousy bosses, got bored and the grass was greener somewhere else. If I were to look back, there were a couple of jobs where I could have made a home. However, at most, they only were a step up. My wife was a stay-at-home mom. I love, loved, or will love her depending on how you look at it. We always seemed to live right at the edge of our means and then something would come up to set us back. We loved life, we loved travel and we loved our kids. We drove decent cars and lived in decent neighborhoods.

I was good at sales and did well. When I turned 35, I had over $500,000 in the stock market and I was looking forward to keeping up the living pace and retiring early. Instead, I became passive and watched as my aggressive stock portfolio plummeted and then found myself either laid off or quit depending on whom you asked. I spent the last $150k of my savings over the next few years trying to cover the difference between my income and my expenses.

I loved my wife and kids but felt like everything I did was for them. I lived to make them happy. However, now that I had a new string I could try the path less traveled. I had a fresh canvas to paint my new life story. I would have to choose, starting with my ten year-old string, where to go. I think that for the most part, the rest of the world would follow a similar path. I thought about friends that I would miss, my wife and my kids, but then said that if they were to be in my life then they would be there. If not then someone else would replace them.

One of the reasons I was good at sales is because I would listen. As I listened to the people I was trying to help with my products and services, I learned a lot about different jobs, companies, people and places. As a result, I had a very broad knowledge base to build on, and on top of the fact that I thought that I had a good understanding of what was going to happen in the future. I also loved to gamble. I'd bet on sports and would typically have some fun in the casinos when I was at conventions in Vegas.

The main differences between a kid and an adult are experience and confidence. Maturity and size also come into play but to a lesser degree. I had the confidence and experience to stand up for what I wanted. I could make knowledgeable decision and not have to back down too often. Think back to the first time you asked someone on a date or asked a girl to dance. Those events were terrifying the first time through. Later you learned that the girls were just as scared as you were. If approached in the right way with the right confidence things would be much easier.

Getting back to my story, I had a million things going through my mind but being only 10 my body finally just conked out and I fell asleep. I woke to my mom gently rubbing my back and saying "honey it is time to get up, we have a busy day".

I hardly remembered what my 29 year old mom (Linda) looked like but she was young. I rolled over and just looked at her. She had blond hair that fell just below her shoulders. She was medium height around 5' 7" and was in good shape with nice breasts, maybe a little on the small side. She looked at me funny and then looked around the room. "We have a lot to do today. I know you want to try out the new pool but we need to get your room straighten out first. I haven't even unpacked your bathing suits yet." She got up and as she walked out the door said, "We picked up some milk, cereal and sandwich stuff last night on our way in, come get your breakfast."

I have always been intrigued by time travel stories and thought about what I would do the same or differently than some of the stories I had read. I took a quick look at my body and everything was small. When I made the leap, I was 6' 3'' and 250 pounds. I was overweight by a few pounds and was not much into exercise. I did not have a 12" cock the size of a coke can but was above average in the 9" range. Right now, everything was just the opposite. I was short, skinny as a stick, loved to play and had maybe an inch or two downstairs. I knew that all that would change in time. However, in the meantime, what was I to do?

Most people going to college have no clue about what they want to do in life. I had a good idea about the direction I wanted to head in but needed to come up with a plan to get there. However, first things first, I thought about breakfast and then seeing my dad as my next steps.

When I went downstairs and saw my Dad, he looked young too. He didn't have a beer gut. He had a full head of hair and looked like a young 30 year old should. Breakfast though, did not look so good.

As I mentioned before, my wife stayed at home, was a good cook, and always had tasty interesting food. As a result, I was overweight. Cheerios was not a staple in my house but here was a bowl of them in front of me. My mom was not a bad cook but a Jell-O mold with bananas made her think she was creative.

I was quiet. I am sure my parents thought it was because I had just woke up or because I was in a new place but truth be told, I just didn't want to freak everyone out. After breakfast, I went into my room to unpack my stuff, something that a 10 year old wouldn't normally do. When my mom walked in and asked what I was doing I told her I was looking for my swimsuit and some toys that I could not find. I guess I had forgotten how to be a kid. I did help my mom get my room together and went out to swim.

I had taken lessons the last couple of years so my parents only needed to check on me from time to time. After a couple of hours, I changed into some shorts and went outside to see what was going on. Dad was in the garage and sorting through some of the boxes. I said hi to him and walked down to the end of the block and back. I saw a couple kids outside and stopped to say hi and introduce myself. I did not stick around too long and went back home. I found my room in good shape. In addition, the rest of the house was coming together. All of the furniture was placed by the movers and the boxes were all marked and placed in the correct room so the unpacking was just time consuming not difficult.

I saw some empty boxes lying around and started taking them out to the garage. Dad was going to run to the K-Mart and pick up a couple things and asked if I wanted to ride with him. When we got to the store, he was getting a mat for the front door, some new trashcans and other stuff that you just don't want to include in the move. I saw a diary as we passed the office supplies and I asked if I could get it. I needed to start making plans and did not want to have an open notebook lying around. Later after dinner, my parents wanted to watch TV. I didn't want to watch "reruns" so I told them I was going to my room.

I had made up my mind to take a different path in this life based on what I now wanted. I didn't want to be a selfish jerk or unkind. I just wasn't going to structure my life to take care of and cater to others. I would need to have money, not billions but eventually a few million so I could dictate my life and not answer to the MAN. I had read about the Hunt brothers cornering the silver market in 1979 and of course the stocks that were going to be big winners over the next 40 years. I remembered real estate trends and areas that would be hot during different times.

I used my first night to write down the timeline that I remembered and events that would be potential opportunities for investing. After that, I thought about sporting events that I had been to or remembered the date and score and wrote those down. I did not know if I had any money or if I did, where it was. My grandfather gave me some money when I was born to start a college fund but I think it was only a couple hundred dollars. (This was quite a bit of money back in the 60's). I also remember that back then I used to pick up coke bottles and get a nickel each for the deposit. There were many construction sites as South Florida was expanding and building neighborhood after neighborhood. If I could pick up 10 bottles a day that would be about $3 a week and other odd jobs if I was lucky maybe $5-$10 a week or $250 - $500 a year. That is a lot of work for a 10 year old and all of that work so I could come up with 100 pounds of silver. If I sold at the top of the market, I would have around $80,000 and a lot of explaining to do. I could ask my dad to invest my couple of hundred in IBM. He is a computer person and does buy stocks so that may be a good long-term play.

I locked up my diary, slid it in my cigar box, and went to bed. I was still very tired. I woke up the next morning and Dad was getting ready for work. I guess he had two weeks between ending his last job and starting at the bank but he used it for packing and taking us to Six Flags over Georgia. We had moved from Atlanta where my mom and dad both grew up. I had been there a few times over the years so I could talk about it and not look too out of place.

Any way he was having breakfast and the paperboy had delivered the paper for the first time at our new house. I sat down for my cereal and started with the comics. As dad was saying goodbye, I looked over and he had the sports page in his hand so I asked if I could read that as well. Both of my parents looked at me as if I was crazy. I loved sports and they knew that but I had just started reading a few years before and had never show an interest in the newspaper. My parents or grandparents had taken me to see the Braves, Hawks and Falcons from time to time and I enjoyed watching all different sports.

I opened up to the sports page and slowly read about the previous Hawk's game. Pete Maravich was with the Hawks and had a double double with 24 points and 12 assists. The Dolphins had a small article about Bob Griese visiting children at the local hospital. That got me thinking about sports and placing a bet.

Later that night my grandpa called from Atlanta to see how the move went. He spoke briefly to my dad to get the facts then grandma talked to my mom to get the drama and then they spoke to me to see how I was doing. I spoke to grandma first and told her about my new room and our own pool. I then spoke to my grandpa. I asked when they were coming down to visit. He said they were coming down for Thanksgiving and then we were going to FLY to Atlanta for Christmas. He also told me they were going to fly out to Las Vegas for a convention in August. I asked him about it and he told me that it is a meeting for attorneys and he was going to take grandma so she could play the slot machines that she liked. I remembered that they went out every year. I asked if he played slots and he said no but he would play black jack and poker and maybe bet on a game or two. I asked if he could place a bet for me and he said I was too young to bet but maybe I could help him pick something to bet on while he was out there.

For the next few weeks, I met and played with the kids in the neighborhood. There were many young families and it was a new neighborhood so it continued to fill up with young couples and kids. About a third of the houses had pools so it was nice but nothing that other families didn't have. My parents made friends and had a few over for the 4th of July celebration. There were about 10 families from the street and neighborhood. We grilled out and played in the pool. This was an interesting time for me. I had the brain and knowledge of a 46-year-old but was playing and living in a 10 soon to be 11-year-old boy's body. When parents spelled things out I knew what they were saying. When they made innuendos, I knew what they meant and when they used slang, I completely understood. I was sitting at the table having a drink and a hotdog when I heard a woman say to another that she and her husband had been to a key party the weekend before.

Back in the 60s and 70s, the era of free love was in full swing. A key party was a get together of couples to share partners. When they arrived, each couple would put their car keys in a hat. Later the women would pick a set of keys out of the hat and that was how the swingers would pair up to get things started. My first time through it would have gone right over my head but now I could feel my ears straining to hear more. She mentioned a Dave and a Steve and mentioned that the group of new people here at our party could provide some new blood for the group. I never thought about my parents being swingers but I turned around and remembered her being very good friends with my mom the first time through. I spent the rest of the party in the pool playing with the other kids and some of the adults that came in to cool off.

My grandparents called a couple weeks later and I spoke to my grandpa about the bets he wanted to make. In August that meant baseball. The Braves were the hometown team in Atlanta where grandpa was. The first day he was going to be in Vegas they were playing at the Reds then 4 straight against the Astros. He told me that there were odds and spreads. I knew this but didn't tell him that. He was going to bet on the Braves to win each game and see how he came out. I asked if he could place another bet for me. "Who do you want to bet on?" he asked.

I told him I wanted to bet on Football. He said that it wasn't football season yet. I told him I wanted two bets the first was to bet on my new home team the Miami Dolphins to win the super bowl. He said they would probably be set up to take the bet. I also wanted him to place a bet that they went undefeated for all regular and post season games. I knew that they had lost to the Cowboys the year before in the Super Bowl so they had a good team. However, this year, they were to go undefeated for fourteen regular season games and then three post-season games, a feat never done by anyone before.

My grandpa loved me and told me he would try. "How much do you want to bet?" he asked. I told him $10 each. He asked about odds to see if I was paying attention. I told him that the Super Bowl bet this early in the season should be at 5 to 1 since they may not even make it to the Super Bowl. I could hear him smiling through the phone. Then he asked about the other bet. I told him I wanted 150,000 to 1. He just laughed. He asked how I had come up with that crazy number.

"Grandpa, if I bet $10 and win then it would be $20 on a 2 to 1 bet, right?"


"So the second game would be $40 if I won right?"

"If you bet the whole $20 winnings"

I had written this down so I read to him, " so if I started with just one dollar and kept betting the winnings over 17 games at 2 to 1 it would be 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 8k 16k, 32k, 64k, 125k"

"If I did it in single bets that would be 125,000 to one but I have to bet the whole thing up front and in order and not lose a single time. I think 150,000 to 1 is a good deal"

Grandpa was getting into this and said he would try to place the bet if he could find a casino that would book it. When he was in Vegas, he easily placed the bet on the Super Bowl win. He had to get the management involved for the other. When they asked about odds, he started at 300,000 to 1. They didn't think that was crazy but finally ended up agreeing on odds of 200,000 to 1 and took two $10 bets, one for me and one for grandpa. He didn't think there was a chance of winning but the thought of the return on odds of 200,000 to 1 was fun to have in his dreams.

Around the end of August, my parents had three other couples over to play bridge. They played a lot while my dad was in the service and enjoyed playing. The others showed up around 7 P.M. and started playing. It was a social gathering so they served martinis and gin and tonics among the players. They sent me to bed around 8:30. An hour later, when I was almost asleep, I heard someone peek into my room. I did not roll over to see who it was and after a minute or so, I heard the door close.

I did not fall asleep after that and ended up getting up to use the restroom 30 minutes later. As I got to the end of the hall, I found the bathroom door closed. I wandered into the family room and found the card tables were empty. The lights were off everywhere except the pool lights. I first saw my dad; he was behind Ms. Cunningham a large breasted blonde-haired woman and he was taking her to town doggy style. She had one hand on one of the pool chairs and the other pulling on her nipple as she tried not to bite off her bottom lip. He was really stroking into her with long deep thrusts. Mr. Albertson was getting a blowjob from Mrs. Ford, and my mom had Mr. Cunningham in her mouth and Mr. Ford between her legs on a cushion. It looked like he had just finished licking her and was lining up his cock to start fucking her.

I was mesmerized. I had never seen anything like this live. I was standing back from the door and almost jumped out of my skin when I felt a hand on my shoulder. Mrs. Albertson had been in the bathroom and was walking back to join the action when she saw me there. She asked me if I was OK and I just nodded. I remembered I had to use the restroom and thought it would be a good time to make my exit. She was completely naked and was not fazed. She led me to the bathroom and then walked me back to my bed. I think she was making sure that the events had not traumatized me before she headed back to the festivities.

Being as young as I was I did not even have a hard on but knew I wanted to push the boundary. I said, "Please don't tell my mom I got out of bed. I had to use the restroom but it was already in use." She rubbed my forehead and leaned over to give me a kiss. I put my hand between her legs and pulled her closer. My move had caught her by surprise and she started to straighten up. However, the pull got her off balance and with the alcohol she already had in her system, she had to place her hands in front of her to keep from falling on me. I leaned up and pulled her in for a hug and a not so innocent kiss. She gave a slight shiver then winked at me and told me it would be our secret.

I don't remember too many more late night parties at our place but did have a baby sitter about every other weekend as my parents went to play "cards" at other people's houses. Whenever I saw Mrs. Albertson, she always gave me a big hug and pulled me tight into her soft breasts.

6th grade started and I had to figure out what to do with my time. Although I could do the work without thinking or studying, I did not want to stand out. Therefore, I simply did the work and tried not to disrupt the class. I sat in the back and answered any question that came my way. I did my class work and homework, and when I completed that, I then asked for a pass to the library. The teacher let me go most of the time. I would spend my time in the library reading the newspaper. I focused on the business and sports pages and always had the comics out in case a teacher came by.

One day I walked up to ask for a library pass and was told to report to the office. She told me I was not in trouble but that Mrs. Johnson wanted to talk to me. She was the guidance counselor and the word had gotten out that I was too smart for 6th grade. She asked how I knew so much and I told her that I had learned to read in preschool and remembered most of what I read. I had read all of my textbooks already so for me, this was just review. She asked if she could have me tested and sent a note home to my parents' for permission.

My parents were sheep so they signed the form as requested and sent me off for testing. The first was a standardized test for placement in the proper classes. The second was an IQ test, evaluated on correct answers and time. I took my time and missed a few on purpose. I did not want to go straight to college but would not mind skipping a few grades.

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