Aunt Marie
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by RICHARD the THIRD

My name is Richard, twenty-five, and I live back at the house I grew up in.

Jackson, my father, died a little over thirty months ago. I moved back home from living on campus at ‘The Ohio State, ‘ with my BA Degree in Business with a lesser degree in the Female Anatomy, to help my Mom, Ruby, through the transition of living alone.

Actually, I had been so focused on school, I hadn’t planned past graduation. With my father’s passing, it was an easy decision to just live back at home.

Although she opposed it at first, I insisted I could call her Ruby instead of mom ... it’s a guy thing, ‘ and she agreed to that.

She is the oldest of five sisters, at 42, with Phyllis at 39 and the youngest being Marie, only six years older than me at 31. They all have natural blonde hair and blue eyes.

Recently, this happened:

Aunt Marie had come by to talk to Mom. I walked into the kitchen and said, “Hey Beautiful,” to which they both responded turning towards me.

Mom said, “Marie and I are trying to have a serious discussion in here.”

I replied, “Two beautiful ladies like yourselves, having a serious discussion, when you could be going out together trying to pick up some...”


“I’m just saying Ruby, you’re both still quite gorgeous and Marie, if that dress was any shorter, I could see your ‘Yoo-hoo, ‘“ I flirted.

“Is the Yoo-hoo in front or in the back?” she flirted back with a giggle

“The Yoo-hoo is in the front, the Oh-Boy is in the back,” I quickly determined.

“Richard, that’s my sister that you’re talking to,” mom said sounding upset and a tad jealous.

I said, “Yeah, she needs a guy just as bad as you do, Mom!”

Aunt Marie got up and walked over to me, touching me softly on the face, saying, “You’ve gotten very good looking, Richard.”

I put my arms around her and said, “So have you Marie. Mom, is it OK with you if I asked my beautiful aunt out on a date?”

“I have no say-so over what she does or doesn’t do—just remember she’s my little sister,” she insinuated.

“Marie, are you available anytime soon to go out with me?” I asked looking into her eyes.

She removed my hands and said, “Richard, that doesn’t seem right to me.”

“Marie, I promise that I’ll respect and treat you better than any other guy has,” I said turning her around and speaking into her ear.

“Ooooh, Richard,” she said. “How about tomorrow night?”

“Sure thing and wear something blue, to bring out your eyes,” I recommended.

“Excuse us, Marie,” mom said grabbing my collar and pulling me out of the kitchen.

“Richard, I don’t know what you’re playing at with my little sister—treat her with the respect she deserves—you got me?”

“I understand completely,” I said as Marie walked out to join us.

“I’ll pick you up at eight pm, tomorrow! Is that all right?” I said again looking at my youngest aunt. (Only six years older than me!)

“Sounds good, do you want to meet me here or are you picking me up where I live?” she said, looking back at me.

“I’ll see you at eight pm tomorrow night, Beautiful.” I said, kissing her hand and leaving to go up to my room. I got just out of view to listen in.

“Ruby, are you sure it’s OK with you if I date your son—my nephew?”

“Marie, go ahead—but if he tries anything that you don’t want ... let me know?”

“He’s so cute, I don’t know if there’s anything I wouldn’t want from him.”


I quietly went upstairs very proud of myself and with a massive hard on.

Later that night, I was in my room masturbating, thinking of my Aunt Marie. Mom burst in just as I was cumming all over my hand.


“A closed door means knock first, Mom,” I said not moving my hand away.

“I’m sorry, put ... that away, please?”

“You burst into my room, remember?”

“Cover up, it makes me nervous.”

“What does?” I asked.

“Your ... Your...”

“Nine-inch penis—is that what you’re trying to say, Mom?”

“That’s bigger than your own father was.”

“Why’d you come in here—besides complimenting me on the size of my penis?”

“I—I want to talk to you about taking my sister out on a date -- Who were you thinking of when you were just masturbating?”

With the littlest of hesitation, I said, “You!”

“Oh, Lord!”

“You said, you wanted to talk to me about Marie?”

“Yes, I want you to be a gentleman,” she said emphatically.

“Is that what she wants—maybe what she needs is NOT a gentleman,” I said flippantly.

She got up and went to my bathroom and tossed me a towel, to clean myself up.

“That’s just what I’m talking about young man!”

“There’s your first mistake, I’m not a young man—I’m twenty-five.”

“Don’t get flippant with me, Richard.”

Removing the towel, starting to clean myself off I said, “Mom, I tried to ask you. You said it wasn’t your question to answer.”

I was cleaning off my hand as she asked, “Where are you planning to take her?”

“Motel 6, Hilton, or Courtyard—not sure yet,” I remarked.

My mother just watched as I was cleaning my hand off and started to use the towel on my re-hardening dick.

“Richard —what a thing to say!”

“Mom, why are you really worried?”


“You seem obsessed over my taking your little sister out on a date—or is there something you’re not telling me?”


“Come on Mom, out with it,” I said, now cleaning the tip of my now very hard dick.

“Well, you came into the kitchen and immediately started to flirt with my sister...”


“You didn’t flirt with me for even a little bit—you always have,” she said, as I picked up a tone in her voice.

“So, you’re saying that you’re ... jealous of Marie?”

“I don’t think so!”

“Mom, if this isn’t too personal of a question—how long since you’ve had sexual relations?”


“That is my name, Gorgeous. I respect you, could I get some in return? It’s been that long?” I reasoned.

“I’m afraid so, honey ... after a while you start worrying about if you’re attractive or not.”

“Ruby, if you’d like—we can go out on a date too!”

I got up to change into fresh boxers.

“You mean like you and Marie are going to go out?”

“Yeah, why don’t you take a bath, or we could share a shower—then change into the hottest dress you got and be ready in an hour?”

“Richard, that’s hardly necessary.”

“Yes, it is—you’re HOT Mom ... if you’re not looking for someone to date, I want to date you.”


“Wherever we go tonight—I’ll have the prettiest girl there.”

“You certainly seem full of yourself, don’t you?”

“I’m not, but you could be full of me by the end of the night.”

“That is ... so inappropriate to talk to your mother like that.”

“You won’t be my mother tonight, Ruby, just my hot date.”

“And tomorrow night Marie will be your hot date?”

“Mom, can I admit something to you?”

“Go ahead.”

“Long before Dad was gone, I lusted for you, really lusted for you.”

“Wow, I would’ve never expected that, but I do ask for one thing tonight?’

“What’s that, Ruby?”

“A chance to have some fun with that ‘nine-incher’ I walked in on.”

“Get up and get ready—I want you to look so good, everyone in the place—both guys and gals—will want you, as much as I do!”

She left the room giggling like a schoolgirl.

An hour later, I was waiting anxiously to see what my mother would look like in a nice dress and heels.

I heard a cough as I looked up the stairs and saw the most stunning woman, I’d ever seen in my life.

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