Sister Mary's Bloomers
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Humiliation, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Teacher/Student, Clergy, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Patrick is an oversexed and very optimistic 16 year old who is attracted to his black robe garbed teachers. His adventures in an unexpected unmentionables buying expedition led to a very memorable 2 blowjob day by 2 very different females. Now he has to distribute the "goodies".

The words were familiar but I tried to block them out and pretend I didn't hear a single word.

Too late!

"Patrick Xavier Brynes! How many times do I have to call you? I will say it one more time. Get down to the principal's office right now!"

I searched my mind for recent transgressions against my schoolwork, my friends, one of the Sisters, or even if maybe some rat saw me smoking behind the school before it started. The last time I had made the trek down to the principal's office it was a completely fabricated "bum rap" but I still had to sweep out the lunch room the entire week and miss my coveted recess time.

At 16 years of age, I was a little younger than most of the others in my junior class at Saint Anthony's and would be on track to graduate at 17. I couldn't wait for graduation day because my single parent mom had promised to sign the papers for me to get into the Army before the war ended. It was incomprehensible to me that all those guys were dodging the draft and even heading to Canada to escape the reality of reporting to the induction office for military training and an express ticket to the war zone.

When I told my best friend Lois about my plans, she was startled and then pulled me into the tunnel between the church and school to have a fantastic make out session. She even allowed me to slide my hands under her panties to touch her hairy snatch with inquisitive fingers. I was surprised at how wet she was and thought for a moment she had peed her pants and was playing a trick on me. Then, I realized it was something else, something a bit stickier, something that had a scent that made me want to haul my dick out for some serious hand attention. The pretty 17 year old dark-haired Irish girl had been giving me these little tid-bits of female secrets for almost a year now. We would both be seniors next year and I wondered how we would manage to forestall the inevitable joining of our flesh in sinful copulation before that long-away date.

This year and next year, our classes were separated with the nuns taking the females and the brothers taking the males. I guess they figured human nature being what it is; it would be far too much temptation for young boys and girls to remain in close contact all day long. Probably that was why all the sisters were in their own Covent with no males allowed and the brothers were all housed in the basement under the church.

Lois was doing me now with her hand and looking me right in the eye with a very strange look on her face. She played with my little pee hole and I could see her pretty little pink tongue come out to the corner of her mouth. When she fondled my balls with her other hand, I couldn't hold it back any longer and we both watched the arc of my creamy cum shot out and adorn the opposite wall with a solid line of naughty boy juice. My cock was still hard and Lois bent over and kissed it unexpectedly. I never asked her to do anything like that because I really respected her a whole lot and I kind of had her on a pedestal of innocence and good intentions.

"Patrick, you will get yourself killed for no reason. Besides, I can't wait for you if you go into the Army. Don't you want to stay right here? We can both get jobs and do things together after we get out of school and no one can tell us what to do anymore."

My personal feelings on this were less optimistic than Lois's because I saw how my silly sister got herself pregnant right after high school and now was working in a factory in a dead end job and letting my mom take care of her little daughter. What she was proposing sounded more like a trap than the one I felt I was in at the present time. I wanted to get out into the world and see things I had never seen before. I wanted to meet people from other countries but not by running off to a cold place like Canada.

Before I went into Sister Regina's office, I made sure my tie was on correctly and checked my fingernails because she was a real tyrant about the fingernail thing. She was the sort of person that scared you if she had a clipper or a pair of scissors in her hand.

Sister Regina looked very imposing sitting there behind the huge wooden desk. I could only see her from the waist up and her face was framed by the white hood, but her eyes fixed me in place and made me feel like I was a bug being dissected on top of a metal tray. I was afraid that if I moved, I might even piss my pants like a little boy in trouble.

"Sit down Patrick; I want to talk to you about something."

I was surprised because she got up and came around to the front of the desk and perched herself on the edge right in front of me. All of a sudden, my cock started to get aroused just because I started thinking about how much hair she had on her pussy. It shocked me to have that thought because I generally never pictured a nun with a pussy before. I think it was the frustration of petting Lois's pretty bush and not being able to introduce my cock anywhere near her entrance that made me so disturbingly horny.

"Patrick, I have a problem. I have 8 sisters at the convent who need someone to go to the East side market and purchase some items for them of a confidential nature. They all seem to trust you pretty well because of how you shoveled the snow and even cleaned out the basement for them. Well, all except for Sister Mary who really doesn't trust any man not even Father Connell."

I just nodded my head and remembered how Sister Mary couldn't even look me in the eye even when she was doling out some cookies for me from the barrel in the basement. I promised to report to the mother superior right after Mass on Saturday morning in their little chapel. They would each give me their orders from the market. The mother superior would give me an envelope with sufficient money for all the purchases.

I figured they knew I was adept at bargaining in the market and was often mistaken for a boy of the market seller's faith because of my accent acquired by living my early years in another neighborhood.

I agreed and Sister Regina wrapped her strong arms around me and held me tight. I could feel her breasts rising and falling and her unrestricted pussy mound pressed hard into my aroused groin area. I hoped she did not notice my excitement and know me for a nasty boy.

The very first nun to meet with me in the area of the chapel used usually for confessions was Sister Angela. She was not much older than me, probably around 21 or so and was a lot shorter. She could not have been more than 5 feet tall and seemed a bit full bodied below the waist. It was difficult to judge because of the loose flowing black robes.

"Patrick, I am very embarrassed to ask you to do this for me but we are not allowed to shop not even in pairs in that area of the city. The prices and the merchandise is so much better there than in the retail stores. I will show you what I need and give you the list I made up."

She pulled out a shopping bag with undies inside. The panties were sort of normal and plain cotton with reinforced panels right where her pussy slit would rest. That got me to thinking about her geography down there and I wondered if she had ever had a cock inside her petite sized pussy. Her bra was very functional and had a double row of hooks to close it up. She took my hand and put it inside the cup on the bra and instructed me,

"Be sure to feel the inside and make sure it is soft and padded like that. That is not to make me bigger because I am pretty big on top without any padding. It is to be comfortable because my nipples are so very sensitive."

She pushed my fingers all around the inside of the cup and made sure I got the idea of exactly what she wanted. I have to admit by this time I had a raging hard-on that was struggling to get out of my jeans.

"I am going to show you something else, Patrick, and you must promise me not to tell any of the other sisters and especially not Father Connelly."

The petite little nun pulled out some sheer white nylon stockings with reinforced toes and heels and some filigreed tops of a lace type material. Right next to it was a plain white garter belt with white rubber straps to keep the stocking in place. Despite the single color and the normalcy of the items, they looked quite unusual for a nun to be wearing under her long black robes.

"I need the exact size on these, Sister, for the length and for the foot size. Is it ok if the tops are slightly different? I will try to match them as best I can."

I noticed that she still had her hand on my wrist and she was running her fingers up my arm like she was getting ready to either take my pulse or give me a massage. I hoped she didn't see my erection and know what a pervert I really was.

The next sister in need of new undies was Sister Mary. She was a bit red-faced when she sat down in front of me. I tried to keep my Sister Angela hard-on out of sight.

"Don't try to fool me, Master Patrick; I know a masturbator when I see one. I know you have been doing things to some of my girls down in that tunnel. You think I don't see your lustful tool of sin sitting there like an evil snake between your legs."

I was suddenly feeling very guilty because she pretty much was right on the money. I tried to change the subject by reminding her about the reason for our meeting.

"Sister Mary, I am very sorry about my penis being hard but it is just a natural reaction to thinking about ladies underwear. I don't mean anything bad by it and I apologize for my reaction. Tell me, what do you desire from the East side market?"

She opened up her bag and gave me her list. The first thing I pulled out was a pair of very fancy silk panties. This particular pair was not entirely clean. She must have worn them recently because I could detect that distinctive female scent that nubile females exude even in a resting state. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see she was waiting for my reaction to her soiled panties and I refused to exhibit any reaction at all. I held them gingerly in the palm of my hand and I thought I could detect a slight dampness to them as if she had wetted them with some juices just recently.

"I want 6 pair of these in assorted colors. Try to find a couple with some roses on them in front but not in the back. If you see a pair with a tiger pattern get them for me but make certain they are wrapped in a plain brown paper bag so prying eyes can't see them."

The rest of the sisters gave me their orders and some of them had unusual requests that set my cock to throbbing yet again but I wrote it all down and took the money from Mother Superior. I would be heading over to the outdoor and indoor market later that afternoon and promised to have the items ready for the sisters no later than 3PM on Sunday.

The very first thing I did when I got home was to go in the bathroom and shoot a load right in the middle of Sister Mary's soiled panties. I was certain she gave them to me that way because she knew that is exactly what I would do. I put the damp panties inside a plastic baggie and planned to give them back to her with my present just to see her reaction to my effrontery.

Then I spent a lot of time that night thinking about Sister Angela's white nylons and garter belt and wondered how they looked under the long black robes. Maybe if I played my cards right, she might give me a little peek.

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