Prison Ship
Chapter 1

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Desc: Space Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Christopher thought he was just doing his civic duty, when he turned off the interstate to see if he could be any help to what he presumed was a aircaft in trouble. From the fireball that had shot past him, he didn't think there would be much he could do. But as it had seemed to crash just over the hills to his left, he had to at least go and see if there was anything he could do. He would never have imagined that it would lead to him being stuck on a prison ship with six other prisoners.

My head was pounding and my eyelids were little protection from the strong light that was shining through them.

"6:30am! All prisoners will get out of bed immediately," some voice called out, just as I reached up with my hand to try to shield my eyes from the light.

"6:30am? Its too early," I thought to myself, before I finished processing the rest of the sentence. Prisoners? What had I gotten myself into? I tried to focus through the pounding in my head and onto my last memory. What had I done? Could I really be in some jail somewhere?

No, I was sure that was impossible. I could remember having turned off the interstate when I saw the burning flames shooting through the sky. Whatever it was, and I had guessed that it was some aircraft in trouble, had seemed to have gone down behind some hills just to the left of me. I knew it would be hard to judge the distance of something shooting through the sky like that, but it really hadn't seemed like it was very far away. It was getting late in the evening and I was in a quite remote location with no other vehicles in sight, it was my civic duty to investigate and see if I could offer any help. After leaving the interstate, my memory was foggy, well actually it was missing, but how could I have got from driving to the rescue of a crashing aircraft, to being in jail. It just didn't seem believable.

Having ruled out being in jail, I started to open my eyes to see where I actually was.

"What the... ?" I yelled out as I felt whatever I was laying on, starting to move.

"Prisoner's beds are now retracting, stay clear," the same voice called out.

Thinking that it seemed likely that I was laying on one of these prisoner beds, I thought it was best to get off it as quickly as I could. As I finished opening my eyes, but with no time to have a look around first, I swung my legs in the opposite direction to which the bed was moving.

Well it didn't look like any jail cell that I had ever seen on TV. So looks like I was right to have ruled out being in jail. I was in a quite small room, at a guess it was about thirteen feet by ten feet. A bright light was shinning down from the white ceiling, directly onto the narrow bed that was now retracting into one of the wooden panel covered walls. All four walls were covered with those same wooden panels; I had never been good at telling one wood from another but I would have guessed they were oak. Along the wall opposite to the retracting bed, was a long desk and a chair. One of the shorter walls had a steel looking door in it. While a black couch stretched along the last wall.

Apart from the retreating bed, the desk was the item that caught my attention. One section of it looked like any other desk, with a set of drawers below the desktop, and a small white notepad sitting on the desktop. However the section of the desktop nearest to the door, was curved, starting as a flat surface like the other section, it remained flat for about one and half feet and then it started a gentle curve up towards the wall until it reached the wall, which was another one and half feet further back, where it was then vertical and continued up the wall about two feet. The other strange thing about this section was that it looked a much darker shade of wood to the rest of the desk, which coincidentally matched the chair and the wall panels.

Thinking that it couldn't do any harm, I touched the darker section.

The three ear piercing bleeps that rung out around the room, the split second after I had touched that panel, was an indication that I really shouldn't do much thinking with this pounding head.

"Female prisoners will adopt the waiting position," that voice called out less than a second after the bleeps had finished. The voice was male but it also sounded slightly robotic, so I decided that it was likely to be computer generated.

Just as I was about turn away from the desk, the whole of the darker section lit up, turning bright white with various blue symbols on it.

"It's some kind of LCD screen," I thought to myself, but had no idea what the symbols were. They looked like they might have been some type of hieroglyphics. After what those three loud bleeps had done to my pounding head, there was no way I was going to start touching those symbols.

Instead I decided to see if this really was some prison, by seeing if the door was locked. Surely a cell door should be locked, so the door sliding open as soon as I got within a couple of feet of it, was a reassuring sign that my initial thoughts had been correct and there was no way I could be in jail. Although that didn't really help to answer the just as important question of where the hell I was then.

Outside the door, was a small narrow corridor. There was a steel door to the right and another one directly opposite me. To the left the corridor continued for about ten feet before taking a turn to the right. Each of the two doors had some kind of white panel next to them, and no sign of any door handle. Deciding that I really didn't want to touch any more panels, I headed along the corridor to the left. Once around the corner, I was faced with yet another steel door, the same white panel embedded into the wall next to it.

I had to take the risk, so thinking this door in front of me was as good as either of the other two, I gently touched the white panel with my finger.

"Unable to identify! The prisoner will replace their hand fully on the identifying panel. Failure to comply or attempting to access an unauthorized door, will result in punishment."

"I knew it. I really need to keep my hands to myself," I told myself.

It sounded like I now had no choice though. I was very likely going to find out what the voice meant by punishment. Deciding that placing my hand on the panel was the better option and hoping it would go lightly on me for complying, I waited for whatever was going to happen.

The small swooshing noise as the door opened, was better than I had been dreading.

As the door slide open, there was a small flicker of light from within the darkened room. Slowly moving through the doorway, I tried to make out some details in the room. The sudden bright light filling the room, just after I had passed through the doorway, made my eyes squint. Taking a few moments to refocus my eyes, I was then able to see that this room was slightly bigger than the one that I had awoken in, and looked like it was some kind of control room. I don't know why I thought a control room would look like this or what it was the control room for, but it definitely looked like a control room. At the other end of the room from the doorway that I was standing in, was a large white panel covering the whole wall. Set in a triangle layout, around the center of the room, were three desks and chairs. A red circle on the floor marked the center of that triangle, which also happened to be the dead center of the room. Although the desks were smaller, they were all similar to the one in the first room, with the same curved shape. Each desk was positioned so that the person sitting in the chair would also be facing the white panel at the front of the room. While a few flicking lights of various colors lined one of the side walls.

There was no way I was ready to mess around with anything in a control room, so I headed back down the corridor. I now noticed that the door that I had come out of earlier, also had one of those white panels next to it. I already knew what was in there, so I went straight to the door opposite it and took a deep breath before placing my hand cautiously onto the panel.

The reassuring swooshing noise followed soon afterward. This room was much larger than either of the other two, and it looked like it was a kind of living room. A large black couch dominated the middle of the room, facing towards another large white panel covering most of the wall. In a semi circle either side of the couch were spread a number of flower patterned cushions on the floor. Behind the couch was a large dinning table with nine chairs. There were a few other items of furniture spread around the room, but I had no idea of their purpose. Set in the far wall were another two steel doors.

Walking past the couch I headed for the doors. The first one I tried, this time having more confidence as I placed my hand on the panel, led to a quite standard looking bathroom. Behind the second door was a room that looked like it might be some kind of kitchen. It was hard to know for certain, but the work top areas and what looked a sink, resulted in the guess of a kitchen. I would have a better look later, but finding out exactly where I am, was more important at the moment.

Making my way back to the corridor, I tried the remaining door, hoping that this one would lead to something that would tell me where I was.

My first view beyond the door was disappointing. A long room awaited me, about eighty feet long with pink walls. The only thing that I could see in the room, was yet another steel door on the far wall. Giving out a sigh, I started the walk towards that door.

I never made it further than three paces before I stopped in my tracks. The pink wall to my right was starting to raise. Slowly under the bottom of the wall, what looked like steel poles came into view. With a pole about every five inches, they ran along the length of the room. There also seemed to be dividing walls about every eight feet. It wasn't hard to guess correctly that I would soon be looking into a row of cells. What I hadn't guessed is how empty those cells would be, no beds, no desk, no toilet, no furniture at all, nothing, well apart from the kneeling women.

Walking up and down the room a few times, I counted eight cells, each about eight feet by eight feet. Three pink walls in each with a set of bars covering the direction from which I was looking. No furniture, and no pictures or posters on the walls. Just two completely empty cells and six cells each with one kneeling woman in them. Each woman was knelt in the middle of her cell, facing the bars, with her head lowered, her hands placed on top of her thighs and wearing what looked like a quite frilly white nightgown.

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